Miss black, vampire girl part 2

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lalala... something i managed to write at 2:oo in the morning enjoy srry its kind of short to read but still enjoy =)

Submitted: September 01, 2009

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Submitted: September 01, 2009



RECAP: "Look at me," Damon ordered in a hard voice, however, when I did I saw lust fill his eyes. "I have decided to be merciful. Strike a deal with me and I will tell no one you killed Viola."
I knew this was my only chance to get out of here alive.
"Ok," I stammered. "What do you want me to do?"
Damon leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, drawing out the suspense.
"Keep still," he whispered. And I screamed…

The chains he had fastened me down with prevented me from slitting his throat, so I had to lie, disgusted and terrified as a little child, as Damon fumbled with the buttons on my jeans. I hate to admit it but I had no idea what was going on- Mum and Dad were sketchy on the whole sex education thing. Vampires don’t believe in telling their offspring about the birds and the bees until they reach the time when they stop ageing, so I’d learnt most of that stuff from my friend Riku (a gorgon). I stared up in horror as Damon began undressing me. This sickened me. I couldn’t understand why he wanted to do this to me. He could have had any vampire he wanted.

"I’m giving you a chance to leave now," I croaked. Damon only smiled down on me in a superior fashion, his beautiful features twisted in cruelty.
"Looking at the position you’re in now, I think I am the one able to give chances," was his only comment. His cool hands brushed my stomach and I felt his fingers skitters across my hipbones and downwards. I screamed over and over, each howl wilder and more desperate than the last. I struggled so hard I heard the chains creak, but then suddenly Damon dug his retractable claws into my abdomen, hissing for silence.

I knew at last that there was no way to escape from this situation. The only thing to do was lie still as possible, stiff as a board, and hopefully he’d give up. My eyes shut tight of their own accord as he removed my black top and jeans, and any other garments he happened to come across (which included a corset so tight it was a good job I’m not human, and killer heels). Then it happened. I’m sorry I have to do this, but I’m going to have to mention a few of the gory details for my sake, if no other, otherwise I’ll never quite believe it happened so tragically. There was a weight on my body and a terrible pain as something thrust into me. I writhed in agony, gasping. My whole body seemed to spasm. Even Damon noticed. He ran his right palm across my contorted face briefly and whispered something I will never forget.
At first I thought he would go away, but he was determined to punish me for Viola’s death. He took his time in the dreadful thing he did to me, his features calm yet full of disturbing joy. His bottomless eyes shone like onyx stones in the pale face I had begun to hate. My own eyes were filled with tears that spilled over my cheeks at the loss of my purity. I knew my Mum would cheerfully drive a rusty pike through my chest if she knew about this. And after what felt like hours, Damon shuddered, let out a quiet cry and slipped away across the stone floor. I managed to huddle in the corner, staring wide-eyed at him.
"Happy now?" I snarled bitterly, unafraid to hide my grief. "Because I saw how much you were enjoying yourself. Well, let me put my clothes back on and let me go. I can’t stand the sight of you any more."
My mind was full of hurt and frustration. I wanted nothing more than to tear him apart, limb from limb, then destroy what was left.

Damon just nodded, closing his eyes. I reached for my clothing; aware my dignity was completely ruined now. Once I was dressed, Damon opened his eyes and came towards me. I realized at once he had been watching my every move from beneath his eyelids, and tried to pull back, but he forced me to look at him. He kissed me arrogantly three times and only laughed when I bit him.
"Bitch," he said coolly, snapping my shackles with one hand. Immediately I was tottering onto my feet.
"So eager to go, Pandora?" he teased unbelievably. He appeared to be highly amused. "And I thought you were having such a good time…"
"You little rat!" I roared, eyes streaming. "Let me go!"
To my utter surprise, Damon lifted me in his arms to carry me out. He went straight through a door and tossed me casually into the grass as if I was a common tart.
"Run away home, little girl," he called mockingly after me. By now I was half-flying half-stumbling in the opposite direction. "No one will know about your little murder. But remember- I’ll find you again, some day."

I collapsed outside my house miserably, a complete wreck. Not only was I ravenous, I was also covered in tears, blood and an unspeakable substance I couldn’t wait to wash off. I couldn’t possibly go home like this, either. My parents would know what had happened and disown me at once. So I decided to head for Riku’s place. At least there, I could expect sanctuary…

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