the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part six, All I do is win win win, no mater what! The Supranis meets the Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



(bigcity episode 6, all i do is win win win no matter what .)

( scene 1)

( rope is yelling at his ball players there in the semi finals of the janefinch

basketball classic .)

rope - bloodclat ,u make dem montreal boi come a finch a dunk pon unno 

player - coach there better than we thought ,

rope - no ,23 a cause a da trouble .take him out .

( players come back from the time out .the montreal team steals the ball agian its a 2 on 1 

an ally oop is comming .ropes player under cuts player 23 and he lands bad and twists his ankle 

montreal coach goes crazy .a lil skirmish takes place between both teams ,but its broken up 

by the refs .its a flaygrant foul .but its no matter now .the montreal team lost there star .

player and end up losing 86 - 75 horn blows.

montreal coach - thats not clean basketball man .

rope - stop chat u lose u lose .we from finch .all we do is win win win no matter what .u zee me .

montreal coach  -hope u lose in the finals .

( montreal coach walks away shaking his head walking towards jerome and jojo )

montreal coach - man if u guys bring that team and that coach next year ,u can count us out of your tournament .

jerome - sorry coach .that wont happen again .

montreal coach - cool ,just kick there ass in the finals .

jojo - for sure .

( bigcity episode 6)

(scene 2)

(ice and some galloway crew members sit in a car outside a townhouse somewhere in malvern)

ice - u sure beast girl lives here .

crew member - yah iam sure .i followed her yesterday and she lives here .

ice - well is she inside now .

crew member - yah .

ice - good lets wait a bit too see if anyone comes or goes then we will go inside .

( 20 minutes later )

ice - someone knock the door she knows my face .

( knock knock trish answers the door .just then ice pushes the door in and the crew comes in)

ice - u bitch u think u were gonna get away with making beast niggas rob us .

trish - i swear beast never said nothing bout no robbery .he just said buy the shyt 

ice - yah well fuck all that 

( ice pulls out a nice new glock and shoots trish in her face and chest .they all run out 

trishes townhouse .)

( bibcity episode 6 )

( scene 3 )

( rosa bagnasco sits watching lesbian porn in a small movie theatre in the bigcity when one 

of her soldiers comes and whispers in her ear  .

rosa bagnasco - get me the mayor on the phone 

soldier - hands miss bagnasco the cell .

rosa bagnasco - mayor .i just got some disturbing news from the airport .it seems there was a siezure of our goods 

mayor vishnu - yes there's alot of heat on me with the gangs ,and drugs .i have to show the bigcity i have to hit back 

rosa bagnasco - and u dont even inform me about it .

mayor vishnu - i try too keep u protected miss bagnasco 

miss bagnasco .i can protect myself mayor .next time tell me before hand. thats 22 million gone mayor .

mayor vishnu .we will get it back 

( miss bagnasco hangs up with the mayor )

rosa bagnasco - i dont trust that man (speaking to her soldiers) keep an eye on him.

( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 4 )

( hi iam here in malvern where police tape has been put around a town home 

with a murder victim inside .its said to be a female by the name trish edwards .

.police are not saying if this is gang related .anyone with information about this latest murder 

is incouraged too call 222 tips iam lisa lewis reporting live from scarbrough bigcity news .

( bigcity episode 6 )

(scene 5)

( beast paces his house with a joint in his hands on the phone with a soldier .)

beast - nova that bitch ,he killed my girl (.beast starts crying ) fuck i loved that bitch too .we gone get nova just watch .motherfucka .

soldier - the phone beast watch it .

beast - fuck the phone man .they killed trish .meet me tonight at my place bring some more boys with u .

soldier - cool .

( beast hangs up )

( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 6)

( ice makes it back to a building in galloway where hes' met by nova and 2 of nova's soldiers .)

nova - good work i saw the news .

ice - something trish was saying before i canceled her .

nova - what? 

ice - she said they went there too buy the shyt not rob it .

nova - so what u trying too say .

ice - its like someone set her up .

nova - fuck that bitch .she was just talking .we going out tonight to celebrate .

ice - i would but my parole u guys have a good time .

nova - ok nigga tomorrow .

( ice leaves nova and the crew and heads too his car when his phone rings .)

ice - ice 

officer dogface - meet me at the docks for 3 oclock sharp 

( they both hang up)

(bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 7 )

( mayor vishnu sits in his office making a call )

bruno underboss - hello 

mayor vishnu - put nino on 

bruno - nino .its the mayor 

nino strata  - .good job at the airport this morning .it wasn't even in the news .i like qiuet .

mayor vishnu .well stevies  rednecks who work the airport saw to that .

nino strata - and the meeting with jerome 

mayor vishnu - he's smarter than i thought .may be we should get a more how u put it .a nigger than a blackman .

nino strata - what the fucks the difference ?

mayor vishnu - a nigger doesn't think .a blackman does .

nino strata - thats funny .

mayor visnu  -why is that funny

nino strata - an indian man telling me the difference between a muley ,and a blackman .fuck .whats this world comming to .

mayor vishnu - meetings next week 

nino strata - same place and time .tell him .

( they both hang up )

( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 8 )

( officer callahan is speaking to officer dogface as he comes approaches his office .)

officer callahan - the good news just keeps a comming 

officer dogface - i hope so becouse we have another murder to solve .

officer callahan - trish edwards todays murder victim is beast girlfriend or one of them at least .

officer dogface  - good work .how did u know .

officer callahan - the wire we put up 2 days ago on beast .he uses his  moms cell .same last name though .where within the law .

officer dogface - so what u here .

officer callahan - listen for your self 

beast - nova that bitch he killed my girl (.beast starts crying ) i loved that bitch too .

officer dogface - mother fucker .

officer callahan - what ?

officer dogface - ice .that's what. he should of told us about the hit or at least keep us informed on the movements of nova .

officer callahan - lets round him up .

officer dogface - no need i have a meeting with him at the docks in an hour .mother fucker better have some answers .

( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 9 ) 

jerome and jojo are coaching the lane crew basketball team in the championship game against rope 

and his top driftwood team .the games been going back and forth .ropes team has been playing dirty all game 

and are up by 1 with 20 seconds left .jojo calls time out 

jerome - fucking refs .they to scared to call anything against rope .

jojo .scared .they should be scared of me if we lose this game .they aint called shyt all night .

jerome - look u guys we need lucky to get upen for a 3 pointer .

player - 3 pointer .we only need 2 coach .

jerome - fuck that ,we lose we lose .but if we win we gonna win in style and by 2 points no 1 point crap .on 3 janefinch finest 

( ref calls blows the whistle for the game to begin .lucky is breaking screns too get open for the 3 .

the player guarding lucky is a step late after a hard screen from lucky's power forward .lucky 

rises up with perfect form and it seems in his head everything turns silent .the gym is going crazy 

rope is shouting at the top of his lungs too contest the shot .jerome stares at the spalding 

flawlessly turning in the air as it swishes right in .everyone is going mad but theres still 5 

seconds left .ropes team cant make the frantic last second shot and lose .

jerome - good game rope .

rope - u see next year a go be a different ting u zee me .

just then redeye hands jerome an envolope full of money .

jerome - all we do is win win win no matter what .iam sure u like that song .

rope kisses his teeth and walks away .while jerome and jojo celebrate with there team .

( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 10 )

( officer dogface meets ice at the docks they get out there cars .

ice - whats good 

dogface - whats good .why didn't u tell us nova was gonna hit beast girl .

ice - i didn't. he's keeping me out the loop lately since u guys busted me .

dogface - bullshyt .were u there .

ice - hell no man .

dogface - if i hear u knew about the hit or had anything to do with it your done ice .

ice - man ,why u always gottah go hard on a brotha.

dogface - if nova moves or even takes a shyt i wonna know u here me .

ice - nova's going out tonight usual friday night shyt .told him i cant go becouse of the parole thing .

dogface - where?

ice - club empire 

dogface - keep in touch 

ice - iam sure u will - 

( they both get in there cars and drive off )


( bigcity episode 6 )

( scene 11)

( jerome is getting ready to go celebrate with his crew and his ball team when he's see's fishy 

in really tight jeans and shirt .heading out the door .)

jerome - where u heading .u not comming to celebrate with us .u know we won today .

fishy - i know man ,but u know iam not the jock type .plus i was just heading out with some friends i met since ive been here .

jerome - what other friends? invite them .

fishy - it's all good man we made plans ,but have a good time tonight .peace nigga .

( bigcity episode 6 ) 

( scene 12 )

nova and the galloway crew are in full swing haveing a good time when two black cars shoot 

at the patio and the club .people start screaming and running and one inicent victim lays dead .

nova and his crew survive the hit .

© Copyright 2020 blacspartan. All rights reserved.

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