The START of a girl's heart

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Submitted: November 01, 2009

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Submitted: November 01, 2009



\"If you guys dont like my decision, JUST DAMN HELP ME THINK. YOU dumbos.\" I shouted at my groupmates. Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Daphney Blaine. I'm the school's brainiac. well at least the 2nd brainiac kid in the school. Are you wondering why I shouted at my groupmates that way? Well, they've been there, just whining about why I get it to choose the topic. It's so annoying. \"Hey!! Guys, i think we should use her topic instead, rather than ours.\" Someone said. \"Who said that?\" Polly asked. \"Yeah, who said that?\" I asked also. \"Hey, I'm the new kid. Jacob, Jacob Sheaves.\" He said. I looked at him and he looked like a jock. A stupid one also, yet .. he looked hot. My type, I'm sure. \"Oh, its another one of the jocks. But your kinda different. You think. Unlike others.\" I said. My group were damn full of 5 jocks and we were only 2 girls. The other girl was the 4th brainiac in school so we understood each other. It was our problem to understand these 5 jocks. and now 6 since this guy enters the group. \"Hey, Daphney. Not all jocks are stupid.\" He said. \"Well, i think most of the population of the jocks are stupid.\" I said. \"I dont care what you think. I just like you topic. It's very intriguing. The life of Mrs. Cory Aquino of the Philippines.\" He said. That was our topic, I have chosen it in our Geography group. \"Well, thank you.\" I stood up and then discussed this to them. \"Daphney, I think I need to have a better discussion of this. More. I need to understand more.\" Jacob said. \"Well, you're truly a different jock. Meet me outside, I'll be in the parking lot. leaning on my car.\" I said. \"I'll see you there.\" He said. Polly looked at me differently and said, \"You do know, he's crushin' on you?\" \"You're so wrong. He's not. I'm ugly and damn nerdy.\" I said. \"Oh well. If that's what you say..\" Polly said.

After classes, I went outside and waited. Actually, I didnt need to wait. he was outside as well.. \"Jacob!\" I shouted. He ran to my side, actually too close that he bumped to me and had hugged me. \"oh!\" I reacted. \"Oh, uh, Sorry.\" He said. \"Let's get in my car.\" I said leading to a new black audi. Of course, it was mine. It was just recently bought by my parents. I live in a mansion also. Well, none of the people really knew that in school.

\"Hey, we're here jacob.\" I said. \"Woah. WOAH. WOAH!\" he said. \"Is that the only thing you can say? Is this the first time you've seen a nerd with an audi and a mansion?\" I asked. \"Well, yeah. hell yeah.\" He said. \"Let's go inside.\" I said.

\"Mother, Father, I'm here. Im here with someone. We're gonna study.\" I said. \"Finally, you bring someone here.\" Mother said. \"So who is this.\" Dad said. \"Hi, Mr and Mrs Blaine. I'm Jacob Sheaves.\" He said. \"Well, Hello there. Jacob, I never expected my daughter bringing one jock home to teach.\" Mom said and giggled. \"MOM, I'm going up. Jacob, Follow me.\" I said. Damn it! I whispered to myself.

We reached my room and then I unpacked my bags and went straight to my dressing room to change to my pjs. I went outside and saw Jacob sitting on my bed and removed his Jacket. I saw his tight t-shirt. Oh wow. I cant help but stare.

\"Hey, Why are you in your pjs?\" Jacob asked. \"Well, I'm more comfortable studying in this clothes at home, so if you dont mind. please dont bother looking at me, If you dont like seeing me in my pjs.\" I said. (I was wearing black short shorts and a long sleeved) \"It's not. Well, It is actually, For the record Nerd, You look HOT. HOTTER THAT THE SUN!\" He said. \"Uhuh. Whatever, Let's study JOCK.\" I said.

After studying and discussing it further, I started feeling sleepy..

\"Jacob, you should go, I'll ask my driver to bring you back to your house.\" I said. \"Wait. before I leave, Daphney..\" He said. and walked closer to me. We were just millimeters away from each other. His hand made its way to my face after holding my waist. He cupped my chin under his hand. I was frozen. He made his face nearer to mine and then he kissed me. Just a peck of course. and then his lips made it's way to my ears and said: \"I love you, not just because you're HOT, but you're also a nerd.\"

\"I love you. too..\" i said. This was sudden.

\"Well, goodbye! good bye.\" He said. \"See you tomorrow. Jacob.\" I said.

This was sudden. When I was left alone at my room. There was some kind of letter written there by Jacob.

IT SAYS: By the time you have read this, I must've finished kissing you and left for home. I dont like you just because you're hot. It's because of your attitude. Your cute little attitude and your brains. You're beautiful also. I love you not for the riches but for everything. I know you may think I love you for those, but believe me. I don't love like the other jocks. I don't cheat. I love who I choose. I will forever do, 'till you want me no more. Call me jake from now on. BTW, here's my cell number: 893072983092. Text me when you've read this. I love you.


Wow. Wow. Wow. This is the beginning of my relationship. My first relationship. never expected it that early. Oh well.

------------------------------------------- THE END

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