^_^ this is a rough draft, but I decided to put up something brand-new for a change. No, please sit down, cheering audience. Really. No, I insist.

One day, I asked the love of mine
Does a soul exist forever?
She said that souls were always there
For bad, or for the better

They're made up in the starry night sky
Watching us move below
That they were here before time itself
And they'll be here when we go

I found it funny, gave a laugh
And kissed her on the lips
Nice a thought as it may be
Souls didn't really exist

"Or did they?" I now asked myself
Long after my wife had died.

Her life was too short, and mine was too long
I wanted to see her, and wanted to know
The answer to life's great mystery:
Where did we come from? Where do we go?
I knew of only one place to ask
I turned around and faced a dark sea.

I've had no Jesus, had no sin
I went to Death, to welcome in
A grinning Man,
A scintillating spook, who asks
"Are you ready for the truth?"

I smiled, and stepped accordingly
Through the gateway, into flame
I've met this Man before, you see
Inside of you, inside of me

He is Creation, or so it seems
To some, he's Sandman, King of Dreams
To others, God or Lucifer
A mirror is seen by many.

What did I find? I found myself with her
Happy as before, and happier
Because the world we found was yours
But over here, we know that

Death is not an ending
But a change, a transition
To another part of existence
To a world filled with light

It's funny, really
I nearly forgot what I came for
Until I remembered one day, and said
"Souls aren't real after all."

Submitted: March 06, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Blaize Sinstar. All rights reserved.

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