When the Love is Gone

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When you no longer feel or tolerate the person you used to love...

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



When the love is gone

What happens when the love is gone?

Leave me alone

I don't want to touch you

I don't want to see you

Think of you

I don't even want to sense you

I'm through with your games

Don't stay around me, your

feelings are fake

A mirage, a facade

You may be found in your ways

I am lost, like a maze

Arguments are such a craze

As I contemplate

The thought that I'll never relate

To your train of thought

Your mindframe

Trying to maintain

This whole relationship at this

point is in vain

Full well knowing the inevitable

is near

like a crystal ball so clear

I see nothing it is over "it" has disappeared

But no need to fear

The end is here for you and we

both know how

Just take your losses now and

bow out

The hurt will be even less

It's the only way that you'd even

impress me

Love doesn't live here anymore

So please leave and retreat

Deceive someone else to be your pawn

Because your love is gone!

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