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Try and Break Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jessica Allenwoods, Is facing a crucial time in her life. Even through, she lives in a rich household famous for the healing potion her aunts create; she's in a state of depression because of her boyfriend.

He was the love of her life from the start of Freshman year. But things changed dramatically after he moved to Paris to study Culinary. And now, she has to find someone to get married to before the semesters over or her aunts have to arrange a dreadful marriage for. It's part of the witches tradition to marry a person, preferably a immortal or if it's a mortal then she will have to give up her powers to stay with him. But, everything in her life started falling down hill, and she didn't want to marry anyone, in fact she despises love, anything to deal with it. Her friends try to hook her up with different guys, all that does is reminds her of how pathetic her life screwed up after breaking up with Jason. He came from a wealthy background as well, but he was a mortal and things were just as complicated as ever. The forbidden relationship between mortals and immortals.

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