You Monster

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This is really just a preview of my new story you monster, you Monster is a story about a girl who arrives in a school and meets a girl name Victoria, Vicky for short and she gets herself stuck into a situation where she may have to repay Vicky with her..^o^ check this story out lol if u love this then you will defendantly love Teen Emo.

Submitted: December 20, 2009

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



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Why do I have to go to a new school, this is going to be horrible, I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

She peered down the hall, trying to avoid the ocean of students. Since it was her first day at her new school she didn’t want to do anything crazy, like slip and fall in front of the girls or make a mistake in a sentence in front of the boys. So she remained calm, and stood in front of her locker.

What’s my combination again? Man, don’t tell me I forgot my combination, on the first day of school too. Ok, Evelyn calm down, remembers to breath this is not that serious.

She stood in front of her locker, waiting for someone to come for her rescue but instead she went to the bathroom, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. She fished out a comb in her bag and gently combed her long red hair. She laughed to herself at the thought of the girls from her old school jealous of her red hair and their own original brown hairdo’s. Evelyn knew that girls should be happy with their bodies and there appearances, her mother is her idol. Miriam, her mother had a curvy body that most super stars try to get, and soft dark blood hair, one thing her father had loved about her mother when they were in high school.

Ok, Evelyn today is your day, your first goal is to make friends and find a boyfriend. Do you think you can do that?

She questioned herself in her mind. Then she fixed up her hair and check her armpits if they smelled bad. A girl has to always look and smell well not for the boys but for her first. She stepped out into the hallway and peered over at a girl who had red hair just like her, and strangely over sized glasses, that looked as if they could belong to her grandmother, and a tight matching shirt and a skirt, making the boys look twice at her when she stood at her locker.

Evelyn walked up to the girl, unaware of what she was doing.

“Hi, I’m Evelyn, I’m new here. What’s your name?” Evelyn greeted, her round gray eyes staring at the girls skirt.

“I’m Victoria, and welcome to my school, I see you’re a freshman, just like I.” Victoria answered, coming closer to my ear.

Victoria’s Point Of View

There Victoria stood her head close to Evelyn’s. She knew that this girl was special, but she never felt this way toward any girl before, especially a girl she had just met.

“Yes, I’m a freshman, umm… I’m sorry to bother you but do you know anyone that can show me around.” Evelyn asked, her cherry glossed lips looking juicy to Victoria.

“I can show you around, I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been toured of this school in the summer and I know where everything is.” Victoria bragged, her hands massaging her hair.

“Great, oh thank you very much I so owe you.”

“You can owe my now, with a kiss.” She blurted out; Victoria fixed her eyes on Evelyn’s body. A curvy diligent shape with round C cup breast that she could suck on like a baby and not let go. Evelyn’s hair was a dark flame that was placed up high from her face, and bangs hiding her forehead. Victoria knew that she would be good friends with her; since she had everything she was interested in a girl.

“A kiss” Evelyn’s lips quivered at the word “Kiss”, but Victoria was dying for Evelyn’s lips.

“Here let me make it easy for you.” Victoria giggled, her hands gently taking Evelyn’s face and mashing her lips onto her own, she loved the feeling of Evelyn wailing into her mouth to stop. She felt super and in charge, then as her tongue traced Evelyn’s mouth.

“Hey guys look at the action going on between those girls. It’s a good thing I came to school on the first day. “A male voice shouted out towards his friends. Normally when Victoria’s lips laid on someone else they would close their eyes but not Evelyn.

“Hold it girls; I’m going to take some pictures of this.” Another voice giggled. Then Evelyn pulled away from her, her lips trembling. She watched as Evelyn ran away sobs ringing her ears. Then she fell on her knees, her shoulder heaving up and down.

What have I done, I’m a monster.

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