Un-Done. A Prince's Tail.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
(For **ColourMeinn**Alison is a gothic loner, who everyone uses as a punching bag. Alison is use to being alone and rather read also she ignores others. While James is the oppiste he is a popular rich kid who has countless friends and Loves to hang out without people, any girl would kill to be his girl friend. But what happens when he sets his sights on the only one he cant have?!.... READ!!

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



\"Suddenly, I'm feeling brave I don't know what got into me, why I feel this way...”

I slammed my iPod down and turned off the crappy song that was blaring in my ear making me want to puke. Let’s just say I'm not my dad's princess, I'm a hole in his pockets. And I know there’s now prince charming waiting for me, this is the real word not some magical land with fairy god mothers and unicorns that grant you wishes.

\"ALISON! Get your ass down here the bus is going to be here any minuet!\"

UGH! Dose he ever shut up? I smashed a path down the stares avoiding piles of trash and other shit lying around shoved in high piles on the rotting stare case.

\"God! I can hear you know!\" I said screaming back

As I raced to the bathroom. I combed through my snarled raven hair and swept it back into a pony tail, I dangled my Night Mare before Christmas bag in front of me. I rummaged through it bitterly searching for my eyes liner. Found you! I seized my eyeliner; I smoothed it under my eye and my eye lid making my dull green eyes pop. I touched up my lip gloss and beamed at my work in the mirror as a frustrating beeping screeched out side. You can wait, I sighed jumping over a pile off books on my wall out the heavy metal door onto the porch and shivered under my black hoodie. I glared at where the steps should be and leaped to the cracked concrete ground and began beating the ground with my feet as I dashed toward the piss yellow bus that brought kids to a hellish place.

\"Get out earlier or you can walk to school\" Threatened the wrinkled bus driver whose silver hair wrapped into a bun behind her hairy neck. EW. \"Yeah.\" I said passing her. As I began walking down the lane seat keep magically becoming full, I just walked towards a deserted seat towards the back of the bus where water always leaks through. *Bam* I fell forward and my face smashed into the filthy flood leaving crap on my face I glared up to see a boy with a cocky grin say \"Oh sorry didn’t see you there\" The pig nose kid next to him began laughing with him. I stood up wiping off the dirt and ignored them. I smoothed out my black skinny jeans pulling wipes out of my bag and trying to clean the crap off my face. After clean the grime from my self I leaded my head against the window ignoring the bitter breeze flowing through the cracks. Then I seen him, he was surrounded by a group of kids laughing and his baby blue eyes looked careless. His golden hair flowed with him as he turned his head towards the bus and for a slip second are eyes meet and he winked! I turned away ignoring him but I could see him through the side of my vision staring back looking hurt. I didn’t care, he was probably some rich snob who never had a girl ignore him, and I hated him. My heart gave a leap and I glared down at my hands, maybe I'm sick it dose not mean anything. I glanced up just as students began streaming out of the bus into the school court yard; I swung my bag on my shoulder and followed behind at the end of the line. I passed through an arch way and walked down the brick lined ground making my way to the metal doors walking up concrete stares, I didn’t have time to prepare myself before a door skirted open colliding into my face. I lost my balance and toppled down I clenched my eyes shut preparing to hit the stares, but I didn’t hit the stares? I felt warm hands hold my back; I open my eyes and glanced into blue eyes filled with concern.

“Are you okay?” He looked horrified.

“Um… Yeah.” I said push away from him

I began walking to the doors hurriedly

“Wait...” I stopped and twisted my head around

“What?” I asked in most annoyed voice

“You forgot this” He lifted my bag with Jack grinning at me.

“Uh... thanks” I look the bag and was about to run when he said

“I'm James, what’s your name?”

“Later...” I said and ran through the front doors not daring to look back.

My classes dragged on, through out the day until my favorite class came, Art. I sat at my familiar seat in the back and started to continue on my picture of my twisted tree grasping for the sun.

“Who are you going with?”

A blonde hair girl with smattering of freckles across her nose, as a brunet with he hair in a lose bun.

“Brandon, he is going to pick me up...” I ignore them and added another branch.

The door creaked open and everyone looked up but me, the blonde hair girl whispered

“Its James shads” I wiped my head up and looked before I could stop myself.

He stood there at the door way with a grin, talking to the Art teacher.

“Everyone Please pay attention” he said his voice booming “This is James shads, and he will be joining this class from now on”

WHAT!? No way...

“You can sit there” the teacher pointed a bulky finger at the empty seat next to me. James when he saw me and walked to his seat and set his things down.

“Hey, it must be fate your in this class to, so now can you tell me your name?”

He asked in a low voice.

“Allison” I choked out.

His smile grew and my heart fluttered, I shook my head and began working on my project again.

“That’s really good what are you drawling?”

When I ignored him he just smiled at me.

He will get bored soon I guessed.

James did though, he began meeting me at the arch in front of the school and talked to me as if we were best friends, and oddly I didn’t dislike it. Then one day I met a few of his fans, suddenly had my body smashed into a locker from behind

\"You Poor Twit! You think you can get James?!\" Girls light voice screeched behind me

I turned to look at a group of Barbie doll girls glaring at me with scowls a red head who pushed me against the locked began twisting my arm it felt as if it was going to fall off.

\"GET OFF ME!\"I screamed push her back making her trip, the other two girl shoved me back faced them deathly glaring at them, and they flinched

\"Damn, this girls creepy\" one of them said

\"So what bring her now!\" the red hair ordered the girl

They dragged me into the girl’s bathroom around the corners as I fought to get free.

\"Maybe you should wash you hair you scum.\" the red hair laughed

I took a deep breath as the girl shoved my head into the beyond gross toilet; my head began spinning I gagged for air as I came up.

\"Next time you should be...\" I snapped I didn’t care anymore they went too far!

I grabbed her hair and flung her face into the toilet and glared at the others

\"Go THE HELL AWAY!\" I screamed and they ran.

God is I really that creepy? Oh well I don’t care its all that James fault.

And one day out of the blue he asked

“Do you want to go with me?”

I looked up from my picture


“The... Prom?” He said hurriedly

“No.\" I said numbly

“But...” He clenched his pencil “please go with me.”

“No, you got a line of girls waiting already.\" I said harshly

He turned his face trying to hide his expression, but I could see a sad frown spread across his face.

After a few weeks of his non-stop begging I gave in and agreed to get with him, my heart fluttered as I did.

Later that night I turned my wardrobe upside down until I found a dull blue gown wrapped away in new paper, I smiled as I remembered my mom wearing the dress when I was ten and how it flowed on her perfectly.

James walked up from behind me with a grinning face,

“I'm going to pick you up at seven okay?”

“Yeah...” I smiled back and his eyes sparkled with joy.

I double check the make-up I applauded to my face didn't smear, and began smoothing out my deep blue dress that draped to my ankles. A crackling beep sounded from out side and I almost smacked my face into the door racing out side. I froze, In my dark filthy drive way a glistening red car was touched away letting out a low hum, I cant believe he seen my house! The car's door gave a low pop and James stepped out wear a dark grey suit that clung to him as if a second skin, he smiled wide as he saw me. His hands tighten around a single thorn less white rose with a dark blue ribbon dangling off it.

\"You look like a princess\"

\"Thanks\" I mumbled back.

He opened my door and I slide into the car.

Through out the ride we started talking more freely and joking around.

As soon as we walked past the pimple face ticket taker, and through the arch, everyone went silent and piercing eyes flashed at us. James just smiled as if he didn't notice all the stares and grabbed by hand guiding me the center of the dace floor.

\"Let’s dance.\" He said wrapping his hand around my waist, I placed my on his shoulder.

I looked around and back up at him

\"Um... I'm not much of a good dancer you know.\"

He leaned down and whispered in my ear

\"Ill lead just look at me no one else your my princess, not theirs.\"

He began to twirl me and everyone else melted away and it was just us, our eyes stayed look we danced as one. I let out a low laugh as he stumbled for a second. He tightens his grip on my waist and pulled me closer. And the song slowly ended and he let me slide away a bit, all around us people had started dancing again and some people gave Us dirty looks and some girls snickered,but he just smiled

\"I finally found my princess.”

“And I finally found my prince.” I smiled enjoying it while it lasted, before Im stuck alone again.

© Copyright 2020 BlackR0se. All rights reserved.

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