life has many beginnings

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here is a story were a man falls in love at first sight but when he was able to become her friend he noticed that she had set her eyes on someone else and the main character felt depressed but one
day a new beginning for his life would start where love would blossom for him and change his life for ever.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Once upon a time there was man who’s name was lucifer he was a strong willed man and he never gave up what so ever no matter the problem he would always face it without fear he showed he was strong willed but one day upon his life he met a beautiful young woman that he fell for and that was one of his weakness he was strong willed but he could never be able to resist the beauty of the woman he met and fell in love but falling in love with that beautiful woman was a mistake that he took as he try to get close to her and become friend with her and was hopeful to become more then friend with her it turned out that she had her eyes set on someone else that was better than lucifer himself he had everything lucifer didn’t he was heartbroken at that moment that he realized that the woman that he set his eyes on and all the love he could have ever given to. Anyone else was dissolved in to the mist of the world that was his mistake in life and every day of his life he was depressed with sorrow in his eyes he couldn’t even face the woman he fell in love he lost all contact will her and  he decided that he would never fall in love with another woman in his life as he was betrayed by life itself but what he didn’t know was what was coming in his way and it was a new beginning in life where love would bloom  for him.


one day he decided to go to the manga store to buy one of his favorite manga but when he got there the last book was sold to a girl  who was in high school  and he ran as fast as the speed of light to catch up with the girl once he caught up to the girl he asked her can I buy the manga from you it's one of my favorites and it's the new part of the manga can you please sell it to you ill give you as much ask you want. she laughed at him and he said what is so funny girl and she said well if you want to read it that badly why don't we read it together it would be so much more fun to read it with someone so we can talk about it as Lucifer alway is he said I accept I would gladly read it with you he asked for her name and she said my name is Sofia nice to meet you and you what's your name he said I'm lucifer  than she said where would you like to read it at my place or your place like it was nothing she said it and then he remembered that his room was so messy  and he said lets go to your place since my place it's really messy and it's kind of emberassing and they did as he said they walked home together and read the manga together having fun talking about what they liked about the manga that they even fogot about time that when lucifer realized he had fallen yet again to a beautiful girl but he felt like this time was a different feeling from the time he feel in love with the other woman he felt like this was his true love, someone, that he can relate to and have fun with but he said he would never fall in love with anyone else but she changed everything she gave him a change in life and that was the new beginning where he would feel love once again but this time it would be different because this washis new beginning in life where he can start from zero and have a romance story of his own where he is happy with sofia throughout time she also had fallen in love with lucifer and when he confessed his feeling to her on the day of christmast  she was happy as she also went . through the same pain as lucifer they both had a beautiful beginning in life and lived happily ever after.

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