Battle of Yonkers

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Lecture over the Battle of Yonkers. NOTE: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AS FAR AS THE BOOK WORLD WAR Z GOES. this was simply for a school activity. Comment and give opinions!

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013




Before I begin, I will tell you all this, I am a HUGE zombie fan. If it has zombies in it, then I’m watching, playing, or reading it. In creative writing, I was asked to give a small lecture the other day on the Battle of Yonkers, New York. (World War Z.) It was to be given as if the war was a real thing. I thought it would be a good idea to put my “lecture” on this site. I think I would like to start with a brief recommendation, if you have not read the book, then this might spoil some things for you.  I suggest before you go any further, you read this book. It is a great story told in a news reporter type setting.  The lecture is as follows.
Although several countries showed signs of military involvement, none showed quite the involvement as the U.S. Although their efforts failed and cost even more precious lives when there were few to remain in the first place. The Battle of Yonkers, New York, if you ask anyone, was probably the worst failure of the U.S. military. Instead of placing troops on top of buildings, in apartments, or perhaps using more direct tactics instead of “Cold War Bullshit” tactics, then the battle may have taken a different approach. Or, as some veterans of the battle suggested, although this makes me cringe, destroy New York.  But, the military did not do this. They instead placed their soldiers on the ground, in heavy, clunky body armor, and with minimal supplies. Even the tanks, Helos, Humvies, and other vehicles were given minimal shots to fire. How is a military expected to destroy an enemy that requires a very small kill zone to kill? How can they kill said enemy with only four, maybe five shots? Bombs do a lot of good when you are fighting humans who can be killed by hitting several places on their body. Zombies on the other hand require only destruction of the brain. Bombs are great for a show, but they do nothing as far as efficiency. 
You can have the most technologically advance army in the world, but you will be able to do nothing if you can’t control the fear factor. Sun Tzu wrote “the game of war is nothing more than using your might to make your enemy give in.” (The Art of War) Fear is a contagious disease, made all the more easy when you are facing an enemy that wasn’t supposed to exist outside a child’s nightmares. That is furthered by the fact that this enemy can take a grenade blast to the chest, blow half of its body to shit, and still get up and keep coming. Tell me that wouldn’t strike fear into your heart.
During an interview, former Army infantryman Todd Waino said, “Shock and Awe: that was the name of the first round of the Gulf War. Well, what the hell happens when the enemy can’t be shocked and awed? Not just won’t, but biologically can’t? That’s what happened that day outside Yonkers, a single failure that damn near cost us the war. The fact is that we couldn’t shock and awe the walkers. That little fact boomeranged back into our own faces and allowed the fuckers to “Shock and Awe” us! They will never be afraid, no matter what we do, they will never be afraid!” 
Waino was an infantryman on the front line of the first stage of World War Z. He experienced firsthand the Battle of Yonkers. He watched as the military’s final act to stop the menace was a thermobaric weapon. They bombed Yonkers in a pitiful attempt to destroy the walkers that infested the area. This was certainly a dark day in U.S. and World history. 

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