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A new poem, about a man who is lured to evil by the Satan, and becomes insane.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011




All alone in the blackend night
No one around, No hope in sight
The frozen air bites at your neck
Fear consumes you
Shadows dance by the light of the moon
Taunting you with a childs laugh
Innocence is dead
The moon invades you, Corrupting your mind
Memories fade, No logic you find
The lure of evil to hard to resiste
The crys of heaven shall forever persiste
Your god has failed you, To darkness you turn
Consumed by blood, The world will burn
Serenity in murder
The weak will perish, A law is made
The rivers run red
Mankind is nothing but a pestilence
A new order is about to form
Victims cry in eternal agony
Nature begins to weep blood
You find lasting joy in being a dealer of death
A pleasure unmatched like never before
You become the dragon
Lingering screams torment your thoughts
Sleep now a forgotten friend
Falling in a pit of madness
Haunted by the dead
This is the life that you chose for yourself
Lured to murder by the night, Now you suffer
Insanity's child
For now it is you who dances by the light of the moon
And you who taunts the weak with childs laughter
Evisceration of the mind
Murder became your brother
And blood became your lover
No chance now of redemption
Your soul is dead
Compelled now by a final act of misery
Want to end it all
Deep in in your thoughts you know that youl never be free
Your heart is corrupt, Your flesh tainted
Now you have escaped life, You play into his hands
This was your future, His plan becomes circle
Darkness goes on to start anew
And you forever burn.

© Copyright 2018 Blair Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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