Eyes of the Enemy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

If you feel that you are "under attack" please read. Nonetheless, I appreciate you reading and your feedback. Peace.

I get up

Bloody and Sweaty

Black eyes

Bruised, scratched and confused

Slowly rising from the grass

I opened my swollen eye

A stone hand hits my face

Coming from the blue sky.

I fall on one knee

My head slowly rises to view

The eyes of my enemy

Dark, showing no emotion or remorse



Hateful - the color of solid ebony

I knew he wanted to kill me




He wants to attack my heart

And everything that's a treasure to me

I slowly stand on my feet

Carefully walking steadily

To my advisary

As my enemy attacks me verbally:


I'm the one that enters your home

Then destroys every single thing that you

love, or own

Everyone you've ever known

There's no way for you to atone

You are dumb and stupid for all the

issues that you are making known

I will expose

And show

That you are wasting your time to postpone

The inevitable unknown

But I know...and

To hell with those seeds you've sown

They will wither away

To the locusts to gorge and feast

Leaving your fields in disarray


His eyes ... angry and

Dark, like the ebony sky

Knocks me back down

As i slowly stand back up

To reply...


You will never defeat me



Nor Spiritually

I know where my heart is

And you'll never steal it

You might be able to kill me

But will never possess the skill

to take my soul

Return back to your treacherous hole

You lying, stealing, demonic mole!!!


With furious control

I shoved that dead, deceptive soul

Into the depths of the bottomless perdition

I walked away

Scathed, but victorious

A glorious win

But I must ready myself

Because he's coming back again...



Submitted: August 22, 2015

© Copyright 2022 BlackMyst . All rights reserved.

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