Love's Truth

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A quick short story I wrote. It's not really even a short story, just a piece of writing. Maybe I'll come back and do more with it, but for now, this is what it is. :)

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



Love's Truth, by M-chan

I run, even as hope is waning. There is no use in my frantic dash, but I cannot stop. In my race to determine the truth, I retain no chance at victory.

“Lori, please wait up,” calls my best friend.

The words scarcely register in my brain. Only the sprint to get to school makes sense in my jumbles thoughts. I hear Erin panting behind me, and I am ashamed to say that I hardly care.

“What’s your hurry?” Erin cries, fatigued and irritated.

I make it through the school’s front door and into homeroom in record time. I plot into my seat with twenty minutes to go before the start of class. I finally take time to notice that Erin is gone. She probably decided to go to her own homeroom instead of trying to get information out of me.

At last, I take notice of the desk one row to the right of me. The seat is empty, although the occupant is habitually sitting there thirty minutes afore class. The fact that the chair one over to the right remains empty is proof enough to confirm my fears.

I stand, glance at the teacher, and then run. I take off out the door. Away from the school I fly. The last I heard was the voices of the school staff calling after me.

To the park I go. The park comforts me in the darkest of hours. It is my tranquil haven. The park is the location of escape from reality. I go there now because I need to pretend. I require an imaginary world where the materiality of the world will fade away to the power of sweet delusions.

“Hey, Lori Madison. Where you goin’?”

There, in the middle of the street, I freeze. If I go the last half across the street, I will be at the park. I cannot, however. It seems my feet shall remain glued to the ground.

A gentle hand takes mine in a firm grip. Our fingers intertwine, and I know that his fingers are the only perfect fit between mine.

We walk the remaining stretch of the road, me stumbling in the wake of his sure gait.

Now we are on the healthy grass of the park. I am facing him and he is looking into my eyes. I think his dark eyes are going to drown me in their depths. I see myself now, in the reflections of those dark pools. I am sinking, and lost.

“I thought you were gone,” I whisper, and my voice is hoarse.

“There’s something I still need,” Matt says softly.

“What could you possibly want? I broke your heart, and I said I wanted you gone.” My puzzlement is on show, and quite obvious.

“And why do you care? You hate me, remember?”

“I was wrong.” That is the entire truth, in its full transparency. I will admit my every fault if it is for Matt.

He pulls me into him, and our bodies meld together. We are perfect. He is perfect. I even feel perfect. This moment is flawless.

I yearn to remain like this forever. I was wrong to say that Matt was traitor, a heartbreaker. I desire only to express my every thought, my every feeling. I long to communicate that I still love Matt.

Matt takes my face in his chilled hands. I close my eyes and his lips touch mine. Our lips merge into one, and we become a single person. It is a sensation of absolute, pure, and total ecstasy. It is a euphoric experience. I am high on this beautiful kiss of passion.

Without warning, Matt draws away from me. We are once again two beings, no longer a single entity.

I feel warm breath on my ear as leans in to say, “Goodbye, my Lori.”

Then he is gone. Matt flies away on quick wings. I am alone in this world now.

I said that I stand no chance at victory against time. I was correct. Time has stolen the only person perfect for me.

In the life, love is a piece of paper. You write and write in hopes of maybe filling it up. Yet, it is an everlasting piece of paper. Furthermore, you write in pen, and you’re prone to making mistakes. Sometimes you mess up.

Maybe this is my error. Maybe this is the end, not simply an error. Maybe I should just rip my paper up, move on.

Only, my mind wanders back to that sense of euphoria that I felt when I was one with Matt. I think there is nothing that will erase or replace that ecstasy. Oh, how I was so wrong about everything. That is the truth, in its absolute fullness.

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