A White Winter

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Indeed... Winter is the finiest season and snow is beautiful... Enjoy my little description of it:)

Submitted: October 20, 2015

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Submitted: October 20, 2015



A White December 

I pierced over at the snow  globe, watching it fill up with beautiful, pearly snow, and the little snowman icons waddle around with presents. It always made me smile with joy, remembering that time. That very day. It was dead silent.  All the families had taken cover in their homes and gather around the fire place for hot coca and s'mores. The only thing that was heard,
 was the whistling noise of wind and snow mixing together as the storm gathered more power. 

It was a winter wonderland outside, my small cottage house. Everything was covered in a white, icing layer of snow. I also, was gathered around the warmth of  a fireplace with s'mores  in my hands. The gooey, warm chocolate layer mushed mushed  with marshmallows and topped off with a crispy, graham cracker ,and a very warm cup of the finest hot coca. I sipped away, letting the chocolate linger onto  my tongue after sipping some slowly. 

Everything about this season and month was beautiful, I disliked summer at all cost, but winter has heavenly, especially when you were warm inside the house watching Christmas movies and snuggling up on a couch. 

Everything seemed relaxing and perfect. That's how a white winter was. My Persian, brown feline  cat was purring on the leather sofa 
napping away, curled up in a ball. 

This is what made a snowy, winter very special and relaxing for me. 

Hope you enjoyed my perspective of winter.:)

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