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Poison of the deseas

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Yenom, the cause of pain
The cause of suffering
The cause of killing
The cause of grief
The cause of greed
Why we cannot live without you
Why divide us like this
All we think about is you
All we dream about is you
Yenom, the cause of heartbreaks
The cause of wars
The cause of hatred
The cause of lust
The cause of poverty
The cause of corruption
Why we cannot be without you
Why put borders between us
All we think about is your cruel friendship
Yenom, the cause of loneliness
The cause of anger
The cause of battles
The cause of doubts
Breaker of relationships
Breaker of friendship
Turning us against our children
Turning us against our parents
Turning us against one another
Yenom the poison of feud
Breaker of love
Why do we let you rule us?
Why do we let you?
Bring divisions amongst us
Why do we love you?
Why do we hate you?
Why do we wish for you?
Why do we curse you?
Why we cannot live without you
Yenom, are you my friend or enemy?

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