Dreams...(for you)

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Never, ever give up on your goals...

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011







What are dreams?

Images formed in one person's subconscious?

A goal?  A vision?  A life changing decision?

A fantasy?  Wishful thinking?

Whatever they are to you

Whether they are old or new

No matter how taboo

Or small or huge

Stay true to your dreams

No matter how impossible they seem

A dream is always attainable

Let no one tell you can never

do anything

Let no one take away your dreams


Aspiring to be, to do great things

To have great things

To feel great things

Anything at all

Everybody has one

Not to be outdone by the

next person

Because that next person has dreams

as certian as you


Your accomplishments are true

To reach that breakthrough


One door locked, another opens

Your dreams are never impossible to

obtain - then maintain - and retain


Your visions your goals

Your dreams made whole


No one knows this better than you

Reach for that "star"

Reach for it all

Keep your visions close

Yet look with a far scope

Maintain your sense of hope

Keep your light at the tunnel...


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