the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part four, "Friends tell you what you can do, enemies tell you what you have to do"...The Supranos meets The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017




( jerome in the morning is talking to old man smith in the lane )

jerome - i feel u mr smith, but people are different these days .hard to trust peeps thats all.

old man smith - alway's remember jerome .''friends tell u what u can do ,enimies make u do what u have to do .

( just then jerome's phone rings it's randolph )

jerome - good, meet you at  your place  .mr smith .

( mr smith interupts jerome )

old man smith - i know u gottah go .you young people always in a rush .

jerome .tell misses smith i said hi .good talking too u as usual .

(bigcity episode 4 scene 2)

(officer dogface is at his division when officer calahan comes in .)

officer calahan - good morning .whats the news you wanted to tell me .

officer dogface - i pulled a big string for u .u on the new crimes unit with me .the one detective  colangelo was working on 

before he become chief.

officer calahan - thanks .don't know what to say 

officer dogface - thank me by working the case .we starting off with beast from the malvern crew .

i wonna know where he sleeps ,shyts .who he fucks,what bullshyt rap songs he likes .everything 

officer calahan - on it .u seem like u want these guys .

officer dogface - i do .they killed my daughters best friend in that bar b q shooting .

(the two officers get up and leave the division .)

(bigcity episode 4 scene 3)

( somewhere in richman hill jerome meets randolph )

randolph - come in ,make yourself comfortable .be back in a flash gottah take a fast shower .

jerome - yah scrub those nasty balls .( he laughs )

(just then jerome feels warm hands on his shoulders rubbing them it's the blonde from windsor 

jerome turns around .)

jerome - randolph told me he hired new workers but damn .

blonde - iam happy u approve 

jerome - good work 

(just then randolph comes down in a robe )

randolph - u like my surprise 

jerome - u know i got fid .anyways how did things go with raul .

randolph - talk  about surprises .u cud of told me i was meeting a chick .

jerome - i guess we both up to giving surprises .

randolph - good cuz i got some more goodies for us .

(randolph takes jerome too his basement )

randolph - these where a lil more expensive .but worth while 

(randolph is showing jerome automatic weapons and a couple grenades )

jerome - grenades .damn we need that 

randoplh - throw in i guess .never know, might use them some day .

(jerome gets up to leave randoplh's place )

randolph - o yah raul said to say thanks .what's that about .

jerome - thats not her name thats her brother's name she just uses it to keep running guns for him while he does time .

randolp - and the thanks .

jerome -she wanted a man .so i hooked her up with my boy in detroit .see u later .

(bigcity episode 4 scene 4)

(mayor vishnu sits in his office when his secretary tells him line 1 )

mayor - i told u never to call this line 

bruno nino strata's under boss -boss wants to meet tonight same spot as usual 8:00 

( bruno hangs up .mayor hangs up )

( bigcity episode 4 scene 5 )

( officer dogface and officer calahan are in scarbrough investigating the double homicide 

shooting .

officer dog face - the winesses said the two shooters ran up on the car .

officer calahan - yah they did .what u thinking .

officer dogface - well standing from here .the cameras from the plaza should of captured something .

officer calahan - fuck i guess i gottah go ask the owners who hate us .hate this part .

officer dogface - part of building a case. 

(bigcity episode 4 scene 6) 

(jerome meets fid at yorkdale mall for lunch ,when fid is approched by a friend of 
hers ,he also knows jerome.  he's gay .

fame - hey u guys .wow u too look sooo great together .fid can't u find me a man like this .

(just then jerome says )

jerome - nice seeing u too fame ,think i need too use the washroom .be back 

(jerome gets up to leave and fame slides into jeromes spot)

fame - bye jerome .man girl i would eat that mans bones .they both laugh .

fid - so whats up .

fame - just shopping ,u know i gottah look good for the men .thats funny i saw jeromes cousin last night at my hang out spot .

fid - u funny, fishy at one of your spots .not .plus he been here only a week .and he not gay .

fame - well it looked like him too me .u know i know a face .plus he fine .

fid -u must of had a lil to much too drink 

fame - may be ,just saying he look like jeromes cousin .anywyas girl smooches .i gottah continue with all this greatness 

(fame gets up and leaves with a flamboyant walk while people stare  at him .)

( bigcity episode 4 scene 7)

(officer dog face ,and officer calahan comb over the store survalance tapes .with some other 

detectives .

officer dog face - detective munk see anything yet on your tapes .

detective munk - no .very blurry see people running and two guys on the street corner thats about it .

officer calahan - same here nothing to go on .

officer dog face - fuck ,damn cameras 

( as officer dog face walks by one of the t.v's showing the street he notices something )

officer dogface - munk ,rewind back to the street .

detective munk - why ?u cant see the shooting .

officer dogface - zoom in on that guy right there .

( a smile comes too officer dogface )

officer calahan - who is that .

officer dogface - our new informant .

(bibgity episode 4 scene 8)

(beast calls rope too tell him thanks for killing two of novas' boy's for him .)

beast - rope respect for that thing the other day .

rope - no problem man ,just rememba say u owe me one .

beast - gotch u .another thing hows buisness on your end .

rope - we nuh chat buisness pon phone fool boi .hand hangs up 

( bigcity episode 4 scene 9 )

(mayor vishnu enters a church somewhere in woodbridge where he's met by bruno 

and to other men .they walk the mayor down the church iles where nino strata, sits looking 

a  stutue of jesus .

nino starta - u a spirtual man mr.  mayor 

mayor vishnu - my parents are hindu 

nino starta - i asked if u were spirtual .and u tell me your parents are hindu ,i believe your parents are spirtual .but u .

your god's money .me i was raised roman catholic so iam spirtual and religous .for better or worse 

mayor vishnu - iam sure iam not in this church to discuss religion .i believe thats held on a sunday's even by roman standards 

last time i checked .

( nino stata laughs )

nino strata - have u set up the meeting with jerome ?

mayor vishnu - next week ,i came all the way here for u to ask me that .

nino strata  - no i came tell u tighten things up at the airport .i want miss bagnasco too feel the pinch 

mayor vishnu - but why ,the deal with the bikers and the blacks and the money .plus u need her coke shipments 

nino strata - i hate that bitch and her hole family .in 6 months time shes gone too .just set up the meeting with jerome 

(mayor gets up too leave the church when nino says .)

nino strata - and having money as a god isn't so bad .right

(bigcity episode scene ten ) 

fid - moaning and graoning 

jerome - breathing heavily 

(jerome and fid cum at the same time fid comes of jerome sweating heavily )

fid - wow baby that was good .u must have missed me .or at least he did (fid looks down and feels jeromes manhood )

jerome - yah both of us did .( he smiles while still breathing heavy )

(jerome and fid lay looking at the ceiling when fid says )

fid - baby .earlier today when we were about to eat at yorkdale mall  and fame showed up .

jerome - here we go whats it this time he wants us to join a swingers group .

(fid hits jerome on his chest )

fid - no stupid ,fame said he saw fishy at his gay spot last night 

jerome .ha ha ha yah right .that dudes been a ladies man forever 

fid - have u actualy ever seen him with a girl jerome .i mean it has been awhile since u seen your couisin .and he was dressed 

a lil funny the other day 

jerome - thats funny any who, if fishy is fishy lol iam not pheonix .

fid - ok ,if u say so but fame does remember faces well .kewl u ready for round two .

jerome - u red my mind 

fid - turns off the lights .

© Copyright 2020 blacspartan. All rights reserved.

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