"Snow Flakes"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Three elements: Christmas, lost hope, a murder


“Richard, please come here immediately.” John said with a calm voice.

“Did something happened, brother?” Richards responded with a worrying tone of voice.

“John!? Are you still there?” John brings the phone down. Because of that, Richard’s first thought is that, something bad happened to his brother.

December is just starting. It’s the second week of December, but everyone is already prepared for the upcoming Christmas. Every one bears a joyous heart for the upcoming occasion. The whole world is enjoying except for one man named John.

John is a jolly person. He lives happily throughout his whole life-with a complete happy family, girlfriend and money. His rich family in love and money is very generous to him and so he is. He is contented with everything having his career.

The next morning came. It is a snowy morning. The road is full of heavy snow fall but Richard is still on his way going to his brother’s house. The trip takes an hour being far away for about 2 miles towards his destination.

Richard looks at the digital clock in his car and something is bothering his mind. It’s John, his brother.

“Wait for me brother.” Richard told himself softly and continued driving.

The road is calm and long. Richard continued driving and turns on the stereo listening to the songs of FM Static. The trip is very long. When Richard is near to his destination, he jumps out of his car and hurriedly knocked the door of John’s house.

“John!?” Richard knocked loudly and called his brother’s name in a worrying tone.

John opened the door. His eyes are teary and red. John hugged his brother. Richard don’t know what to say for this is his first time to see John like this.

“Its ok brother.” Richard tapped John’s back.

“Angel died!” John cried. Now, both Richard and John are crying aloud outside the house. Everyone is looking at them. Richard felt ashamed.

“John, let’s go inside.” Richard said sniffing.

The two brothers went inside the house and talks many things about them when they are still young. John recalled his memories with Angel, his dog who died last night.

Angel is John’s cute dog and Richard’s gift last Christmas. Angel was being murdered by the hunters outside. John loves Angel more than Anne, his wife, who often gets jealous of the dog.

Inside the house is Angel’s picture with John. There are lots of random friends and people inside John’s house. They are mourning for Angel’s death.

Anne is inside the house, entertaining guests and visitors. Anne seemed not to be affected due to Angel’s death. When Angel is still alive, Anne does nothing but to keep herself jealous with the dog of her husband.

“Anne!” Richard called his sister-in-law.

“Hey” Anne simply gave a hug to her brother-in-law.

“How are you?” Richard asked.

“I’m very..Happy..” Anne replied shortly and goes back to the guests.

Richard shook his head. He doesn’t want to see the situation like this especially when his sister-in-law is very happy seeing her husband sad.

John and Anne never had a time for bonding. They always argue in one reason-Angel. And now, Angel is dead. Anne will stop complaining about the issues she and her husband have.

“Hi hun.” Anne sat down beside her husband.

“Hi.” John replied shortly. John seems to be o cold to her wife.

“What’s the problem? You ok?” Anne asked trying to catch the appetite of her husband.

“Not really.” John shortly replied and shook his head once again.

“Because of Angel again? You know what? Your time is always on that dog!” Anne yelled loudly.

“Angel is not a dog for me, she’s a friend!” John said calmly.

“Fine! You always choose Angel over me! I want to file a divorce!” Anne walked out and left John.

“OK Hun!” John replied with a smile. John was not able to hear Anne’s last statement and answered without thinking. He is currently listening to his favorite music as if there’s no problem.

John became insensitive when it comes to his wife. As a result, his wife always seeks for his attention.

Inside the room, Anne packed her things and planned to go away from her husband. Right that moment, John exactly witnessed her wife packing her things up.

“Hey, what are you doing?” John asked with a surprise in his eyes.

“Can’t you see? I will leave this house right now!” Anne yelled. Anne looks older than her age because of the stress that her childish husband had given her.

“And why would you leave?” John followed her from left to right.

“I’m going to file a case for our divorce! And you agree!” Anne yelled once again.

It’s too, late. John can’t believe of what’s happening. He can’t even believe himself that he was the one who agreed to have a divorce.

After a week, Angel’s corpse is buried in a decent cemetery. Many attended the funeral. Everybody is crying because of John’s loud cry. All people are wearing black dress. Anne is not with him this time and only Richard, his brother is the only one who supports him.

“Are you alright?” Richard asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” John replied shortly. He stopped crying and stood up.

“Next year, my status will be single again.” John said in a lonely tone. Richard tapped his shoulder.

“If I were you, I’ll talk to her before December ends.” Richard suggested.

John has no second thought. He immediately went to the place where Anne is. He drove his car fast. There’s no thing inside his head but only Anne.

John is drinking a light beverage inside his car. On his way, a rushing vehicle crossed the road and hit him. John was not able to see it. He lost control and his car stumbled.

Richard immediately went to the crime scene but he doest found John there. The ambulance already takes him to the hospital. He tried to contact Anne, but her mobile number is unattended.

Twelve midnight. Richard is rushing through the hospital looking for the room of his brother. The nurse said that John is needed to be operated immediately. Then the nurse pointed his room.

Inside the room where the nurse pointed, Richard heard two people talking heart to heart. It’s John and Anne.

“John, please be strong.” Anne said softly.

“I will.” John replied with a soft voice.

After that, nurses and doctors entered John’s room and bring him in the operating room. The operation lasted almost three hours.

Richard and Anne almost lost their hopes waiting for the result. Then the doctor faced them.

“How’ my brother?”

“How’s my ex-husband?”

Richard and Anne both stood up hoping for a good response. And thank God, John is safe. The two felt so relieved.

John is really not in a critical situation. The only part that was damaged to him was his feet and a little injury in hi head. One of the bones in his feet was being crashed and that’s the only part that was to be operated. The operation took so long because the anesthetics didn’t work when it was injected in John.

Days had passed. It’s Christmas time. John celebrated it in the hospital. Anne is always there for him. Again, their sweetness before went back.

“I have a gift for you.” Anne said softly.

“What is it?” John asked as he forced himself to sit.

Anne showed a box. Then John opened it. It’s a cute puppy. And there’s a note coming from his brother and from Anne.

Dear John,

I’m now moving on with my life. I’m going back to Japan for my job and for my dreams. I’m hoping that I will be happy, and even though I’m old to have my own family, I’m still hoping that the girl of my destiny will show up. Always take care, Richard.

John almost cried while reading his brother’s note. He was amazed that his brother is strong and always stays positive in negative situations.

And the latter coming from Anne stated that the divorce will be cancelled and John was so happy of it.

John and Anne hugged each other and look outside the window. Outside the house are the cold snow flakes that continue to fall, which reminds them of a unique Christmas that they had ever celebrated.


Submitted: February 21, 2012

© Copyright 2021 blackstar07. All rights reserved.

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this was cute

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Areen Abukishek

i love it

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