the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part five, Don't Hug Evil...The supranos meets The Wire, Toronto stle...

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017




scene 1 

officer dog face - 1.2..3 now 

( tavis guns and gangs unit break down the door of a gangster from nova's crew )

officer calahan - get on the floor now .(speaking to people in the house .)

( officers secure the house and find there intended target)

detective munk - is this the one u wanted .(speaking to officer dog face .)

officer dogface - chris jackson aka ice .its been awhile 

ice - what the fuck dogface .what u want man ? .

officer dogface - when we get back to the division ice .we will chat there .for now 

(just then officer calahan says )

officer calahan -lookie lookie .nice glock .

ice - fuck u man ,thats not mine .

officer dogface - your fucked ice let's go 

( ice gets taken away by the cops to the division )


(bigcity episode 5)

(  scene 2 )

(stevie chambers is a sleep with a hot girl beside him .beer bottles everywhere .

cocaine on the table the phone rings .stevie drowsily tries to find his cell 

phone on the bed .phone keeps ringing  .he finds  it and says )

stevie - who the fuck is it .and it better be good .

mayor vishnu - a lil hang over i see .may be u should join aa 

stevie - fuck u vishnu .now what the fuck do u want .

mayor vishnu - get in contact with jerome .i wonna meet with him at 4 today .

stevie .what the fuck for ?

mayor vishnu - i dont do buisness with people i havent felt out .4 harbourfront .my boat .

( mayor hangs up ) 

stevie - bitch give me that plate and that razor 

(stevie takes the plate from the bitch and the razor and starts too line up 

the cocaine in minnie lines then snorts it line by line with a minnie straw 

till its gone .he picks up his cell and makes a call .

( bigcity episode 5 )

( scene 3 )

(polo ,randolph and dave are teaching polo how to workout )

polo - fuck i dont know how u guys do this 3 times a week iam bust 

dave - man u cant be smoking ,drinking and not take care of your body man .not me .iam gonna look good and stay fly .

randolph - jerome does this shyt too .

polo - man good for u guys iam dun.

(polo's cell phone is ringing while r and d heckle him to come back and workout

polo answers .)

polo - who diss 

stevie - its me, using my girls phone, mine died .

polo - cool ,so whats up .

stevie - mayor wants to meet jerome for a lil chat 

polo .where and when ?

stevie - i will text u the details .

polo - cool

( they both hang up )

(bigcity episode 5 )

(scene 4)

(officer dogface and callahan have ice in a waiting cell. just then they both 

walk in to interview ice .)

officer dogface - ice, ice ,ice .since ive known you .you have a nack at being at the wrong place at the wrong time 

ice - and since ive known u ,u always had a belly and can't eva make a charge stick .(starts lol)

officer callahan - u have jokes heres one .your on probation .we have a glock from your house .and we found drugs ,your not suppose too 

be around known criminals.

officer dogface - as we speak your probation officer pulled your parole .your on your way too don jail after where dun with u .

ice - fuck u too .those peeps in my house have no record .and my prints are on no glock .

officer dogface - no matter u still will have too go through the system .what 3 years before u make trial .

officer callahan - o and theres this .

(officer callahan wheels in a t.v with a dvd player .)

officer dogface - thats u on the corner during the shooting last week .and the guy beside u ,bricks he does have a record .plus u never 

reported a crime to your probation officer and u were  right there .

officer callahan - wow it seems we got alot dogface .hes looking easily another 10 more years behind bars .

ice .ok man, what the fuck do u guys want .

dogface - beast 

ice - beast ,we in war with that mother fucka .

dogface - why? 

ice ? man ,to make a long story short .drugs is low for both crews .about .two months ago .beast boys robbed one of our drug houses .

nova ,got a call the day of the mass scarbrough shootings that beast and his crew was at the bar b nova sent some boys ova .

beast wasn't there but some of his soldiers were .and u know the rest .

dogface -  not everything .i want the two shooters names and u going back on the street for us .unless u want the don to be your bed tonight .

ice - man i aint no snitch .

callahan - u already told us enough .and if u want us to spread the word your a rat and put u in pc .u will do what we say 

ice - man they gonna kill me 

dogface - i hope they do .

( officers leave the interagation room .)

( bigcity episode 5 )

( scene 5)

( jerome and jojo are putiing on the last touches and makeing calls to prepare 

for the jane and finch basketball classic .)

jojo - the montreal teams confirmed there in .

jerome - that's good i like when they come makes it's competitive.

jojo - yah they tuff and they got cute guys on there teams lol.

jerome - thats for u to judge .i just wonna win .  

(jeromes cell rings )

jerome - p whats up 

polo - stevie called me earlier this morning ,says mayor wants to meet .i got the info .

jerome - the mayor a .should be interesting .what time ? 

polo - 4 at the harbourfront .meet me at janefinch mall at 3 .

jerome - peace 

( they both hang up )

(bigcity episode 5 ) 

( scene 6 )

 ( nino strata is having a convo with his under boss bruno )

bruno - nino u sure u wonna fuck with the columbian now .i mean the mayor might be right on this one .things are going good .

nino - i want her out .so we can bring in the mexicans .plus u remember her family helping out our rivals against my dad .i will never 

forget that slight ever. if it wasn't for the other families likeing her deal i would of killed the bitch a decade ago .but now where 

strong .and the other familys are weak .in time iam gonna pull a micheal corleon and get ride of the veranelli clan .and the grassa clan 

bruno - your dad cud never dream how far his family cud reach .he would be proud .

nino - popa was a good man and don .but not hard enough.that asshole mayor is perfect for now .with jerome with us .we can get ride of those

bad choice bikers .and make them take over the hole distrabution .

bruno .the choice are a tuff bunch 

nino - thats there weakness bruno .all braun  .no smarts . 

(bigcity episode 5 )

(scene 7)

(nova and some of the gallaway crew are on there plaza when ice pulls up )

ice - fuck man dogface and tavis kick down my door bredren 

nova - i know we heard .they get anything cuz u out fast nigga .

ice - yah they got a glock and some weed .my cousin said it was his .and the weed was just an ounce .

nova - cool ,come with me .

(nova takes ice around back behind the plaza with two other soldiers .)

nova - take off your clothes .

ice - what ,u for realz nova .

nova - got to make sure u not no rat ,can't truss no one u feel me .to much going on .

( ice takes off his clothes and then puts them back on)

nova - good .now listen u and ox are gonna takeout beast girl .

ice - that bitch ,she just talks to much .

nova - thats the problem .plus it will send a message to beast the war is just heating up .

ice - thats alot of heat man .killing a woman  man. 

nova - thats not a woman .thats a bitch who set up our boys to get robbed at that house .don't forget it when u put a bullet in her head .

( bigcity episode 5 )

(scene 8)

( polo picks up jerome for the meeting with the mayor )

jerome - i see we going deeper down the rabbits hole 

polo - yah lets see how far it goes .

jerome - from what iv'e heard .it can be preety deep .

polo - lets just hope its nothing too deep we cant get out of .u know these politicians 

jerome - dont worry .i will feel him out .usualy when people talks shyt it drips from there side of there mouth .

polo - thaats gross .hope i dont gottah clean up no mayor's shyt .

jerome - me too .

( polo and jerome make there way downtown )

(bigcity episode 5 ) 

( scene 9 )

( officer dogface calls chief colangelo to give him a quick update on the 

investigations into the scarbrough shootings and there crews.) 

chief colangelo - officer how are things progressing .

dogface - better than expected .we got a c.i on the case 

chief - already .

dogface - a stroke of luck .our c.i .i have a history with him and he was on the street the day of the shooting .he's on parole 

so he's co -operating .

chief - good work .lets see if we can get some phones lines up .

dogface - already on it .we will chat soon .

( they both hang up )

(bicity episode 5 )

( scene 10 )

( stevie meets polo and jerome at harbourfront )

stevie - u guys are a bit early .

polo - we like early .u see things comming .

stevie - look the mayor is comming .

( mayor vishnu is walking with two armed men towards them )

mayor vishnu - i see everyones on time .good lets go to the boat .

jerome  - which boat is yours .

mayor vishnu - the biggest one in the riggata ,the white one

jerome - how long did u save for that ?

mayor vishnu - save ha ha ,citizens save for this mr guerra .

(they reach the mayors boat ) 

mayor - make yourself at home ,what u drinking? .

jerome - hennesy 

polo - rye and coke 

stevie - u got labatts blue .

( the mayor gives stevie a low class look )

jerome - so what can we do for you mr .mayor ?

mayor vishnu - jerome u already have helped us by letting us into your rackets in the janefinch area and in northyork .

jerome - yes i guess i can't let a good deal go to waste .

mayor vishnu - true mr guerra .but are u willing to do what it takes to reach the top .

jerome - my mother always said dont hug evil .if she only new i was already in bed with evil she would have my head 

mayor vishnue - are u saying iam evil .

jerome - iam saying iam willing to reach the top .

mayor vishnu - i like u jerome .next week u have a meeting with nino strata .

jerome - and what does mr starta .want from me .

mayor vishnu - we will be in touch with the time and place .until then .hope buisness booms .i have a dinner tonight .

(just then polo and stevie come in to see jerome .they were looking over the yacht )

polo - everything good .

jerome - i think the rabbit hole gets deeper .

stevie - fuck man i need a boat like this 

( jerome .polo and stevie leave the mayor's yacht )

( bigcity episode 5 )

( scene 11 )

( officer callahan gets a late call on his cell phone )

callahan - callahan here .

voice on the phone - u wont be anywhere soon .pay up callahan .

callahan - just give me a couple more weeks .

voice on the phone - weve  been patient enough .1 week callahan .

( voice on the phone hangs up .)

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