My View of Music

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Music is beautiful and this is my take of it.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



Music is a journey

It lets you know where 

you've been

It lets you know where you are going

It's reflective to remember and envision

It's unconditional 

It's limitless

A certain "part"

A guitar riff - or a bassline 

Playing with your heart

Lovely ballads 

That leave you longing 

For that person

Lyrics and hooks 

That inspire you to 

Create andfill your notebook 

I was once told that 

"Music speaks to the heart in ways 

words cannot express..."

That quote impresses me 

Because no matter how much I stress

To a person

I can put a record on 

And it hits the nail on the head


I sit back and flash an occaisional smile


So what does your music feel like?

Does it make you laugh and smile

Or does it make you cry?

Does it make dance to your favorite beat?

Perhaps getting off your feet to reflect?

Or does it make you mad and lash out

your inner feelings? 

Or maybe fall in love

Or get rid of someone you were 

thnking of?


Regardless of how music makes you feel

It makes you feel - a certain way

Whether you listen everyday

Or sitting alone comtemplating

Music:  powerful, inspirational, soulful.

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