The story of Jack

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Not a true story...yet maybe true for you or someone you know...

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011





A couple of years ago, I met this man

named Jack


A confused but nervous man that had alot of

issues on his back


A middle-aged man small and frail

Nobody really understood him or known

his tale

or whatever you wanna call it

Basically it's about a man who lived alone

and nobody gave a shit



His life really started early,

Jack's parents died and had to watch over his

3 siblings


It was tough on him

He had to be mommy and daddy, and his siblings

were always ill


But Jack's headed downhill

He just don't it still


One day 2 of his brothers died

Shot by the murderers' gun right before his eyes


It was a trying time-it took him

a long while


To recover mentally after his

siblings’ homicide


Sad look in his eyes 5 years later

His health getting bad, his siblings died and

here's the deflator


His sister was killed in a car accident

Jack's best friend was involved in the whole



He never envisioned his best friend

would be drunk driving


They had talked this awhile ago and

why that kept him alive


Now he's gotta say bye-bye to his childhood

friend and sister


Feeling like he's going through a twister

of emotions

All alone his soul feels cold


And mad as hell that his whole family died

All he can do is look up at the sky and say


did I deserve such an indirect demise?

Are these turn of events supposed to happen to me in


Or maybe I'm just lying to myself

Just a bad dream and I'll wake up

everyone's in good health


But the truth is - there's no escape from this

No wishing to get away from the - lonely

existence without his friends and siblings


He doesn't feel like living

Certain conditions he has

are not getting better


He just got a letter

Saying the bone cancer in his body wasn't

gonna let up


Now he's young, old cold and messed up

Felling all alone, he starts to turn to



A little weed? No that shit won't do

How about some acid strips, plastic caps

full of mushrooms

To add too the gloom sniffing paint

and superglue

Uppers and downers - don't forget that

"X" too


But this isn't enough for Jack-

he wants more

He's looking for higher and higher heights

to soar


You’d think he knows better after all

this drug use


Instead there’s more and more drugs that

he should be doing


Like coke, meth, PCP and crack

He kept constantly doing these drugs like

he knew his life wouldn’t last


“Why do I need to live?” he asked himself

There’s not a reason to go on, he wants

to kill himself


Already goin’ through a life of hell

Sittin’ in a corner of a cell

Where rapists, con-artists and murderers dwell


Not giving a damn how anyone felt


Until he forced to deal the ultimate

card he was dealt


He had to deal with everybody else’s

death except “hisself”


Lookin’ like a former shell of “himself”

Doing drugs so hard, his face is gonna melt-


Into a pile of nothing………



And now he’s finally something

Too damn bad he won’t get to tell any of it


Sittin’ at his funeral sad that he died,

Twenty-nine.  I can’t believe he committed suicide


I wonder why he never decided to let anyone know

About all his problems and drama he had to tow


This shit’s so unbelievable

To think Jack was so suicidal


In hindsight it was so understandable

He lost his siblings and turned to drugs and needles


Or anything else he can get his hands on 

Kept snortin’, smoking’, stickin til his mind was gone


Didn’t get a chance to live that long

Before I got a chance to see what the hell was wrong


You ask what’s the moral of the story? 


“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat”

Keep those words intact

And stay on the right track


You’ll be fine where you’re at

No matter what happens


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