the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part three. Tension...The supranos meete The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017




( bigcity episode 3 tension )

( scene 1 )

(somewhere in the bigcity,stevie chambers gets approached by some of the bosses soldiers)

soldiers - hey stevie you look a lil fucked up ,boss wants too see you 

( stevie drowsily turns around and says )

stevie - fuck off, iam not in the mood .can't u 2 assholes see iam drunk .

(choice soldiers attack stevie,but stevie is stronger and over powers them just then .

 a third choice soldier smashes a bottle over stevies head .stevie lays on the floor only 

 seeing the shoe's now of the soldiers .blurry stevie blanks out .)

(bigcity episode 3 scene 2 )

  (bigcity breaking news,lisa lewis reporting adouble homicide shooting where reluctant witnesses 

say two men drove up beside a black honda accord got out and brazingly killed there two intented 

targets one eye witness who didn't want to be identified said the killers looked like they knew 

what they were doing ,they were cold and calculated .the war rages on in scarbrough .lisa lewis 

live bigcity news .)

(bigcity episode 3 scene 3 )

(a drowsy stevie chambers slowly starts to wake up .he's tied to a chair and dogs are barking 

at him  wanting to eat his bones as he slowly looks up gaining vision a voice says .)

pops choice boss - wake up stevie .

stevie - what the fuck pops 

pops - shut the fuck up stevie before i make these dogs eat u alive 

stevie - looks at the dogs and shuts up fast 

pops - you went behind my back .made a deal with that asshole mayor .the dyke columbian and now you include the monkeys 

i like circuses stevie but do we look like the ringling brother's to you .now give me one good reason why i shouldn't just end you .

stevie - money lots of it .

pops - looks around at all his soldiers while stevie pisses his pants trying to explain .

stevie - we've had our own problems pops with our wars with medival times biker's and interuptions with our drug spots .

so i thought expand.we control the black's miss bagnasco ans in time fuck over the mayor .it's win win either way u put it .

(stevie notices pops starts to get his idea .you see it was always stevies ambition to move up 

the ladder of the bad choice biker's .this was the shot he needed meeting polo and linking with a finch 

crew is just what he needed to move up .do or die he had to prove himself .now he digged in even deeper 

seeing pops liked what he was saying )

stevie - so u see pops i did it for the choice .

(pops screams at the dogs to shut up .pops summons 2 other soldiers to take the barking .he 

nods to 2 other soldiers to untie stevie from the chair .pops walks over to stevie an puts 

his two hands on stevie's face ,eye's inches away from each other and says.)

pops - stevie if u ever go behind my back again using my name to do big deals again .money or no money 

(just then 4 choice soldiers rush stevie kicking his ass .pops gives them the signal to stop 

and says )

pops - i'll kill you .now i got buisness out in quebec  with our fellow choice brother's .when i get back set up a meeting 

with the monkeys .i wonna meet this pheonix 

(pops and the choice leave stevie on the floor beat up )

stevie -whispers too himself (that didnt go so bad and passes out again )


(bigcity episode 3 scene 4)

(jerome ,jojo and mongo are on there way to the pearson airport to pick up 

jeromes cousin fishy )

jojo - i neva saw that lil nigga in awhile .

mongo - yah that lil fuck head alway's up to something .slick ass nigga .

jerome - well cleva as he may be he's still family .he up here for a bit till he figures out what he's doing with his schooling 

so moms asked me to pick him up .and make him feel at home in the bigcity .that means be nice to your fams .u feel me .

jojo - smiles and nods 

mongo - gives a look like whateva man .

(bigcity episode 3 scene 5 )

(fishy is walking to the crew with a big smile on his face )

fishy -  whats up family

jojo - smiles and says u look good fishy .and why they calling u fishy now ?

mongo - u aint heard the nigga vegan or veggeterian something like that.heard auntie telling moms fishy don't 

meat unless it's fish .

fishy - thats right family ,keeping it real.

mongo - yah wait until u starve to death .u will begging for a chicken roti .

( jerome and jojo start to laugh )

jerome - ok ok enough jokes .its good too see u in the bigcity .lets bounce 

(the car starts moving and they all head out leaving perason airport on the 401 now jojo's 

phone rings .)

jojo - jojo 

nova malvern crew leader - it's nova put jrome on the phone .(said in a serious tone ) 

jerome - pheonix 

nova - i eva get involved with yo shyt on the westside .

jerome - wow nigga .i see your temperence for a decent hoos conversation still haven't evolved .how abouts i hang up .

nova - one of my soldiers was on that street corner when my two boys got clapped .he' says one of dem niggas looks like a nigga from 

the finch crews .which one he doesn't know .iv'e always respected yo sawag and street smarts pheonix .but if u or your crew had 

anything to do with this .u dun know nigga .

( nova hang's up ) 

jojo - looks at jerome like what's up 

jerome .we will talk later .lets get fishy home to see moms .


(bigcity episode 3 scene 6 )

(somewhere in woodbridge ,nino strata's phone rings .his wife pick's it up .nino's working out 

on a treadmill while his underboss bruno reads him the paper about the war raging in scarbrough 

nino nino pick up .

( nino speaks to bruno )

nino - jesus my wife has a louder voice than pavorotti .

(bruno nods at nino and say's )

bruno - it's the mayor 

nino - mr mayor ,how's the bigcity treating u .any run ins lately 

(nino and bruno laugh silently )

mayor vishnu - the only run in's have been of the biker type .pop's sent over his thug stevie chamber's 

nino - and why should that concern me .

mayor vishnu - it seems the choice and miss bagnasco have agreed to let in the blacks .mainly jerome guerra out of the lane crew 

from jane and finch 

nino - a smile comes to the don's face after all these years the blacks are organized enough to do buisness with .

mayor vishnu continues - it seems that punk stevie chamber's put us in prime money relestate .by default .

 we've always wanted black neighbourhoods .

nino - we mayor .how long have u been in power .

mayor vishnu - 5 year's 

nino - your 5 years to my family's 35 year's of running this city is nothing .plus the 5 mayors we put in power including u .

it's our's  not yours ,remember that mayaor .

mayor vishnu - where do we go from here .? 

nino - you said a jerome guerra 

mayor vishnu - yah why? 

nino - i went to school with his older brother sampson guerra 

mayor vishnu - seems the bigcity is not so big after all .

nino - when the times right ,set up a sitdown .lets see if he's anything like his big brother .for now make pops and the choice 

think they control what's happening .no need to mess up a good deal and the profits thats gonna be made .

mayor vishnu - and rosa bagnasco .

nino - we continue to use her until she's no longer usefull .

(nino hang's up ) 

mayor - damn italians 

nino speaking to bruno his under boss - if only the bigcity knew how much of a slime ball there mayor is .

(bigcity episode 3 scene 7 )

(top driftwood jane and finch .rope the driftwood don is playing dominoes when 

redeye and gunhawk enter the house .)

rope - i see da news good job .

redeye and gunhawk nod there heads.

redeye - small fries killing dat . 

rope - good ,becouse me have more fools for unno to kill .a boi clap wonna me gyal dem brotha in hamilton tha other day .

when time come deal wit dat .for now chill .

(bigcity episode 3 scene 8 ) 

( jerome ,jojo mongo and fishy get to moms house .moms is happy to see fishy ,while 

mongo goes straight to the stove for moms cook food .jojo calls jerome outside and ask what nova 

wanted .

jojo - so what's popping 

jerome - it seems that nigga nova been getting the wrong 411 .he think's it was us that hit his 2 guys today .

jojo - that's crazy why didn't u tell him beast called  for your help and u dissed him .

jerome - i was gonna tell him .he still thinks i want him gone for going south on the deal .

jojo - but he thinks u did it .

jerome - i could careless if nova thinks i did it .keeps him on his toes .the question is if not beast who killed his 2 boys .

(bigcity episode 3 scene 9 ) 

( the new chief is moving his stuff into his new office when his secretary says chief line 1 .)

chief colangelo - chief colangelo 

officer dogface - it's dogface .

chief colangelo - hows the day officer .

officer dogface - the offer you gave me the other day about the new crimes unit .does it still stand .

chief colangelo - of course .iam pleased u changed your mind .but i gottah ask .what made u change your mind ?. 

officer dogface - the mass shootings in scarbrough the other day .one of the kids that died was my daughters best friend .

she's devastated .she kepps telling do something . 

chief colangelo - be at my office tomorrow after your shift 

( they both hang up )

(bigcity episode 3 scene 10 )

(randolph and dave are driving pumping kendrick lamars swimming pool song ,heading to windsor 
,detroit border .there suppose too meet a gun supplier there )

dave - its nice driving out here .

randolph - yah its different .

dave - how much further .

randolph - why u gonna pee pee lol .

dave - maaaan .

randolph - like 20 min .

dave - good, wonna get this deal over with and get some grub bra . iam marved . 

(20 minutes later at a windsor warehouse  a green jeep pulls up beside randolph and dave 

a nice blonde jumps out and walks to there car smiling .randolph points for her to 

drive and wait over there .)

dave - wow she's hot .what she doing here .

( just then the warehouse  doors open up r and d drive in. the doors close behind them .

two latin woman walk out from know where.) 


randolph - is this a joke. where's raul ?

raul - iam raul 

randolph - stares  at dave .pheonix never said anything about no female .

raul - does that mean the deals over .they begin to leave .

randolph - no no just ,just looks at dave. different thats all .

raul - well in detroit  we get down different .when we leave there's a black sports bag upstairs .and o yah tell jerome thanks .

( with a smile )

( randolph gets on his phone says a few words then hangs up )

randoplh - lets bounce telling dave 

( 15 minutes later on the hiway heading back to jane and finch )

dave - we drove all that way too see a nice blonde and two spanish chicks .where's the guns .

randolph - the black bag raul was talking about was the guns .

dave - i know that. but we left them back there .

randolph - thats what the nice blonde is for .what u thought we were driving them back lol.

(bigcity episode 3 scene 11)

(officer dogface walks into chief colangelo's office )

chief - it sure has been awhile .

dogface - yes it has .

chief - dogface were gonna get the scarbrough crews first .until we get more on the finch crews 

dogface - fine by me u got stuff on them .

chief - were getting there .that scarbrough shooting is linked with the other shootings .we just need one witness .then the

cards  will fall .

dogface - i know u have a unit .i just wanted to include my partner officer callahan 

chief - i dont know if he's up to organized crime building casses 

dogface - he's good police sir he understands the pressures 

chief - fine .report too me every monday .for now. start of getting info on beast .

(dogface leaves the mayors office only to bump into a old cop from the west he cant stand and knows is

crooked )

officer mcnally - well look who the new chief found to be his new old bet dog .lol to himself .

dogface .yah and this dog bites gives mcnally a look like try me .

mcnally - another time doggie just stay out my way .and leaves .

© Copyright 2020 blacspartan. All rights reserved.

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