Cruella De Vil

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Life hasent been on the same page for jeff...he deals with too many things at the same time in his 15 years old living in the world. His mother is a prostitute and drug addict while his single father is married to monica, jeff's stepmother. read more to find out what happens so far.

Submitted: August 17, 2009

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Submitted: August 17, 2009



" Back up don't touch touch, you got to give me 50 feet" The music from the television soared through the kitchen
"Lower that volume down" My stepmother hissed from her bedroom. I rushed to the living room grabbed the remote control and lowered the volume. I have been living with my dad since i was 10. My parents are divorced, my mother lived her life as a slut. My Father took me in and he raised me half the time. Monica, my stepmother has also been help raising me.
I sat on the couch, I opened the drawer and spotted my mother in a dusty picture. I gently picked it out of the drawer blowing dust out. My mother had long red hair, green eyes, a thin face, tan skin, and a small body. I remembered when i was 8 years old, short red hair,gray eyes and a snotty nose. Mom and dad used to push me on the baby swings, higher and higher I went up in the air.Sometimes i would catch them Dad kissing mom's neck up to her lips, I would giggle when they did that.
The day My life came to an end was when I had just turned 10, Dad had spotted mom and another guy in bed, when I had seen that I broke down.
"Daddy what is mommy doing?" I asked rubbing my eyes, my hands into little fist.
"Jeff, mommy is not feeling well" My dad would inform me
I never understood what was going on until my dad explained when I was 13.
"Jeff you are going to live with me okay?" he asked me
"Why? Why cant I live with mommy"
"Because she is not feeling really good, she loves you so do I but she wants you to live with me okay" He said looking at the road.
"Will I ever see mommy again" I asked,confused
Silenced filled the car, I knew that meant a maybe, but i loved my mom so much more than anything. So when I hit 14 i learned about my mom and how she was doing.
"Mom she's on drugs" He cleared his throat"She is working as a prostitute, she says she loves you. I called her she says she loves you so much"
"Does she love you to Dad?" I asked,cutting him off.
He breathed out" Yes,Jeff she loves me and I love her but we just cant keep doing this"
To that day I haven't laid my eyes on my mother.
" You okay?" My dad's voice broke into my thoughts
"Yeah I'm okay, why do you ask" I mused
"You're thinking about your mother aren't you?" He predicted
" Yes, i just cant stop thinking about her" I admitted looking down folding my hands together. My dad took a seat next to me on the couch. I looked like a sharp figure of my dad, tan skin, gray eyes, long red hair that crawled past from my ears and my eyes, my dad had brown hair. Dad and I were tall like tree's, I was about 6'1 and he was about 6'9.
"Well that's okay,Jeff"
"I need some air" I alerted grabbing my black/red skateboard. The weather outside was good, a large yellow orange sun peeked out everywhere. I threw down my skateboard, rolled it on the ground and jumped on. The sound of the skateboard crushing into the ground filled my ears, i pushed my skateboard's speed with my left leg.
I Jumped up in the air, kicking my right leg in the air, while my skateboard flipped 1...2...3...4.. times. I landed on my skateboard roughly making a crushing sound, A girl's eyes landed on my skateboard. She began to whisper to her friends, I decided to ignore them so I continued skateboarding.
I Jumped on top of a steel bar that leaded down the hill, I slided on top of it flipping my skateboard in the air. I rolled on top of the bars letting my skateboard fall on the floor, A feeling came over me that I was going to fall, but I did i landed on my skateboard.
"Cool" I whispered breathing heavily to myself.
" Hey, if it isn't Mr.skater" A voice came from behind me. I jerked my head back, I discovered it was Caz. Caz was my best friend, she was my best friend since we were kids she helped me in my time of need (About my mother). Caz had jet black hair that was combed neatly down to her lower back,blue eyes that made you feel good about yourself, a mind that was always busy, lips that were meant to be heard, a figure between a average person and a supermodel.
"Hey Caz,whats up?" I asked brushing away some dirt on my shirt. Her gaze on the girls from before.
"Those girls are checking you out,man. Do you even notice?" She asked her skateboard peeking between her arms.
"Yeah, so what?" I nodded
"Nothing" She ended
Her cell phone began to ring causing the birds to fly away, she answered it.
" Oh, hey mom" She greeted. Silence.
"Sure" Silence
"Bye, love you to" She answered. Sometimes i felt jealous of other kids because they had their mothers and fathers living together with them.
"I have to go soon, are you going to the party tonight?" She asked her hair covering her right eye. She gently shoved a strand of black hair resting it on her ear.
" Tonight? OK yeah I'm going. I'll see you their " I told her
"Cool" She headed away riding on her skateboard. One of the girls walked up to me, she approached me nervously.
"Hello, I noticed you from a far distance and strangely I'm attracted to you. I don't know why but I am" She admitted twirling her hair. She started to scribble something on a piece of paper she fishing out of her purple purse. I had to admit she was actually cute, she had curly brown hair that rested on her shoulders, brown eyes and a pretty face. Her body was pretty natural, i would guess that she was about a C-cup. I'm not usually into looking at girls chest but hers were not that hard to notice under her crop top.
I stood their quietly accepting her phone number.
"Especially that girl over their, you know the one with their dark red hair. The one that's wearing green and black. She was to shy to say anything but she told me to tell you" She informed me pointing to the girl.
I could have swore that my tongue started hanging out of my mouth, She reminded me of my mother. Long red hair ( except my mother cut her hair) gray eyes, Pierced ears one on top of her ear and on her earlobe, Dark tan skin, and a curvy small figure, also tall.
" Beauty huh?" She remarked
"Yes she is" i answered gazing at her. Her friends started to giggle, she turned her head to me. I cut my gaze off her, i felt tingle inside.
"Are you going to that party tonight everyone is going" she continued" You know, the one at crook avenue"
"Sure I'm going"
"Well i have to go, so see you tonight" I shrugged, riding all the way home ( Doing tricks as well ).
I felt happy inside, that girl reminded me of my lost mother inside of me.

"Monica, can I go to this party" I asked
"Sure,Jeff why not"
" Really? " I asked
" Sure as long as you get back by midnight" She warned me,smiling.
After that I took a 10 minute shower, wore my best partying clothes ( which was a black shirt with green paint splattered on it w/ jeans that sneaked up to my a**). I smelled of cologne (Dark wild horse) the new cologne guys wear these days.
I pulled out a small shoe box that's where I kept my best new shoes, under my closet. I tied on my white shoes that had black/green laces.
" fresh" I whispered to myself, when i got downstairs John,Jimmy,Greg,and Sammy were waiting for me in a red/black BMW.
"Where are you going dressed like a thug,Jeff?" My father asked, draining in some tea.
" To a party, and i don't look like a thug. This is what us kids wear today" I addressed, looking down at my dark clothes.
"Have a good time,Jeff" Monica wished to me when i headed out the door.

When we headed to the party it was full of dancing teenagers. Sammy and I headed to the corner of the room where some people were drinking and chatting on red stylish chairs.
The music began to flow in me, A girls presence next to me calmed me down. I realized it was the girl from this morning, the one that reminded me of my mother.
We recognized each other, she began to talk to me.
" Hey, haven't we met before" She said thoughtfully
"Yeah,your right" I reminded her
She looked beautiful than every, she wore a short black dress that revealed her long tanned legs and her arms. I noticed that she had purple eye shadow and glossy purple lip gloss.
"I noticed that your hair is dark red and you have gray eyes" She commented. Her hands reached out to my hair, but then stopped.
We had a great conversation I learned that she had a tattoo on her neck and around her right ankle.She was the same age as I, 15 years old. She is new around this area and she just moved here from New Jersey, a.k.a the gang land. I asked her if she loves it here in Manhattan, she says she loves it. We had chatted for about 2 hours because it was 7:00.
"Would you like to dance with me, Jasmine" I shouted over the loud music.
"Sure,Jeff. I would love to"
We danced to the unbearable music that pumped us up in the end. We didn't try anything the other kids were doing, like kissing or drinking. Jasmine was a one of a kind girl, that's what i loved about her so much. She was the type to be friendly to everyone no matter what may happened, but she had a bad side as well.
"Jasmine, you remind me of my mother" I whispered in her ear, hoping she would hear me over the music.
When i pulled away from her ear she smiled, her white teeth beaming at me.
" That's a good thing isn't it" She whispered in my ear a little too close, her breath tickling my ear. I nodded when she pulled away shoving some hair on her ear.
" We should go somewhere more quiet" I yelled over the loud music.
I lead her to the back of the club, where it was quiet.
"What happened to her? Your mother I mean" She asked looking at me with curiosity.
"I don't think i should tell you" i said
" Please"
" OK, well She is a prostitute and a addict" I told her.
"Wow, that's..." she said "I'm sorry"
"Don't be" i exclaimed
"She chose to be what she wanted to be, and that's her business" I explained.

"I like you,Jeff. Your deep and fun to talk to compared to these other guys, who only care about one thing" She sighed.
"Wes hould go to the new ice cream shop down the block"

She stuck a green popsicle in her mouth, her mouth sucking out the juice in the popsicle.
"Tell me about yourself, jasmine"
" Well my mother is divorced with my father and My step father, good to me" She gazed at me. I stuck a red popsicle in my mouth "You know what I think we are on the same foot,jasmine"

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