Clash of Rimoon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  No Houses

A somewhat large battle scene i made as i love writing about my characters but also the fights they were in. Since my main story will have quite a few battles in it, i would love to get better at writing action

The battle takes place after a tortured boy was given a "gift" of a forsaken demon. Launching siege against the city one of the city's guardians lie to face him.

Clash of Rimoon


Forcefully united with a demon, Talamari’s body fully converted as his skin turned into a hardened dark green with large black holes, he felt unrelenting energy. Rushing towards the wall with tremendous speed many of the guards looked in confusion seeing a child charge below them. Nearby demons seeing a great opportunity watched for the stone to break.

 Manically charging he unleashed a punch that nearly instantly shattered the structure. The guards shaking from the devastating strike nearly fell off the wall but for sure knew they couldn’t let the cursed boy into the city. The Elite Guards was the first to jump from the wall and engage Talamari. Wearing relatively heavy armor a group of 4 elite guards landed crashing to the ground swords first.

Seeing them fall from the wall in preparation to fight, Talamari was overjoyed. He could see there will to slay him but knew it would all be in vain. Making a huge back leap from the wall before  the guards landed, he made a disturbing laugh. Hearing the huge city alarm go off he enjoyed the thought of how much panic can be happening inside the city.

Despite wearing heavy armor the guards were quick and somewhat nimble. 2 rushed towards Talamari as he moved his tongue around his lips. Getting in close range one of the elite guards thrusted his longsword aimed at Talamari. Easily dodging the strike Talamari made a quick and dominant punch to the guard’s stomach making his armor useless. Entirely penetrating his armor he could no longer see his arm as it was inside the guard’s stomach. However the guard was very much still alive and far from dead.  Releasing a thunderous shout of light Talamari flew back  several feet as the front of his body was on fire. Landing swiftly on his feet the fire soon dissipated from his body.

Looking at the wounded guard Talamari couldn’t help but to laugh at him. A second guard slipped past Talamari as he tried to make a deep pierce with his longsword forged in light. The second guard had less armor but was still strong and he could move very quickly. Unable to react in time the sword penetrated through Talamari’s back. The holy sword did little damage even though it scorched his soul as well as his body. Only annoying him as he locked the sword into his back.

Incapable of pulling his sword out, the guard focused his energy Teleporting back to the first guard, slight distance away from Talamari.  As Talamari drew the sword from his back and the fire quickly departed from his body, he smiled. Looking at another pair of 2 elite guards, he noticed they were charging a type of light orb in the far distance. As the 2 guards in front of Talamari engaged him, he decided he should deal with them quickly before the orb charges. Talamari was actually somewhat disappointed as he spoke in a twisted voice. “As fun as it would be, I regret we won’t have time to play anymore” 

Corrupting the sword it appeared as a green energy as he threw it like a whirlwind into one of the guards that charged towards him. No time left to counter it made a clean cut through the throat of the already wounded elite guard. Decapitating the guard his head warped in his helmet rolled on the floor steadily oozing blood. As the rest of the elite guards used a type of Telepathy to talk to each other, he disengaged Talamari.

The 2 Elite guards in the distance finally gained enough energy to launch an enormous orb of light. Launching it from there hands, the aura surrounding the sphere weakened the demon. Talamari leaped into the air as gigantic sphere past under him. Still controlling the massive sphere the Elite guards manipulated and guided it near Talamari. The demon inside Talamari was unsure if the body could truly survive such energy and created a lance of dark energy to destroy the vast righteous orb.

The penetrating force of dark energy was smaller but managed to disrupt the large holy orb making it unexpectedly explode in front of him. With a devastating explosion Talamari fell from the sky with both his arms severely burned as he tried to block the blast from his face. Knowing demons can be relentless an Elite guard enhanced his body in light to make a great lunge into the air with his greatsword.

Connecting his sword into Talamari’s ribs, he was slammed down into the ground as light erupted from the broken rock below them. several bones inside Talamari were easily cracked and destroyed. Throwing up blood, Talamari could barely move. He began to get very tired of the guards and the demon cannot understand the thought of losing. Unleashing a devastating piercing screech. The Elite guard on top of him collapsed to the ground bleeding through his ears. Completely disoriented the guard’s soul sundered at the bestial voice.

Greatly injured Talamari grabbed the Elite guard by his head and opened his mouth slowly swallowing his soul. With the other Elite guards to exhausted and to distant to help they guarded the gate as they felt more entities approaching. After eating the Guards entity he was completely healed but also knew one soul was far from enough. The demon inside Talamari laughed and cried after tasting the soul of someone so powerful. For a brief moment he could feel the memory and emotions of the fallen guard.

Approaching from the distance was nearby demons encouraged that Talamari could break down the nations already partly shattered wall. A demonic behemoth slowly appeared in sight of the wall. A new soul however stood in the way of their feast, Hernioun nicknamed the Angel of Rimoon. Seeing more and more demons crawling and screaming towards the wall he also noticed his decapitated and dead guards.

The civilians of Rimoon seeing Hernioun on the wall knew something was gravely wrong. Wearing a striking white cloak and a bright yellow blade sheathed to his side. just his mere presence aggravated the demons.calmly Focusing his energy he emitted a powerful light inside his soul. His eyes shined and his blade flourished.

Gracefully landing outside the wall he saw smaller demons tearing the elite guard’s armor eating his corpse. All the guards, strong or weak rushed outside knowing they couldn’t let them into the city and knew they couldn’t fail with Hernioun.

He spoke with a passionate yet strong voice

“Come my guardians, our nation shall not go into descent”

“We will not let this purge consume us, so today we fight for our home and everything we love”

“Just as I won’t let your families fall I will not allow my children to be eaten...., so we must send these fallen spirits back to their void!” 


 Many of the guards cheered unsure if they will ever be able to see there familes again, but many knew why they will die this day.Without another word the front of the wall quickly turned into a small warzone. The demonic behemoth was just as strong if not stronger then he looked. Smashing the ground in front of him a cavern formed from below, eating and stealing the souls of any guards that fell into it. Hernioun drew his sword as he blitz into the battlefield surrounded in light. Seeing him target the behemoth, Talamari leaped in front of him and prepared to make a blood thirsty slash of his claws.

 Hernioun saw Talamari’s broken soul through his eyes and felt pity seeing the truth. Redirecting Talamari’s arm he made a swift stab to his stomach, before making a powerful kick in his chest to draw space. Talamari clenched the ground breaking the earth that his arms ploughed through,intensely focused on Hernioun.

Hernioun looked at the behemoth making ruin to any knights in its way but couldn’t escape Talamari. Hernioun braced himself as Talamari charged at him with godlike speed. Clashing with the Angel of Rimoon, Talamari found an opening. Making a brutal jab into the Hernioun’s shoulder, his right arm was disabled. Talamari felling the blood on his hand, tried to make a very hasty decapitation.

Seeing Talamari’s arm swing towards his neck like a blade it was unsteady as Hernioun took advantage of that quick flaw. Switching his sword to his left hand, Hernioun give it his all with his opposite hand. Ducking under the deadly slash he made an upward slice, making an unclean and bloody cut of Talamari’s left arm, near completely cutting it off. Talamari’s left arm was mangled and barley attached being only left on by one thick thread of skin.  

Within seconds Talamari’s arm healed as if it never happened. Hernioun knew he had to fight with his arm still disabled and if he left to make a quick heal, it would take far too long. As Hernioun tried to come up with a plan Talamari chuckled and said “Due to my benevolence I will give you 5 seconds to decide your next exploit.”

Hernioun was unsure if Talamari was joking, but quickly took the offer. Sitting down eyes closed, legs crossed and his hands on his lap as he began to take deep breaths. Time was quickly up when Talamari warned him as he continued to sit down with his eyes closed, it felt as if nothing changed. He stood up much more relaxed but his right arm was still fractured. Seeing Hernioun’s face so calm as if he wasn’t going to die, slightly annoyed him.

Talamari told him now that he’s done his resolution, he should make the first move. Holding his blade in his left hand he released his eyes upon Talamari. Bolting towards him Talamari was happy to be able to break him again. As soon as Hernioun got within range Talamari jumped towards him, swinging his arm downwards like sharp mace. Dodging to the left of the wild swing Hernioun emitted a sudden flash of light from his soul. disorienting Talamari and burning the inside of his eyes.

The diminutive yet vigorous flash was far brighter than anything the demon saw in its existance. His eyes burned as he howled in agony and rage. Hernioun still didn’t want to hurt Talamari as he saw the boy was dominated by a malignant spiritbut had no choice. Hernioun’s eyes began to glow as he whiped out his blade and flashed around the blinded demon. Moving around Talamari with unnatural speed his blade pierced Talamari’s back instantly breaking his vertebrae and severing his spine.

 Almost completely paralyzed Talamari could not move just as he was no longer to feel any pain in his body. He also felt no heat and was unable to sense Hernioun’s position due to his disconnected spine. Flashing around him, Talamari was slashed continuously and unable to fall due to Hernioun’s speed. Finding it hard to breathe the demon was still unsure how much damage the body could take as he felt his grip weakening on Talamari. Hernioun ended the dance by making a deep jab into Talamari’s stomach, rupturing the custodial of the demon inside Talamari. With the cage broken the demon was close to being prematurely released from Talamari’s body.

In a final attempt to stay dormant into the child’s soul the demon’s arm broke through the back of Talamari. The demon was still extremely powerful in its early form as it grabbed Hernioun’s arm. Looking as a bloody twisted humanoid it bore 5 eyes, half of one wing, no mouth and a tail void of skin with multiple smaller eyes soon to cover the developing tail. The eyes on the creatures distorted face was near invisible with the overflow of blood pouring onto the demons head. The dead wing barely structured on its back looked destroyed. Only one of 3 out of the tails was fully developed in length, being 5 feet long with 4 bleeding warped eyes. The other two smaller tails appeared as just bone soon to rip from the demons skin.

Pulling him closer the demons grip was so cold and drained of life putting him into a near instant paralysis. The demon stared into Hernioun with all 5 of its eyes and a vile passion before fully emerging from Talamari’s back. Standing 8 feet tall it’s largely sharp blood soaked tail rapidly rushed to Hernioun seeking to impale him. Snapping out of shock Hernioun jumped back forcing out all fear and anxiety. Talamari feel to the ground neighboring death with the demon completely external from his body.

Clinging to life, Talamari regained some conscious and was able to stare into the blood snared sky, feeling no pain. With a risky change of leaving the boy’s body the demon pondered if he should finish this quickly as a dead vessel would be useless. As the demon whipped its skinless bulky tail, Hernioun noticed the eyes on the limb staring at him. Feeling the creature’s immense aura, fear tried to upsurge inside him.

Though he fought demons before, there was something different about this one besides its great power. Facing Hernioun with an odious desire the demon hastened to plague his light. Erupting the ground beneath him, the demon charged looking to cleave him. Regaining focus, Hernioun looked forward as he saw the small broken wing of the beast’s back as the demon was already by his face. Using his sword for a quick block it was immediately crushed. Trying to regain space and think, the demon used its tail to wrap Hernioun's leg, preventing his movement.

Grabbing Hernioun by his face he was brutally slammed into the ground nearly fracturing his skull as pieces of rock below him flew in spite. The demon grabbed Hernioun’s head as he lifted him up to look into him. Again all 5 eyes rested on Hernioun staring into his soul. Fear broke free inside him with the demons frozen and strong grip. The demon did not laugh, instead he asked a question.

“You fight me as if the boy was your child, but where is that will now?”

Throwing him to the distance the demon bellowed.


Unable to land, Hernioun spit out blood when his back was nearly destroyed by the force of the rough earth. The speed and power of the throw ruptured most of his organs causing severe internal bleeding. Just as Talamari, Hernioun looked into the sky unsure if he was going to die. Snapping out of his defeat, he stood up despite the internal hemorrhage in his chest and back. Barley able to stand he looked at the city walls, destroyed and fallen. Knowing how many of his people are fighting for their life just like him, he knew he couldn’t let the monster win and let them down, including his family. Falling to the ground with tears, he looked at his dying city. The demon did nothing but watch as he began to glow. Hernioun told himself he has no right to give up while people are dying at this very moment.

His eyes shined of his will and light, as elegant and forceful Wings sprouted from his back. The wings began to meld into his skeleton and painlessly fused the bones in his back. He quickly healed forcing himself back up. Swicthing his sword back to his main hand while the bleeding stopped and all his bones were repaired. Unsure what was happening or if he was given a second chance he Created a blade of divine energy. He carved his blade with god like speed, slashing open the demons gut. Underestimating him the slash burned the demons stomach emitting a powerful burn that sent the demon into an outcry.

The beast jumped back as the fire continued lacth onto his skin, however the fire would not disappear. Knowing it can’t touch the flames on his stomach, instead the demon tore off the burning piece of its flesh. He was so glad Hernioun regained his will, while slightly surprised he managed to grow wings.

Facing the demon with no fear or hesitation, Hernioun made a great leap into the air as if he commonly flew. Flapping his wings, huge scorching fire targeted the demon. Dodging the flames, the demon still felt its radiating warmth inches from its face. As the demon tried to get within range Hernioun raised his arm in the air creating a wall of fire. Covering himself in forsaken energy similar yet stronger to darkness, the demon breached the wall of fire leaping through it with only slight burns.

As the beast looked up out of the fire he noticed Hernioun disappeared. Detecting his heat he demon looked behind him but a reaction would be too late. Flying by with tremendous speed, the demon was slashed in the side of his stomach, marking and nearly splitting his body. Hovering in the air Hernioun put his arm in front of him, facing the demon. With a sentient voice he called towards the monster.


The demon’s body was set on fire in a magnificent inferno as the fire on his flesh erupted. Unable to move a gravitational pull temporarily imprisoned the demon in the blaze. The heat alone nearly burnt off all his flesh and destroyed the demons physical body. Screeching of the demon could be heard for miles while he was being forced to ignite. The vulgar cry stopped as Hernioun calmed the blaze. He looked at the downed beast as most pieces of skin were removed.

Seemingly deceased, Hernioun landed on the ground exhausted in hopes of a victor. Seconds after he touched the ground the demon teleported. Fleshless, the demon now seek to kill Hernioun after having his fun. without any skin the demons fleshy pink muscles were exposed. Hernioun was too tired to react to the demon and only had enough power to make a feeble block.

Appearing in front of Hernioun, the beast swung his arm not targeting the sword but his arm. Easily dislocating his right arm, the demon grabbed Hernioun by his neck in discontent and spoke to him.

“I’ve been branded by the gods and permanently scorned as a traitor, but now……… there gone”

With Hernioun’s voice slowly being crushed, the demon slammed his head into the ground and stepped on his back.

“I shall mark you just as the gods have corrupted me and abandoned us all.”

With the demon stepping on his back, he took hold of Hernioun’s wings. With great force snapping and tearing was quickly heard. Heaving his wings Hernioun screamed as several bones in his wings were split and dismantled. Powerless and drained he could do nothing but bare and suffer the torment.

After only a few seconds, Hernioun released his final cry after his wings were entirely removed. The demon threw his wings to the ground while Hernioun’s back relentlessly bleed. Looking at the fallen Hernioun the creature soon extended its arm toward Hernioun in an offer of peace.

“Walk alongside me Hernioun I can show you the forgotten truth of our gods.”

Knowing he was going to die, Hernioun rejected him in a faint voice.

“I know the gods are somewhere……….”

“Watching their children strive, they will soon reunify with us….”

Hernioun then accepted his death as he closed his eyes and continued to bleed out. The demon stared at him not saying any words. To make sure Hernioun was dead it punctured his chest, drawing his heart. Crushing the fluid filled organ the blood stained the beast's hand. Ending the battle it lifted up Hernioun’s fresh corpse and unfastened its own mouth. His soul was forced from his body into the demon's stomach.

Eating Hernioun’s soul his skin promptly reappeared and wrapped his body. Walking back to Talamari he resolved himself into an essence and returned into the child’s body to complete his next goal into summoning Anaphel.

Submitted: December 13, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Blair225. All rights reserved.

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