First time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
it´s about aru´s and shigeru´s first time

be warned: yaoi and hot scenes

Submitted: September 27, 2013

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Submitted: September 27, 2013



it was quiet nothing was heared.
A  little squeak parted the silence "geru-san i don´t want to be touched there!" the little angel sat on the bed, his back turned to his lover.
Shigeru sadly looked at him "i´m sorry my bunny...i just thougt...we´re a couple now for over a year so...maybe you are ready now..i not even saw you naked yet"
aru shivered for a moment "well....a realationship is not just those...intimate things...see? we don´t need to know...we can be happy without it"
the devil leaned his body against the blonde from behind and kissed the back of his head "you´re right cutie but maybe we would be even happier after it you know it´s the highest form of love and trusting each other...don´t you love and trust me?" he asked while playing with aru´s silky blond hair.
the angel blushed and turned around to face his boyfriend "you know that i love you more than anything else and fully trust you but....i...i´m still a virgin" 
shigeru smiled and cupped aru´s cheek with one hand "i know that i`m a devil i can smell it." 
he looked deep into the sky blue eyes " aru-kun it would be a big honor to take your virginity" 
the younger one pushed the devil away and curled his knees up to his chest "understand it ! i can´t do it!"
"...the...age difference! we´re seven years appart!"
"you where never interrested in this until now"
"you´re the devils son and i´m an angel! that´s just wrong!"
"that also never matters to you tell me the real reason"
aru started crying now everything would be over.
the wonderful feelings, the kisses, the love just everything...suddenly he felt shigerus strong arms around his body.
the black haired hugged the crying angel tightly  "please don´t cry your face is too beautiful to be covered with tears"
he kissed aru´s head "it´s ok you don´t have to tell me"
"but" aru mumbled his words muffled by shigerus chest "you want to know it be honest"
the devil started playing with the blond hair again "you´re right i´m very curious about it ....but it´s ok if you don´t want"
the blonde tried to get out of the hug and sat down infront of the older one.
he sighed and lifted up his skirt a little bump was visible.
aru turned red the hand that holdet up the fabric was shaking and he looked to the ground
shigeru chuckled "aru...i knew you were a boy since i first smelled your sweet scent" 
he bend down and spread aru´s legs further appart *hes thigts are so soft nowhere else his skin feels that soft* he thougt while blushing and kissed the bump.
Aru let out a surprised moan his lover smiled "don´t worry my bunny i love you you fall in love with the person not the gender"
he licked and teased the angels dick throug the fabric.
the blonde tried to hold back his moans and covered his mouth with one hand while the other one rested on shigeru´s head.
"geru-san...ah...d-don´t..nghh this...mhhaa...your ...your mouth is ...haaa .....not suposed there!"
the raven haired ignored it and started to undo aru´s panties with his teeth.
he was only listening to the cute moans and squeals from his angel.
aru´s member jumped out all hard and covered with pre-cum "don´t look!" the younger one shouted and covered his private parts with one hand while he tried to press his thigts together.
"it´s too cute to not look at it" shigeru said smiling and removed aru´s hand "would you allow me to suck it?" he asked and looked at aru with the sexy look he always had.
the angel looked back and shigeru could see that his eyes where filled with lust."No!! that´s dirty and disgusting!!" 
the devil lifted up aru´s legs "ok then what about there?" he started licking the pink entrace.
the blonde couldn´t hold himself up any longer and fell down on the bed his back arched in pleasure.
shigeru slipped his tounge inside he enjoyed the taste and the moans of his love he was happy that aru finally stopped holding back himself.
aru grabbed the covers and moaned loudly he don´t tried to hold back his moans it felt just too good.
the black haired man stopped he stood up and laid himself on aru´s slim and fragile body holding his weight up with his arms and legs to not hurt or break him.
"cutie" he growled all horny "did you like it?"
aru looked up to him with lustfilled eyes "yeeees veeery muuuch" he moaned still dazed from the pleasure.
" know how much you´re turning me on?" shigeru started undressing his angel while kissing and sucking on every inch of skin he uncovered.
the blonde now was a slave of the pleasure he couldn´t think straight anymore all he wanted was more.
as he was completely naked his lover looked down at him and bit his lower lip.
the devil tried to hold back a nosebleed and himself to not fuck the younger one senseless.
the boy infront of him was just adorable slim body and long legs pressed together as if he was trying to create friction on his dick, arms over his head, face blushed and a lustful expression, breathing heavily it was
"aru..i´m so hard it´s nearly painfull...just from hearing your voice and looking at you"
shigeru let out a small growl "geru-saaan let me take care of iiit! i want to make you feel good toooo"
with this the older one sat up on the edge of the bed and took of his jacket he was now only wearing his necklace and pants.
aru knelt down on the ground between shigeru´s legs and unzipped his pants with his mouth.
the devils dick was rockhard and throbbing "ah..geru-san youre soooo big" the blonde said and kissed the tip.
shigeru let out an animalistic growl as aru started to lick the hard mass.
he licked and sucked up an d down his shaft while looking at his lovers face with hungry eyes.
he finally took it into his mouth an swirled his tounge around the tip.
the blonde licked and sucked dedicated "soo yummy" he mumbled 
the raven haired man moaned " ah ..aru would you...deepthroat me?..oh"
the angel grabbed shigerus hips for ballance "mhm" he mumbled muffled by the huge dick in his mouth.
he took it out for a moment  "you just have to pull my head down" aru explained with a sexy and horny voice
he took it in his mouth again and his lover pulled his head down untill it was all the way inside.
aru started to bob his head up and down with shigerus help.
it didn´t took long time and the devil was close "aru...ah carefull...i´m close.." he warned the younger one.
he licked and sucked passionately " yeees please geru-san fill my mouth i want to drink all of your love juice"
this drove him over the edge he came in aru´s mouth who tried to swallow as much as he could and shooted another load all over the blondes face and chest. 
shigeru was breathing heavily "wow´re damn good at this...the best blowjob i ever had"
"i´m so glad you liked it" aru said while licking the cum from his hands and face "your milk is so delicious"
the devil got hard again just from watching his cutie drinking his cum.
he stood up and picked up the little boy he laid him down on the bed and got out of the room "i´ll be back in a second"
he came back with a bottle of lubricant he took from the bathroom.
"alright" he said crawling ontop of aru "are you ready?"
the younger one wrapped his arms around shigeru´s neck and kissed him passionately
shigeru kissed back their tounges battled and the black haired could taste himself.
as they pulled back a thin string of saliva collected them "yees i´m ready to do everything with you! i love you i want to feel you deep inside of me" shigeru smiled and kissed aru´s forehead *on wow he´s so sexy and willing ..strange normaly he´s so shy* he thougt
he opened the bottle and covered three fingers with the lubricant.
he touched aru´s entrace softly. the blonde moaned as his lover shoved in the first finger.
"aru-kun you must be very turned on" he chuckled "it´s so soft my fingers are going in without problems...does it hurt?"
the angel looked up "y-yes it´s more painfull than i ever imagined it" he cryed out in pain.
"ah i see i´m so sorry should i stop?" 
aru kissed shigeru "no...continue please..i just have to get used to it"
*oh my...he want me to continue? so sweet he really want to give me his virginity* the devil thougt and pushed in a second finger.
the angel squeaked and thigtened around shigerus fingers who carefully started strechtching him.
"please try to enjoy it ..understand...i have to lose you up a bit or i´m going to hurt you"
the raven haired kissed aru´s tears away and added a third finger.
aru shivered and reached for shigeru´s other hand to hold it "are you sure it will fit in? your dick is huge"
"yes i´m sure i just have to prepare you and you have to relax more"  aru nodded 
after  a while his moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure.
shigeru removed his fingers and the blonde whimpered sadly. "I´m putting it in now ok?" he asked 
"o-ok please be carefull" the black haired smiled and kissed his love while slowly pushing inside of him
suddenly aru let out a scream "no !!! it´s too big!! your ripping me appart!! put it out put it out!!"
tears streamed down his face and his body arched in imense pain
"just wait a minute and adjust to my size..please aru .."
shigeru tried to kiss the pain away and holded himself back from moving it doesn´t mattered to him how badly he desired the younger one the only important thing right now was his boyfriend.
he tried to please him with stroking his dick and sucking his nipples after a while aru started moaning he was pretty hard now "you like this my bunny?" shigeru asked and softly pinched aru´s right nipple what caused the younger one to moan "i like it it feels good" the blonde said "you can move now.... i think" the raven haired smiled and pulled out to thrust back inside of the warm thigtness
aru moaned in pain but after a while he was screaming in pure pleasure "aaahh´re hitting it with every thruuuuuuust!"   shigeru kissed the blonde it was a very slippery and wet one cause both of them where drooling "hardeeeeer pleaaaaseee hardeeer!" aru screamed and wrapped his legs around his lover "do it...deep?" shigeru asked and thrusted in harder and deeper.
aru sreamed a yes and came "geru-saaaaaan!" he cried out while cumming 
the white liquid was covering both boys stomaches and chests "you came so hard there´s something on your chin too"
aru moaned as shigeru licked the cum from  his body.
this night he came five times!
" bunny i´m ...getting close..." the devil moaned "geru-saann i wanna give birth to your childs please cum inside me a lot"
shigeru came hard inside of aru´s young body and  kissed him.
he pulled out rolled over and pulled the covers over them 
aru layed there curled up to his lovers chest both boys breathing heavily. " this was amazing..i never thougt of my first time being that good" the blonde said tired "it never felt so good where better than any women" aru chuckled and stroked shigeru´s chest
"i love you geru-san" he said "we should do that again" shigeru looked at him "i love you too my bunny don´t worry we can do it as often as you want" aru smiled "i love you" then he fell asleep in his lovers arms

next morning 

"nyäähää!! geru-saaaan! my butt huuuuuurts"

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