Baseball Bat Pt.1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Camerons life is messed up, he doesn't enjoy it and he can't seem to do much right. This is his story.

Cameron’s head was banging. He rolled away from the toilet bowl and wiped his mouth then felt another need to be sick and rolled back. His face was propelled forward as he vomited the contents of his stomach was thrown in to the toilet. Some splashed back at him resulting in the collar of his new denim shirt getting a little wet; the smell was even closer now making him want to go back and return the shirt but he had taken the tag off so it would not be possible. He didn’t even like it, his mum made him buy it anyway.


He lay flat on the floor wondering what the fuck he was doing with his life. Every week he would end up in the bathroom throwing up because he had drank too much. He got up and washed his mouth out and took his shirt and jeans off.  He saw his reflection in the mirror said, ‘hey sexy.’ After all this he still had his humour. 


Walking from the bathroom to his room to get a change of clothes his body was warmed buy the central heating that had been installed a few months ago. It felt good getting these home improvements done, he could control the temperature of his house at anytime and he thought it was mad. He looked at his bedroom door and thought to himself, ‘why the fuck did I paint it baby fucking blue. Any other fucking colour would have been good but baby blue? I’d rather smear shit on it or have it fucking salmon pink.’ His anger was getting to him.


After his change of clothes he went downstairs and got his wallet and keys then put his shoes on and left the house for the 24/7 newsagent. He was going for a pack of smokes, a Nuts magazine and some Hula Hoops. Walking down the road he saw a house covered in blinding Christmas lights depicting Father Christmas in a sleigh with a snowman and some reindeer pulling them. ‘Cunts’, He thought.


He left the newsagent with all his items on his list and also a breakfast baguette, which was iron because it was 3 in the Moring and it would be silly to have breakfast at a time like that. Then he thought bin men and creepy artists who only work in the dark probably have their breakfast around now.  As he strolled down the dark alleyway about 5 minutes away from his house he saw a wooden baseball bat propped up next to a railing, he immediately grasped it with one hand and continued walking.


A group of chavs came round the corner and one of them shouted, ‘oi mate, piss off.’ Then the group started laughing and acted as if it was some kind of hilarious comment but in actual fact it wasn’t really that funny. Cameron replied, ‘what the fuck did you just say you skinny cunt?’ Then he dropped his bag and showed his bat so they ran away apart from the one who shouted at him. He cycled over to Cameron on his BMX and started circling him and said, ‘I’m not scared of you, and you wouldn’t touch me.’ Cameron pulled him off the bike and the boy tried to get up but he kicked him back down and held him down with one of his feet. Scared, the boy mumbled, ‘please don’t hurt me.’ Cameron replied, ‘scum like you needs to be wiped off the earth.’ The boy started to cry and Cameron held his bat in the air and started hammering the boy with his bat.


After a few minutes a blood stained Cameron began to walk away, they boy was lying on the floor covered in blood. Cameron had been nice enough to not hit his head or face. Quietly the boy said, ‘fuck you, you fucking cunt.’ Cameron turned round and walked back and the boy started crying again. He dropped the bat, looked at his hands and began walking away. The boy let off a sigh of relief. Suddenly Cameron started running back to him and jumped in the air, landing on the boy’s head, smashing his skull and injuring him until he was nearly dead. He then proceeded to stamp on his bloody skull till he was dead.


He picked up his bag then started walking home and wiped his hands on his jeans then a smile crept on to his face.

Submitted: December 18, 2013

© Copyright 2022 blackpeach. All rights reserved.

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this story really captures the more playful element to brutal street killing

Wed, December 18th, 2013 8:45pm


The story is based around a person I once knew and exaggerated versions of actions they performed, although some things are made up the skeleton of the story is roughly the same. Keep in mind that I knew this person 10 years ago and have got what they deserved now.

Wed, December 18th, 2013 12:49pm

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