Self Reflections

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something I came up with on the bus ride home from school. Please rate and comment.

As Isat amongst all of my friends and family, Ifelt a twinge of something at the pit of my stomach, something Ifelt a lot lately.

All night long, I had felt odd. Like no one could see me.

I ran up the stairs, breathing hard, hyperventilating, keeping the tears in. I tried not to catch the eye of anyone, not that I had to try hard.

Making my way to the bathroom, Iquickly ran in and closed the door. A moment later, Iwas running the water and letting my clammy hands go beneath the faucet.

Am I really so invisible?

Planning on giving myself a long hard look, I glanced up into the mirror, and gave out a quiet gasp of shock.

What I found was... inexplainable. I looked ragged, like I didn't care for myself, bruises, scrapes, and sores covering my body. I had the feeling that Ihad done this to myself.

With the vague thought of "Through the Looking Glass," I lightly pressed my fingers against the glass.

A sharp feeling went through my arm, almost of numbness, gone as quick as it had come.

I felt a tugging, and was quickly horrified of what was happening.

This was no make believe story, and I was not on drugs...

The person in the mirror, who in almost every way represented me, only missed one feature. Only pain and grief filled the eyes. The glow of life was missing.

I realized that to save myself, Ihad to fight, to pull back, to forget what lagged me.

Inch by inich, Iwas pulled into the mirror. I wasn't strong enough.

A brief thought filled my mind... No one knew of my now present ordeal. No one was here to pull me out.

Quietly, slowly, but surely, I began to quit. allowing myself to slide in, the numbness was back again, setting over my body.

In the last moment of my existence, a single tear fell, landing on the marble counters. The last evidence of my existence waiting to be wiped away, and destroyed, along with my memory.

I was forever trapped in the pain of the mirror, the pain of myself.

Submitted: October 08, 2010

© Copyright 2021 BlackWhiteandInbetween. All rights reserved.

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