A good night poem

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A love message written to my beloved when she was away on a long trip. It was a good night message that surprised her. i've translated it to english and here i am publishing it now. Sharing the love

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



In my life I have met only one angel, that angel touched my heart, filled my life with love and flooded it with feelings. 

My darling, my angel, in comparison with the light that heats my heart when you’re near me, everything in this world seems dim. You are the light that brights up every new day that arises. 

So stay with me, kiss me, hold me and dream, dream of the future, and i will fill it with every drop of love i have. The first time i said the words ''I love you'', i made you a promise to the end of this world, that my love belongs only to You, and no-one can take your place in my heart. 

A small heart indeed, but filled with joy and love towards you. I will watch you and take care of you as you dream, and in your ear i will whisper the words ''I Love You, I love you'', and tonight, as you sleep, dream the nicest of all the dreams, and listen as i say I LOVE YOU

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