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This is an essay I wrote for Taekwondo - my red belt essay on our Senior Belt Codes. It's not amazing in any way, but I hope you like it.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011




by, M-chan

In the human brain, there is a section that prioritizes moral values. We, as humans, literally have a functioning area of the brain that sets guidelines to your moral behavior. It is in my beliefs that our Senior Belt Codes in Tae Kwon Do provide a basic outline of these moral guidelines. Although it is in natural instinct to follow a moral code, the mind often loses focus. The Senior Belt Codes provide a basis for which we can model our lives on.

Of the ten Senior Belt Codes, I believe that the first supplies us with a basis for everything else we learn. Respecting each other, which is the first of the Senior Belt Codes, is a principle we should apply to all actions. In my mind, this means giving others your utmost best in all things you do. You must show others the most patient, honest, loyal, attentive side to yourself. This, in my opinion, is the true definition of giving people your respect. In the end, the first Senior Belt Code really defines the rest. In addition, it defines you, based on how you apply it to your life.

The second of the Senior Belt Codes is a detail that lies within the first Senior Belt Code. Honesty, in truth, is a form of respect. It is a piece of showing respect. It is in my knowledge that honesty is giving a person the full, complete truth, in its most blunt and comprehensible way. Honesty is a form of respect, as it requires giving others your best, though not in a sense so broad as to respect each other. In truth, honesty ends up being another basis for which you can build your moral values around.

One thing that is controlled by the mind is patience. People say, “Patience is a virtue.” In this sense, of course it is not easy to acquire patience. In many occasions, good qualities are not easy things to obtain. Patience especially, as, in my full opinion, it is having self-control in the hardest of situations. The definition is that simple, yet applying the trait to your life is one of the hardest things to do. Personally, I think that patience is the most difficult Senior Belt Code, and just plain moral, to live up to in the sense of standards. However, I also believe that being patient is one of the most important principles of life. Patience is something applied to all situations, whether slightly or otherwise, after all.

In today’s society, helping each other is of great importance. People deserve to be assisted and shown the utmost courtesy. Now, it is not often you see rare acts of kindness, even when they are needed or deserved. It is in my beliefs that showing these omitted acts of random kindness is helping others. To help each other does not mean you have to show some gallant act of bravery. Maybe it could be helping someone who dropped their books in the hallway at school. It could be befriending the school outcast. In the end, I suppose that some small undertaking of kindness is the same type of help as saving a life. It all matters just the same. As I mention, helping each other is providing random acts of kindness. Helping each other really just amounts to doing a favor, whether or not it will be returned later.

“Always standing for justice” is not a phrase so commonly used. However, it has powerful meaning and importance. I mean, standing for justice is simply showing respect to others, in every way, as this is only fair treatment. Honestly, I have never seen the act of representing justice as some noble profession. I see it as giving people fair treatment, and standing up for a person when they are not shown the treatment deserved by them. This Senior Belt Code really just encompasses all of the others. It is defined by the other Senior Belt Codes.

The final five Senior Belt Codes can all be grouped together. They are similar in that they are asking the same thing, but for different people. Yet, they should stretch beyond the written limits and to people beyond what is given. Loyalty should not be given to only yourself, your family, your country, your instructor, and your do jang. Loyalty is to be by a person’s side through the toughest of situations. Everyone should deserve this treatment. The five listed in the Senior Belt Codes are only the beginnings of who loyalty is due. My final definition of loyalty applies to each of the last five Senior Belt Codes. It remains unchanging. I believe that showing loyalty is giving a person what they are due, be it honesty, patience, just treatment, plain out respect, or another person to stand by them through rough time. I believe that the last five Senior Belt Codes give you a final structure for the rest of the Senior Belt Codes and your own life.

Each of these Senior Belt Codes gives the brain the outline of the moral values it seeks. Although the brain’s guidelines to morality extend beyond the ten Senior Belt Codes used in Tae Kwon Do, they are still significant. They can set the foundation for the rest of your behavior. Each, with its own meaning, seems to connect with the others. In the end, they all seem to fit together as if they were the pieces to a puzzle. This puzzle provides you with a push in the direction you’ve been searching for morally.

Senior Belt Codes

  1. Respect each other.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Help each other.
  5. Always stand for justice.
  6. Be loyal to yourself.
  7. Be loyal to your family.
  8. Be loyal to your country.
  9. Obey and be loyal to your instructor.
  10. Be loyal to your do jang.

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