The Cycle

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Life, a cycle on going and never ending.

Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013



The Cycle

By Josh Hamrick


- Four hundred....fifty..hmm..everyone remain still!

- What are you counting?

-, eight...eighty.

Well! About one billion six hundred and fifty give or take a few.

Not a bad turn out this time around.

- This time..?

Alright! Total restart! Time to bring em around again.

- Restart!? hey!

- Oh quiet.I’ll see you again in a moment or two.

- Relax for what? what’s being restarted? where am I?

- So many questions!

- There would be less if you’d answer them!

- Oh and some attitude too!

- You have to understand my frustration!

- I don't have to do anything

- I'm sorry if I'm being demanding, I’m confused...thats all.

- Thats quite alright, after something like that, who would have a few questions?

- right! and answers would be a wonderful addition to them.

- Well ok then, one at a time.

-Alright, who are you?

- HAH thats your first question? who else could I be?

- I guess I should’ve known, you know, because of what happened.

- Yes, theres not many that can cause something like that.

- I suppose, how about one more?

- Ask away!

- what’s being restarted?

- Humanity of course!.

- Humanity!? how would you restart all of humanity?

- Its simple really, for me anyway.

- But it just ended! right?


- Yes it did! And now its going to start! again!

- What? Why restart it?

- Because you’re not all here.

- Whos not all here?

- Humans, my creations. There seems to be a few billion missing, thats certainly not a small amount to leave behind.

- Yeah...the ones that don’t deserve to be here are left behind. Thats the point.

- Who exactly are the ones that don’t deserve to be here?

- the others! The non believers of course!

- Believe it or not, you were all non believers at one point.

- But we are not now!

- True. You all have found your way. Thats all it is. The others are just lost. Thats why you need another restart. Do it all over again. Until they find their way.

- But they won’t! They rejected you!

- But you didn't! You all did not!

- Well obviously...I de-...we dedicated our lives to you!

- Yes I know, but you, along with many other new faces I see, we're not here the previous times. And yes you did finally dedicate your life to me, and you’ll dedicate many, many more.

- What do you mean many more? Reincarnation?

- Hmm I suppose, it is a Reincarnation in a way...yes.

- But you promised us an eternity with you. Here, in heaven. this is heaven isn’t it? I mean, I assume it is. Thats where we go after the rapture.

- Oh no, that was no rapture.

- What do you mean? The world ended! All the signs were there. And we all got pulled at once. Wherever here is.

- I know, I did it remember? Oh...I suppose you wouldn't would you.. it was only a few moments ago but, not to you.

- You’ve lost me.

- Humanity is just, well, a cycle. The world restarts, and you believers and nonbelievers are sent back through. Its only a few moments to me but...a lifetime to you.

- Sent back through? Why on earth would you do that?

- As I said before. You’re not all here. This cycle will continue to happen until you’re all here.

- Well how does that work exactly?

- Well, have you ever thought that, someones life is planned out, before they even exist?

- Yes, predestination right?

- Precisely! You, along with the rest of the people here now, have earned it.

- Earned it? I always thought of it more as a curse than a reward. you pre setting our choices before we even make them, takes away our free will altogether.

- Not your choices all together, just your choice in belief.

- I still don't see how thats a reward.

- Before you earn this reward, you make the choices yourselves! And once you make the right ones, you end up here.

- But don't you, as,, choose who will be predestined before the beginning of time?

- Yes, I make it before the beginning of time, every time I restart time. Do you follow?

- You’re confusing but I'm trying.

- Every time I end the cycle. The people who believed and worshiped and glorified me will, be sent back through with the ones who didn't but since they’re predestined, they will always end up here again, however many more times it takes, you will always end up back here.

- And the people who don’t believe? They always...wont end up back here?

- No! Of course not! They have the freewill to choose or not to choose to follow me. I decide not to know, in advance, their choice. keeping their choices, THEIR choices.

- And more believers come back each time?

- Thats the idea.

- I'm beginning to understand the point of this cycle. you let them choose you, then once they do, they are predestined to choose you in future lives, to avoid hell and what not.

- More on the “what not” side, but basically yes.

-  But why not predestin all the people to believe? - Why keep this cycle going?

- Why? Thats how it must be! Restarting life until they do it correctly. Until they deserve to move on! To fulfill the purpose of life.

- Which is?

- More questions hm? Well... you tell me. What do you, as a believer, dothroughout your lives?

- Well..worship, Pray, Try not to sin...You know..

- But why do that stuff? Why live like that?

- To be a good person I want your followers to be good people? To stand out?

- Partially... Well how about this, if you have a child, and your child is presented with an opportunity to steal some toy, or candy he really wants. And he doesn't. what does that do for you, the parent?

- It makes me proud of my child of course

- And how does your child’s choices reflect on you, from the view of others?

- It makes me look like a great parent.

- Yes! One could say, it brings..glory?

- So you’re saying its all for creating an image for yourself?

- Right. Creations glorifying their creator.

- Seems a bit self centered!

- I made you, I made you all! Is a little appreciation too much to ask?

- I suppose not, so the point of us, your creations, is to bring you glory?

- Yes thats the purpose of humanity! To bring glory to your creator. Through your actions and choices. And show the others his greatness.

- Thats a lot of work just for glory.

-  I created you, I should get what I made you for. I deserve it don't I?

- Yes but I still don’t see why everyone can’t be predestined....the act does not become less good if everyone’s doing it.

- You’re right. But if I am standing next to my child and I make him not steal the toy, its not really his choice. And no glory comes from that. To anyone.

- Ah I see. the choice must be made by their own free will first. Before they are saved.

- Exactly! And once they’ve freely made that choice, They are saved for all eternity! as was promised.

- So we just redo the same earth over and over again?

- Ehhh..not exactly, you are not the same people, or gender. Or even in the same time period. its completely random, wherever your soul ends up. Its a gamble really.

- Well...who does that leave us as? When we finally return? Do we keep the soul of who we were last?

-  Yes! Along with all the others!

- Others? Our past souls join us also? How would that work?

- Ah always a question. You know you won’t remember any of this in a moment right?

- I don’t care.

- Well you see. Your all one soul. Split into many.

-I don’t understand

- When you’re all here. You all have the same soul. You will be in a different body. A body that has nothing to do with human definition.

- So we are all one person?

- In a way, but separate.

- You’re not making sense again. I need more of an explanation!

- You’re getting there! Your mind still can't wrap itself around this yet.

- Well help me wrap it around! Help me understand.

- Come now. Lets leave something to talk about next time hm?

- I hate the idea of waiting that long...even if I don't know it

- Oh you'll be back here in no time at all.

- Yes but I won't remember this conversation

- Its alright. I have the time to explain again. Maybe even further next time. if you’re up to it!

- How does this restart happen anyway?

- A split second here. And eternity for you between each cycle. It really blows even my mind. You all become smarter and smarter each time around, and the discussion goes further and further. I take great pride in them, They truly do bring me glory... well, lets see now. How many this time?


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