Revelations: Exhibit A, The Hell Plague

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Sometime soon I am going to be writing a full three part set of long stories. This poem is a an overview of the beginning.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011




For years science fiction had told tales
Horror stories of woe and suffering
Thought of only for entertainment
And to scare little children
But all our darkest dreams of evil
Could not prepare us for the reality of science
Governments search for the ultimate weapon
For all of Man's never ending wars
The theory was sound, Soldiers who could not be killed
Greed clouds reason
And so it began in secret, Under the guise of "Military Training"
Project "Hell Plauge" was created
And humanity weapt
Toxins invade the brain, Cell manipulation
Much trial and error
And then finally success, A new breed of terror
The subjects kept under lock and key
Groaning agents of misery
World leaders gather and marvel in awe
The countdown to extinction has begun
For the scientists in all their wonder
Not only brought the dead back to life
But in so doing, Created a contagious virus
The Bio-Weapon to end them all
Their reasoning was simple, Easy to see
A handful of corpses could infect hundreds, Thousands, Millions
Enemies wiped out in a single motion
Then they would appear as if saving the day
But it all went wrong, Horribley wrong
They tried to play God
The virus spread like wild fire
Infecting everyone, Killing everything
Death all around
It grew beyond the Governments control, They tried to fight
But were all devoured, Their greed and arrogance was their end
The armies of the world didn't understand the enemy
The shuffling creatures reacted not to gunfire
Only death of the brain worked, But few figured it out
Only towards the end did we understand
We were plauged by the living dead
Mankind was eaten alive. 

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