Silence no more

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Don't turn your back, the future holds what no one knows

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Silence no more
The pain of not knowing
When staring in the dark
When your eyes
Are weakened without light
When your ears
Are burnt by cruel words
It hurts me so badly
It burns so deeply that
Tears fall from my eyes
My heart beat so low
Like the drums of AFRICA
Taken to foreign lands for the first time
The poisonous spears
Feel the air with intention to kill
Moving so swiftly
Murmuring word “Murder”
Moving in silence
To attack when your back is turn
It pains me to know
You don’t see
The trail on the sky
It hurts me so badly to
To hear you are blinded
Why are you so low
Why are you leaving with loneliness
Why allowing words “its ok” to conquer
Why are you so shaken
Why are you so scared
Why are you so afraid
Don’t murmur words
Let go of them
Let them run for help
You don’t deserve to live in the dark
You don’t deserve to live in pain
Silence is not a great friend
Have nothing to do with him
Have nothing to with him
Let know that
Silence you are no more

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