the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Installment 9, "Wolves in sheeps clothing know the difference", The Supranos meets the wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



 ( bigcity episode 9 "wolves in sheeps clothing know the differene ")

( scene 1 ) 

(  pepe and juan are in a park waiting for nino strata's delivery man .)

juan - wow pepe nice woman jogging this morning .

pepe - will u focus .these mob guys can smell a set up so just keep feeding the pigeons .

juan - how did u meet miss bagnasco .

pepe - it's not the right time .

juan - well we waiting here .might as well chat about something .

pepe - what u wonna know ?

juan - miss bagnasco and nino strata .

pepe - i met miss bagnasco threw her father mr .bagnasco .back home during the cartel wars. my cartel lost .

we went under ground for awhile .but mr bagnasco made an offer too the remaining escobar cartel members .

plata or lead .there wasn't too much of us left .or time had gone .so we took the plata and joined the 

bagnasco cartel .miss bagnasco was young back then ,different .but always had the fire in here eyes like her 

father .ive watched her grow and become a woman .

juan - and nino strata - 

pepe - nino strata is a ambitous man .clever like a fox .his father don strata sr .had a war with miss bagnasco 

father and the other itlaian families ,back then the strata family was power full ,and they wanted to deal

with a mexican by the name of mr guzman .the  other families the grassa's and the varenelli's never trusted 

the strata family so they took the deal with mr bagnasco and went against don strata .that resulted in war 

don strata died in that war .so did .miss bagnasco's father .the italians family's made a truce .that holds 

to this day .but nino has gotten very powerfull over the years .we have to be care full .

juan - we have too protect miss bagnasco from these evil men ..

pepe - look .

( pepe tells juan too look at nino strata's  man lumbering threw the park ..

pepe - thats him .i followed him for a week .this is a perfect spot .now juan be patient and follow me .when u 

get close ask him for the time .

juan - c 

( nino's man is beside a tree catching a breather when too spanish men come up to him .) 

juan - do u have the time please .sir .

nino's man - u damn immigrants .cant u buy a watch .get the fuck outah here .

( pepe pulls out a silencer and pumps 3 shots into the large mans frame 

juan takes the mans arms ,while pepe takes the man legs and hide him behind trees and 

bushes .they make there way back too the pigeons and then begin to leave .

juan - italians .now i see why the bagnasco's dont like them .

pepe . time too find mr chambers .pepe and juan leave highpark .

( bigcity episode 9 )

( scene 2) 

( officer dog face is in his office talking too detective munk and the other crimes units officers.)

officer dogface - ice was a piece of shyt ,but he didn't deserve to go like that ,plus he was our c.i .

detective munk - how did nova find out about ice .we have a leak .

officer dogface - where's officer callahan ?. he's suppose too be here .

detective munk - callahan said he will be in later .

officer dogface - somethings not right .ice dies ,detective mcnally calls off our men on nova ,the night of the club .

shooting .ice told us that something was wrong about what trish had said about the robbery .he .said when we 

interviwed him later that day ,that trish said they came to buy the drugs not rob it .he said he told nova .

but nova brushed him off.

detective munk - so what u getting at ?

officer dogface - the obvious .detective mcnally's c.i in the nova crew .is nova .it all matches up .

detective munk - but detective mcnally never knew ice was our c.i .

officer dogface - where did callahan say he would be ?

detective munk - he never said just said he was working on the case and he would be in later on .

officer dogface - fine .we need too pick up stacy evans .i will call officer callahan .we need too bring in all the wire 

info .

detective munk - were close, real close .

officer dogface -yah .but until we find out who set up ice .where in trouble .bring in miss edwards she knows alot from the 

sounds of it. 

( the men scamper to do there duties ,but dogface knows theres a rat in his unite he 

has too catch too close out the gang case . he picks up the phone to call officer 

callahan .)

officer dogface - officer callahan .we missed u in breifing this morning .

officer callahan - sorry sir working on the wire tapes .alot of good stuff on beast and his operations .

officer dogface - good .tonight beast is gonna hit nova agian. we will be there undercover

officer callahan - i didn't hear that up on the wire .

officer dogface we have another c.i .be there 9 sharp .

they both hang up .

( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 3 ) 

officer callahan - its me 

nova - whats popping 

officer callahan - whats popping is beast is suppose too hit u on your turf .

nova - is he crazy .

officer callahan - just be ready .

nova -o we gone be ready .

( they both hang up ) 

( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 4 ) 

( nino strata give jerome a call ) 

nino strata - jerome how u doing ,hope all is well in the hood .

jerome - as fine as it is in the bidge i guess .

nino - good - i have a shoe that needs too be filled .

jerome -  how so ?

nino - i have an associate that needs cars .i will give u the details later .can u handle that .

jerome - i will check into it .

nino - good .

( they both hang up ) 

( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 5 ) 

( mongo goes too see fid at york univercity too tell her about fishy )

coach - run run .u haffie keep your arms up legs hi .make your form do dah work it's much easia .

fid - wow coach u have your teamm in top form .

coach - me need top money too .

fid - well by the looks of it u a a champion in roger moore .he's 14 and a bullet .

coach - true but roga haffie train and stop worry bout gyal .him young still .

( while fid and coach talk mongo comes up behind them and says hi )

mongo - hey coach ,whats up fid .

coach - all man like dis couda be world class runnah 

mongo - time pass for that coach .

fid - so how did u know i was up here .?

jerome - asked jerome .he said u would be up here looking at the track kid u signed .

fid .yah so whats up .

mongo - can we talk over here for a sec.

fid - coach gimmie one sec 

coach - no problem gwan .me a go massage me ute dem. u can' t run wit a atiff muscle .

( mongo and fid walk over too a bench under the tree .) 

fid - so why the depressed look .

mongo - man last night i waited for fishy too drop off his friends at there apartment .

fid - so .

mongo - when i went up stairs and basically threatened the two guys about why fishy comes there .they told me fishy is gay .

fid - and 

mongo - u know that don't sit well with us .muchless the finchman .if word gets out that jeromes cousin is going back 

door .

fid .look its fishies life .and if u ,jerome and the finchman dont get it thats on u .

mongo - easy for u too say u not a man .

fid - nor do i want too be .i gottah get back too work .iam sure u guys will figure out how too get along .

mongo - and jerome 

fid - iam sure jerome will get over it .

mongo - o well i guess u right ,anyways peace .mongo leaves .

bigcity episode 9 

( scene 6 ) 

( officer callahan goes to meet the man on the phone )

officer callahan - here 50 grand .its all there dominic .

dominic - u came up with the money good .how did u get it .

callahan - dont worry about how i got it .u got your money right thats all u have too know .

dominic - u dont know how close u were to getting clipped .

callahan - fuck u dom .i payed u now fuck off .and another thing dont u ever call my house agian .

dominic - or what ?

callahan - just dont do it .

( officer callahan begins to leave .when dominic say's 

dominic - dont ever come too our gambaling joints again without your money upfront .

( officer callahan gives dominic a cold stare and leaves .

dominic - fucking crooked ass cops .

( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 7 ) 

( beast goes too top driftwood too meet rope ) 

rope - so u come again fee help ,bloodclat 

beast - true its hot out there with my crew .nova don't know your peoples face 

rope - here me ,let me tink bout dat zee mee .red eye and gunauck out a town still .me tink of something .

beast - respect rope .nova soon get catch .

rope - just rememba say u still owe me one 

beast - i  remember .

rope - kewl ,don't say nutin more .me a go hangle dat for u seen .

( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 8 )

( nova meets dtective mcnally in a secret location .)

ice - where the fuck where u the other night .beast almost killed us .

dtective mcnally - if it wasn't for me calling off the persuit of u guys u would be sitting in jail .

ice - u get the money .

mcnally - yes .

ice - something u should know ,the cop callahan .he mad dirty .he told me about ice ratting on my crew .

mcnally - do they know about trish ? 

ice - no .plus i made ice take care of her .

mcnally - good ,cuz if anyone finds out trish was working with us and ratting out beast .

ice - i know there goes everything .this dogface is comming hard .

mcnally - i know he broke my nose 

ice - lol,man he a tuff one .

mcnally - just stay low a bit ok it's hard too keep covering u with all this going on .

ice - kewl and callahan .

mcnally - we wait and see what he really wants .

ice - kewl .i will keep u posted .

mcnally - yah u do that .

( ice leaves the bar and heads too his car while detective mcnally picks up his phone )

mcnally - evrything is ok 

mayor vishnu - good 
( bigcity episode 9 ) 

( scene 9 ) 

jerome and his are at the industrial site pops wanted too meet them .

pops - so your the famous jerome .seems u got everyones head turning .u making all the deals and meeting all the people .

jerome - yup thats me .

pops - well u see stevie told me your a good nigger .are u .

jerome - iam what iam .

pops - fine with me ,i just wanted too hold this little meeting too let u know who's in control of things .dont 

want u too get the wrong impression that the mayor or miss bagnasco run the ship .i control the men at the airport 

so i control what goes in and out of person .

jerome - anything else 

( pops sensing jerome cud carless sends him a slight threat )

pops - no .just dont fuck with me .or u and your montley crew here are finished 

(  jerome walks up too pops face and says )

jerome - if u ever threatn me or my crew again .i will make sure u never see another sunrise again .

( jerome and his crew start too leave when pops says )

pops - sure just remember our agreement jerome .pops and the choice leave on ther motor bikes .

( bigcity episode 9 )

( scene 10 ) 

(  pepe and juan find stevie at the convention center )

juan - alot of gringo's 

pepe - u know the white man loves his motorcycles .

( just then they see stevie on cheering on some girls having a oil fight )

pepe - there he is .

juan - why they fighting in oil .

pepe - its a biker thang .

( pepe walks up to stevie ) 

stevie - what u too stiffs doing here .last time i saw u .u were at the restaurant sipping wine with your boss .how she 

by the way .

pepe  - fine mr chambers .but we need a request .

stevie - and what's that .

pepe - we can't speak here .meet miss bagnasco at this time tomorrow same restaurant .

stevie .u guys like oily woman .come have one there fun .

( pepe and juan stare at stevie like never and walk out )

( bigcity episode 9 )

( scene 10) 

( officer dogface and callahan are in undercover car near nova's turf waiting for 

beast to strike .)

officer dofface - where in perfect position 

officer callahan - this new c.i can we trust them .

dogface - can u ever truly trust a c.i .,hows the wire going 

callahan - good .if we wanted, we cud round up beast and his crew .

dogface - not just yet .plus i want the person who gave up ice to nova .

( officer callahan looks worried now and .turns the conversation to 

something else )

callahan - so anything new on detective mcnally .

dogface - we believe the c.i working for mcnally is nova .

callahan - nova .wow 

dogface - iam waiting on further intel from other officers on him .we also believe he might have someone in our 

unit giving mcnally info .he protected nova by calling off my men on the nova hit .and he most likely 

told nova about ice being a c.i . 

( callahan starts laughing to himself .man they think mcnally told nova 

about ice .perfect they don't even suspect me )

callahan - that mcnally .we gottah get him .

dogface - i see nova's crew on the street and they looked strapped .

callahan - yah ,but no sign of beast and his crew .

dogface - well we got nova's crew on the street and they got guns .

( dogface gets on the dispatcher .all units converg .just then callahan interupts .

hold of sir .)

callahan - no sir .lets wait .we have alot on nova and his crew .this wont make a difference when we get them on bigger .

 plus .beast looks like a no show .looks like your c.i was wrong .

dogface .yah u right .all units .wrap it up nothings going on tonight .we will get them .

( officer dogface and callahan leave gallaway ) 

© Copyright 2020 blacspartan. All rights reserved.

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