Letter to my African Children

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Nobody deserve a killer invansion in his/her hands

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



The future seems to be running away from you
The hope has been taken away
They force you to fight for
What you don’t understand
They force you to kill
For no reason at all
They force you to murder
For a piece of bread
It hurts me so bad
It hurts someone out there
It hurts the world
But it does not seem to bother those
Known as world powers
It seems not to hurt those
Who happens to be our leaders
If you can my child
Put down the gun & run
Run and run more
Don’t give up
Don’t throw yourself to the ground
Don’t let them exhaust your energy
With their cruel words
Don’t listen when they say
You have no choice
Run and run more
Don’t listen to those
Who don’t care
Who only cares about
Swimming in their greed
Washing their faces
With an innocent blood of fellow Africans
I know they have chop down the trees
So you cannot have a shelter
They have cursed the clouds
So there will be no rain
They bloodied the water
With their hunger for power
So you won’t be able to drink
They have murdered your advisors
Turn and said they were innocent
So they will be able to put a knife on your hands
They have murdered your providers
Turn and said they were innocent
So they will be able to put a gun in your hands &
Whisper in your ears that
Revenge is sweet
Hold on my fellow Young Africans
Saviors will rise
Like Judges of Israelites
Saviors are on their way to Africa
Like chariots of fire that
Elijah saw
They will put them down on their knees
They will cry tears of sorrow
As death stare at their faces
They will know that
You live by lies
You live by greed
You live by power
You live by gun
Shall die by gun
Know whatever is happening to you
Our love and hope for you
Shall never die

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