hello, slavery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

hi, my name is blake chapman, and i have submitted my novel hello, slavery, to this site. it is a highly controversial novel that i suggest be read till the end. there is a whole message and meaning to the book that is revealed at the very end. i wrote this novel at 15 and worked on until now, where i am 21. there is a twist ending. this book was formally banned on barnes and nobles, but it was recently accepted after many arguments. wattpad has banned it and amazon bans it on an almost daily basis, though i hope this changes. have a great night.



This book is dedicated to Feminism


“Two households, different in dignity,

In terrible USD, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean, From the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-crossed lovers take their Life; Whose insubordination overthrows

Do with their Death bury their worlds’ problems. The fearful passage of their Death-marked love, And the continuance of their worlds’ rage,

Which, but their savage end, nothing could remove 

Is now the decades old revenge of our stage;

The which if you with patient ears attend,

What here will miss, our toil will strive to mend”


“Oh, say can you see by the dicks’ saggy balls?

What so proudly we hailed at the cums last birth?

Whose dick and balls destroy every cunt

Over the rape, who was right and who was wrong?

And the dicks’ saggy balls, the cum bursting through the air 

Gave proof through the night that men are superior to cunts 

Oh, say does that dick still wave

Over the land of the rich and poor?”

-USD national anthem


“The USD is the shit in my toilet. It’s sewer time, bitches.”





In this current age, known as the Dark Age, there exists a rich and powerful land called the United States of Dick (USD). They are the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. Nobody has more money than them.

Money is the drug of the nation, some might say.

Though this is all very true, the USD is full of idiots who don’t know they’re idiots.

The USD has many problems: shitty healthcare, shitty schools, shitty laws, and shitty politicians.

It’s pretty much shitty everything.

One problem stands out the most, though: men rule the nation, while they keep women, known as cunts – locked up as slaves!

There is no man in the USD who doesn’t own a cunt.

The cunts clean their dishes, make their beds, wash their clothes, and even suck their dicks, and fuck them whenever they want.

Pornography is now reality.

If a cunt says no to a man, she will most likely get raped or beaten. 

If you’re shocked, you really shouldn’t be. The USD has always had a problem with slavery. First they enslaved the savages, known as Indians. Then it was the blacks, known as niggers. And then it was every race (except white), gender (except men), and sexuality (except straight) that you can think of.

It’s a wonder how they made so much money in the first place.

The cunts have tried uprising before, but all has failed.

It’s believed that one day a man and a cunt from different backgrounds will join forces and liberate the cunts from the men.

Rebellion sounds so sweet to them.

At night, the braver cunts meet in abandoned buildings. They call themselves Feminists. They can’t tell their husbands or boyfriends that they are Feminists. It’s illegal to be a Feminist. It’s punishable by rape and execution on live TV.

If you ever plan to visit this country, you must have the following things to become a success: white skin, money, and a dick.

Other than that, you’re as good as dead.


“The White House has always been white.”



Chapter 1


The Romeo of this story is none other than Dick Van Cock. He’s not somebody you’ll like at first. But like a boner, he grows on you. 

He is the most well-known boy in the USD. His father is the Dictator, but everybody calls him Mr. President.

Cunts want to fuck Dick.

Guys want to be Dick.

At the young age of eighteen, he has it all.


On this dark and stormy night, Dick is getting head from a slave his Father gave him last year for his birthday.

He doesn’t know the cunts name. But who cares about a name with tits like those? 

The cunt looks into his eyes as she tries to be sexy. She holds back tears. She feels everything and nothing all at the same time.

“Suck that dick, bitch,” he says with a moan. “Suck that big lollipop, hoe.”

She sucks it like a good little whore.

I can’t do this anymore, she thought bleakly. This Life just ain’t worth livin no more. 

A tear goes down her eye.

Unlike most men, he doesn’t beat cunts. He’s not violent like his Father but he does enjoy seeing her get sad. He loves to watch her cry like a little bitch.

The pain she feels makes him cum into her mouth violently. She chokes and coughs as his kids hit her in the back of the throat.

“I love it, Dadddyyyyy,” she says, swallowing as she wipes the tears away.

He raises his hand to slap her, but he stops himself.

“Don’t call me that,” he says in a stern voice. “Don’t ever call me Daddy.”

She apologizes.

“Get out!” he yells. “Get the hell out of my room, you stupid, worthless bitch!”

She weeps as she runs out of the room, thoughts of suicide on her mind.

He gets up from his bed and then goes to the bathroom. He stares intensely into the mirror with a sly smile on his face. 

Nobody can deny that Dick is handsome. He looks like an All-American boy. A Ken doll, perhaps. Somebody Hitler would love.

He takes a long, hot shower. When he’s done, he steps out of the tub, and then dries himself off.

He looks at himself in the mirror again, but this time he isn’t smiling. This time his mind is screaming and crying to be heard.

What is the point of living? he thought. What is the point of dying? What is the point of anything?

Nobody knows, Dick. Nobody knows.

He goes back into his room and then immediately lies down on his bed. He then rolls up a joint of the dankest weed. He hits it as hard as he can. This makes him cough more than a corona patient.

His Father doesn’t like weed much since it’s illegal --- but his Father doesn’t know a fetus from a hamburger.

He doesn’t give a damn about what his Father thinks or says or anybody else for that matter.

He listens to music as he smokes.

This might be shocking, but he loves rap music. He hates niggers, but he loves their music. He often feels bad when he listens to music like this. The world tells him that if he’s white and listens to Rap, then that means he’s stealing from a culture that isn’t his. But if he respects the music, isn’t that enough? Does it even matter in the end?

He’s listening to his favorite rapper, Phantom Limb. The song that he’s listening to is called “ReSpEcT”.

It goes like this:

“Dizzy from listenin to Gillespe

Nigga, show me where those checks be

Ain’t no nigga gon vex me, outflex me

Bitches wanna sex he

Cops hate thee, the hottest MC

The lowkey nigga whose wiser than an OG 

Don’t you know me?

Ain’t nothin you can show me

Foolin with this fake shit

Nigga, yes I hate shit

Nigga, yes I wanna make it

Take it, break it, create it

Fuck an industry

I’m out for yo mothafuckin neck

Till I get my respect

I am the best, you second guessed”


Ah, he thought. The power of music

The power of music is a powerful force. It can make you weep with sadness and jump for joy.

He looks out of his bedside window as he watches the storm rage on. He wishes a tornado would come and take his country with it.

He finishes the joint as he continues to listen to music. When his ears begin to throb, he turns it off.

Why can’t I be somebody else? he thought as he listened to the rain beat on the roof. Somebody who isn’t watched 24/7? Somebody who isn’t analyzed and criticized everyday?

Unsettling thoughts of suicide enter his mind. It attacks his subconscious with forces stronger than those found in Star Wars.

It wages War.

It sheds blood.

He cries himself to sleep. 

These are dark, dark times.


“Welcome to the USD: the home of the rich assholes. The home of the poor. Fighting to survive. Surviving to eat.”

-Blake Chapman

Chapter 2


“Wake up, Mr. Van Cock,” Genitalia, the maid, says. 

Dick opens his eyes lazily.

“Fuck off,” he says to her as he yawns.

She laughs and says: “I see you still have your famous sense of humor.”

“Fuck you,” he says with annoyance in his tone. “Get the fuck out of my room, bitch.”

“Of course, Mr. Van Cock. Your wish is my command.”

She walks out of the room, thinking: God, I hate that kid.

He stays in bed for a few more minutes, wishing he could stay there forever. After a while, he begins to fear that Genitalia will come back soon.

“Let her come back,” he says as he rubs his dick. “I don’t mind fucking that bitch again.”

He gets up and then goes to the bathroom. 

“Fuck school,” he says as he brushes his teeth.

Before he goes downstairs for breakfast, he showers, gets dressed and then smokes a joint. As he walks down the stairs, his mind is hazy. His eyes are as red as a white person’s face on a cold day.

His Father and Mother are eating in silence at the dining room table.

His Father is a doughy, arrogant man who looks like Donald Trump. His Mother, on the other hand, is a thin beauty who looks like Ivanka Trump. 

“Son,” his Father says, frowning at his red eyes.

“Hello, Father,” he says as he sits down at the table. “Hello, Mother.”

“Hi, sweetie,” his Mother says, smiling. “Are you ready for school?”

“No,” he says as he rolls his eyes. “Now stop asking me all these questions. You’re so fucking annoying.”

His Mother apologizes.

He eats his breakfast as he tells his parents to have a terrible day. He then leaves for school.

What a great son you guys have there.

He’s escorted to a limo by three of his Father’s guards. 

The driver of the limo is an Uncle Tom. The Uncle Tom is the most hated nigger amongst the niggers. He’s viewed as an uppity sell-out who would rather kiss white ass than suffer with his own kind. White people love these kinds of niggers.

The Uncle Tom drives over smooth paved roads as he makes his way to Wanker Academy, which is a prestigious prep school that costs more than it’s actually worth. 

If you don’t have a scholarship, you better hope your family is rich.

The Uncle Tom drops him off at the parking lot. He flips the guards off and then tells the Uncle Tom to go back to picking cotton.

Why is that boy such an asshole? they thought.

Cunts run to Dick as they squeal with satisfaction. They hug him as he grabs their tits and ass.

The cunts giggle.

Hey, Dick. Ever hear of sexual harassment?

People greet him as they pass him by. They invite him to parties where there will be a lot sex, drugs, and alcohol involved.  He wonders if any of these people are his real friends. They all act like they think he’s really cool, but do they want him or his money?

He sees his best friends, Richard and Jewels, standing at the front door, flirting with these slutty cunts, Annabelle and Christi.

“Hey, faggots,” Dick says as he walks up to them.

Richard, a handsome boy who looks like Timothée Chamalet, smiles at Dick, and then says: “Sup, bitch.”

“There’s my favorite fuckboi,” Jewels says, looking like Ross from FRIENDS. 

Richard and Jewels have been there for Dick since the beginning. They are pretty much everything he has when it comes to real friends. They mean the world to him.

Annabelle and Christi smile at him as they blush. They look like young plastic surgery prostitutes in training (or YPSP as they like to be called nowadays), but at least they have nice bodies.

“Hey, cunts,” Dick says as he squeezes both of their tits.

They giggle as he does this to them.

“Hey, Dickkkkkk,” Christi swoons. “Do you want to hang out with us after school?”

  “After school? Where?”

“My house,” Annabelle says. “My parents are at divorce camp for a week.”

“Sure,” Dick says with a shrug. “Why not?”

Christi grabs his balls as she says: “Just make sure you bring your cock.”

  “And weed,” Annabelle adds. “Lots of weed.”

Dick smiles and then says: “Cunts, you will not be disappointed.”

“Okay, hotstuff,” Christi says. “See you later then, yeah?”


“Bye, Dick,” Annabelle says as she looks hungrily at his cock.

“Bye, cunts.”

The cunts look at him again and then they walk away as they giggle and laugh.

Richard and Jewels elbow him in the ribs as they laugh their asses off. 

“Have fun fucking future pornstars,” Richard jokes.

“Get ready to get sucked and fucked by the school whores,” Jewels chimes in.

Dick flips them off as he says: “Fuck you. You guys have fucked them, too.”

“Obviously,” Richard says. “The whole school has.”

“Pussy is pussy,” Dick says, shrugging. “At least Christi’s got some big tits.”

“And Annabelle’s got some tight pussy,” Richard adds.

“Yeah,” Jewels agrees. “Her pussy is tighter than a headband.”

The boys walk into the school.

The headmaster, Mr. Bate, is standing at the front doors. He’s an asshole who looks like the reincarnation of Gilbert Gottfried. All the kids and faculty members call him Master Bate as a joke. But nobody would dare say that to his face.

“Hello, boys,” Master Bate says to them in the same high-pitched voice that he always has. 

“Mr. Bate,” the boys say, nodding to him as they walk quickly away from him.

“Master Bate is such an old creep,” Dick says once they are out of earshot.

“I know,” Richard says. “I fucking hate that guy. He’s probably a fag, too. Don’t you think so, Jewels?”

Jewels shakes his head as he says: “Hell no, man. Haven’t you seen his wife? She’s a hot ass MILF.”

“Really?” Richard says with his mouth hanging open. “What does she look like?”

“A reality TV star,” Jewels explains to them..

They whistle at the sound of that.

Plastic is the definition of beauty nowadays.

They go to their individual classes once the bell rings.


Dick goes through all of his classes bored out of his mind. 

Math is torture. He’s horrendous with numbers and he doesn’t get why the USD makes math seem so important. Science isn’t his best subject, either. He doesn’t care about the Universe or any of that climate change nonsense. Music class feels like his balls are getting stomped on. He loves music, but his class is always forced to sing shitty songs that had their time already and are now way past being overdone. Art is no haven for him. Everything he draws or paints looks like utter shit. If Van Goh ever saw any of his work, he would cut off his other ear.

And then, finally, comes, english class. English is his favorite subject. He excels at reading and writing. He’s got so much talent bursting through him that he doesn’t even know what to do with it.

If he wasn’t so lazy and entitled, he could be something big. Bigger than Life itself. A writer, perhaps. But he could never do that. His Father would never approve of such things.

He glows with happiness as he walks into his english class.

His teacher, Mrs. Jay, is a sexy and voluptuous cunt who looks like Coco Austin.

  All of the boys love her. In essence, like Master Bate’s wife --- she’s a MILF.

God, I wish I could fuck her, Dick thought.

He says hello to Mrs. Jay and then sits down in his seat. 

Other kids fool around as they play grab-ass...but no, not him. He’s too mesmerized by Mrs. Jay’s body to do anything else. 

How does that boner feel, Dick?

When the bell rings, everyone sits down in their seats as they get out their pencils and books. Mrs. Jay walks to the front of the classroom and begins her lesson for the day.

Her lesson is on his favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut. The class is studying a Vonnegut classic: Cat’s Cradle.

He sure loves him some Vonnegut. He thinks that the man is a damn genius. Every word he ever wrote, at least to him, is pure fucking genius. 

He secretly hopes that one day he’ll be just as good as Vonnegut. Maybe even better.

“What do you think of Vonnegut, Dick?” Mrs. Jay asks him.

“Well...” he says, nervous from the attention he’s receiving from the class. “He’s brilliant. His writing portrays society at it’s ugliest and humanizes it. And it also makes fun of it at the same time. There’s something really beautiful and poetic about it, you know.”

“I fully agree with you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good job, Dick.”


A knock is heard at the door.

Everyone takes their eyes off of him as they turn their heads towards the door.

A cunt gets out of her seat and opens the door.

Cue the gay ass romantic music, for in steps the most beautiful cunt Dick has ever laid eyes on. She’s majestic-looking. Magnificent, almost. She has the darkest of eyes, the blackest of skin. Tits as big as honey dew. A body as thick as bacon. And a phat ass (as the niggers like to say).

The sun shines through the windows as it glints off of her skin.

Dick squirms in his seat uncomfortably as he tries not to look at her.

He feels so ashamed and disgusted with himself.

How can I be attracted to a nigger? he thought, horrified by the possibility.

“Hello,” the cunt says as she looks around the room. “I’m new here. My name is Nina Hill.”

“Hi, Nina,” everyone says lifelessly.

She blushes as she walks up to Mrs. Jay’s desk.

Everyone stares at her. There aren’t many niggers that go to Wanker Academy. Some of them are rich, but rich niggers are as rare as a cunt making more money than a man. Most of the niggers that go there have scholarships. 

Something about Nina seems different to Dick. Something unique…something that he can’t really place...

“Hello, Nina,” Mrs. Jay says, smiling. “Mr. Nate told me about you, but I had no idea you would be here so soon. How do you like the school so far?”

“It’s really big. I just need to get used to it first.”

“That you do. I know how it can be. Here’s the book we’re reading this term. Have you ever read Vonnegut before?”

“Of course,” Nina says. “He’s a genius.”

“I can’t agree with you more.”

He almost dies in his seat right then and there.

Mrs. Jay looks around the room and then says: “I guess you can sit next to Dick over there. It seems like that is the only seat open.”

“Okay. Sure thing.”

I spoke too soon. I think he’s really dead now. He looks like he’s frozen with fear. He usually doesn’t get this way about a cunt.

She walks over to her desk and then she sits down.

He stares at her as if he is lost in a deep trance.

She gives him a weird look and then says: “You want to stop staring at me, bug-eyes?”

O-O-Oh,” he stutters, embarrassed. “I was just looking at the wall.”

“Wow,” she says sarcastically. “I so haven’t heard that one before...”

He laughs awkwardly and then looks away, saying nothing else about the matter.

She’s so fucking sexy, he thought. She is a rose amongst dandelions. But she’s a nigger...how can I have thoughts like this? Is something wrong with me?

He shivers as he imagines what his Father would do if he ever found out.

She’s out of this world, though, he reminds himself. Whoever created her must really be dedicated to their craft.

He struggles to pay attention for the rest of class.

It’s impossible to pay attention when you have a cunt this beautiful sitting next to you. 

When the bell rings, he runs out of the classroom as fast as he can. All he wants to do is to get away from her as fast as he can.

The limo is waiting on him as he runs outside.

He flips off the guards and the Uncle Tom as soon as he sees them. As he gets inside the limo, he tells them to drive to the White House and then to Annabelle’s house.

When they get to the White House, he runs up to his room, grabs some weed and condoms, and then goes back into the limo.

The Uncle Tom then drives to Annabelle’s house.

“See you when you come out, sir,” the Uncle Tom says with a smile. 

“Go to Hell, monkey,” he says, laughing as he walks out of the limo.

He walks up to the front door and then gives it a loud knock.

Annabelle and Christi open up the door with nothing on except their socks. 

“Come on, big boyyyyyy,” they say as they let him inside.

“No need to tell me twice.”

They lead him right into Annabelle’s room. It looks like every teenage cunts room in the USD: posters of shirtless men everywhere. A bunch of books by authors who write shitty love stories and then get them made into shitty movies.

Christi throws Dick down on the bed and then rips off all of his clothes. Annabelle sits on top of his face as she moves up and down, moaning. Christi sucks his dick. She coughs when she tries to deep-throat. She almost pukes.

Her gag reflex sure isn’t winning MVP anytime soon.

Christi then puts on a condom for him and then hops onto his dick, yelling and screaming as she bounces around like she’s at a bouncy house.

He grabs Christi’s tits as he squeezes them like udders.


The three of them orgasm at different times.

After they’re done, they lie down on the bed. They breathe heavily as they look up at the ceiling.

Dick gets up to throw away the condom. As he puts his pants back on, the cunts give him confused looks.

“Wait...” Christi says, putting a hand up to stop him. “What are you doing?”

“The fuck does it look like I’m doing? I’m getting on clothes, you dumb ass bitch.”

“Why are you doing that?” Annabelle says. “Aren’t we going to fuck some more?”

“Fuck some more?” he says, smiling coyly. “I just fucked the shit out of you guys. Jesus Christ, how much dick do you cunts need?”

“No,” Annabelle says, taking off his jeans. “You only fucked Christi. You ate me out. Now it’s my turn to get fucked.”

Dick, who has never turned down pussy in his Life, waits a minute, and then fucks the shit out of Annabelle, while Christi sits on his face.

After they finish, they turn on some trap music. They roll joints and smoke as they listen.

“This is trash music,” he says as he turns it off.

“No it’s not,” Christi says, turning it back on. “It’s dope. Just listen to it.”

It goes like this:

“These drugs just hit me like Ike

These drugs just hit me like Turner 

These bitches is books so I read em and shit”


“Again,” Dick says. “This is trash.” He changes the song. “Listen to this.” 

It goes like this:

“Just be real with me

The lonely side taking over

So that’s just reality

Cops got me on a technicality 

Hating on my individuality

I shit out minimum wage salaries

But sadly abuse the body like a Nazi

You gotta fuck money to live

Rape a job to eat, to be, to see

That nobody’s free

Got my niggas on a leash

Fuck the constitution

Ain’t nobody bout peace

You used to ask me what I wanted to be 

Wanted to be President, be with the Police 

Now y’all niggas the enemy

Are you fuckin kiddin me?”


The cunts laugh their asses off.

“What?” he says, embarrassed and angry. “What the fuck is so damn funny?”

“Nothing,” Christi says, coughing. “It’s just that the song was so lame. It was depressing. Nothing was fun about it. It didn’t even have bass.”

“A song doesn’t need bass to be good. It doesn’t just have to talk about drugs, guns, and pussy. That song is beautiful art to me. But the stuff you listen to is fucking garbage ass trash. Trap isn’t art.”

Annabelle laughs hysterically as she says: “Well, look at Mr. Rap Aficionado.”

  Christi joins in, saying: “Mr. Boom Bap looking ass.”

He gives them a nasty look.

The cunts immediately stop their heckling.

“Sorry,” they apologize with scared looks on their faces. “It won’t ever happen again. We promise.” 

“It better not, stupid bitches.”

They continue to smoke. Clouds rise high above their heads as they exhale. It swallows them completely. They are invisible under the chronic haze that is marijuania.

  Hello, Mary. Meet Jane.


“In the words of Sir idiot George W. Bush: “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.”

-The worst president the USD has ever had 


Chapter 3


Mr. President is in a shitty situation.

Al-Quief (referred to as Enemies of the State) is threatening to bomb various cities throughout the USD. Their reasoning to commit such an act is based on the fact that the USD is a racist and sexist, misogynistic dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

Mr. President doesn’t know what to do or if he should do anything about it at all. His boss tells him to do what George W. Bush did during 9/11: do nothing. Let the bombs drop. Act like you knew nothing about it. And then go to War and bomb the bastards right back.

He sighs as he reclines back in his seat. A sense of dread overwhelms him. His mind swirls around possible outcomes to things that are beyond his control.

What can I do? he thought. What should I do? Where are the fucking answers, God? Are you even listening to me?

He pushes his thoughts away sluggishly. Thinking never does anything for him except give him a headache. Sometimes those headaches become so intense that it drives him crazy.

Instead, he gets down on his knees like a cunt does when she sucks dick --- bows his head and then prays.


I’m not someone to say if God is real or not. I don’t know the answer so don’t ask me. People believe in what they want to believe. For better or for worse, I’m at least brave enough to say that I still pray to God in times of great stress. The times when you have nothing to do other than to hope and believe. 

It’s propaganda in a slutty dress.

Someone knocks on the door.

Mr. President groans, gets up, and then walks over to the door. A guard informs him that a slave is on her way right now.

He nods in appreciation and then closes the door.

That’s just what I need to clear my mind, he thought, excited. Some nice slave pussy.

Pussy is an addictive drug that no man can deny (unless you’re a faggot).

A piece of pussy will put you on your ass.

Lights out. Nighty-night.

He walks over to his desk, snorts two lines of cocaine, and then sits at the corner of his desk, as he stares at the center of the carpet that surrounds the Oval Office.

The symbol of the USD looks back at him: a large, erect penis inside a vagina. 

The door opens and then closes.

A cunt walks in. She’s naked. Her tits are big and fake. Her face is as plastic as a Barbie. She has a smile that never seems to go away. Yet she has fear in her eyes. Sex oozes out of her as it slides down her body and gets on the carpet. The stank smell of human fluid attracts him unconsciously with pheromones.

“Hey, bitch,” he says as he stares at her body.

“Hi, Master!” she says through her smile in a Ukrainian accent. She walks closer towards him. “ I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horny. I need cock right fucking now.”

He takes off his clothes as he says: “What you need, I supply.”

He picks her up and brings her down on the ground as he shoves his dick inside of her. He loves nothing more than to fuck. He grabs her tits. He can feel the silicone. Her pussy is tighter than a poor family’s budget.

He loses control of himself. He slaps her around like a rag doll, saying: “Stupid bitch! Stupid cunt! Fucking sexy mother-fucking hoe ass bitch ass thot ass cum swallowing whore!”

His teeth plunge into her nipples as he nibbles on them, giving them nasty little bites. He then bites her ears, scratches her face until she bleeds, and then punches her three times in the face and stomach.

The blood is pouring out like the fountains that people throw pennies at. Even through the pain, she holds back from screaming. She’s still smiling, even though her tears are getting mixed into the blood.

Please don’t kill me, she thought, breathing slowly.

He cums in her as his body shakes with euphoria.

“You may go, bitch,” he says with a smile. He pulls out of her.

“Daddy good,” she says, getting up slowly.

She winces as she limps out of the office, grimacing from the pain.

God, have mercy on my soul, she thought as she finally let all of the tears out, a smile still on her face.

He lies down on the blood stains. His body and mind are glowing with a euphoric high.

Civilization has come a long way.



“My cunt tis of thee

Sweet land of misogyny

Of thee I sing

Land where my fathers raped 

Land that the pilgrims stole 

From every hut

Let poverty sing”

-USD folk song


Chapter 4


I see no Humans anymore. I see bodies, but no soul. No signs of consciousness. No signs of intelligence. I see only destruction and Death and Hell and demons --- and a lot of fucked up shit that can’t be avoided because Humans caused it.

The USD is a mess.

The whole world is a mess. It’s a boiling pot ready to blow. It’s a sad event to experience.

I have no idea why I haven’t just tried to kill myself yet...because The End is coming – and it isn’t going to be pretty.

There’s nothing left to live for. Everything that was once good will eventually be evil and dead. 

Life is a beautifully ugly illusion.

How can anybody live like this? Does anybody feel any emotion anymore? Everything and everybody is cold and mean and heartless nowadays. 

You’re all idiots who don’t know you’re idiots.

Too many people are ignorant.

Ignorance is not bliss.

It’s a mad, mad world.


Dick, at the moment, is an unhappy rich bastard. He doesn’t feel so good. He wishes he could stay at home all day. School seems like such a bore.

His Father laughs at Dick when he asks to stay home.

“Become a bum then,” he says to his son.

“I’m being serious,” Dick says as he rolls his eyes.

“No. If you don’t go to school and get good grades, then you’re a loser. You’re not going to be anything or get anywhere.”

“I’ll get farther than you ever did.”

His Father laughs and says: “I’m the fucking President of the USD. Nobody’s...above me...”

Dick sighs and flips him off as he walks out the front door. The guards quickly follow behind him. They open the limo door for him. He gets in and falls dramatically into his seat.

“What’s wrong, sir?” the Uncle Tom asks him. “You seem down today.”

“Go fuck yourself,” he says with disgust.

“Yes, sir. I’ll make sure that I’ll do that. The fucking begins right now.”

“Is that sass?” he fires back at him. “I won’t take sass from niggers.”

“No, sir. I meant no harm.”

“Okay. I believe you. Carry on then.”

Bratty rich cracker, the Uncle Tom thought as he drove away.

When he gets to Wanker Academy, the Uncle Tom pulls up to the parking lot.

Dick gets out and closes the door, saying nothing at all to any of them as he gets out the limo. He does his usual morning routine of feeling cunts up and having people invite him to parties where there will be a lot of drugs, sex, and alcohol involved.

He looks around for Richard and Jewels.

When he finds them, he runs over to them with a smile on his face.

“Hey, bitch,” Richard says.

“Faggot,” Jewels says with a nod of his head.

Dick flips them off. “Nice to see you mother-fuckers today, too. Do you want to skip school with me today?”

Richard shakes his head as he says: “Sorry, man. Come on. Don’t give me that look? What the fuck do you want me to do, Dick? I promised my Mother I would get my shit together and start applying myself more. She wants me to graduate and go to a good school and have a good job. My Father, on the other hand, doesn’t care about what I do. That bastard has enough money for me to live off of until I die. And then some.”

“Damn,” Dick says, disappointed. “What about you, Jewels?”

“No-can-do, Dick. Sorry. I’m getting head in the bathroom during third hour and then pussy at lunch.”

“Bullshit,” Dick and Richard both say.

“I’m telling the truth, guys.”

“Who’s giving it to you?” Dick asks.

Jewels smiles and then says: “Head from Annabelle. Pussy from Christi.” 

Dick and Richard laugh.

“They’re fucking sluts,” Dick says. “Total fucking hoes. I literally destroyed their pussies.”

“Are you jealous?” Jewels says, smirking.

“No. Why the fuck would I be jealous about those skanks? I can cop myself a hotter bitch than them.”

“Well,” Jewels says, “now it’s my turn to destroy their pussies.”

“Go right ahead,” Dick says. “You have my full permission.”

“Fuck you,” Jewels says, punching him on the shoulder. “I don’t need your goddamn permission for shit. I can do what I want.”

“Hey, Richard?” Dick says, chuckling.

“Yeah?” Richard says.

“I guess we know who the emotional bitch is in our friendship.”

“Ha-ha. I guess we do.”

“Fuck you guys,” Jewels says as he flips them off.

The bell rings.

Dick says goodbye to his friends as they walk towards the school doors.

He puts on his headphones and then takes his first steps towards ditching school. 

He smokes a joint as he walks. He smiles as the warmth of the sun emits its greenhouse effect onto him. The calmness of the wind blows lightly on him as if it were a cunt who doesn’t know how to suck dick.

He really shouldn’t be smoking weed like that out in the open, but who’s going to arrest a rich white male in this world?

He leaves suburbia and then he goes into the ghetto, which is basically just the Holocaust for niggers. There’s some white trash amongst these dark heathens. They are nothing but grimy glimpses of light in a dark room.

Everybody in here is poor.

The ghetto has always interested him. He loves to let his eyes wander around the poverty. He wonders how these people live. How they eat, shit, and sleep. How they act, how they talk. How they move and groove. How they cry. How they lie. How they die. How they fly.

He sees some niggers rapping on the street.

It goes like this:

“Nigga, I got a white bitch

Her name start with a C

You see? You ain’t ready to trap

My nigga, you hold an imaginary strap

You cain’t even rap, let alone scrap

All you niggaz is some mother-fuckin rats

Squealin when those boys offer you a deal

You better pray, nigga

This yo last meal

This ain’t my first kill

In these streets, it’s shoot or get shot

Me and my niggaz some real killaz, some real hittaz

Really, I’m tha plug

Really, I’m tha thug

Bout to squash yo ass like a bug

You smokin reggies

When I’m smokin crud”


“Not too shabby,” he says to himself as he finishes the joint.

He walks farther into the ghetto. He sees all of the abandoned homes. The old vacated buildings that look like it’s just been bombed during War time. Rough paved streets that have more cracks and bumps in them than a teenager plagued with acne. More strip clubs than schools. People working shitty jobs that they can’t stand. People living in shitty places that they can barely afford or protect. Guns being drawn over pettiness.

Sirens are the anthem of this neighborhood. It is a classic hit song that was never very good to begin with.

Niggers stand around liquor stores and corner streets, shooting dice, silently whispering: “I got dat loud, nigga.”

He keeps his head down as he walks. He hopes that nobody notices him. He stops walking when he sees a group of homeless men holding signs.


Another one says: “WILLIN TO BE A SLAVE FOR MONEY.”


At least he’s honest.

He stares at the homeless men, hating the way that they smell, hating the way that they look. They look like they have never showered before. Their eyes look horrified by Life.

He drops money at their feet, passing them by as if he doesn’t see them. 


I’ll be damned.

Maybe he does have a heart.

Maybe I was wrong about the world.


“Heaven has no rage, like love turned to hatred, Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned.”

-The Mourning Bride

Chapter 5





“Fuck you, asshole!”

“Stupid bitch, move out of my way!”

“Yell at me again, mother-fucker, and I’ll have my Daddy sue your ass!”

Welcome to the movie called Lunchtime With Privileged White Kids.

All of these kids are going completely nuts in the lunchroom of Wanker Academy.

They’re acting like barbarians. Arguing and fighting. My Daddy’s going to sue your Daddy.

Bitch, your Daddy can kiss my mother-fucking ass.

It makes you wonder how the USD is fine with these ass-wipes being the future of their nation.

If this is civilization, then I’m as civilized as a terrorist. 

Bombs away!

Death to the USD!


Dick, Richard, and Jewels, stand in the lunch line, complaining about the length of the line and the length of time that they have already had to wait for their food.

When they get to the front of the line, they immediately frown at the lunch lady as soon as she gives them their food.

“Bitch looks like a cancer patient,” Jewels says as they walk into the lunchroom. “She had no fucking teeth, bro.

“I know,” Richard says, laughing. “She was bald, too. I don’t like bald cunts.” 

“Maybe she’s a dyke,” Dick adds.

“Yeah,” Jewels says, nodding his head. “Maybe.”

They maneuver their way through mobs of kids as they get to their table. They always sit at the popular table. Everyone around them shares similar traits: rich, white, beautiful, and stuck up as hell.

This is a table meant for Kings and Queens. Not peasants and feigns.

Dick picks at his food, wondering how anybody could eat this shit.

He gets up and throws his tray straight into the trash. 

When he sits back down, he wishes he never came back. His ex-hoe, Melania, stares at him from across the table, with a big smile on her face. Dick lost some good pussy with her (not that it hurt him in any way, shape, or form).

She looks like a young Marilyn Monroe. The Marilyn before the depression and the drugs.

He feels uncomfortable around her. He broke up with her a couple months ago. He couldn’t deal with her bullshit anymore.

All she did was nag, nag, nag.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

She was always saying: “You’re not faithful. You don’t love me.”

Bitch, of course he doesn’t love you. You can’t expect a guy like Dick to remain faithful.

“Hey, Dicky,” she says as she pushes her tits out.

Everyone stares at them with smiles on their faces.

“Don’t call me Dicky, bitch,” he says, pissed. “We aren’t going out anymore so I suggest you leave me alone or shut the fuck up.”

“Dick, come on,” she says with a whimper. “It was a couple months ago. Haven’t you had time to know that you want me and only me?”

“You’re ridiculous,” he says, chuckling. “Ever since I left your dumb, useless ass --- I’ve been fucking more cunts than ever before. You don’t mean anything to me. You’re nothing to me.”

“Y-Y-You don’t mean that,” she says, clinging onto the last bit of hope that she has left. “You love me, right? You told me that every time after we fucked and when I would do that tongue thing you liked so much when I sucked you off. I miss you, Dick. I feel so lonely sometimes.”

“Melania,” he says through clenched teeth, “I’m going to need you to calm the fuck down. You’re making a scene. Now is not the time to act like a desperate dumbass bitch.”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said, Dick Van Cock? I said I miss you. I love you. I need you. I want to fuck you until I squirt all over your dick.”

He shakes his head and sighs. 

“Okay, Melania. I definitely hear you.” 


“No. I’m going to make this simple for you: I don’t love you. I never have and never will. I only said that because the sex was so good. I don’t care at all about you. You never meant anything to me other than a piece of ass. I’d be completely fine if you just died right now. Please leave me alone and stop bothering me with this pointless ass shit. We’re never ever getting back together. Sort of like that Taylor Swift song you like so much.”

She gets up from the table and runs away as she cries like a baby.

“What a dumb bitch,” people whisper.

“OMG. She’s so fucking pathetic. Like get a Life.”

“I hear she only eats semen because it keeps her skinny and gives her lots of protein.”

“Good job, Dick,” Richard says, patting him on the back. “That’s exactly how you talk to a cunt. Especially a bitch like her.”

“That shit was clown,” Jewels says as he smacks on his food. “Her face was priceless.” 

“Thanks, guys,” he says, sighing. “I try my best to be the greatest asshole to ever live.”


His name really does reflect his personality. His parents picked for the perfect name, for Dick is a fucking dick.

“I’m craving a cig,” Jewels says as he licks his lips. “You got any, Richard?” 

“Yeah. Let’s go smoke before class starts. You coming, Dick?”

“Sure,” Dick says, following his friends out of the lunchroom. 

They walk across the street to a vacant lot. There are a few other kids smoking cigarettes, hitting vapes, drinking beers, smoking weed, and complaining about their parents.

Richard pulls out a cigarette from his pack and lights it. He takes a few puffs and then hands it to Jewels.

When it reaches Dick, he coughs his lungs out.

“I’m never hitting one again,” he says as he hands it back to Richard.

“You okay, Dick?” Richard asks him, looking up at the sky as rain starts to fall.

“Yeah,” Dick says, breathing heavily. “You know I don’t smoke cigs like that. That’s why I usually only vape if I want nicotine.”

Richard smiles, saying: “And how often is that?”

“Almost never,” Dick says.

“Keep doing that,” Jewels advises him. “It’s a bad habit. All it does is make you feel sick and out of breath. Weed is way better.”

“Why do you guys keep smoking them, then?”

“I don’t know,” Richard says. “Cigs are so bad for you and vaping is safer...but it’s not that healthy, either. Plus cigs make me feel relaxed so I don’t care how bad they are for you. What about you, Jewels?”

“Same, man. They make me feel at ease.”

Dick looks off to the side as he sees Nina walking up to them. He starts to sweat as his hands begin to shake.

He hopes his friends don’t fuck this up.

“Hey, Dick,” Nina says with a wave of her hand. “Who are your friends?” 

“H-H-H-Hey...Nina. This is Richard and Jewels.” 

Richard and Jewels both frown.

“Why is this nigger talking to us?” Richard says. 

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Jewels adds.

“Guys...” Dick says uncomfortably as he avoids Nina’s glare.

“It’s okay, Dick,” Nina says. “I’m not a fucking nigger. And I’m not a cunt, either. I prefer to be known as a Human being. Or a negus.”

“Negus?” Richard says, confused. “What the fuck does that mean? That sounds like nigger to me.”

“Yeah,” Jewels says. “Did you just call yourself a nigger? That would be hilarious if you did.”

She rolls her eyes as she says: “No, you idiots. I did not just call myself a nigger. Negus is an Ethiopian word. It means royalty. Kings and Queens.That kind of stuff.”

“Never mind, then,” Richard says, laughing. “Niggers aren’t Kings or Queens. Whoever told you that is a fucking idiot.”

Jewels laughs.

She breathes in and out as she tries to control her temper.

“That’s funny,” she says, smiling. “It seems like the only people who are idiots are you and your friend. The only person with any common decency around here is Dick.”

Richard goes into a harder laughing fit as he says: “What are you talking about? Dick hates niggers. Don’t you, Dick?”

“Um...” Dick says, coughing awkwardly. “Yeah. I sure...hate those...niggers...” 

Nina, shocked and disappointed, slowly shakes her head.

“Wow,” she says as she walks away. “All of you guys are full of shit.” 

“Nina!” Dick shouts. “Wait!”

She keeps on walking.

“And don’t come back!” Richard adds.

Jewels takes a drag off of the cigarette and then says: “Dick, who the fuck was that cunt, anyway?”

“N-Nobody,” Dick says, feeling sad and stupid. “Just some s-stupid b-bitch in my english class.”

“She needs to watch her damn mouth,” Richard says. “Before I lynch her nigger ass.” 

Jewels cracks up as he says: “Ah. How beautiful that would be.”

The bell rings. Kids run back to school drunk, high, happy, and depressed. They feel a cluster-fuck of emotions. I guess that’s how it is when you’re at that age.


For Dick, the rest of the school day sucks ass.

All he can think about is how he hurt Nina’s feelings. When he goes to his english class, she doesn’t even look at him. Let alone talk to him.

This is the first time that a cunt has ever treated him like this.

What goes around, comes around.

Karma is a slutty, slutty bitch.

When the bell rings, he runs immediately to the limo. He says nothing to the guards or the Uncle Tom.

His silence frightens them.

As soon as the limo pulls up into the driveway of the White House, he hurries inside and then goes straight into his room.

He lies down on his bed. He has the plain old blues.

He rolls up a joint and then smokes it. His sorrow turns into music as he turns on a Kid Cudi type beat. He begins to rap.

It goes like this:

“I’m a fucking screw-up

Without the bolts

I lie too often, bullshit too much

Nobody can tell me to hush

I need to paint a picture

So just give me a brush

I think I’ve got a crush

Right now, I’m crushed

My heart is a lonely hunter

It cracks with lighting, booms with thunder

What have I done to her?

This weed is my salvation

What’s the point of creation?

Why am I bound to this pointless nation?

I’m on a cliff falling to my Death

Catch me if you can

Like the gingerbread man”


Why? Why? Why? he thought.

He wishes his mind would shut off, as if he’s a robot with broken circuits. He wishes to be free of the rust that erodes his thoughts. He wishes to be free of absolutely everything.

Ah. The teenage years.

So complicated.

So amusing.

Humans are such complicated creatures.

I don’t think they’re meant to be understood. All we can do is dream and wonder.


“Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.”

-Albert Camus


Chapter 6


Over the next couple of weeks, Dick feels nothing but depression. He, however, cannot figure out why he feels this way.

All he knows is that it has something to do with Nina. He can’t get her out of his head. Her face and body stares at him through his thoughts. Talking to Nina is a waste of time. She doesn’t pay attention to him anymore and he’s afraid to be rejected if he says anything to her.


It’s such a frightening, dirty word.

It’s something that he’s not used to hearing or feeling.

This mother-fucker sounds like the most pussy ass bitch in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if his ass becomes a fucking Feminist.

Dick, grow some balls, and talk to her.


At breakfast, he hardly touches his food. 

His Mother frowns. She’s been worried about him for a week or so. He hasn’t been rude to anybody at all. He’s been polite, quiet, and reserved.

That would make most parents happy, but not Dick’s Mother.

I’m a terrible Mother, she thought as she slowly eats her food. I don’t know anything about my son. And I’m always cheating on my husband with Mrs. Jay.

She gets a warm feeling inside as she thinks about Mrs. Jay.

Those beautiful, big tits...curvy hips...nice ass… and sweet, sweet pussy…

She thinks she might be in love with Mrs. Jay. But it could easily just be lust. They’ve been involved with each other for six glorious months.

If Mr. President found out, he would have her raped and then publicly hung on live TV. Homosexuality and Feminism are both serious crimes.

Nobody likes faggots and dykes and trannies anymore. Homosexual rights are a thing of the past. The USD finds it to be unnatural and against The Word of God.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s their proof: “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

I guess that means we’re all going to Hell, then.

“What’s wrong, Dick?” his Mother asks.

He shrugs.

“Come on,” she says. “Just tell me. I’m your Mother and you’re my son. Something has been bothering you lately. I can tell. A Mother can always tell...”

He shrugs again.

“Is it because your Father is away on business? I know he’s been gone a lot lately. If you miss him, don’t be ashamed. Even I miss him.”

“It’s not because of him,” he assures her. “I don’t miss him. I can’t stand his ass.”

“Don’t say that about your Father, Dick.”

“You don’t have to bullshit with me, Mother. I know you hate him, too. Everybody does. He’s the biggest asshole in the world...in the whole fucking Universe. Instead of calling himself Mr. President, he should call himself Mr. Asshole.”

She shakes her head as she says: “Why have you been so quiet, then?” 

He sighs.

For a moment, he almost tells her the truth, but he holds himself back. Instead, he lies, saying it’s because he misses his Father.

“I knew it,” she says with a small smile.

“Yep,” he says. “I sure do miss Mr. Asshole a lot.”

“I know what will cheer you up,” she says as a bright idea pops into her head.


“Seeing your Father on TV! He’s about to give a speech right now. Wouldn’t it be great if we watched?”

He groans as he says: “I...don’t know. I’m not really in the mood for it. It might be too...hard on me with him being so far away and all.”

“Nonsense! It would be great. You’d love it. I know I would. It’s settled. Let’s watch it.” 

“Fine,” he says, rolling his eyes.

His Mother tells a maid to bring out a TV. The maid returns with a flat screen. She turns to a channel called C-SPAN, which is basically just a channel that old white people watch.

His Mother smiles as she sees her husband.

Mr. President smiles back at her and all the other old white people watching his speech. He looks down at the crowd that stands before him.

He’s standing high up on a podium inside a large, fancy building.

“Welcome, welcome,” he says. “It’s nice to see you all today. I love you all and so does the USD.”

Dick laughs as he says: “He’s full of shit. Where is he, Mother?”

“Moscow,” she replies with a finger over her lips. “Now listen to the speech, darling.”

He rolls his eyes.

Mr. President coughs, laughs, and then takes a sip of water.

“As many of you all know,” he says, his voice loud and booming. “I come to you from the United States of Dick. My country is more than pleased to be here in this beautiful city of yours.”

The crowd yells and claps.

“Our two nations have been enemies and allies for decades upon decades upon decades. However, recently your Government has killed the ideals of democracy. They have abandoned you and have helped destroy their own people for too long. They have enslaved their own people. Killed their own citizens. Stolen money and food needed to help the poor. This is a Government that is obsessed with War and destruction and I will not stand for it!”

The crowd yells and claps.

“I come to you with a plan. A plan to better this great city and better this great nation. As you have all seen, the USD has become influential throughout the modern world. We have money and lots of it. I ask of you: do you ever feel safe?”

The crowd shakes their heads.

“Aren’t you tired of not having the same advantages that rich people have? Aren’t you tired of not being able to provide for your family?”

The crowd nods their heads.

“Then vote. Vote to leave a nation that does not support you. I ask you to join the USD. Don’t worry about what your Government might do to you if you decide to leave. They are also on board with us. We are currently trying to figure out new ways to expand the USD across the world. This will make the world a much better and safer place.”

The crowd claps and yells.

“I will tell you this: in my Life, I have been a rich man who has seen generations upon generations suffer at the hands of greedy people. I will not let this happen to you. The entire USD is on your side. We will not fail you. All we need is for you to join us.”

The crowd yells and claps.

Dick turns off the TV.

“Hey!” his Mother says angrily. “I was watching that.” 

He flips her off and then says: “Does it look like I give a fuck?”

“Dick, why did you turn it off? That was a really important speech. It was really powerful. If we get enough votes and Moscow and maybe all of Russia become a part of the USD --- the world will be a safer place.”

He laughs.

“Mother, do you hear yourself? Powerful and important? How could you ever say something like that? Father was full of shit the whole time. He always is.”

“No he wasn’t! Don’t talk like that about your Father, please. He might not be the best sometimes, but he tries hard. He really does. He’s got the toughest job in the world.”

“Fuck his job. How come he can’t actually be a real Father for once, huh? Why can’t he be there for me? For us? Everything he said about the USD is a lie. Half the country is poor. Walk into the ghetto right now if you don’t believe me. It’s fucked up. It really is.”

She shakes her head as she says: “Not everything or everyone is perfect, Dick. But the USD is the most perfect nation in this imperfect world. Without us, everybody would be back in the Stone Age.”

He laughs his ass off as he says: “How can you of all people say something like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you serious? Cunts have no rights! You’re a cunt, which means you’re a second-class citizen. You’re basically a slave.”

“Stop it, Dick,” she says as she tries to keep a straight face. “All of this is very true. But that’s the way it s-should be. It’s the way it's been since the beginning of time. Men have power and cunts are their slaves. They are the ones who deserve to have the control.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re afraid of getting in trouble.”

“N-No...I’m not.”

“Yes you are, you stupid, miserable bitch.”

As the guards escort him away, he smiles at his Mother as he walks away from her.

She watches him go. Tears fill her eyes as he walks away.

Why do I have to be a cunt? she thought. Why can’t I be somebody else for once?

The Uncle Tom drives into the parking lot of Wanker Academy. He’s noticed Dick’s abrupt change, too. So have the guards. They all like the new Dick.

It’s the first time in their lives when the kid isn’t being a dick to them. 

He says bye to them and then walks out of the limo.

People say hello to Dick as he passes them by. He ignores all of them. He’s not in the mood. For a moment, he wishes that he wasn’t so rich or famous. Living a normal Life would be therapeutic for him right now.

He sees Richard and Jewels by the school doors. They’re talking to Annabelle and Christi.

“Hey, guys,” Dick says to his friends. “What’s up, cunts.”

“There’s my boy,” Richard says with a frown. “Is something wrong, Dick?” 

“No,” Dick denies. “Why would something be wrong?”

“No reason. You just seem off lately, that’s all.”

“Yeah,” Jewels chimes in. “You seem distanced.”

“Nothing is wrong,” Dick says, getting pissed. “I’m completely fine.” 

“Okay...” Richard and Jewels both say as they give him a weird look.

Annabelle smiles at Dick and then says: “Are you busy after school at all?” 

He almost says yes, but decides against it.


“Christi and I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us?”

“Sure...” he says, not feeling up to it.

“Great!” Annabelle says with enthusiasm. “This time it's going to be at Christi’s house. My parents are at home today.”

Dick nods his head, saying: “Where are your parents, Christi?”

“They’re in Moscow,” Christi replies. “I think they’re helping your Father or something like that.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot our parents work with each other.”

“Yeah,” Christi says, thinking about hooking up with Dick later. “We’ll see you later then, right?”

“Yep. Definitely.”

Annabelle and Christi say their goodbyes and then they walk away.

“Damn,” Richard says, laughing. “You’ve got those hoes hooked.”

“Yeah,” Jewels agrees. “You really do have them hooked. You’re such a lucky fuck. I fucked Christi good and they didn’t even ask to hang out with me again.”

“Me, too,” Richard says.

Dick laughs, saying: “I just got the magic touch, I guess.”

“I want the magic touch,” Richard says. “Ever since I’ve known you you’ve always gotten cunts. How many cunts have you fucked in your whole Life? Give us an honest answer.”

“You really want to know?” Dick says, smirking.

“Hell yeah,” Jewels says. “We want some fucking answers.”

“Okay,” Dick says with a chuckle. “Let me think....I don’t really keep count on how many cunts I’ve fucked. But if it were up to me, I’d say about...fifty...”

“Fifty?” Richard says, flabbergasted. “I’m not even close to those numbers. What about you, Jewels?”

“Nope,” Jewels says, shaking his head. “Not even close.”

Dick pats them both on the back, saying: “You’ll get there eventually, boys.”

“I want that day to happen right now,” Richard says. “Jesus, I wish I were you, Dick. You’re the luckiest guy on Earth. Life would be so much easier with some Dick Van-Cock type luck. I swear it would.”

“Definitely,” Jewels agrees. “I would kill to have your luck. Everything about you is lucky.”

Dick’s muscles get tense as he sporadically says: “Stop doing that! Stop saying that shit!”

They give him a weird look.

“Seriously: what’s wrong?” Richard says, confused. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Yeah,” Jewels says, laughing. “You’ve been acting like a bitch so much that I think you might be a cunt. Are you changing your gender anytime soon?”

Dick forms his hands into fists, but instead of punching his friends --- he walks away.

The bell rings.

He has never been so happy to go to class.


When lunch starts, Dick immediately finds his friends, and apologizes to them.

“It’s okay,” Richard says, patting him on the back. “We just want to know what’s going on with you.”

“Yeah,” Jewels says. “You’ve been so weird lately, bro. Like you really, honestly have.” 

“I’m fine,” Dick assures them. “Absolutely perfect.”

“Are you sure?” his friends ask him.

“Yeah, I promise.”

They stand in the long line, frowning at the ugly lunch lady when they see her.

They get their food and then they walk into the lunchroom. 

“Guess what, Dick?” Richard says as he swallows his food.

“What?” Dick says, mildly curious.

“My Mother saw your Father’s speech today on TV. She said it was really great and inspiring. She said he’s going to make the world a better place. Isn’t that cool?”

“No,” Dick says with disgust. “That isn’t cool. Not at all.”

“What do you mean?” Richard says.

“Guys, everything my Father said in that speech was bullshit. The USD is just another corrupt nation here on the beautiful and ugly jail known as Earth. My Father doesn’t give a damn about Moscow or any other place except his bank account and dick. All he wants is to have a single central Government that rules the entire world. That’s just crazy talk.”

“Well,” Richard says, “now that you put it like that --- it does sound like some crazy ass shit...”

“Think about the cunts,” Jewels says. “Russian cunts are so fucking sexy and obedient. I hope this shit goes through so I can get my fuck on.”

“Agreed,” Richard says.

Dick shakes his head. “Is pussy all you guys think about? Don’t you care about other people? How do you think people in Moscow are going to feel when they figure out that the USD is full of crap and no different than Russia.”

“Excuse me,” Richard says, putting his hands up into the air. “When did you become Mr. I Care About The World?”

“Just forget it,” Dick says with a sigh. “It’s no use.”

His friends give him a weird look.

After they finish their food, they go outside to smoke a cigarette.

Dick hopes he’ll see Nina there, but he knows she won’t be there. Ever since he hurt her feelings, she hasn’t come out for lunch at all.

After they’re done smoking, they go back to school.

“I’m not ready for class,” Richard says.

“Neither am I,” Jewels adds. 

“Same here,” Dick says as he heads to his next class.


Dick can’t keep his mind off of Nina for the rest of the day. All he can think about is her smile...her laugh...her body...her everything…

Inside he knows that he wants her, but his mind keeps telling him not to. He’s constantly reminded of the consequences.

“You will shame your Father,” his mind tells him. “He would never tolerate a son that loves niggers. You know that.”

“I know,” Dick says, shaking his head. “But I’m not a nigger lover.” 

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not!”

In art class, Dick doesn’t even do anything except mope around, and listen to people talk.

“Did you see that feminist cunt that got raped and hung last night on TV. It was great!”

“Yeah. My Father was the guy who raped her and executed her.”

“Oh my God. Really? That sounds fucking awesome. I wish my Father had a cool job like that.”

What the fuck is up with these sadistic ass kids?

Parents, you’ve failed the youth miserably.

After art, Dick goes into his english class, hoping that Nina will say something to him. Or at least look at him.

She says nothing to him as he sits down next to her. She doesn’t even look at him.

Mrs. Jay tells the class that since they’re done reading Cat’s Cradle, she wants them all to turn in their books.

Turning in the book saddens Dick. He wishes that they could keep reading it forever and ever.

When all of the books are turned in, Mrs. Jay hands out a test that covers the whole book. 

He usually freaks out about tests, but not in english. He always does well on these types of tests.

“Mrs. Jay?” Urethra, a dorky-looking cunt says, raising her hand.

“Yes, Urethra?”

“When are you going to have the tests graded?”

“Um...probably before class ends.”

“Wow,” Nina says out of nowhere. “You’re pretty fast.”

Mrs. Jay chuckles as she says: “I try my best.”

Once everyone has a test, Mrs. Jay sits down at her desk, and then the test begins.

Dick suddenly gets a terribly stupid but bright idea: he’s going to fail the test on purpose. If he fails miserably, Mrs. Jay will be concerned about him, and once that happens --- he’ll tell her that he wants a tutor.

And that tutor will be Nina.

It’s crazy, but it might work. It probably will, for he gets anything he wants in this country.

He reads the questions and then makes sure that he bubbles in the wrong answers.

He gives Mrs. Jay a big smile as he turns it in.

After all of the tests are turned in, kids do their homework, listen to music, play on their phones, read, and stare at Mrs. Jay’s body.

Right before class ends, Mrs. Jay hands back the tests to everyone.

When she gives Dick his test back, she frowns and tells him that she’s very disappointed with him.

Dick apologizes and looks at his score. He got a fifteen percent.

Welcome to the retard club, Dick.

“Mrs. Jay,” Dick says, smiling, “I had a lot of trouble on this test obviously. This unit was a little hard for me. I need a tutor for the next unit. Somebody who really knows their stuff in here...”

He looks over at Nina suggestively.

“You seemed to be doing amazing before,” Mrs. Jay observes. “But as you wish. Nina will be your tutor...if she’s up to it.”

Nina immediately shakes her head. “No,” she says. “Not at all.”

Mrs. Jay shrugs and then says: “Sorry, Dick. I’ll have to find you somebody else.”

“No,” he says. “She knows all of her stuff. I don’t want to have to go to my Father for a tutor...”

A look of fear crosses Mrs. Jay’s face as she says: “I’m sorry, Nina. You’re going to have to be Dick’s tutor for the next unit.”

Nina sighs as she says: “But I just said no.”

“And this is me saying you have to do it. I don’t want to have to go to the Principal about this...”

“The Principal? Are you kidding me?”

“No, Nina. I’m really not.”

“Fine,” Nina says, annoyed and pissed. “I’ll tutor Dick.”

The biggest smile forms on Dick’s face.

“Good choice,” Mrs. Jay says as she walks away.

The bell rings.

Nina immediately gets up, grabs her stuff, and then walks out of the classroom.

Before Dick leaves the class, Mrs. Jay hands him a copy of their next book, which is called Can You Dig It? by Blake Chapman.

“Wait up,” Dick says to Nina as he follows her in the hallway.

She turns around and gives him a nasty look.

“What do you want?” she says with an attitude.

“I-I want to apologize,” he finally says.

“Really? I didn’t think racists actually apologized for being racist.”

“I’m not a r-racist,” he whispers. “Or I don’t know what...I...am. Look: I just wanted to tell you that I’m completely sorry about what I said and how my friends treated you. That wasn’t right. We were all idiots. I feel terrible.”

“I forgive you,” she says, smiling.

“W-What?” he says, not believing his ears. “Really? Just like that?”

“Yeah. That’s all I ever wanted. I wasn’t mad at you.”

“Wanted what?”

“A real, genuine apology.”

“Oh,” he says, a little pissed that she played him that easy.

“Just make sure you don’t say that kind of stuff again or at least not to me or around me. It’s offensive.”

“I got it. How’s that offensive? I mean, I guess I get it a little bit. But I’ve never had anybody judge me based on my gender or skin color.”

“Imagine this,” she explains. “Imagine being a girl who is not only judged and hated upon just for her gender, but also her skin color as well. It’s like a double edged sword that follows me around every place I go.”

“Wow,” he says, feeling worse. “I’d be pissed if that was me.”

She laughs and says: “No shit.”

They walk down the hallway together. They decide to have their first tutoring session on Saturday at Nina’s house. Once they have that settled, Nina says goodbye to Dick, and then she goes home.

He watches her go, swooning with lust as he looks at her voluptuous body.

“God,” he says to himself, “I have to fuck that bitch. I mean g-gi – I mean bitch. Yeah...bitch...”

He goes outside to the limo and then tells the Uncle Tom to drive to Christi’s house. On the way there, he thinks of Nina, which makes him see Life in a whole different light. He sees the world in an odd new way.

The streets look more interesting.

The leaves begin to change colors. Trees naked for all to see. Birds chirping, flapping their wings with nowhere to hide.

Everything looks so harmonious, he thought.


“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch”

-Bette Davis

Chapter 7

Since she was a little cunt, Dick’s Mother dreamt of love. She dreamt of marriage and kids. A whirlwind romance that would never stop.

Sadly, like the Rolling Stones once said: “You don’t always get what you want.” 

Dick’s Mother has everything she ever wanted, but she’s completely miserable inside. She hates her husband. She loves Dick, but she can’t deal with him at certain times. So it’s only natural that she’s attracted to cunts.

In fact, the first cunt that she ever fucked was a fat blonde cunt who looked a lot like Monica Lewinsky.

She thought she loved her at the time, but she soon found out that it was just lust. And this is exactly what she fears about Mrs. Jay. It’s too hard to ignore her feelings, but it is even harder to ignore her fears.

She hopes that Lord will show her mercy.


The sky is dark. The air is mildly chilly.

Thieves, murderers, and rapists --- walk in the deep dark shadows, guided by the moonlight as they look for various ways to bring Hell on Earth.

Dick’s Mother is sitting in her chair by the bedroom window, smoking a cigarette and snorting cocaine while listening to her favorite underground singer, Dyke.

She sings along to the song.

 It goes like this:

“I hate men, they hate me

They rape me

That’s why I love pussy

Nothing to hurt you, nothing to steal”

She’s waiting for Mrs. Jay to come by. Lately, all she can think about is Mrs. Jay. She’s becoming so addicted to her pussy that she feigns for it like it is hard drugs.

Why can’t I think straight? she thought. Sara means so much to me. But do I love her?

She sighs.

She hates thinking about shit like this. It only makes her depressed.

A guard comes in and tells her that Mrs. Jay is on her way. He then takes off his pants and whips out his dick. He has a big smile on his face. 

She gets down on her knees and gives him some shitty head.

This is what she has to do to keep secrets around this place. Black mail can get you pretty far in the world.

The guard leaves the room with a smile still on his face.

Ten minutes later, Mrs. Jay walks through the door, wearing a revealing dress. Her boobs are smacking her in the face.

Dick’s Mother smiles, hugs her lover, and then sticks her tongue down her throat. She grabs a handful of her ass.

“Oh my God,” she whispers into Mrs. Jay’s ear. “You are about to get fucked soooooo good.”

“Can’t wait,” Mrs. Jay says, smiling.

They take off all their clothes.

Mrs. Jay throws Dick’s mother onto the bed and then sits on top of her face. She moans and licks her pussy with an intense thirst, as she treats her body like it is a violin.

After Mrs. Jay squirts, Dick’s Mother sits on top of her face and moans. Mrs. Jay licks her like she can’t live without her pussy.

Dick’s Mother reaches orgasm, her pussy damp and moist.

Both of their pussies look like big, giant mouths, begging for more and more, yelling screaming to be heard.

It has large sharp teeth and big full lips.

Lips I wouldn’t mind hibernating in.

Their pussies laugh, saying: “More! More! We want more!”

Pussy is made for cheerleading.

Goddamn’t --- I’m really sorry about my hormones. I’m high as fuck and I don’t know what I’m saying. I just love pussy. I love it more than I love myself.

They finish fucking and then they lie down together on the bed, holding each other close.

Mrs. Jay feels completely relaxed.

Dick’s Mother, on the other hand, feels on edge.

All she can think about is whether she truly loves Mrs. Jay. She’s not aware of anything except the way that she feels about her. She’s not even aware of the consequences and the pain of the consequences that may come from her actions. 

To truly love someone is a scary experience.


A couple hours later, they decide to go to the Feminist meeting in the ghetto.

They don’t like going to the ghetto that much, but it's a safe place where Feminists can practice Feminism without men seeing them.

Before they leave, Dick’s Mother tells a guard to drive them to the meeting.

“I’ll suck your dick if you do it.”

He drives them there quicker than the speed of lighting.

The building that the Feminist meeting is held in is really shitty-looking. It looks like it's been abandoned for years.

When they get there, they tell the guard to sit tight.

Dick’s Mother winks at him as she makes blow-job motions with her hands.

The guard smiles and gets a boner.

They walk up to the front door of the building. Mrs. Jay knocks on it three times.

“Password?” a voice immediately says from the other side.

“Women aren’t cunts,” they say back. “Women are beautiful and special Humans.”

The door opens.

The body guard of the Feminists stands before them, looking ugly as hell. Her name is Bitchman. She looks like the white Whoopi Goldberg.

“Welcome to the Pussy Rioters first meeting of the month,” Bitchman says, stepping aside for them.

“Nice to see you again, Sister Bitchman,” Dick’s Mother says as she walks hand-in-hand with Mrs. Jay.

The inside looks worse than the outside. It’s completely dirty inside. Everything has spider webs or cockroaches. The floors are stained and some of the boards are missing. The ceilings and walls are cracked. Bits of sky are exposed. The only things that make this place alive are the cunts talking to each other all at once and the fact that the whole building is lit up.

Dick’s Mother and Mrs. Jay both sit down in their chairs as they listen to everybody talk. The Feminists talk of money and pay. The evil ways of men. The evil world they live in. The pain they all feel. They make calls for Revolution.

“There’s a War coming,” some say.

“We’re going to take this world by storm.”

“We’re going to kill all the men.”

Violence is never a correct answer, but the sad and bloody truth is this: you can’t have freedom without shedding some blood.

The President of the Pussy Rioters steps up to the front and calls for silence. Her name is Hitlary Cunton.

She’s old and she looks like a snake. Her husband, Bill, used to be the Dictator of the USD. Ever since Bill nationally got caught cheating on her and then lied about it, only to admit to it eventually --- Hitlary has been a Feminist, and likes to eat pussy.

“Sit down, Sisters,” Hitlary says into the microphone, her voice booming throughout the building.

Everybody sits down in their seats, ready to hear what their leader has to say.

The Feminist flag hangs behind her (a hairy vagina with stripes) as she forms the Feminist slogan with her fingers (two fingers formed into a V along the lips).

Her followers do the same.

“We’ve been enslaved for too long,” she tells them. “We’ve been beaten for too long. The time for action comes now!”

The crowd claps and hollers.

“If we want freedom, then we’ll have to take it by force! There will be a War soon, my Sisters. It will be a fight to the Death!”

The crowd claps and hollers.

“I am also in close talks with Al-Quief. They want to send weapons and bombs and money to help us win this crusade against the men. If this works, we cannot be stopped!”

The crowd just about dies in their seats.

Hitlary looks at Dick’s Mother as she says: “Sister Madison, I want to applaud you for being such a brave soul. I really do. Everybody give it up for Sister Madison!”

The crowd claps and hollers.

Dick’s Mother gets red in the face.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you, Sister Madison,” Hitlary continues. “I understand what you’re going through. As you all know and remember: I myself was the Dictator’s wife and slave not that long ago. Hell --- I still am a slave. We all are!”

The crowd claps and hollers.

“But that will change soon, my Sisters. In five years, I see no woman belonging to a man. If we ever want freedom, then we have to take it. To Hell with this Prophecy! No man is ever going to save us. We --- women --- are going to have to save us!”

The crowd claps and hollers.

Hitlary continues to talk.

The crowd continues to clap and holler.

It’s like every word that Hitlary says has a captivating pull on them. 

Propaganda, please suck my dick.

After her speech, Hitlary steps off of the podium, looks at Dick’s Mother, smiles at her, and then motions for her to come over to her.

Dick’s Mother sighs, gets out of her seat, and then walks over to Hitlary.

Hitlary smiles, pulls her to the side, and then says: “We will be Queens soon, you and I.”

“We already are,” Dick’s Mother says with sarcasm.

“You may not see a glorious future, Madison. But I do.”

“Yes, Hitlary. I’m fully aware of your hopes for the future and the actual reality of our future.”

Hitlary laughs.

“Don’t be so bleak, Madison. Better days are yet to come!’

“Better days?” Dick’s Mother exclaims. “When I look out into the streets --- I see horror. I see injustice and I see poverty. In my own house, I see women locked in cages, treated like animals. Better days, huh? When are they supposed to come?”

Hitlary puts a hand on her shoulder and says: “If you want to be a Feminist and support the cause, I suggest you better suck it up and get some hope. That’s all we have. I understand where you’re at. I lived the same exact Life.”

“You’re wrong, Hitlary. With all due respect, you lived in the White House in better times. You don’t have to face the same shit that I do. You’re old and outdated. Times have changed. They’ve gotten worse...much worse...”

Hitlary pinches her on the arm, wishing she could slap her.

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again, Madison! As long as I’m around, there is hope. There is a chance.”

Dick’s Mother rubs her arm as she says: “Chances and hope are all a part of fate. And you don’t control fate. Fate controls you.”

“What is our fate, then?”

Dick’s Mother laughs hysterically, saying: “To be in chains. Enslaved mentally and physically. It’s been like that since the beginning of time and it won’t ever stop.”

Hitlary pats her on the shoulder and says: “It’s time for change then, right? Evolution?” 

Hitlary walks away, laughing.

Dick’s Mother watches her walk into the crowd of followers that engulf her.

“Yes we can!” the cunts shout in union. “Yes we can!”

They’re all a bunch of fucking cheerleaders, Dick’s Mother thought, laughing at their ignorance.

Silly little cunts. To think that they can actually change the world is ridiculous.

The world is a dark and cruel place that belongs to men and only men. The only thing that cunts can do is wait and hope that there is an After Life. 

God (if you actually exist), do you hate cunts?


“It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re alive, you know?”

-Scarlett Johansson

Chapter 8


Dick wakes up and jumps out of bed. He’s excited as hell to get tutored by Nina later today.

He looks at the clock and frowns. It’s only 5:00 AM.

Pussy will make you do some crazy shit, man.

He goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, brushes his teeth, and then gets dressed. By the time all of this is done, it's 6:00 AM.

He rolls up a joint. He smokes it while he raps over a Cypress Hill type instrumental. 

It goes like this:

“Love for the black skin, the fuck is that?

Thought I was supposed to hate, show no love

But I can’t understand the above

My body says one thing, my mind says another

I love a dark skinned cutie with a booty

And now I’m struggling inside

If the fam find out, then I better get ready to die

Cause ain’t nobody fucking with that shit

My world weaker than reggie hits

I can’t stand this, damn this

Dreams of a kiss, then the panties fly like Wonder Woman

I swear this cunt blows my dick up like yemen

This rich, shady livin

I bang with no fucks given

But now I’m keeping secrets just like my Daddy 

Broken fragments of a soul left to rot, destroyed by thots

And deep depressed, stressed thoughts”


Genitalia walks into the room.

Dick immediately stops rapping.

“Surprised to see you up so early,” she says, smiling and sniffing the air.

“Yeah...” he says awkwardly, putting the joint out. “I have shit to do later.”

“Very well,” she says, nodding. “Do you need anything?”


“Okay. That’s all I wanted. I’ll see you around, Mr. Van Cock.”


As she leaves the room, he lights the joint back up, turns on his music, and begins to rap again.


A few hours later, Nina texts him, and says that he can come over now.

He just about dies with happiness. He doesn’t know why but he was worried that she would cancel. He’s beyond happy and thankful that this did not become a reality.

He sprays some cologne on and then runs downstairs. He gives the guards the directions to her house.

“Drive there immediately,” he tells them.

They don’t ask any questions. They just do what he says.

It’s crazy to think that such a young boy has so much power. 

The guards escort him to the limo outside.

The Uncle Tom smiles at him and then looks at the directions. A frown begins to form on his face. 

“What’s wrong?” Dick asks him.

“Mr. Van Cock,” the Uncle Tom says, “have you ever been to this house?” 


“It’s just this...address. It’s in an odd place, you see. A place that’s mostly deserted and forgotten about these days.”

“What place is that?”

“They call it ‘The Middle Class’.”

The guards give each other suspicious looks.

“The Middle Class?” Dick says, confused. “What’s that?”

“You’ll see when we get there, sir.”


The Uncle Tom pulls out of the driveway and then drives away.

As familiar houses and streets turn into the unknown, Dick is shocked by what he sees: nice looking houses all foreclosed. Overgrown grass tinted with a shade of brown. Stray dogs and cats with no homes.

“What is this place?” Dick says in awe. “It looks like it was beautiful once.” 

“It was,” the Uncle Tom replies. “It truly was…”

“What happened to it?”

“It was a long, long time ago,” the Uncle Tom begins. “Before you were born or maybe even before the guards were born, the USD had just gotten into the worst recession it had ever seen. It swept over the land and destroyed so much. The Middle Class suffered the most. Most of the people either moved to the ghetto, became homeless, or somehow moved over to the rich side of town.”

“Wow,” Dick says, amazed. “I never knew that.”

The guards snort in disgust, saying: “Stop it with the tall tales, nigger!”

“Sorry,” the Uncle Tom apologizes.

Dick gives the guards a nasty look.

The Uncle Tom pulls up into Nina’s driveway.

Dick gets out of the car.

“I’ll be out in a few hours,” he tells them.

He walks up to the porch and then knocks on the door.

The door opens.

Nina is standing in front of him, wearing a crop-top and leggings.

Damn, that bitch is so fucking sexy, he thought, getting really hard.

“H-Hey, Nina,” he says nervously as he walks inside. Sweat is dripping down his forehead. “You look really good today.”

“Thanks,” she says, closing the door as she blushes.

He looks around her house. “You’ve got a beautiful home, Nina.”

“Thanks, Mr. Van Cock. That means a lot coming from the Dictator’s son.”

He shakes his head and says: “Don’t call me that. It’s just Dick. Plain old Dick.”

“Sorry about that, Dick. I was just messing with you.”

“It’s okay...”

He looks around her house once again. “Why do you live here?” he asks her.

“What do you mean?”

“Like why do you live in this area? I never knew about The Middle Class before today.”

“Oh,” she says, laughing. “My parents don’t have enough money to live on the rich side and they don’t like the ghetto. It’s kind of nice living here without that many neighbors.”

“What do your parents do?”

“They’re both teachers at a High School in the ghetto.”

“Wow,” he says, nodding his head. “I bet they see some crazy shit.”

“They really do. They’re not home very much because they’re always dealing with some crazy shit that happened at school.”

“That’s a shame, Nina. The...ghetto...those fucking bastards have destroyed their own community. They’re all idiots. Every fucking last one.”

“That’s really funny, Dick. I would say the rich people have destroyed their community. They’re all idiots. Every fucking last one.”

“Rich people aren’t idiots,” he fires back. “We’re smart and sophisticated. That’s why we have so much money. It’s the poor people that are the real idiots. Like who the fuck wants to be poor? That’s just dumb.”

She laughs and points at him. “Guess whose winning asshole of the year award?”

“Hey,” he says, shrugging. “I don’t mean to be an asshole. I’m just giving my opinion. Not a lot of people have those anymore.”

“Everybody has one, Dick. They’re like assholes.”

“I know that but I’m just being honest. People don’t state their opinions much anymore.”

She smiles as she admires his honesty.

“Let’s go up to my room,” she says, motioning for him to follow her. “We can study up there. No funny business, though.”

He laughs and says: “Why would there be any funny business?”

“Did you forget that you’re a pervert?”

He laughs harder, saying: “I had no idea...”

She leads him up the stairs to her bedroom. He can’t help but stare at her ass.

Unlike most teenage cunts, Nina’s room is mostly empty. All that lies in there are a bed, a book stand, and a desk. Even the walls are all white.

“Nice room,” he says with sarcasm.

“Thanks a lot,” she says with even more sarcasm.

He sits down on the edge of her bed and says: “Have you ever been told that you have the most beautiful eyes and body that’s ever been created in the history of Mankind?”

“Um...yeah. And I know this is hard for your small brain to get --- but no funny business. We’re here to study. Not flirt.”

“Okay,” he says, shrugging. “My bad.”

“It’s okay.”

She sits down next to him and says: “Why do you always look at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“You look at me weird all the time. Not in an I-want-to-fuck-you way. But just weird. I can’t explain it.”

“Neither can I. I just find you beautiful, that’s all.”

She laughs and says: “Thanks, Romeo. But you’re full of shit. I haven’t heard that much bullshit since your Dad’s speech.”

He laughs awkwardly. “You...saw that?” he says, getting red in the face.

“Yeah. Everybody did. It was complete bullshit. Every fucking word.”

“Thank God!” he exclaims. “It’s so nice that somebody agrees with me.”

“You think it was bullshit, too?”

“Yeah. Everything my Father says or does is bullshit.”

“That’s interesting,” she says, getting up from the bed.

She grabs Can You Dig It? and hands it to Dick.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he says, even though he’s already read the entire book and loves it.

“Read it, dummy.”

“Why would I ever want to read this shit?”

“Because reading is fun and you’re stupid as fuck and can’t read. That’s why you wanted me to tutor you, right?”

“Yeah...reading sucks. But why the fuck would I want to read about someone else’s life, when I can live my own?”

“In the eyes of an idiot, I can see why you would say that. But just read it if you want me to tutor you. Summarize the chapters. Analyze interesting quotes or paragraphs. And then explain the story and the meaning behind it when you’re done. If you need any help, I’ll assist you. Sound easy?”


She sits down next to him, grabs the book from his hands, and then sniffs it. 

“I just love the smell of books. Don’t you?”

“Nope,” he says, moving closer to her. “But I love the smell of your perfume. What kind is it? I just love the smell of cunts...I mean...you know what I mean...right?”

He looks like he’s about to pass out.

“Yeah,” she says, looking at him with pity. “It’s okay. I know exactly what you mean. And that’s not perfume. It’s just my natural smell.”

“Really?” he says in disbelief. “That’s some bullshit. You always smell this good?” 

“Yep,” she says, chuckling. “Always.”

“That’s crazy. You must be an alien or some shit. But not in like a...racist...way.” 

“You’re quite the charmer,” she says, rolling her eyes.

He sighs and says: “I’m sorry. I don’t mean anything by it. I really don’t.” 

“It’s okay,” she says, putting a hand on his shoulder.

After reading a couple passages from the book, she lets Dick have a try at it. When he reads, he makes sounds that make him seem retarded.

He messes up word pronunciation. Skips over commas and periods. It’s as if he has no regard for the English language.

He’s a caveman in expensive clothing.

“How did you ever pass school?” she says, amazed.

“I don’t know. Probably because of my Father.”

“Wow, I wish I had your luck.”

He looks down at the ground, sighs, and then says: “Everybody says that.”

“Well of course they do. You’re the luckiest person on Earth!”

He gets a sad look on his face as he says: “I know I’m lucky but sometimes I wish I wasn’t.”

“Why would you wish something like that?”

“You wouldn’t understand, Nina. Nobody does...”

“Come on, Dick. I probably won’t understand. We come from two different ways of Life. But you have to tell somebody your secrets. You can’t just keep everything bottled up. It’s not healthy. Eventually you’re going to explode.”

He hesitates and then says: “I’m a rich ass, bitch ass seventeen year old. I’ve fucked plenty of cunts. I’m set for Life. And oh yeah --- my Father is the Dictator of the United States of Dick.”

She claps her hands and says: “Thanks for pointing out the obvious.”

“Never mind,” he says, pissed. “Just forget I ever said anything. It’s dumb.”

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes. “I was just messing with you. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He gets up from the bed as he says: “No, Nina. I’m sorry. I really should get going. It’s getting pretty late.”

“Are you sure? It was only a joke...”

“Yeah,” he says, smiling. “I just have to get going.”

Before he walks out, Nina says: “Wait.”

“What?” he says, turning around.

“Are we meeting again? I’d like to continue tutoring you. You need the...extra help if you want a good grade.”

“Sure,” he says, happy as fuck. “How about next Saturday?” 

“Yeah. That works. See you at school, then. Bye.”


He walks out of her room and then goes down the stairs. He takes a last look at her house and then goes outside. 

The limo is still waiting for him.

The sun is out. The leaves move around like nervous tics. 

He gets in the limo, saying nothing to the guards or the Uncle Tom. 

All he can do is smile.


“Reading Shakespeare in 9th grade was fucking boring. I wanted to make a rebellious version.”

-Blake Chapman

Chapter 9


Over the next few weeks, Dick and Nina’s relationship blossoms like a flower on a sunny day. They hang out regularly as they go on so-called “study dates”.

Every moment he spends with Nina feels like Heaven. So it’s only natural for him to want to break things off.

He feels like he’s falling in love with Nina, but he’s not sure. That powerful word, love, scares him to Death.

He can’t allow himself to fall in love with her. He’s never felt love for anything or anybody --- not even for himself or his parents. And what if his parents, friends, and country --- find out that he’s involved with a nigger? It would spell disaster for him and his entire family.

Disaster is not something that he wants to think about. Disaster means destruction.

Destruction means horror.

Horror means pain.

And pain only brings sorrow. Sorrow that he doesn’t wish to have.


Dick awakens from a nightmare.

Sweats drizzles off of his forehead as he breathes in and out. A sigh of relief comes from his mouth as he feels around for his environment. 

He gets up from the bed and then turns on the light. Everything looks the same.

I was only dreaming, he thought.

Dreams have an odd way of becoming reality, don’t they? 

He goes to the bathroom and tries to forget his nightmare. It was terrifying. It was the worst that he’s ever had.

I was with Nina, he remembered. We were having sex. Everything was great until the cockarazi came and started taking pictures of us. And then all of the pictures ended up on the news and all over the Internet. The headlines said: “Presidents’ son gets caught fucking nigger!”

Sick with jungle fever, he takes a shower as he tells himself over and over again: “It’s just a dream, Dick. Dreams aren’t real. Dreams can’t hurt you.”

But can they?

Like all people, he fears the unknown.

Like all people, he wishes for things to be simple, and not so complicated all the time.

A slight depression creeps up on him as he gets out of the shower. As he dries himself off and brushes his teeth, he feels it as it tries to escape his soul and ooze through his pores.

He decides to go back to bed, hoping that he doesn’t have another nightmare and that he wakes up in a good mood.


“Wake up, Mr. Van Cock,” Genitalia says, smiling. 

Dick doesn’t move.

“Mr. Van Cock,” she says, tapping him on the arm, “you have to get up. You have to go to school.”

He opens his eyes as he flips her off.  “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he says with an annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes.

He flips her off again and says: “Apology not accepted. Get the fuck out of here before I start yelling.”

“Yes, sir,” she says as she exits the room, wishing she could kill every man in the world. 

He sleeps for a few more minutes and then gets up.

He rolls a joint, smokes it, gets dressed, and then goes downstairs for breakfast. 

“Hello, Father,” he says as he sits down at the table. “Hello, Mother.”

“Hello, son,” his Father says, frowning at his red eyes.

“Hi, sweetie,” his Mother says, smiling.

They eat their food in silence.

When it's time for Dick to go to school, he gets up, says goodbye to his parents, and then gets escorted to the limo by the guards.

The Uncle Tom smiles at them and then drives to Wanker Academy. 

He flips the guards off and gets out of the limo.

I wonder why he didn’t do anything to me, the Uncle Tom thought. 

He enters the crowd of people that are there to greet him.

His loyal fans. His loyal disciples.

You know the whole routine: “Hi, hello, how are you? How’s your Mother doing?”

He finds Richard and Jewels by the front doors.

He flips them off as well.

They flip him back off.

What the fuck is up with teenage boys and flipping people off?

“Do you want to go smoke some weed?” Richard asks Dick.

“Sure. When?”

“After school,” Richard tells him.

Dick shakes his head as he says: “No...sorry...I can’t.”

“Why?” Richard says with curiosity filling his tone.

“I’ve got shit to do,” Dick explains to them.

“What shit?” Jewels butts in, giving Dick a weird look.

“I’ve got shit to do, guys. That’s all.”

“Come on,” Richard says. “What are you doing after school? Fucking a bitch or something?”

“Why do you mother-fuckers want to know so bad? Are you my goddamn Mother or something?”

“No,” Richard and Jewels both say.

“Then stop pestering me about it.”

“Sorry,” Richard apologizes, “but we’re still your best friends. Keeping secrets from us isn’t nice.”

“Yeah,” Jewels adds. “Does friendship mean anything to you?”

Dick sighs as he says: “Fine...I’ll tell you. I’m fucking...uh...Christi after school.”

Richard and Jewels laugh.

“Are you serious?” Richard says. “That’s what you were giving us such a hard time about? Christi’s hoe ass?”

“Yeah,” Jewels says. “Why would we ever care about Christi? She’s just a slut.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Dick snaps. “You don’t need to know about all my pussy business. I don’t know all of yours.”

“True enough,” Richard says. “But you still were acting like a little bitch about it.” 

“Definitely,” Jewels agrees. “Acting like a total pansy.”

Dick feels like he wants to punch them as he says: “You guys are assholes.”

Richard and Jewels laugh, saying: “Dick Van Cock: the pussy and pansy of Wanker Academy.”

The bell rings.

Everybody goes inside.

Master Bate stops the three boys as they walk in.

“How are you guys doing today?” Master Bate asks them. He has an odd smile on his face, which scares the hell out of them, for they do not like looking at him. His face is very uncomfortable to look at. It’ll either make you cry or be horrified. It might even make you look away in disgust.

“Good,” the boys as they walk away from him.

“That’s mighty fine,” he says, still smiling. “Mighty fine.”

As he walks away from them, he hums to himself.

“I hate that fucking guy,” Dick says. “I might talk to my Father about getting him fired.” 

“You should,” Richard agrees.

“Yeah,” Jewels adds. “That’s a great idea.”

They say goodbye to each other and then they go to class.


By the time he goes to english class, Dick can barely contain his excitement and nervousness. He can’t wait to see Nina and talk to her while he catches whiffs of her heavenly scent.

Aren’t you a creepy asshole, Dick?

“Hi, Mrs. Jay,” he says as he sits down in his seat.

“Hi, Dick,” Mrs. Jay says, smiling. “How’s the tutoring going so far?” 


“That’s great. Do you like the book?”

“Yep. It’s really interesting.”

She smiles at him again and then walks away.

What is it with a cunts smile? he thought. They smile too damn much. They smile more than they give head.

Nina walks in just before the bell rings.

She’s nervous, too. She has feelings for him, of course. But she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Things are just too complicated right now.

Love is always like that.

Dick and Nina talk and giggle while Mrs. Jay gets ready for class.

Mrs. Jay has noticed them getting closer, but she doesn’t think anything of it. A rich white boy and a nigger cunt getting together is too ridiculous an idea to accept.

When class starts, Mrs. Jay goes up to the front, and says: “Does anybody want to share their thoughts on the reading last night?”

Nobody answers.

“How about you, Dick?”

“Um...” he says awkwardly. “The reading last night was interesting. This whole book is interesting so far. The whole gorilla struggle in the Jungle, while fighting against the Craquelin is crazy.”

“Exactly,” Mrs. Jay says. “Who do you think the gorilla and the Craquelin represent?”

“The Craquelin represent white people...and the gorillas represent nig– I mean...black people...”

Everybody gives him a weird look, except Nina. She only smiles back at him.

“Exactly...” Mrs. Jay says again. “White people and niggers. Good job, Dick.” 


As Mrs. Jay continues to teach, he stares at Nina. He can’t keep his eyes off of her. He thinks about what it would be like to fuck her. Caressing her body against his own body. To have her suck his dick. To eat her pussy. To love her without worrying about the consequences.

Deep down, all of this sounds like Heaven to him.

When the bell rings, he walks out of the room with Nina.

They’re talking and laughing about inside jokes that nobody else would get.

“Wait up, Dick!” Richard and Jewels shout as they run after them.

Dick looks at Nina, who looks highly annoyed.

He sighs and says: “What do you guys want?”

“What are you doing with her?” they say, giving them a weird look.

“We keep seeing you with this cunt,” Richard says.

“Yeah,” Jewels adds. “What’s up with that?”

Before Dick can reply, Nina says: “I find it funny that you guys pay more attention to Dick’s life than your own.”

“Look at this cunt trying to sass us,” Richard says with a laugh.

“Fucking ridiculous,” Jewels says. “Dumb bitch needs to watch her mouth. If we weren’t in school, I’d rape her right now.”

Dick flips them off and then says: “That’s enough, guys. Chill out.”

Richard gives Dick a confused look as he says: “What the hell is up with you, man? Are you a nigger-lover now?”

Dick glances over at Nina.

She looks back at him with hopeful eyes.

“N-N-No,” Dick stutters. “I’ll never love...niggers. They’re worse than animals.”

“Damn straight!” Richard says, patting him on the back.

“Thank God!” Jewels exclaims, smiling. “Dick Van Cock is alive! We thought we were losing you there for a second. Didn’t we, Richard?”

“Yep,” Richard says. “You’ve been acting so weird lately, dude.” 

“I’m the same old me,” Dick says, laughing.

Nina storms off. Tears run down her face as she hustles away.

Richard and Jewels both laugh their asses off.

“Nina!” Dick shouts. “Wait!”

Dick runs after her. He hates himself and his friends. He just wishes everything could be the way he wanted it to be.

He grabs her by the arm and says: “I’m really sorry about that. I panicked. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Nina, wiping tears out of her eyes, says: “Fuck you, Dick. Your name matches your personality.”

He winces.

“You have to understand, Nina. What was I exactly supposed to do? Say I have feelings for you? I can’t do that. At least not publicly.”

She looks into his eyes and says: “You have feelings for me?”

“Of course,” he immediately says, checking to make sure that nobody is listening to them. “What about you? Do you have feelings for me?”


He smiles and says: “I’m sorry for what I said, okay? I wish I could tell them how I feel about you. I wish I could tell the whole word. But I can’t. At least not now...”

“I understand,” she says with a sigh. “It just sucks.”

“I know, Nina. I know it does.”

The now official lovers go outside as they sneak away into the limo.

The guards smile at them, saying nothing at all. The Uncle Tom stays silent as well. He drives carefully along the road as he observes them. They all know that something is going on with those two. The signs are everywhere. But they don’t care or want to stop them. They all hate Mr. President and want to keep Dick happy so he’ll be nicer to them. 

The Uncle Tom drives to Nina’s house and then drops them off.

Dick and Nina walk inside to an empty house.

“Do you ever miss your parents?” Dick asks her.

“Sometimes,” she says, “but I like being home by myself.”

“I wish I could stay at home by myself. People are always at my house.”

“I bet. Do you ever miss your Dad when he goes away for trips?”

“No. Not really.”


“He’s an asshole.”

She laughs and says: “All parents are assholes.”

“True that.”

“Let’s go upstairs,” she says, grabbing both of his hands.


She leads him up the stairs as they go straight into her room.

For once in his Life, he’s not thinking about sex.

“Do we have to study?” he says, plopping down on her bed.

“Yes,” she says, sitting down next to him.

“I don’t want to study,” he explains. “I just want to talk.”


“Yeah. Talk. Talking? Conversations?. You ever hear of it? It’s the shit people don’t do anymore.”

“Okay...” she says, feeling awkward. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I don’t know...anything...anything at all.”

She smiles. “Thanks for helping, asshole.”

“Hey,” he says, shrugging, “I’m trying.”

“Well try harder, then.”

He takes a joint out of his pocket and then says: “Have you ever smoked weed before, Nina?”

She nods, saying: “Yeah. A few times. Not a bunch, though.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know where to get it from. I used to get it from my brother before he...died...”

“Oh...sorry. I didn’t know that. How’d he die if you don’t mind me asking?”

“He was shot and killed by the Police.”

“Wow,” he says, shaking his head. “That’s crazy.”

“It really is,” she says, sighing. “I miss him every day.”

“Don’t get sad on me. We can smoke this joint. You’ll feel better after that.”

“I don’t know...”

“Come on, Nina. It’s just weed. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But trust me --- it’ll make you feel better.”

She looks at the joint and then looks back at him.

“What the hell?” she says, shrugging. “I’ll smoke it with you.”

He smiles as he says: “Good choice. You made a good choice with that one.”

“We have to smoke it in the backyard, though. My parents will get mad if they smell weed in the house.”

“Okay. Fair enough.”

As they leave her room, they begin to race each other. This race stops as soon as they go to the backyard. Nina surprisingly beat Dick, but deep down, he feels like he let her win. To him, there is no way that a cunt could ever beat him at anything. He believes that he is the best at everything in the world. He bet he could even beat them at beating his own dick.

He puts the joint to his lips, lights it, and then inhales. He coughs and burps out smoke.

“That smells really good,” Nina says, sniffing the air.

“Well yeah,” he says, laughing. “It’s weed.”

“I’ve always loved the smell of weed.”

He hands her the joint, saying: “Do you know how to hit a joint? I’ll help you if you don’t.”

“I don’t need help,” she says. “I...used to see my stoner ass...brother do it all the...time. I know how to hit a joint.”

“Okay,” he says, shrugging. “My bad.”

She takes a couple hits, inhales, exhales, and then coughs.

He laughs and says: “How do you feel?”

“Jesus Christ,” she says, coughing. “My lungs hurt so much.”

“Welcome to my world, Nina.”

They smoke the rest of the joint.

He can’t help but wish he could fuck her. But not even in a normal, random crazy sex way. What he meant is in a making love kind of way.

“Let’s go inside,” she says. “I want some food.”

“Hell yeah,” he says as he follows her inside. “I’m starving.”

They go into the kitchen, get some food, and then go back upstairs to her room.

They sit down on her bed. As they eat the food, they stuff their mouths like hungry little hippos.

He lies back on the bed, saying: “What is Life?”

She gives him a weird look as she says: “What do you mean?”

He sighs, saying: “I don’t know...I’ve been thinking about that question for a while. My whole entire Life to be exact...”

“Do you believe in God?” she says, lying down next to him.

“Of course!” he says with enthusiasm. “Do you?”

“Yes and no,” she admits.

With a confused look, he says: “What do you mean? I don’t get it.”

“You have to look at it both ways, Dick. When you really think about it --- anything could be possible or real. I can’t prove anything and neither can you, your Father, the USD, or anybody else.”

“I still don’t get what you mean, though...”

“You don’t have to understand. All I mean is that there’s no definite proof that God is real or fake.”

“He is real,” he says as he holds onto everything that he has been taught since birth. “There is proof.”

“Where? Where is this proof that you speak of?”

“In the Bible, of course. Haven’t you ever read it?”

She chuckles and says: “Yes, I’ve read the Bible. It’s very misleading or at least we make it misleading.”

He shakes his head, saying: “Nothing in the bible is misleading. It’s the greatest book ever written.”

“Who told you that?”

“My family,” he explains. “My church. This nation. Jesus Christ.”

She sighs and says: “Oh, the USD. It’s always been a Christian nation that doesn’t act very Christian.”

“Even though the USD is full of shit, God is real. God isn’t full of shit. His son, Jesus Christ, died for ours. He’s our Lord and Savior.”

“He’s not mine. I’m my own Savior.”

He almost wants to slap her as he says: “Don’t say that. You’ll go to Hell.” 

She laughs and says: “I’ve heard that many times.”

“I’m sure you have,” he says as he strokes her hair.

Time to make my move, he thought as he got horny.

He moves his lips to hers as he kisses her softly.

As he pulls away from her, she looks him in the eyes, smiles, and then kisses him lightly, and then passionately.

He moves his hands to her tits and ass, but she pushes him away.

“No,” she says. “We’re not there yet, Dick. I’m not a slut or a cunt. I’m a woman. I’m a Human being. I deserved to get treated like one.”

Human beings? he thought. Cunts aren’t Human beings. Let alone niggers.

“Okay,” he says, pissed. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

The hormones raging throughout him are unbearable.

His boner screams and shouts, saying: “Fuck me! Suck me! Eat me!”

Sexual frustration is quite frustrating.

They kiss some more as they hold onto each other’s bodies. He hears her heart beat against his. He feels her breath breathing against his. He can also feel his clothed boner against her clothed vagina.

Even though he isn’t having sex right now, he’s pretty happy.

Sex is beautiful and blissful, but at the end of the day --- love is what really brings people together. That togetherness brings a sense of being alive. It can also hurt you, for love is such a cruel bitch. Breaking your heart without caring, making you wish for Death.

Such is Life, I guess.

Humans are naturally social creatures. They can’t help falling in love.

God (if You exist), why did you create such a mess?


“I’m with Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, but we have to stop all the bullshit and fighting to come together as One.”

-Blake Chapman


Chapter 10


The Hill family comes from a long line of Kings and Queens.

Long ago in the African jungle, Hill wasn’t their real name. Their real name was Uzuri, which means beauty. But did those damn Europeans and Brits and the USA (now known as the USD) people ever care about kafirs in Africa?

Nope. Not at all.

They worked them all to an early grave.

If you ask me, niggers in the USD don’t even know who they are anymore. Some want to be Uncle Toms. Some want to be in the streets. Some want to be revolutionaries and poets and writers and musicians. And some simply just want to live Life and want everybody to shut the fuck up and stop fighting.

Humanity never stops fighting, my friend.


Nina sits on the toilet and takes a shit. She farts a few times.

Holy shit! The secret has been unlocked! Cunts actually do shit and fart. I say this because I swear some of them act like they’ve never gone to the bathroom before. 

She flushes the toilet and then takes a shower.

I wonder if this were porn, how many fucked up people would masturbate to it?

After she’s done cleaning herself up, she turns off the shower and then dries herself off. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tries not to cry.

Today is going to be tough since her parents are taking her to see her brother’s grave. The last time they were there was hard enough.

She brushes her teeth, gets dressed, and then comes downstairs to have breakfast with her parents.

“Hey, Dad,” she says, smiling a fake smile. “Where’s Mom?”

“Hey,” her Father says back to her as he reads the paper. “Your Mom is still in the room, I think. She won’t come out.”


“I don’t know. You know how she gets about...visiting the...grave...”

“I know...” she says, shaking her head.

She eats breakfast and then goes upstairs to her parents’ room.

“Mom?” she says, worried. 

She knocks on the door a few times, but no reply is given back.


No reply.


No reply.

She opens the door and walks in.

Her Mother is lying down on the bed, looking at old pictures of her brother.

“Mom?” Nina says, closing the door. “Didn’t you hear me calling you? Are you okay?” 

Her Mother quickly puts the pictures away as she wipes tears from her eyes. 

“Sorry,” her Mother apologizes, sniffling. “I was...busy.”

“Okay,” Nina says, feeling bad for her Mother. “Well, you need to get yourself together, and come downstairs. It’s almost time to go.”

“Okay. I’ll be down soon. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Nina leaves the room, trying not to think about what she just saw.

In the hallway, faint sounds of her Mother crying can be heard.

Why is the world so fucked up? she thought as she goes into her room.

She lies down on the bed and turns on some music. She decides to rap over an MC Lyte type instrumental.

It goes like this:

“Childhood memories turning into War

Cops shot my brother, my other half is gone

Life got a fake booty, Death got a funny smile

The end got cut like a mother-fucking dial

Shit made me grow to an adult, not no fucking child 

Now I’m cold, so fucking vile

Secrets is the shit that I pile

But after a while, the deceit stretches on like the Nile 

Parents hurt more than I do

Cum lost semen and the eggs lost a yolk

Police brutality, nigga

It ain’t no fucking joke

Suck a dick, choke

Every cop, bullets at yo mother-fucking throat 

Bullets through yo mother-fucking coat

Murder she wrote”


She turns off the music and cries.

When she’s finished, she gets out of bed and goes downstairs.

Her Mother is already in the kitchen, ready to go, ready to suffer, ready to battle her demons.

“You sure you want to go?” Nina asks her.

“Y-yeah,” her Mother replies, looking off into space.

“Okay, Mom. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I am. No need to w-worry...”

Once they’re all ready to go, the Hill family walks out of their house. When everyone is inside the car, her Father drives away.

On the car ride to the cemetery, Nina can’t help but look at her own community. Everything is so empty and barren. The Middle Class is pretty much a ghost town.

It’s a shame what happened to them. People lived in houses they couldn’t afford. Went to schools they couldn’t pay for. And then when the economy got so fucked up, it all became a mess.

It still is a mess, but it's a hidden, Do-Not-Speak of it mess. 

Great job, Government.

When they get to the cemetery, her Father parks in the parking lot.

They get out of the car as they slowly walk up to the cemetery.

“Do you remember where it is?” Nina asks her Father.

“Yeah,” he says. “I could never forget that.”

He leads them to her brother’s grave.

All of them immediately cry when they look at the headstone.

Nina falls down to the ground as she whispers into the grass, wishing her brother could hear her, wishing her brother could answer her.

Her Father tries not to cry, but the tears are too hard to hold back.

Her Mother doesn’t even move a muscle.

All she does is cry and look up at the sky, saying: “Why? Why? Why?”

They pull it together as they huddle around each other. They look at the headstone with grim faces.

Before they leave, Nina leaves a bouquet of flowers for her dead brother.

They get into the car and then they go back home.

As soon as they get inside the house, her parents sit down at the kitchen table. They give Nina weird looks as she gets settled in.

“What’s wrong?” she says, giving them a weird look. “Why are you guys staring at me?” 

“Sit down,” her Father says.


“Just sit down, sweetie,” her Mother says with a smile.

“Fine,” Nina says, sitting down at the table. “Now what’s up?”

Her Father hesitates and then says: “We lost our jobs.”

“What?” Nina gasps.

“We lost our jobs, honey,” her Mother says with a frown.

Nina lets that sink in for a few seconds and then says: “How could this happen?”

“The goddamn economy!” her Father says, stomping his foot on the ground. “The schools don’t need teachers anymore. They’ve got those goddamn computers! Those goddamn machines! The Government betrayed us! The Constitution doesn’t mean shit!”

“Kevin, calm down,” her Mother says calmly. “You’re making a scene.” 

Nina nods her head, saying: “Yeah, Dad. You really are.”

“Sorry,” he apologizes. It’s just so fucked up.”

“Cool it,” her Mother says. “You know I don’t like swearing.”

“Sorry,” he apologizes. “You know how I get when I’m pissed.”

This guy is in the running for most pussy-whipped male of the year. I wonder who's going to win: him or Dick?

“Now, Nina,” her Mother says carefully, “I need you to understand how bad the economy is right now. Everybody’s out of work.”

“Your Mom’s right,” her Father interrupts. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen the economy. It is worse than the Great Recession.”

Nina gets up, walks around the kitchen, and then shakes her head.

“That doesn’t make sense,” she says to her parents. “If the economy is so bad, how does the USD have so much money?”

“They’re outsourcing too many of our jobs,” her Father explains. “They go to foreign countries and find workers there who will work for dirt cheap. Or they bring in those goddamn machines.”

“That’s not fair, Dad!”

“No...” he says sadly. “It’s not. But the Government doesn’t care. They’ve never cared. Why do you think they’re trying to get Russia to join us?”

“I don’t know,” Nina says, shrugging.

“So they can steal more money from the people, of course! They just want to rid them of anything valuable, so that the rich can stay rich, and the poor can stay poor.”

Nina sits back down and sighs.

Her Mother places a hand on her shoulder. “It’ll be alright, honey,” she tells her daughter. “I know this is hard on you. It’s hard on us, too.”

Nina begins to cry as she says: “If Nate was here, he would do something about this. I know he would.”

At the sound of their dead son’s name, her parents begin to cry. 

The Hill family grieves on and on.

The police still kill more niggers.

The cycle continues.

If you have a badge, then that means you are above the law. Point blank period. It’s just the way that it is. It’s been that way for a long, long time --- and it’s not changing anytime soon.

Such is Life.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

Chapter 11


Currently in the USD, there are about twenty-five million people in this whole fucked up country.

I tend to place these people into two categories: predator and prey. There’s big smart-mouthed mother-fuckers at the top and then there’s bitch ass pussies at the bottom.

Mr. President is sitting in the Oval Office right now thinking exactly what I just said. He’s surrounded by his colleagues, Honkey (who looks like Mike Pence), Coward (who looks like Lindsey Graham), and Fame Whore (who looks like Kellyanne Conway).

They’re all talking about the troubles that are currently facing the USD.

“Al-Quief is still threatening us,” Mr. President says with a dreadful tone.

“I’m aware of that, sir,” Honkey says with a smile on his face. “I’m wary of those stupid Muslim cunts, but we also face a bigger problem: we’re doing too much at once.”

“What do you mean?” Mr. President asks him.

“With all due respect,” Honkey says, “we’re highly unorganized as a nation right now. We’re trying to stop the most dangerous terrorist group ever seen. We’re trying to control rising unrest in our own cities. And then we’re trying to get Russia to become a part of the USD. We need to slow down, sir.”

“I bed your pardon, Honkey,” Fame Whore butts in, showing off her tits and legs. “The USD can handle as much as it wants to. There’s nothing that we can’t handle. The USD has always been a great nation.”

“I agree,” Coward says, nodding. “Anything Fame Whore says --- I agree to it. She’s a talented, sexy cunt. I trust her opinion.”

Fame Whore blushes and then says: “Why...thank you, Coward. You’re so sweet.”

“No problem, cunt.”

“Oh, cut the bullshit!” Honkey says with irritation in his voice. “Coward, I know you’re a smart person. But fuck Fame Whore. You need to wake the fuck up and get out her pussy!”

Coward slams his fist on the table. He feels quite offended as he says: “Stop. Don’t talk to me like that, asshole. I’ll fuck up your career.”

“Wow,” Honkey says, laughing. “Are you going to fuck up my career just like that? You know Mr. President and I could fuck up your career like it never even started.”

Before anything gets out of hand, Mr. President tells everyone to shut the fuck up.

“You’re all acting like children,” he says, waving his arms around in exasperation.

“Sorry,” they all apologize.

“Good,” Mr. President says. “Now back to Honkey: what do you think about us moving so fast?”

“It’s bad for business, sir,” Honkey explains. “We’re doing too much at once and I just feel like something bad is going to happen to us sooner or later. Something drastic. I know that deep in my heart.”

“Deep in your heart?” Fame Whore says. “The USD has always been about heart. We’ve always pushed everything past the limit. We do not fail. We succeed. It’s never fucked us up before. Look at where our country is! We’re filthy rich!”

Mr. President nods his head and says: “I’m sorry, Honkey. But Fame Whore makes some good points. I’m siding with her.”

Fame Whore smiles at Mr. President as she pushes her tits out.

“As you wish...” Honkey says, pissed.

They talk of all their other problems: poverty, health care, social security, the fags and the dykes, the niggers and the kikes, the wetbacks. They talk of suicidal teenagers, school shootings, mentally fucked up people, and War.

A country built on greatness can only survive by using fear and violence.

After they finish talking, they bring out some vodka and cocaine, and then they get fucked up. By the end of the night, Coward and Fame Whore are already fucking.

Mr. President and Honkey watch them as they laugh, their hormones rising like the Dow Jones on a good day. Eventually the two of them end up having a threesome with a White House slave. 

TMZ, take your pictures.








“How dreadful...to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

-Caroline Stevermer

Chapter 12


Dick awakens to a White House slave passed out next to him on the bed. He admires her body, but feels bad when he thinks about Nina. 

How could I cheat on her? he thought.

He shakes the cunt.

She wakes up, confused.

“Get the fuck out, bitch!” he yells at her.

She jumps out of the bed and then runs out of the room as quickly as she can.

He chuckles to himself, happy to get rid of her. He limps to the bathroom, his morning boner saying: “Hello. How are you doing today?”

He takes a piss, takes a shower, brushes his teeth and then gets dressed. He then smokes a joint, and makes his way downstairs for breakfast.

“Hello, son,” his Father says, frowning at his red eyes.

“Hello, Father,” he says, sitting down at the table. “Hello, Mother.”

“Hello, sweetie,” his Mother says, smiling.

He eats his breakfast quickly as he gulps down a glass of orange juice.

His Father tells him to stop eating so goddamn fast, but he doesn’t listen. Kids rarely do nowadays.

Dick gets up from the table, says goodbye to his parents, and then gets escorted to the limo by the guards.

The Uncle Tom drives him to school and drops him off, thinking: I hope he doesn’t stop seeing that cunt. She’s changing him for the better.

He looks around for Nina as he tries to avoid Richard and Jewels. He hasn’t spent much time with them lately and now they’re all up his ass about this and that. You know how that friend bullshit goes.

He spots Nina standing by a tree, talking to some nigger cunt with a gap tooth.

Dick walks up to them awkwardly and says: “Hey...Nina.”

“Hey, Dick,” she says, smiling.

“Who’s your friend?” Dick asks.

“This is Macy,” Nina introduces. “Macy, this is Dick.”

“H-H-H-Hi, D-D-D-Dick,” Macy stutters.

“Hey...Macy,” Dick says, giving her a weird look.

“Can you give us a minute, Macy?” Nina says.

Macy shrugs, saying: “Yeah. Sure.”

She walks away.

“She was weird,” he says with a chuckle. “She seemed nervous to meet me.”

Nina punches him on the shoulder. “Stop it, Dick. That’s not nice.”

“I’m only telling the truth.”

“She’s not weird. She’s just different. She’s probably just nervous to meet you, you know. With you being such a hotshot and all. So don’t be mean to her and stop being such a dick, Dick.”

He rolls his eyes playfully as he says: “Calm down, Nina. I was only joking. I was just trying to make you laugh because you mean so much to me.”

“Very funny,” she says, smiling and blushing.

“What are you doing after school?” he asks her.

“Nothing,” she replies. “My parents lost their jobs. If you want to meet them you can. We could...tell...them...about...us...”

As his anxiety rises, he takes a few steps back as he says: “What? Huh? What was that? What did you just say?”

“My parents lost their jobs. They’re going to be home all the time now. So if you want to take this to the next level, you can meet them.”

He shrugs awkwardly as he says: “I...don’t...know...”

She crosses her arms. “Well, then I guess you don’t want us to go to the next level. I guess we’re not the real thing then.”

He sighs and shakes his head.

“Nina, don’t do that. You know how I feel about you.”

“Then meet them. Talk to them.”


“Please,” she begs. “For me?”

He sighs again, saying: “Fine. I’ll meet them.”

“Really?” she says, excited.


She jumps up and down, saying: “I wish we could kiss in front of all these people.”

“Me too, Nina. Me too....”

The bell rings.

They say their goodbyes.

As Dick walks to class, he can see people staring at him, whispering about him and Nina. His heart feels like it's about to explode. He wishes he were dead. All he can think about is the shame that this will bring to his family and the whole USD.

Calm down, Dick.

It’s not the end of the world. Not yet, at least.

People talk shit all the time because people are shit.

The only shit they can eat is the shit out of my ass.


When lunch begins, Dick doesn’t know what to do or where to go. For years he’s spent every second of lunch with Richard and Jewels. They’re his best friends, so why won’t he talk to them?

Even though he’s the most popular boy in the USD, he feels completely alone right now. 

He decides to suck it up and go talk to his friends, even though he doesn’t really want to.

He wishes he could spend lunch with Nina, but after this morning he knows that people will spread it even further.

He goes into the lunchroom, but his friends are nowhere to be seen. He then goes outside to the vacant parking lot. Richard and Jewels are at their usual spot, where they are smoking cigarettes and laughing. They look up at Dick with surprised looks.

“Speak of the Devil,” Richard says, pissed and excited. “Where the hell have you been, Dick?”

“Nowhere,” Dick says, “Just trying to find myself, I guess.”

“Find yourself?” Jewels says with a great big laugh. “Are you a faggot or something?”

Dick flips him off, saying: “Fuck you, Jewels. How about you grow the fuck up?” 

“I’m just joking,” Jewels fires back.

Richard puts a hand on Dick’s shoulder as he says: “You okay, man? You don’t seem too good right now.”

“Y-Yeah,” Dick says. “Sorry about that, Jewels. I really missed you guys.”

“We missed you, too,” Richard and Jewels both say, patting him on the back. 

And just like that --- they’re his best friends again. Just like old times.

When lunch ends, they say goodbye to each other as they go their separate ways.


At the end of the day, Dick and Nina go into the limo quickly before anybody can see them.

The Uncle Tom drives away from the school, happy to see that Dick is still with Nina. 

Dick asks the guards and the Uncle Tom about their day.

“Good,” they reply. “And yours?”

“Great,” Dick says, smiling as he grabs hold of Nina’s hand.

The guards and the Uncle Tom are shocked Dick would even ask such a thing. He’s never shown any concern for anybody except himself.

It’s that cunt, the Uncle Tom thought. She’s doing something to him. I wonder if they’re...serious. If they are, all Hell will break loose.

As the limo drives on, Nina looks at Dick, and says: “Are you okay to do this? Are you nervous at all?”

“I’m...p-petrified,” he says, wiping sweat from his brow.

Nina frowns and gives him puppy-dog eyes, saying: “Dick, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“I’m good,” he lies. “Don’t worry.”

She smiles and says: “Good. I got worried you were going to back out for a second.”

Me too, he thought.

The Uncle Tom pulls up to the driveway of Nina’s house.

As Dick escorts Nina out of the limo, he tells the guards and the Uncle Tom that he’ll be out in a few hours.

Nina leads him to the porch.

“You ready?” she asks him.

“Y-Yeah,” he says, taking a deep breath. 

She unlocks the door.

They walk in hand-in-hand.

Her parents, who are sitting on the couch, watching TV --- turn their heads, expecting to see only Nina.

“What the fuck is a Van Cock doing in my house?” her Father says in a stern voice. “Get that boy out of here!”

Her Mother’s face gets red as she tells her husband to calm down.

Her Father gets up from the couch, saying: “I’m not going to calm down, goddamnit! We’re out of work and our daughter wants to bring in this wealthy, spoiled ass mother-fucker!”

“D-Dad,” Nina stutters. “Calm down. Dick isn’t like that. He’s not like his Dad.”

Dick decides the only way to ever gain her Father’s respect is to be honest.

“Sir,” Dick says politely, “I’m not anything like my Father. I...used to be. I won’t lie to you. But I’m...changing, you see. I respect your daughter very much. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s the most beautiful g-girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love her.”

Nina’s heart skips a beat as she says: “Do you really mean that?”

“Every word,” Dick says as he looks deep into her eyes as if they’re the only people in the whole Universe.

She hugs him and then smiles a smile that looks bigger than her ass.

Enveloped in each other’s arms, it feels like this is the place that they’re both meant to be at. As if nothing else matters.

Her Mother smiles as she holds her husband back.

“Don’t you remember when we were like that?” she whispers into his ear.

He nods his head as his mind goes back to the days of his youth.

“That’s enough,” her Father interrupts them. “Next thing you know and then you’re pregnant.”

Dick and Nina laugh as they let each other go. Though they wish they could stay in that position forever.

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes to her parents. “I should have told you guys when we first started dating.”

“It’s okay,” her Father says. “I’m sorry for overreacting. I’m a Dad. It’s what we do. But forget all of that. We have more serious matters at hand. Sit down, please. You guys want anything to drink?”

“Coffee, please,” Dick says. 

“How about you, beautiful daughter of mine?”

“No thanks.”

As her Father goes into the kitchen, they get settled into the living room, unsure of how this is going to go.

“This is bad,” her Mother says, sighing. “You guys are going to cause trouble.”

“We know,” Nina confirms. “I don’t care about telling you guys. It’s just the other people I’m worried about.”

“Does anybody else know?”

“No...not that I’m aware of.”

“That’s good,” her Mother says. “If you want to live in peace, keep it like that.”

Dick holds Nina’s hand in his own. He holds onto it for dear Life.

What the hell am I getting myself into? he thought. What’s going to happen?

Only time will tell, my dear Dick.

Her Father returns with a cup of coffee. He hands it to Dick and then sits down next to his wife.

“Okay...” her Father says as he tries to figure everything out. “Tell me everything from start to finish. How did this start? Why did this start? When did it start? Don’t leave anything out.”

Nina opens her mouth, but Dick cuts her off.

“With all due respect,” Dick says, sipping on his coffee. “We’re aware of all the drama this will cause. I know how much trouble I’ll be in. Nina will be in trouble. We all will. But that doesn’t take away my feelings for her. I’m scared out of my mind. I’m nervous as hell. If we get caught, it's over for all of us. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. All I know is that I love your daughter with all of my heart.”

“I understand,” her Father says. “I’m just trying to figure all of this stuff out.”

“There’s nothing to figure out,” Nina assures him. “It’s pretty simple to me: Dick and I are going out. We know the consequences and are ready to face them.”

I’m not sure if I’m ready...Dick thought secretly.

“The consequences?” her Father says with a laugh. “These are more than just consequences. This is Life or Death, Nina. Do you know what the Government will do to you if they find out? Do you know what they’ll do to us?”

“I’m aware of it, Dad.”

Her Father shakes his head and says: “I don’t think you are. I’m all about young love, but this is too risky and too dangerous. Maybe it would be best if you guys broke up...”

“No!” Nina yells, quickly rising up from her seat.

“Sit down, honey,” her Mother demands. “I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there before. So has your Dad. But I agree with him. The consequences are going to hurt all of us in the end. The chickens will come home to roost, baby.”

“I don’t care,” Nina says, sitting back down in her seat. “We’ll deal with it when it happens. Fuck the chickens. Fuck their roosting.”

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen,” her Father says, scared for his daughter and her boyfriend. “Hopefully it never happens.”


“I hate mean people. People who just pick at you and try to force you into a train wreck.”

-Method Man


Chapter 13


It didn’t take long for people to find out the truth about the lovebirds, Dick and Nina. 

The whole school is talking about it. Rumors have spread around that they’ve been spotted holding hands, kissing, and hugging. They’re dumb and in love and incredibly stupid.

Such a curious and confusing age those teenage years are.

When Mr. President finds out about the rumors, he flips out and makes sure that the Media doesn’t get a hold of it. The cockarazi would have a field day with shit like this.

When he tells his wife, she only stands there, completely stunned. When he leaves the room, she breaks down and cries, happy as can be.

My son is different, she thought. The Prophecy is real!


Life for Dick isn’t pleasant at all.

His Father locked him up in his room and put metal boards over his windows. 

This is some Harry Potter type shit. That’s what Dick gets for keeping such a chamber of secrets.

He spends his time sitting in his room all day, moody, bored, and depressed. His Father took his phone, his books, his TV, his computer, his tablet, and all of his weed.

He has absolutely nothing to do. He can’t even call up a slave to ease his pain.

You can’t think like that, he thought. Think of Nina, Dick. Think of only Nina.

All he can think about is Nina. He misses her so much that it kills him. She’s the only thing keeping him together these days.


His Father unlocks his door and walks in.

“Hello, son.”

Dick gets out of bed, giving him a cold, hard look.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”


His Father frowns, saying: “Why?”

“You know why,” Dick snarls. “Go to Hell.”

“Only if you do first.”

Dick laughs and says: “You’re really ridiculous, you know that? I hate you. I’ve never loved you. Get the fuck out of my room right now, you fucking moron.”

“I will not stand for disrespect!” his Father yells, giving him a hard, nice slap across the face.

Dick only continues to laugh as he hides his anger and hate. He does this so in an effort to drive the old bastard crazy.

His Father yells and punches the wall, saying: “Ouch! Goddamnit! Fuck!”

Dick laughs and laughs and laughs.

“Shut the fuck up!” his Father says, groaning with pain, breathing heavily as he tries to nurse his hand.

“It’s just so funny,” Dick says as he tries to calm himself down. “Everything’s so ironic and funny.”

His Father shakes his head and says: “You need help, son. You’re sick. I can’t believe you got involved with some nigger cunt. You almost ruined the Van Cock name. But more importantly you could have ruined my presidency. You’re a complete waste of space. You’re nothing but pure shit. I don’t know what to do with you anymore, which is why I have arranged for you to be sent away.”

“What?” Dick says, confused. “Sent where?”

“McArthur,” his Father informs him.

Dick shakes his head and says: “No! I’m not crazy. You’re not sending me to some loony bin.”

“I’m sorry, Dick. It’s already a done deal. You leave in three days.”

“No!” Dick shouts. “What about Mother? What does she think of all this?”

His Father laughs, saying: “Your Mother’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

His Father turns around and walks towards the door.

“Look at me!” Dick yells at his Father.

His Father turns around and looks him right in the eye and then smiles. Dick looks bacl at him with the most intense hate that he’s ever looked at anybody with.

His Father, still smiling at him, walks out of the room, and then locks the door. 

Dick sits down on the floor and screams.


“I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?”

-Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 14


Lost and confused, Nina cries in her bed, and cuts her wrist while she lets blood fall onto the sheets. She feels sadder than any Shakespeare tragedy ever written.

Why do you have to be such a hypocrite? she thought. How are you supposed to be this strong feminist and now you want to kill yourself over some guy?

“But he’s not just some guy…” she tells herself.

She winces at the slight pain she feels from her wrist. She tastes the blood as she sucks it up like Dracula. She used to cut herself in middle school, as millions of other cunts did at that age. She never thought that she would start doing it again. 

She doesn’t know why she does it. It’s not like it gets her high or anything, but for some reason it eases the pain a little. A pain that cuts so deep it hurts to do anything.

Welcome to the Suicide Generation.

She gets out of bed and takes a shower. The hot water stings her wrist, making her wince even more. After she’s done, she gets out of the shower and dries herself off. She wraps the towel around her body as she looks at her reflection in the mirror.

She sees a face that she no longer recognizes. A stranger that she thinks is a danger. But inside she knows that this new face is the host for some depressed, suicidal monster who is coming to terrorize her once free and beautiful soul.

“Get out of me,” she says to the monster.

The monster growls and laughs.

She yelps and then runs back to her room.

Sighing, she gets dressed, and then goes downstairs.

Her parents are sitting on the couch, watching TV.

The news informs them that the deal between the USD and Moscow is almost finished, and that Al-Quief has killed six million men and boys in the last five years.

Her Father turns off the TV and smiles at her.

“How are you doing, sweetie?” he says as he motions for her to come sit down next to him. “You feeling any better?”

Nina shakes her head and says: “No. Not Much. But it doesn’t matter anyway. Nothing does in the end.”

“Don’t talk like that,” her Mother says, frowning. “Relationships are tough. Especially when they involve romance. But that doesn’t mean that you get to be some stupid little girl about it. Life isn’t meant for stuff like that.”

Nina’s eyes become enraged, for she is shaken by her Mother’s honesty.

“Your Mother and I just want the best for you,” her Father explains to her.

“I know...” Nina says, feeling bad for worrying her parents so much. “I just need some space. I just need...Dick...”

She wipes away the tears that fall from her eyes as she says his name.

Her parents get up from the couch to hug her. They strangle her with love as she cries onto their shoulders.

“It’ll be alright, honey,” her Mother whispers into her ear. “He’s only a boy. It’ll be okay. Boys come and go.”

“Don’t waste your time on boys,” her Father tells her. “They’re all assholes.” 

Her parents let go of her as she tells them that she’s going outside for a walk. 

“Are you sure?” her parents ask her with worry and concern controlling their tones.

“Yeah,” she says, wiping her tears away.

“Be safe. We love you.”

“Love you guys, too.”

She walks out of the house, wishing that she could run away from this quiet, deserted town. The sun offers the world a view of psychedelic and panoramic beauty as it goes down for the day. 

The air is chilly. It makes her shiver and it makes her bones shake as if there’s a tornado inside her body. She tries to fill her lungs with clean air but all she tastes is gasoline.

She coughs, thinking: This is such a dirty world. Somebody ought to clean it up.

She imagines what The Middle Class looked like when it was vibrant. She creates a poem in her head as if she is channeling Allen Ginsberg.

It goes like this:

“The housewife too drunk to feel, hazy from pills

Cries for help when she’s slapped, feeling trapped

Surrounded by soccer balls and laughter, a dash of hate

Bible hymns and Holy voices with evil intentions, harmful inventions

The drug addicted youth staggering about

Eyes redder than the red sea

Sexual frustration and anger lurking in the alleyways

Morphed into a suicidal vagina

Rubbing the sad clit, the depressed vulva

Red wrists looking mad with Death

A Life powered by a want of money and fame

Magazines cutting fingers like razors on wrists

Smoking out of exhaust pipes to feel good

Clean air dirty with poison, the remedy destroyed, buried long ago

Hardened souls living out the rest of their days

Tormented by disease and old age, bodies that won’t fuck anymore

 Horror and no happiness

The After Life ain’t pretty

The art ain’t polite and, no, I ain’t civil

The city is ugly and everything sucks 

So why should I give a fuck?”


Finger snaps, finger snaps.

Writing is kind of like suicide, she thought. The writer is haunted by darkness and the only way to get away from it is to stab yourself, and then let the darkness ooze out as it forms into words.

She can’t make sense of Life. She can’t make sense of anything. She dreams of a time when men will regard cunts as equal and treat them with dignity and respect.

Yeah...ha-ha...like that’s ever going to happen…

Frustrated and confused, she decides to walk back home. As she walks back, the sky turns to darkness.

The sun is dead and the moon has arisen. The moon looks like a white Frankenstein in a sky full of blackness.

She stops in her tracts as she hears a high-pitched scream close by.

What should I do? she thought. I hope nothing bad is happening…

Like every dumb teenager in a horror movie, she ends up following the scream, trying to find its owner.

She holds back her own screams as she stumbles upon the owner in a dark alley. She tries to cover her eyes, but she can’t. She’s frozen with horror and fear.

A man is on top of a cunt. The man is moaning, whispering about how the cunt is such a good little whore for Daddy. How excited he is to show her how a real man fucks. He rips off her clothes and rapes her.

Nina runs away from them as quickly as she can. She cries as she runs. She wishes that she could help the cunt, but she’s too scared.

If the man had gotten hold of her then she would have gotten raped, too. And it would have all been legal.

She runs home with visions of the man and the cunt engraved in her mind.

She walks up to the porch and unlocks the door.

Her parents run up to her, hugging her tightly.

“Where have you been?” her Father shouts. “You’ve been gone too long! We thought you just went for a walk.”

“We thought something terrible had happened!” her Mother adds. “I-I thought you were d-dead.”

“Sorry,” Nina apologizes. “I didn’t mean to make you guys worry. I was just walking for a while.”

Her parents let her go as they ask for her to sit down at the table. 

“We need to talk,” her parents say, sitting across from her. 

“About what?” Nina says, confused.

“Your mental health,” her Father explains.

“What about my mental health?”

“It’s getting worse,” her Mother adds. “I’m worried about you. Your Dad is, too.”

“What are you guys going on about? You’re both scaring me.”

“You have problems, Nina,” her Father tells her. “Problems that need to get fixed immediately.”

“Problems?” Nina says, getting pissed. “We all have problems.”

“That’s true,” her Father says, nodding. “But you’re at a difficult age where figuring out your problems is hard for you. You need help...”


He looks at her Mother, then back at her.

“Nina...” he says, taking a deep breath. “Your Mom and I think it's best if we send you away to Cuntsville for a while.”

“Cuntsville?” Nina yells, getting up from the table. “I’m not fucking crazy!”

“Don’t use that tone, sweetie,” her Mother says. “We don’t think you’re crazy. You just need help.”

Nina looks at them with a hurt look in her eyes.

Tears come out of her eyes as she shakes her head in disgust. She runs away from her parents as she stomps her way up the stairs, going all the way to her room.

Her Mother sighs as tears slide down her cheeks.

She falls onto her husband’s chest. He rubs her head as he kisses her on the forehead.

“It’ll all be okay,” he tells his wife. “Don’t worry...”

Outside, the cunt’s screams can be heard all throughout The Middle Class.


“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your Life.”

-Bob Marley

Chapter 15

On a cold and dark night, Dick’s Mother walks into an abandoned building in the ghetto, where a Feminist meeting is about to be held.

She’s filled with the excitement of being a double spy. Ever since the news of Dick and Nina got exposed and put under wraps, his Mother has never been happier in her entire Life.

She tells every Feminist she knows about Dick and Nina. The Feminists freak out every time they hear the good news.

Dick’s Mother has been filled with a newfound positivity that she never thought was possible.

She sits down with the other Feminists as they chat amongst themselves, anxiously waiting for Hitlary to take the stage.

“The Prophecy is true!” some say

“The Messiah has come to save his flock!”

“The revolution has begun!”

Mrs. Jay sits down next to Dick’s Mother, apologizing for not coming over earlier.

“It’s okay,” Dick’s Mother says. “There will be other times to fuck. There’s much more important things to worry about now.”

“That there is,” Mrs. Jay says with a nod of her head. “That there is.”

Hitlary walks up to the podium with a big smile on her face.

Everyone becomes quiet as raise they their hands up in the air to form the Feminist slogan.

“Welcome to this special meeting, Sisters,” Hitlary says. “The Pussy Rioters have had a wild time lately. We’ve had real development as you all know. Dick Van Cock, the son of Sister Madison, is in a relationship with a black girl named Nina Hill. As far as I know, Dick is being kept hostage in his room, and will be sent to McArthur’s Psychiatric Hospital in two days. I also hear talk of Nina being sent to Cuntsville Asylum very soon.”

The crowd boos.

“Boo all you want,” Hitlary says. “But this isn’t the end. This is a bump in the road. Sister Madison has come up with a brilliant plan to rescue Dick and Nina before it’s too late. The time for revolution is now!”

The crowd claps and yells, saying: “Let’s kill them all! Let’s kill every man in the White House!”

Hitlary shakes her head as she says: “No. Even though I approve of those options, it’s too sketchy. Sister Madison will handle this alone and will bring Dick and Nina to a car parked outside waiting for them. And then she will bring them to us.”

The crowd claps.

Some of them are muttering under their breaths, looking pissed.

“Now is not the time to complain, Sisters! For once in our lives, we have the chance to make a difference. We have the chance to make history. And I won’t stand around anymore and let my fellow women be pushed around like pieces of meat just because some man can’t keep his dick in his pants, and can’t wrap his mind around a woman being just as smart as he is or smarter. The time for revolution is now!”

The crowd claps and yells.

“Kill the men!” some say.

“Cut their dicks off!”

“Long live Feminism!”

Discrimination sure makes people violent.


“Cowards die many times before their Deaths; the valiant never taste of Death but once.”

-William Shakespeare


Chapter 16

Nina awakes in the middle of the night to Dick’s Mother looking down at her.

“Don’t be alarmed, honey,” Dick’s Mother assures her. “I’m Dick’s Mother. I’m here to help you. Your parents are right outside your door waiting for us to finish talking.”

Nina rubs the crud out of her eyes as she tries to process all of this. She feels confused and frightened. She wonders if this is all a dream. 

“Dick’s Mom?” she says, interested. “Why are you here?”

“I’m from the Pussy Rioters,” she explains. “Have you ever heard of us?”

“Um...yeah...” Nina says slowly, getting out of bed. “Everybody in the USD has heard of you guys.”

“Great,” she says, smiling. “So I guess that means you’ve heard about the Prophecy, right?”

“The Prophecy?” Nina says, trying to think. “Um...yeah...I think so. Isn’t that where it says a girl and boy will unite and save the women from the men. Some silly stuff like that, right?”

“That’s it,” she says, nodding her head, “but it’s not that silly, you see. It’s real, sweetie. It’s as real as you and me.”

Nina shakes her head, saying: “I don’t mean to be rude or anything --- but why are you here? I don’t know what you want with me. I’m going to be gone soon, anyway.”

“Your parents have already told me, Nina. My husband plans to send Dick to McArthur tomorrow. I need you to come with me tonight to break him out of the White House and then I’ll bring you guys to the Pussy Rioters. The Prophecy has to be fulfilled.”

“No!” Nina shouts, pissed. “He can’t send Dick there!”

She laughs and says: “My husband is the Dictator of the USD. He can do pretty much anything he wants.”

“Can’t you stop him or something? And what’s this about the Prophecy? You think me and Dick are the answer to this...Prophecy? You sound crazy, Mrs. Van Cock and I say that with the most respect possible.”

“No disrespect is taken, my dear. You see, that’s why I came here. I came to fulfil the Prophecy. The Pussy Rioters seem to think that you and Dick are about to fulfill the Prophecy. They want me to bring you guys together and fight for us on our way to revolution.”

“What?” Nina says, shocked, taking a few steps back. “You want us to lead you guys? You can’t be serious.”

“I’m dead serious right now. You guys are our last hope. We need somebody to lead us onto the battlefield. We need somebody for the other members to have hope in. Our leader, Hitlary, has power and influence among our members --- but we need somebody that can truly lead.”

“I don’t know...” Nina says. “I need time to...think.”

“He has until tomorrow. You don’t have time, sweetie.”

Nina sighs and says: “But why do you need me? What could I possibly do that will benefit you?”

“Nina, my son loves you. You’ve changed him in more ways than I ever have. I owe him another chance to see his girlfriend. This is another chance at the Life that I always wanted him to have and the person that I always wanted him to be. Won’t you give him that chance? Won’t you give me that chance? Don’t you love him? Don’t you love me at all for creating him?”

“I do love him,” Nina says as she rubs her temples. “He leaves tomorrow, you say?”


“Fine...I’ll do it.”

She smiles and hugs Nina as she says: “Thank you, dear. You don’t know what this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Get dressed quickly,” Dick’s Mother says she walks out of the room. “Time is of the essence.”

Nina gets dressed and then walks out of her room.

Dick’s Mother and her parents are waiting for her outside the door.

Her parents hug her as tight as they can.

“What’s going to happen to you guys?” Nina asks them with concern in her voice. “You know the Government will come for you eventually. I’m surprised they haven’t yet.”

“It’s too embarrassing for them,” her Father explains. “They don’t want to acknowledge that Dick is in love with a black girl. That’s bad publicity. And don’t worry about us, sweetie. The Pussy Rioters are putting us into witness protection. We’ll be right with you after this whole thing is over.”

Nina sighs and shakes her head.

“Don’t worry,” her Mother comforts her. “Everything is going to be fine.”

“Why are you okay with this?” Nina says, confused. “Why did you change your mind?”

Her Mother kisses her forehead and says: “We were very cautious at first, too. But after Dick’s Mother talked more about it all, it was obvious that this could change it all, baby. You guys have the chance to create some real change for once. Imagine it. And plus we figured seeing Dick was better for your mental health than any asylum.”

Nina takes a few steps back, trying to take it all in.

“I know it’s a lot,” her Father says. “I would be frozen if I were you. But this is on some one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind type of stuff.”

“To be honest,” Nina says, trying not to cry, “I don’t care about saving the world. I’m doing this for Dick.”

Her Mother smiles and laughs. 

“What’s so funny?” Nina asks.

“I know you love Dick,” her Mother says to her. “But I know you care about the world and the state it’s in. We taught you better than that.”

“We sure did,” her Father adds with a brief smile.

Nina hugs them again and says: “You guys know me so well, but this is too much to handle. I love you guys.” 

“We love you, too,” they say as they sob.

After they talk some more, they say their goodbyes.

Nina walks out of the house with Dick’s Mother close by her side.

“You think I’ll ever see them again?” Nina asks her as they go inside the limo that is parked in the driveway.

“To be honest,” Dick’s Mother says grimly, “I don’t know.”

The Uncle Tom pulls out of the driveway and then drives away.

The streets are oddly quiet on this historic night. No criminals lurking about, looking to sell drugs, looking to kill, rob, and steal. 

It’s the perfect night for a kidnapping.

The Uncle Tom pulls up to a stop a couple blocks away from the White House.

“If we aren’t back soon,” Dick’s Mother tells him, “call the other Feminists for backup.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says, tipping his hat to her. “Good luck.”

“Thank you.”

Dick’s Mother escorts Nina out of the limo as she leads her to the White House gates.

“This is where it gets tricky,” Dick’s Mother says.


“If we get caught, then we’re all dead.”

Nina’s eyes become wide with fear as she says: “Dead? They can kill me, but they can’t kill you, right?. You’re the Dictator’s wife!”

Dick’s Mother laughs and says: “My husband doesn’t care about family. He can find another wife and create another son. He doesn’t care.”

“That’s so fucked up.”

“It is fucked up. This is why we need this to go as smoothly as possible. I’m going to bring you in and tell the guards you’re Dick’s slave. They’ll think it’s weird that you’re black, but I’ll them my husband sent you as a reminder to Dick to never have interracial sex again. They’ll believe me. They’ll send you right up. Do not worry about them recognizing you. My husband has kept everything so underwraps. He is really embarrassed about people knowing anything about you. Once the guards send you up, they’ll stand guard outside his door until you leave. While they stand outside, I’m going to act like I’m about to suck their dicks, and then I am going to kill them both with a hateful cock-filled rage. And then we will break through a window and escape and run for our lives.”

“Wow...” Nina says, a little frightened. “You have this planned out pretty good, don’t you?”

“I hope so, Nina. I really fucking hope so.”

Dick’s Mother pushes the button on the gate and informs the guards of their arrival.

The gate opens.

“Thank you,” Dick’s Mother says into the intercom.

They walk past the gate. There’s a few guards outside, but nobody pays attention to them.

“Don’t speak to me around the guards,” Dick’s Mother whispers to her. “They’ll think something is up.”

Dick’s Mother leads her inside the White House.

As people pass them by, Dick’s Mother treats her like a slave, saying: “Come on in, nigger. You’re going to get what you deserve tonight.”

She leads her up the stairs to Dick’s room.

“I’m so happy my husband is in Moscow finalizing that deal,” she mutters to herself.

There’s two guards outside Dick’s door.

“Here’s Dick’s slave for the night,” she tells the guards. “My husband wants to remind him of the consequences of fucking nigger filth. I hope he really fucks her up tonight, don’t you?”

“Hell yeah,” the guards say, laughing. “Stupid nigger cunt doesn’t know what she’s in for.”

The guards unlock the door for Nina.

Dick’s Mother smiles and says: “While Dick is fucking her, how about I give you boys some head?”

“We certainly wouldn’t mind that, Mrs. Van Cock...” 

Dick is lying down on his bed as he looks up at the ceiling. When he sees Nina, his jaw drops.

He can’t believe it.

“Nina!” he shouts, jumping out of the bed. He runs to her and gives her a big hug. 

Both of their souls are now complete.  All the depression that they’ve felt since being separated --- washes completely away.

They make out with each other, sticking their tongues down each other’s throats.

Dick wishes he could fuck her brains out.

They let each other go as their eyes meet. Their eyes seem to be doing the tango and all that jazz.

“Jesus...” he says, confused and happy. “What are you doing here? You’ll get killed if they see you. How did you even get in here? Aren’t the guards out there? Isn’t the door locked?”

“Sit down, Dick,” she tells him. “I have to talk to you.”

He sits down at the edge of his bed

“What do you want to talk about?” he asks her.

“We’re breaking you out,” she explains.

“Breaking me out? How? With who?”

“Your Mom...”

“My Mother?” he says with a weird look on his face. “I’m confused. Where is she?”

“Right now your Mom is outside the door. She is currently killing the two guards outside in a hateful cock-filled rage. Or at least that is how she described it.”

He coughs awkwardly, saying: “What? I’m not understanding any of this.”

Nina takes a deep breath and then explains to him everything that has happened to her since they got separated and everything his Mother has told her.

When she’s done, he removes Nina from his lap, gets up, and then walks around his room.

“This is crazy,” he says, shaking his head.

“I know,” she says, rubbing his shoulder. “But it’s the Pussy Rioters only chance at revolution. And it’s our only chance of not getting sent to the loony bin.”

“You’re right,” he says, sighing. “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you or me. You mean the world to me.”

She hugs him, kisses him, and then says: “I love you, Dick Van Cock.” 

He smiles at her and then says: “I love you, too, Nina Hill.”

“I think your Mom’s done killing those guards in a hateful cock-filled rage. We should go see.”

“Yeah,” he says, wiping a tear from his eye. “I’d like that?” “Are you okay?”

“Of course. I’m just happy. So damn happy...”

They open the door cautiously. 

Dick’s Mother is standing outside the door with blood all over her hands and clothes. The two guards lie dead next to her, their guts spilled everywhere, their dicks chopped off. 

“Wow,” he says as he and Nina leave his room. “This is some crazy shit, Mother.”

“I know,” his Mother says, smiling. “But it’s all for you, baby...it’s all for you...”

He hugs his Mother as tells her that he loves her.

“I love you, too,” she says.

“How are we going to leave without anybody noticing?” Nina asks her.

“You see that window over there?” his Mother says, pointing down the hall. “That’s where we’re going to jump out of and get the fuck out of this hell hole. But we have to do it quickly so hurry up.”

“You think it will work?” he says, concerned and scared. “What if the snipers on the roof start shooting at us. Or the guards shoot us.”

“Then so be it,” his Mother says, shrugging. “There’s a chance that we could get shot and die and there’s a chance that we could live. Let’s focus on living first before we get into the other stuff.”

“I don’t know...” Nina says. “It seems risky.

Dick’s Mother lightly slaps her in the face, saying: “Nina, we’ve come too far. Don’t act like a little bitch and give up on me. Do not give up on us...”

“Sorry,” Nina says as she rubs her face. “I’m just scared.

“It’s okay,” his Mother says. “We all are.”

His Mother leads them to the window.

They look outside the window and observe their surroundings.

“See?” his Mother says. “It’s not that far.”

“I guess you’re right,” he says as he hopes for the best.

Dick’s Mother opens up the window and then takes the screen out.

“Dick goes first,” she says. “Then Nina. Then me. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Dick and Nina both say as they give each other a kiss.

He takes a deep breath and then jumps out of the window.

He lands awkwardly, groaning as he moves his ankle around.

“Your turn, Nina,” his Mother says, looking around to make sure that nobody is watching them.

“Okay...” Nina says, taking a deep breath.

She jumps out of the window.

Dick catches her as she falls to the ground.

His Mother takes a last look around and then jumps out of the window --- only to be caught by her son on the way down.

“Thank you,” she says.

“No problem,” he replies back.

His Mother looks around their surroundings, peering her eyes through the darkness.

“Follow me,” his Mother tells them. “Stay close. We’re going to have to climb over the gate.”

“Climb over the gate?” Dick says. “We’ll get sniped doing that.”

His Mother sighs and then says: “I know this whole plan is sketchy and dangerous. But we have no choice. This is our last chance.”

She slowly guides them through the front lawn.

They see a couple guards, but not too many where it will cause attention. As they get closer to the gate, a gunshot whizzes past their ears. They scream and run quicker than they ever have before.

Commotion happens all around them.

More guards appear, screaming and yelling, trying to find the three of them in the darkness.

Once they get to the gate, another shot goes off, and hits Dick’s Mother in the back.

She falls down to the ground.

“No!” Dick screams, holding his Mother’s body as he trembles. “Mother, don’t die. Come on. Don’t die on me. Please don’t die. Please don’t.”

He begins to cry.

“I-I’m...okay, Dick,” his Mother says, panting and breathing heavily. “I’m not going to...die. Just leave me and get out of here, okay? Do that for your Mother.”

He shakes his head.

“Dick, we have to go,” Nina says with pity. “She’s right. We have to leave her. We don’t have time.”

He shakes his head again.

“Listen to your girlfriend, Dick,” his Mother tells him. “She’s a smart and beautiful girl. It’s time for you to leave. I’ll see you...soon.”

He looks down at his Mother’s body.

The back of her shirt is stained with blood that gets all over his hands.

He hears the guards getting closer.

“Okay,” he says, sighing as he wipes tears from his eyes.

He hugs his Mother and kisses her on the forehead.

“I love you to Death,” she tells him, smiling with tears in her eyes. “Even beyond that.” 

“I love you more, Mother. I’ll be seeing you soon.”

“That you will, Dick. That you will.”

He lies his Mother down on the ground, stares at her for a second, and then climbs over the gate with Nina.

“I’m so sorry,” Nina tells him as she quickly leads him to the limo waiting for them a couple blocks away.

He doesn’t reply.

Once they get to the limo, they rush inside of it.

“Where’s your Mother?” the Uncle Tom asks him as they drive away.

“S-S-S-She’s...dead,” Dick says, sniffling.

“Damn...that’s a shame,” the Uncle Tom says, shaking his head.  “She was a nice lady.”

 “Thanks,” Dick says in complete shock. His entire body feels number than it’s ever felt before.

Chaotic yelling and loud gunshots can be heard throughout the area.

Dick cries onto Nina’s shoulder.

I’m going to kill my Father, he thought. I’m going to make sure his Death is cruel and unusual. Mark my words.


“We live in a world where lies fuck truth and truth fucks lies.”

-Blake Chapman


Chapter 17


When the Pussy Rioters hear of Dick’s Mother dying, they mourn for seven days and seven nights. They have a funeral for her, even though they don’t have a body.

Only they know the truth of what really happened. 

I know the truth as well. I know the truth of everything.

On the other side, the USD government tells the media that the First Lady, Madison Van Cock, was raped during her nightly walk by three niggers from the ghetto.

Arrests get made. Cops shoot niggers. Niggers shoot cops. 

Riots begin.

Nobody has heard from Dick. Not even his Father. Nobody knows why he escaped. All of the cameras show his Mother and Nina helping him leave.

All of the information that the guards and advisors give is varied, to say the least.

The USD is in a state of decay.

Mr. President sits at his desk, thinking and crying. The last few weeks for him have been Hell. First his son gets involved with a nigger cunt, then his wife gets killed trying to help his son escape, and then his son just disappears. Never to come back.

There’s also reports saying that Al-Quief is getting stronger. The Moscow deal has yet to be finalized.

Nothing is going right for him as of late.

I have everything, he thought. Why am I so unhappy? Why do I hate Life and wish for Death sometimes? Why can’t anything go right for me?”

He gets up from his chair as he punches his desk. He moans with pain as his knuckles begin to bleed.

“Fuck!” he yells, stomping on the ground.

Three guards immediately burst into his office.

“Mr. President?” they say alarmed, guns drawn. “Is everything okay? We heard a noise and then you started yelling.”

“Leave me alone, you fucking idiots!” he spats at them. “Stop bothering me and get the fuck out!”

“Sorry, sir,” the guards apologize as they walk out the door.

I need to get rid of a lot of those clowns, he thought. Their security sucks and they’re annoying as hell.

He pulls out a cigarette from his pack and lights it. His head feels a bit light-headed, but he doesn’t mind it. It calms him down a little.

“When the hell am I going to die?” he asks himself. “Why the hell did I take this job, anyway?”

He thinks about calling a slave to come down, but before he can act on it --- the phone on his desk rings.

He grabs the phone and says: “What the fuck do you want, Marge?”

Marge, his secretary, apologizes, and says: “You have an important call on the other line.”

“Important call? Who is it?”

“You’ll see, sir...”

She hangs up and then connects him to the other line.

“Dictator?” a cunt-like voice says on the other line.

“Hello?” he says, confused. “Who the fuck is this?”

The cunt-like voice laughs.

“Look here,” he says sternly. “If you’re going to waste my time, then hang the fuck up, and leave me alone.”

“I’m sorry, Dictator,” the cunt-like voice says, still laughing. “I don’t mean to be rude.”

“Whatever. I don’t know who you are, but cut to the chase. My secretary said this was somebody important.”

“No need to know my name, Dictator. Just know you’ll be seeing me...very...very...soon...”

The cunt-like voice hangs up.

“Hello?” Mr. President says, annoyed. “Are you still there?”

No reply.

He sighs and then calls Marge back, saying: “Bitch, you have a lot of explaining to do before I either fire you or rape you. Maybe both.”

“What are you talking about?” Marge asks him with fright in her voice.

“That call. It wasn’t anybody important. It was some prank call. Some cunt who thinks she’s super funny.”

“A cunt?” Mage says, shaking her head. “That wasn’t a cunt, sir. That was your son, Dick.”

“My son?” he says, confused. “That wasn’t even a boy. But who knows in these times. Boys talk and act like cunts more than cunts do.”

“That was Dick, sir. Trust me. He must have done something with his voice to change it. But it was him.”

“How do you know for sure?”

“I just know...” she says, thinking about how Hitlary told her about the call beforehand. “I’ve never lied to you before. It was him. He said he wanted to talk to you.”

“That wasn’t my son,” he says, trying not to think about it. “I’ve got a lot of shit to do, anyway. Just call me back if anything else comes up, okay?”

“Absolutely, Mr. President. Bye.”

He hangs up the phone, snorts five lines of cocaine, and then tells the guards to send down a slave.


“If everyone demanded peace instead of another Television set, then there’d be peace.”

-John Lennon


Chapter 18

Dick and Nina awake in the same bed.

The night before, they finally had sex. It was the most beautiful thing that either of them had ever experienced. It was the first time he didn’t care about pleasing himself.

He caressed Nina’s body as if she was the ring to rule them all and he was Gollum. He then fucked her like she was a whore and then he ate her pussy as if he would never eat again.

“Last night was amazing,” she whispers to him with a big smile on her face.

“I know,” he says, remembering the magic of the night prior. “It really was.”

They stay there in bed, not moving at all as they enjoy the serenity of being in love.

“Come on,” he says, sitting upright. “We’ve got to go. We’ve got a lot of shit to do today.”

“I know,” she says, groaning.

Once they get out of bed, they go to the bathroom and then they take a shower together.

They are currently at Mrs. Jay’s secret apartment in the ghetto. Mrs. Jay brought them here a few days ago. She said it was her duty to keep them safe.

They have sex in the shower.

Now that they’ve finally fucked, it’s like they can’t get enough of each other.

After they get out of the shower and clean up, they put on some clothes. They feel nice and refreshed. Clean and cozy.

Showers do wonders for the body.

They walk into the kitchen to get breakfast..

The apartment is hideous and dirty. It’s full of roaches, rats, and giant spiders. The walls and carpet are stained beyond recognition. The walls are also pretty thin. You can hear everything through them.


Dick and Nina eat a bowl of cereal as they watch TV on the dirty ass couch. The couch smells like shit and the cushions are harder than Dick’s cock from earlier in the shower.

The TV isn’t even flat. It’s an ancient dinosaur that takes up too much space.

If this were months ago, he would never accept this kind of shit. He would be pissed off and ready to kill somebody. But now he feels nothing but happiness. All he needs is Nina.

The news is on.

Reports are coming in that the deal between the USD and Russia/Moscow was passed earlier this morning. Al-Quief is getting closer to the USD. They are threatening to gather Feminists in the USD so that they can band together and kill all of the men.

Civil War just isn’t very civil, don’t you think?

Also: fifty people were just shot and killed in a movie theater. A police officer who shot a nigger gets found not guilty. Doctors and clients involved with abortion were hung for murder.

“This is insane,” Dick says as he shakes his head. “All these problems and the Government only cares about finding us.”

“It’s a shame,” Nina says with disgust.

“Fuck all this depressing shit,” he says, changing the channel. “Let’s watch something more positive.”

As he flips through the channels, he’s shocked by what he sees: every channel on TV contains murder or violence or both.

He throws his hands up in frustration and then says: “What ever happened to family entertainment?”

“We live in a sick world,” she says, frowning.

He gives her a worried look as he holds her close to his side.

“What’s wrong?” he asks her.

“Your shirt...” she says, still frowning. “It’s so...beautiful.”

He smirks and says: “Cut the Gatsby shit. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just...everything,” she says, sighing, her words muffled by his chest. “I’m...scared.”

He kisses her on the forehead and tells her that everything will be okay.

“Thanks,” she says, smiling. “And...wait...how did you know I was paraphrasing a line from Gatsby? I thought you didn’t read...”

He laughs and says: “I had to get you to talk to me somehow.”

 She blushes, giggles, and then kisses him.

“You’re so sweet,” she says to him. “I don’t deserve you.”

“I should be saying the same to you.”

They kiss some more.

If I had a gun, I would shoot PDA right in it’s fucking heart.

Dick turns off the TV as he holds Nina closer to him, saying: “I wish we could go outside. I hate being stuck up in here all the time.”

“Me, too. But we just have to wait it out. After all this shit dies down, we can start building our Army. Once we do that, that’s when we can train and fight.”

“Our Army?” he questions her. “It’s not our Army.”

“Yeah it is. Your...Mother said so, bless her heart. And Mrs. Jay said the same thing. Plus --- all the Pussy Rioters seem to love us.”

He shakes his head as he says: “It’s not ours. It’s Hitlary’s.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means Hitlary isn’t just going to hand over the leadership role so easily. I don’t trust her completely. She seems...off. Just watch out for her, okay?”

“Calm down,” she says, laughing. “You’re being ridiculous.”

“No I’m not. I’m just being cautious. I want you to do the same.”

“Whatever, Dick.Whatever you say.”

“Don’t give me that,” he says, frowning.

She rolls her eyes, saying: “I said whatever. I’ll be cautious, okay? I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Yes,” she says with a small smile on her face. “Pinky promise.”

They kiss and make out on the dirty ass couch. They then fuck each other again.

Thank you, Dick and Nina, for making every single lonely person on Earth feel like complete shit.



“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts...perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

-John Steinbeck


Chapter 19

There’s a lot of chatter going on.

The dimly lit, filthy abandoned building, is full of Feminists, going on and on about how men are the Devil.

Dick and Nina stand among them.

Nina keeps smiling and nodding her head to everything.

Dick just feels awkward.

Both of them still haven’t gotten used to seeing such a spectacle.

“When is this going to be over?” Dick whispers to Mrs. Jay, who is sitting on the other side of him.

“An hour at the most,” Mrs. Jay replies, feeling depressed as she looks at the boy.

He looks so much like his...Mother, she thought.

Dick groans.

“What’s wrong?” Nina asks him.

“Nothing,” he says.”It’s just so brand new and weird being here. It’s a shock, really.”

Nina takes hold of his hand as she says: “It’s the same for me, too.”

He kisses her on the forehead. He then reminds her of her beauty and grace.

“Thanks, Dick,” she says, blushing. “I love you and all but you don’t have to compliment me all the time.”

“Sorry...” he says, embarrassed. “I’m just getting used to this whole ‘dating’ thing.” 

“I know. It’s okay.”

The crowd silences as Hitlary walks up to the podium.

“Hello, Sisters!” she yells with a smile breaking out across her face. 

The crowd claps and yells.

Hitlary basks in the glory. She feels as if she’s Jesus Christ.

“This is a historic time for us,” Hitlary continues. “We have Dick and Nina by our side, who are both ready to fight to the Death. I’ve never been prouder of leaders such as them. But I want you all to remember that all orders come from me and me only.”

Dick looks over at Nina with a smirk.

She rolls her eyes.

“The rebellion starts tonight, Sisters. Not only do we have Dick and Nina by our sides --- we also have Al-Quief, the Dykes of Vulva, and Taylor Swift and her group of friends. All of them are sending in troops to help us train and fight.”

The crowd claps and hollers.

Hitlary looks at them with a mad look in her eye, loving the power she has. She finishes her speech and then goes over to Dick and Nina to talk.

She hugs them and says: “Let’s talk somewhere private, huh?”

“Sure...” Dick says as he gives Nina an uncertain look.

Hitlary leads them outside of the building.

“Listen,” she tells them. “I’m the leader here, okay? You lead on the battlefield and I’ll run the operation. I’ve worked too hard to have you guys fuck this up for me. Just don’t fuck up and we won’t have a problem. Got it?”

“Sure...” Dick and Nina both say. 

Awkwardness is heavy and thick in the air tonight. 

Hitlary smiles and then says: “Great! That was a good talk. Now go get some food inside. Talk to your fellow comrades.”

“We will sure do that,” Dick says with a nod of his head. “Thanks for the talk.”

“You’re welcome,” Hitlary says as she goes back inside.

“I told you,” Dick whispers over to Nina as they go back inside. “You better watch out for her.”

“Whatever, Dick,” Nina says, rolling her eyes. “Whatever you say.”


After the meeting is over, Dick and Nina go back to the apartment.

They’re shocked when they find an unpleasant surprise waiting for them there.

Dick’s ex-cuntfriend, Melania, is sitting on the couch and smoking a joint while she watches TV.

“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Nina yells as jealousy takes hold of her.

“I-I...don’t know,” Dick says, shrugging.

Melania puts out the joint, smiles, and then says: “Hi, Dicky. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Dick...” Nina says, breathing in and out, “you better start explaining before I beat this bitch’s ass.”

“Okay...” Dick says, unsure of what to say next. “Nina, this is my ex-girlfriend, Melania. I don’t know why she’s here or how she found us. I really don’t know what the fuck to say.”

“What?” Nina says, trying not to get angry. “Ex-girlfriend?”

“Yep,” Melania says, chuckling. “That’s me.”

Dick shakes his head and then says: “Nina, I’m not up to anything. I love you and only you. Melania...will you please explain how and why you’re here. Like I’m completely lost.”

Melania takes off her sunglasses and looks at them both.

“You weren’t that hard to find,” she explains to them. “Your so-called Feminists talk too much when you have boobs and a pussy. You need to watch your people, Dick. But that doesn’t matter. There are more important matters at hand. You guys have no idea what’s going on, do you?”

“What are you talking about?” Nina asks her with immediate concern. “Whatever it is it better be pretty terrible. If not, you can get the fuck out.”

“Wow...” Melania says, impressed. “You’ve got a smart mouth, nigger. You let her talk to you like that, Dick?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Dick says as his voice rises. “You better start explaining things or get the fuck out.”

Melania puts back on her sunglasses, shakes her head, and then says: “Where should I begin? It’s terrible back home, Dick. I had to leave. I had to get out before it was too late.”

“What’s going on back home?” he asks her, confused and worried.

“Your Father....he’s having cunts killed everyday. They’re not only doing it on live TV --- they’re also doing it right in the middle of the streets!”

“What?” Dick says, gasping. “Why?”

“Because of you!” Melania says with a whimper. “Ever since you left, the Government has done nothing but look for you. They have pictures of you and Nina posted everywhere. They want answers, Dick. Nobody knows shit so they just keep killing all the cunts.”

“Jesus Christ...” Dick says, not knowing what to do. “What the hell has happened to the world?”

Nina cries on his shoulder and says: “This is just terrible.”

“I know,” Melania says, sniffling. “But that’s not all: they killed...Richard’s Mother. Jewels and his family went into hiding after that. Nobody has seen them since.”

Dick’s eyes widen with disbelief.

“No...” he says, mumbling. “You’re joking...right?”

“I wish I was,” Melania replies back.

“This can’t be happening,” Dick says louder. “How can any of this be possible? Where is Richard? Is he okay?”

“I don’t know,” Melania says, shrugging. “Richard doesn’t come to school anymore and his Father doesn’t go to work anymore.”

“It’s all my fault,” Dick says as his eyes tear up. “It’s all my fault.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Nina says, giving him a tight hug. “None of this is your fault.”

“Yes it is. It’s my entire fault. And I’m going to change that. We have to tell Hitlary about this.”

Nina nods her head sadly.

Melania gets up and walks over to the door, saying: “It’s time for me to go. I just wanted to warn you guys.”

“Where are you going?” Dick says to her. “You ran away from home. Where are you going to stay?”

“I’ll find a place, Dick. Don’t worry about me. I’m sure I can find some thug that loves some white pussy.”

“That’s true,” he says, laughing.

She says goodbye to them and then walks out the door.

Dick and Nina remain enveloped in each other’s arms, whispering and crying as they process everything that was just said.

This isn’t over, Dick thought. My Father will pay for this! When I find that bastard...all Hell will break loose!”

Well, this is exactly the shit that makes me not want to be a parent.


“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.

-Martin Luther King, Jr,


Chapter 20

Mr. President smiles as he watches the live rape and execution of a cunt on TV.

Just what she deserves, he thought. Stupid little slut.

The camera focuses on the cunts face: her eyes are drooping out of it’s sockets like testicles on a warm day.

Mr. President laughs at this image.

“This shit is too much!” he says as he tries to calm down. “It’s too damn hilarious!”

He laughs some more and then turns off the TV.

He looks down at the pile of papers on his desk. He immediately feels tired and bored. All of his Life is dedicated to repetitive, tedious work that makes him feel like he’s been wasting his entire existence.

“It’s all nonsense,” he says to himself. “Nonsense!” 

He does his work, anyway. He has no choice. He never does have one and will never have one.

Don’t we all hate our bosses?


A bunch of cocaine lines and four hours later, Mr. President is still doing his work. He’s beyond tired. The comedown from the coke is doing a number on his body and psyche. His eyes are droopy, hanging low like a pothead.

His wastebasket is full of broken pencils and crumpled up pieces of paper. He’s just about ready to collapse on his desk.

He gets up from his seat and stretches, his body moaning and groaning.

“You’re too old for this job,” his body says. “Give it up.”

“Not yet,” he says, moving his ankle around. “Age is just a number.”

“Tell me that when your prostate is bigger than your penis.”

Rubbing his back, he looks out the window. As his eyes peer out into the distance, he admires how beautiful the plants look while they are bathed by the moonlight.

Rain begins to fall as he thinks about his missing son and his dead wife.

Just come home, Dick, he thought. Please just come home.

His eyes peer as he looks closer at the front gate. He sees a figure walking around, snooping, trying to get inside.

Lighting flashes.

“Guards!” Mr. President yells.

The guards come inside the office, saying: “Yes, sir. What is it?”

“There’s somebody snooping around the front gate. Get them and bring them to me.”

“Yes, sir. Right away.”

He watches them as they grab the person by the arm. The person puts up a fight but alas their might is no match for the guards. They are dragged across the lawn for the rest of the way. When they bring the person into the Oval Office, Mr. President’s eyes widen.

“Richard?” Mr. President says, confused. “What the hell were you doing at the front gate? I could have had you killed!”

Richard looks up at him, dripping wet, his eyes deranged and lost.

This isn’t the Richard I remember, Mr. President thought.

“Go away,” Mr. President tells the guards. “I’d like to speak to the boy alone. I’ll call you if I need you.

“Yes, sir.”

They look at Richard suspiciously and then they leave the room.

“Sit down, Richard,” Mr. President says, pulling up a chair for him.

Richard sits down and begins to laugh.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Mr. President asks him in utter seriousness. He is both pissed and confused. He is not sure what to do or what to expect.

Richard only laughs.

Mr. President gives him a weird look and then sits across from him at his desk.

Richard laughs.

“Okay...” Mr. President says, trying to calm him down. “You can either stop this bullshit or I can kill you right now just like your Mother. It’s your choice.”

Richard’s eyes become hateful and angry.

“Sorry,” Mr. President apologizes. “I had to say something like that for you to stop laughing. Now are you going to tell me why you were snooping around the gate?”

“Fine,” Richard says, staring at the man right in the eyes. “I’m here for the same reason you’ve got your goons all over the USD for: to find Dick.”

“Find Dick?” Mr. President says. “I have no idea where he is. Nobody does. All I know is that he ran off with that nigger cunt, Nina.”

“I’m aware of that,” Richard says, smirking. “But I can help you find both of them.”


“Mr. President, as you know, I’m a well-known kid around town. People talk. Somebody knows where they are.”

“You can’t find them, Richard. Not even my guards can.”

Richard laughs, saying: “Nobody is going to tell the Government shit. You’re going all wrong about it, sir.”

“What? How?”

“You’re...killing c-cunts,” Richard says with tears forming in his eyes. “You even had my...M-M-M-Mother....k-killed. But I don’t blame you for that. I blame Dick.”

“So this is why you came,” Mr. President says, a big smile on his face. “You want revenge.”

“Revenge? Yes I do. That is what I want, sir. I want Dick to suffer. If he never got involved with that nigger, none of this would have ever happened. But you need to let me help you. Your guards are scaring people. Nobody wants to talk to them. People don’t even want to come out of their houses. You can’t have success when people fear their Government.”

“Fear?” Mr. President says with a chuckle. “My boy, fear is the catalyst of change. Ask Hitler if you don’t believe me.

“Yes, sir. I’ll ask him from his grave.”

Mr. President grins and says: “You’re very funny, Richard. You always have been.”

“Thank you, sir. I’ve been told that from time to time.”

Mr. President gets out of his seat. He walks around the office, deep in thought.

“I’ll let you help,” he tells the boy after a long silence.

“Thank you,” Richard says in disbelief. “There is a catch, though.”

“Which is?”

“I want to execute Dick on live TV.”

Mr. President coughs awkwardly, shakes his head, and then says: “No. That’s still my...son you’re talking about. Not some damn savage.”

“Fine,” Richard says with irritation. “What about Nina?”

“Nina? I guess she’s fair game. Do whatever you want to her. Just don’t make it too cruel. I love a good execution as any other man, but when Moscow starts to get access to our systems --- I don’t want them to see cruel things. Not yet, at least.”

“Cruelty?” Richard says sarcastically. “Wasn’t that the platform you won the presidency with?”

“I guess so,” Mr. President says, chuckling. “However, those were different times. I have a lot to lose nowadays.”

“Well, fuck it all. Cruelty needs to be front and center again on a national and then a world stage. We need to stand for something or die for nothing. I won’t let you down, sir. It’s going to take a nation of millions to hold me back.”

War, this way comes.


“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

-Edmund Burke


Chapter 21


“We can’t keep doing what we’re doing,” Dick tells Nina as he cuddles on the bed with her.

“Huh?” Nina replies, her lips lightly grazing over his finger tips. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve just been thinking a lot lately, sweetheart. We’re involved with this whole Feminist revolution to create real change, right?”


“Exactly: the only way we’re going to make a real impact is if we gain pain amongst the soldiers.”

“We have power, Dick. They respect us.”

He shakes his head and says: “We don’t have true power. We have influence. They like us and respect us, sure, but we’re soldiers just like them. We’re obedient and do whatever the fuck Hitlary tells us to do. We’re fucking robots.”

She sighs.

“Don’t tell me you don’t feel like that just a little bit. I know you do deep down, Nina. You can’t hide yourself from me. I know you all too well.”

She sighs again, saying: “If you want us to gain so much power, how do you want to go about it?”

“I’m not completely sure. The best option is to take over Hitlary’s spot as leader. We have to expose her as being unfit, I guess. She doesn’t care about the revolution. We know that for sure. When we told her about what Melania said, all she did was shrug. How could she do such a thing? Women are getting killed for no reason because of a War she wants.”

“I hear you,” she says as he tries to think about what to do. “But I don’t like your plan. It’s too weak. Hitlary built this Empire. It’s hers. We can’t just take it away from her that easy.”

“You’re right, Nina. We’ll have to think of something better. You got any ideas?”

“Let me think...” she says, deep thought. “How...about I try to record her saying something mean or crazy? She always seems to be so nice to the other soldiers. But when we talk privately, she’s not very nice.”

“No shit,” he says, laughing. “You think you could record her? How about making a big speech at the next meeting, too?”

“Yeah,” Nina replies with a frown. “I’ll try.”

“What’s wrong?” Dick asks her.

“I just miss...home. I miss my parents. I’ve been going crazy thinking about them. What if they’re...dead?”

“Don’t say that,” he says, kissing her on the forehead. “They’re not dead.” 

“How do you know that?”

“I...just do, all right. They are in witness protection, you know. Probably in some shitty apartment just like us. Just have hope. I have hope. Don’t you?”

“It’s hard to have hope,” she says, sniffling.

“I know. But what else is there? You can’t just be negative all the time. You have to be positive. Negativity is what ruins perspective.”

“My perspective,” she says, “is that we’re all going to die. I fear that this revolution will be a failure.”

He looks her in the eyes as he says: “If you can’t have hope in the revolution, at least have hope in me...in us...”

She smiles, kisses him, and then says: “I love you so much it hurts.”

He smiles and says: “I love you so much that I want to fuck you right now.” 

“Is that so?” she says, blushing.

“Definitely,” he says, grabbing her ass.

The sucking and fucking begins.

Interracial amateur porn for the masses.

If only this was on the Internet.


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

-Andy Warhol


Chapter 22


For the first time in a long time, Richard is happy. He’s a lucky kid since happiness is so rare nowadays. Ever since he talked to Mr. President, he smiles a lot more and he feels like he has more reasons to live now. He even started dressing better, too. He also went back to school, which is something that he has desperately been wanting to do since his Mother died. On top of that, he has been fucking cunts again just like old times.

The source of his happiness is hope. All of his hopes and dreams are based on finding Dick and Nina, where he will then get the sweet satisfaction that he is the reason that they will both suffer cruel fates.

He thinks about finding them all day and all night.

A month ago --- all of this seemed so far away. Now it’s a reality.

As he walks to the house of his friend, Harvey, he thinks: I am the Thanos of our dark times.

Harvey is helping him find Dick and Nina. Harvey hates them more than Richard does. His Mother, older sister, and baby sister --- were just publicly raped and executed not that long ago.

Revenge, revenge.

What a delight.

Even though Richard has hope, he sometimes wants to give up. He and Harvey have already talked to a bunch of people about Dick and Nina’s whereabouts, but so far they’ve only experienced dead ends.

I can’t quit, he reminds himself. This is for Mother.

When he gets to Harvey’s house, he knocks on the door.

Harvey, who looks like a young Charles Manson, opens up the door, and says: “Hey, Richard. Any good news?”

“Nope,” Richard says as he walks inside

“Fuck!” Harvey yells as he closes the door. “Fuck!”

Richard rolls his eyes as he says: “Calm down, Harv. There’s no need to act crazy and weird like you usually do.”

“I don’t give a damn, Richard. Fuck everybody in this goddamn town. I --- we --- want Dick most of all. No pun intended.”

Richard laughs and says: “You’ve always had a weird sense of humor.”

“So I’ve heard. Come upstairs. My Father’s at work. I’ve got something I want to show you.”


Richard follows Harvey up the stairs, all the way into his room.

“I thought you were going to clean this place up,” Richard observes, stepping over piles of clothes and trash.

“Didn’t feel like it, bro.”

“You’re disgusting. Have some self respect. What did you want to show me?”

“First off,” Harvey says as he flips him off. “Go fuck yourself. Second off: look at this.” 

He hands Richard a tabloid clipping.

“Holy fucking shit,” Richard says, reading the clipping. His jaw drops. “This says Dick has been spotted hanging out in the ghetto recently. Where did this come from? I’ve never read this.”

“It’s from the National Cuntquirer.”

“The National Cuntquirer? Isn’t that shit not reliable?”

“I don’t know,” Harvey says, shrugging. “But who cares? It’s the only lead we got.”

“That’s true, man. I’m going to show this to the Dictator and see what he says.”

“Yes!” Harvey says, clapping, jumping up and down. “That’s a wonderful idea! Imagine if it’s true. I can’t wait to see the look on Dick and Nina’s faces when they get captured. I can’t wait to see the torture! The carnage! The blood! The vicious brutality of it all!”

“Calm down,” Richard says with a slight chuckle. “Let’s hope this shit works. If it does, things are going to change for us and our country...”

Will this change be good or bad?


“Power changes hands more than the Cleveland Browns coaches.”

-Blake Chapman


Chapter 23


“Here are the five cities we will be attacking on our quest to the White House,” Dick announces to the crowd of Feminists that stand before him. “Deez Nutz, Shaft, PHD (Pretty Huge Dick), Testes, and then the Swamp, where we will fight our way to the White House.”

The crowd claps.

“In the heart of our nation’s city,” he continues, “our own nation is falling apart. The Government is killing women for no reason. As terrible as this all may be, these are the times where we have to be smarter than our opponents.”

The crowd claps.

“We have to remember who we are,” Nina adds. “We have to remember why we’re starting a revolution. This War is not just for women’s rights. This is for Human rights!”

The crowd claps.

Hitlary gives them a nasty look.

Dick smiles at her and then says: “Which is why Nina and I want to be your leaders. You need us. And we need you. Hitlary cannot properly lead. She never was meant to lead. We have proof of her corruption. Nina, play the tape.”

Nina presses play on the recording.

“Hitlary?” Nina says.

“Yes?” Hitlary replies back.

“We have to do something quick about what the Government is doing. I know earlier you shrugged when Dick and I talked to you about it. You just stayed on your email. It seemed like you didn’t even care and I know that can’t be...true.”

“I still don’t care, Nina. As long as those cunts listen to me, I can do whatever I want.” 

“That’s not right, Hitlary. That’s corrupt. That’s fucking unethical.”

“Does it look like I give a fuck? Stop your bitching and come eat my pussy. Dick doesn’t have to know...”

Nina turns off the recording.

The crowd gasps as they stare at Hitlary in disbelief.

Hitlary runs out of the building as quickly as she can.

“That’s what happens when corrupt leaders lead,” Dick says to the crowd. “They run away when things get tough. Nina and I can lead you to new heights, Sisters. We can lead you to the Promise Land.”

The crowd looks at each other with uncertainty.

Dick grabs Nina by the waist and gives her a nice long kiss, saying: “I love you, babe.” 

“I love you, too,” she says, blushing. “Forever and ever.”

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” the crowd says as they clap.

Nina giggles and blushes.

“I think this will actually work,” she whispers to Dick. 

“Me, too, Nina. Me, too.”

As long as you do some corny shit, people will love you.


“I’ve been reading tabloids since I was 9. I love a good story.”

-Lana Del Rey


Chapter 24



No reply.


No reply.


“Huh?” Harvey says, blinking his eyes, mesmerized by the guards as they lead him and Richard into the White House.

“Get your head out of the clouds,” Richard advises him. “It’s almost time for business.”


As they get closer to the Oval Office, Harvey looks at each item he passes by with curiosity and wonder. Everything looks so beautiful and historic. He felt like he was in a museum.

The guards knock on the door of the Oval Office.

Mr. President opens the door, smiles, and says: “Richard and Harvey, please come in. I hear you have big news for me. Guards, you can stay outside.”

“Yes, sir,” the guards say as they step aside for the two young men.

“Sit down,” Mr. President says as he sets two chairs across from his desk.

“Yes, sir,” Richard says. He gives Harvey a nasty look as his friend gets lost in the clouds again. “Harvey, snap out of it.”

No reply.

Mr. President gives Harvey a weird look and says: “What the fuck is wrong with him? Is he retarded or something?”

“Sorry,” Richard apologizes. “It’s just his first time in the White House and his first time meeting you. He’s just overwhelmed. Come on, Harvey. Knock it off.”

No reply.

“I know what will work,” Mr. President says with a devilish and childish grin.


Mr. President kicks Harvey in the balls.

Harvey falls down to the ground, holding his balls, saying: “Fuck! Fuck! Jesus fucking Christ that fucking hurt!”

“Sorry,” Mr. President says as he helps Harvey get up. “Your head was lost in the clouds. You weren’t listening.”

Harvey gets bright red as he says: “Sorry, sir. I’m just so mesmerized by everything here. It’s so beautiful. I know we spoke on the phone, but seeing you for the first time --- it was really a shock.”

“It is what it is,” Mr. President says. He shakes his hand and squeezes it as tight as he can. “Just don’t let it happen again.”

“It won’t, sir,” Harvey says as he takes the seat next to Richard.

Mr. President sits across from them, saying: “On the phone you boys said you have important information regarding the location of Dick and Nina. This excites me very much. I’m looking forward to seeing this evidence.”

“Here you go,” Richard says, giving him the tabloid clipping.

Mr. President reads the clipping, frowning with each word.

“Are you guys serious?” he says angrily. “How the fuck would this ever be credible? You guys have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Um...” Richard says, trying to think of an answer.

“Cat got your tongue, Richard? How about you, Harvey? Do you have an answer to this catastrophe?”

“Um...” Harvey says, trying to think of an answer.

Mr. President throws the clipping as far as he can as he bangs his fist on the desk, saying: “Goddamnit! You have wasted my fucking time. You had me all excited. And then you bring me this worthless shit! Dick would never be caught dead in the ghetto. I don’t know about Nina. But this evidence is nothing but bullshit lies. It’s worthless. Now I’m going to kill whoever wrote it.”

“We’re sorry,” Richard apologizes. “We know it isn’t the most reliable source. But it’s a start. What if it’s true, though? Can’t you look into it, at least?”

Mr. President shakes his head as he says: “Why would I look into something that a tabloid said? What happened to getting people to give you details about Dick and Nina’s whereabouts?”

“We ran into some...problems,” Richard explains. “However, I need you to keep an open mind about this thing. Just imagine if it’s actually true. If you don’t do anything now, you’ll just be letting the enemy get away.”

Mr. President gets out of his seat and walks around as he smokes a cigarette. He is deep in thought, deeper than six feet deep. 

“What are we going to do?” Harvey whispers over to Richard.

Richard shrugs.

“I’ve thought about it,” Mr. President says after a long silence. He puts out his cigarette, coughs, clears his voice and then says: “I think that it’s a terrible idea. It’s too risky. You both have failed me. I want you to get the fuck out of here right now and don’t come back. I no longer need your help.”

“What?” Richard and Harvey both say with their tones full of confusement.

“I said get the fuck out right now and don’t come back. I no longer need your help.” 

“Yes you do!” Richard says with defiance as he stands up straight.

“I never did need help,” Mr. President admits, “especially not your help. You’re both worthless. I enjoyed having your Mother raped and killed, Richard. Same to you Harvey. I even raped them once myself before they went on TV to get raped again.”

Harvey remains seated as his mind tries to process what is going on. He is both completely stunned and devastated. There is a great big hole within his heart.

Richard lunges at Mr. President.

Mr. President pushes Richard off of him, chuckles, snorts six lines of cocaine, takes a gun out from his desk, and then shoots Richard and Harvey.

By the time he calls for the guards to clean up the bodies, he’s covered in blood.

I swear this mother-fucker has killed so many people that Netflix needs to make a documentary on him. Making a Murderer: Guilty Rich People Killing In The Name Of Power.


“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”

-Gary Allan


Chapter 25


“Dick and Nina are on the way to your office,” Hitlary’s secretary and closest friend, Pocahontas, informs her over the phone.

“Thank you, Pocahontas.”

“You’re welcome.”

Hitlary hangs up the phone and sighs. She’s been depressed ever since the cunts heard the recording.

She feels lost without power, as if she’s nothing. A complete and utter failure, if she might add.

Five minutes later, Dick and Nina walk into her office with big smiles on their faces. 

“Hello, Hitlary,” Dick says. “Why did you call us in?”

“Sit down,” Hitlary says coldly as she gives them a nasty look.

They sit down across from her.

“Hitlary, are you okay?” Nina asks her. “You...look pretty...mad...”

“Cut the shit,” Hitlary snaps. “Who do you mother-fuckers think you are taking my group away from me like that? All of my power is gone because of you. All of my pride and joy. I worked my ass off for this spot and worked my ass off to get you here alive. And you guys are going to disrespect me like that? Just like that, huh? Oh no. You should be happy I’m not putting a bullet in your asses right now.”

Dick laughs.

“Stop it, Dick,” Nina chastises him as she nudges his stomach . “You’re being rude.”

“Listen to your slut,” Hitlary advises him. “Listen to the slutty little words that come out of her nigger cunt-filled mouth.”

“Watch your mouth,” Dick warns her.

“Or what?”

“Or what, Hitlary? Are you seriously asking me that? Well guess what, bitch? There ain’t no ‘or what’. You don’t have power anymore, honey. You’re finished. You’re done. We run this mother-fucker now and there’s not shit that you can do about it.”

Hitlary smiles and says: “Is that so?”

“Yeah,” Dick says in an assertive tone. “It is.”

Hitlary gets up from her seat and walks around her office as she tries to think.

“This has to be resolved,” she says to them. “I won’t let this go so easily.”

“You already lost,” Dick reminds her. “Nina and I beat you at your own game.”

“The game is not over yet,” Hitlary says with a devilish grin forming on her face. “I just hope you know what. Watch your back, mother-fucker. Watch your back..”

“And you watch yours,” Dick says back to her with authority.

He and Nina get up from their seats.

“We’re not done here,” Hitlary snaps at them. “You’re not leaving.”

“Watch us leave then,” Dick says as he flips her off.

They walk out of her office, slamming the door on their way out.

Hitlary screams at the top of her lungs.

They will pay, she thought. They don’t know the connections I have. They don’t know what I can do. I am capable of much more...much, much more... 

How does Bill even deal with this bitch?


“Doubt though the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, but never Doubt I love.”

-William Shakespeare


Chapter 26


The sun fucks the sky and then cums as it falls into a deep and peaceful sleep. 

The moon rises into the sky, horny as hell.

The Pussy Rioters gather together as they form the Feminist symbol with their hands, chanting: “We hate men!”

They’re preparing for their first attack on the city of Deez Nutz, which is tomorrow. They’ve been training hard for the last few weeks.

Dick wishes they had more time to prepare, but time is of the essence.

Now it’s time for action. Now it’s time to kill.

It’s hard training civilians to fight. Housewives and soccer moms struggling to become soldiers. Al- Quief and the Dykes of Vulvas are naturals at shooting and killing. They do everything with ease. Taylor Swift and her group of her friends...well they’re another story. All they do is put on makeup, shout about girl power, and talk about how Kanye West is a misogynistic jerk.

The only Feminist who isn’t training is Hitlary. She disappeared after her meeting with Dick and Nina.

Nobody has seen her since.

That helps out Dick and Nina since it only gains them more power and influence among the Feminists. 

The Feminists love them and respect them and can no longer stand Hitlary. They often refer to her as ‘Crooked Hitlary’.

“Who are we?” Dick shouts. 

“Women!” the soldiers reply. 

“What do we do?”

“We kill men!”

“How do we do it?” 

“We cut off their dicks!” 

“Why do we do it?” 

“Because men are evil!”

Dick hushes them down and says: “Tomorrow we face Death. We face hate and we face terror. Victory and survival are so close that I can taste it. The opposition isn’t expecting us. We will show them the true strength that we have. Our true strength and heart sets us apart from the rest.”

The soldiers nod their heads silently.

“The object of this War,” he says, “is not to fight and die for our country. This is a War based on morals and freedom. We’re tired of the way the Government treats it’s own citizens. The USD might want to live in ignorance, but we for sure don’t. And that is why I love and respect you all. The food is ready. Go eat, girls. You deserve it.”

There is no objection to that.

The soldiers disband as they run to the pots and pans full of food. There is a feast tonight. It will be a feast meant for Kings and Queens, not peasants and feigns.

They eat and laugh and drink as they have themselves a good ol time.

Halfway through the feast, Dick walks up to the front of the soldiers, and raps without a beat.

It goes like this:

“Pussy is presidential

Here’s the deduction, this War means destruction

They meet us, then beat us, then cheat us, then want to defeat us 

We done had enough

Times are rugged, rough, tough

Their bluffs are fluffs

They out for murder?

Well guess what? We are, too

They ain’t expecting what we bout to do

Winning the only option, never going to lose

We Human, ain’t that enough to prove?

Do we all have to pop pussy to be approved?

Rape is dancing to them

They need to get out the groove

Fuck being a cunt, fuck being a bitch

We about to rise up out of this shit”


The soldiers clap and yell.

“T-Thank you,” Dick says awkwardly with his cheeks bright red. “Your support means a lot.”

After the feast is over, he makes another speech, and then he gives the floor to Nina, who brings the house down with a poem that she wrote.

It goes like this:

“I have a vagina that bleeds and bleeds

Call this a call to arms for my Sisters in need, for the dead pussiees riot in the street

I am a Feminist who is tired of seeing my Sisters bleed and bleed”


After she is done reading her poem, the soldiers go to bed with their dreams full of their impending battle.

The only people still up are Dick, Nina, and Mrs. Jay.

They sit around a campfire, smoking a joint, bullshitting around as they talk.

“How do you feel about tomorrow?” Mrs. Jay asks them.

“I’m nervous,” Nina admits as she takes a couple hits. “Like really fucking nervous.”

Dick takes some hits, his hands shaking as he passes the joint back to Mrs. Jay.

“Dick?” Mrs. Jay says after she puts the joint out. She gives him a look of great concern. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he lies.

“He’s lying,” Nina observes. “I can tell when he’s lying. He gets this strange look on his face and then he starts to act weird.”

“I know what you mean,” Mrs. Jay says. “His Mother was the same way.”

“Don’t mention my Mother,” Dick fires back. “You know nothing about her.”

Mrs. Jay sighs and shakes her head, saying: “Dick, I should have been more honest with you from the start.”

“What do you mean?” he says, confused.

Mrs. Jay hesitates and then says: “Your Mother and I were involved with each other. I... think we were in...love.”

“What the fuck?” Dick says as his face scrunches up. “You’re full of shit.”

“I’m not lying, Dick. I promise. Women cheat just like men do.”

“I believe her, Dick,” Nina adds. “A lot of Feminists are lesbians. I wouldn’t be surprised about it if I were you.”

“Really?” he says in disbelief.

“Yes,” Mrs. Jay says,“I promise. I wouldn’t lie to you.” 


“Why what?” Mrs. Jay says back.

“Why didn’t you tell me all this before?”

“I didn’t think you needed to know. But as I look at you, I see only your Mother. And if something was bothering your Mother, I would die trying to figure out what was wrong with her. So please, Dick. Just tell us what’s wrong with you?”

“Fine...” Dick says, taking a deep breath. “I’m afraid.” 

“Afraid of what?” Mrs. Jay asks him.

“Afraid of facing my Father. Afraid of losing. Being a failure. If we lose this War, it’s over for all of us. I hope you guys realize that.”

Mrs. Jay lights the joint again and then hands it over to Dick, saying: “Don’t worry about things that are out of your control. Just hit this and relax. God will take care of the rest.”

“How can I relax?” he says after a few hits. “This whole fucking thing is stressful. Sometimes I wish Hitlary had all the power again. I can’t deal with this shit. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“I feel the same way,” Mrs. Jay says as she takes the joint away from Dick. “How about you, Nina?”

“I feel the same,” she replies back as she tries to think about that four-lettered word, which is called: hope.

“Really?” Dick says with shock.

“Yeah,” both of the cunts say at the same time.

“I feel a little bit better,” Dick says with a small smile. “It’s nice to know somebody’s going through the same thing. But how do we look at the girls if we lose? What are we going to do?”

“Well,” Mrs. Jay says, “on the bright side: if we lose, we’ll all be dead. We won’t even have to face the girls.”

Dick rolls his eyes as Nina grins and chuckles.

“I’m just messing with you,” Mrs. Jay assures him. “I’m not sure how to answer any of these questions. We can’t worry about stuff like that. We’re not God. I’ve been fighting the good fight for a long time now. And in my Life, I’ve seen and done some terrible things just like anybody else in this Hell of a world. Sometimes I want to give up and quit. Sometimes I just want to kill myself. But what does keep me going is the idea that eventually we’ll all be free.”

“Wow...” Dick says with a smirk. “That was really deep.”

“Yeah,” Nina adds. “A bit depressing, though.”

Mrs. Jay shrugs and says: “That’s Life for you. You can’t try to control Life. You have to let it flow naturally, even if you’re drowning in the current.”

“How did you become so smart?” Dick asks her. 

“From experience,” she replies.

“Well, I want some of that.”.

“Me, too,” Nina says.

“Someday you’ll get it,” she says to them. “As long as you get older, more experiences will come. And when that comes, the smarter you’ll get.”

“Thanks,” Dick says, smiling as he holds onto Nina’s hand. “That means a lot. You made me feel a whole lot better.”

“You’re welcome, Dick.”

As Mrs. Jay looks at them holding hands, love hanging in their eyes --- she remembers when she had times like this with Dick’s Mother. It saddens her to think of such times. But yet it warms her heart.

“It’s getting late,” she tells them. “I’m tired and high. We should all go to sleep. Tomorrow is our first stop.”

“You’re right,” Dick says with a yawn. “Nighty night.”

Mrs. Jay smiles as she says: “Goodnight, Dick. Goodnight, Nina.

“Night,” Nina calls back as she cuddles up with Dick.

As Mrs. Jay falls asleep, Dick and Nina lie in each other’s arms, looking up at the horny moon. Looking up at the black sky that’s darker than the Devil’s thoughts.

“You think we’re going to die?” Dick asks her.

“I don’t know. I hope not.”

“If we do die, I hope we go to Heaven. I know you don’t believe in that kind of stuff...but you’ll probably go to Heaven. You’re a great person, Nina. I’m probably not going to Heaven. Though...”

“Why? What do you mean?”

“I’m a terrible person who has done terrible things. Unforgivable things...”

“That doesn’t matter, Dick. That was the old you. It was all in the past. The only thing that matters is who you are right now. And right now you are the most amazing, most thoughtful person I’ve ever met. I love you with all my heart.”

“Thanks,” he says, smiling. “I love you more than God loves Christians. I’d die for you.” 

“That’s a lot of love,” she says as she cracks up.

“Yeah, I know. But you deserve it.”

Sometimes they make me want to barf with all this lovey-dovey shit. They deserve their own Lifetime or Hallmark movie.

The sad thing is I’m pretty sure people would actually watch that shit. People are stupid as fuck like that.


“Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”

-Benjamin Franklin


Chapter 27


With a cigar in his mouth, Mr. President fucks a slave. He has her bent over his desk. He moans and groans as he whispers into her ear. 

He ashes his cigar onto her back.

She yelps in pain as tears come out of her eyes.

Someone bangs on the door.

“Who the fuck is it?” he yells in an annoyed tone, pulling out of her.

“Mr. President!” an array of voices shout in union. “Mr. President! Open up! Open up!”

“Is it urgent? I’m kind of...busy right now.”

“Yes! Open up!”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he says, waving his hands around in the air. “I can’t get one fucking second to fuck a stupid sexy cunt! Everybody is always harassing me!”

“Get out,” he tells the slave as he puts on some clothes. “Go back to your dungeon. I’ll have you come back later, skank.”

She gets up and walks out of the Oval Office.

He greets the people before him with a frown on his face.

“What is the meaning of this interruption?” Mr. President says to his guards and advisors as they rush into the office. “This better be good or it’s your asses on a platter.”

“Sit down on the couch and watch TV, sir,” a guard says.

“Why?” he says, mildly confused. “What’s happening?”

“Just turn on the TV,” an advisor says. “You’ll want to see this. Trust me.”

“Fine,” he says, sitting down on the couch. “Turn on the TV.”

A guard grabs the remote and then turns on the TV.

A news reporter greets them with a look that seems to be scared, frightened, and sad. 

“Horrifying news out of Deez Nutz,” the reporter announces to the audience. “A cunt Army has just taken control of the well-known city. Calls have been made to the Government for assistance, but each call has been ignored. The Police have failed at their jobs. Thousands of men are already dead. The fugitive terrorists, Dick Van Cock and Nina Hill, have revealed themselves as the leaders of this Army. They are known as the Pussy Rioters. Yet the most horrifying thing of all is that it’s being reported right now that Al-Quief, Dykes of Vulva, and for some odd reason, Taylor Swift and her group of friends --- are all involved with the Pussy Rioters. If you’re still in Deez Nutz, get out immediately! You’re all going to die!”

Video footage of the destruction of Deez Nutz comes up on the screen: buildings burning and people dying. Stores robbed. Broken glass mirroring broken dreams. Bullets shooting a film directed by the violent rendezvous of Death.

This is truly a vision from Hell. 

Mr. President looks at the TV in horror.

The room is dead silent.

The TV turns off.

Mr. President throws the remote at the wall, which makes it explode into tinier pieces.

The room is dead silent.

He gets up from the couch, walks over to desk, opens up a drawer, and then pulls out a gun.

He points it at his head guard and head advisor. He then lets his finger go on the trigger.

Blood lies everywhere as it smears symbols of patriotism.

He looks down at the dead bodies lying on the carpet. He laughs madly as his eyes stare at the blood.

“Anybody else here wants to die today?” he says, waving the gun around. “I have bullets for all of you mother- fuckers!”

Everyone shakes their heads frantically.

“Good,” he says, holding the gun to his side. “Now if you want to tell me what the fuck just happened, then go ahead.”

“You just killed two men, sir,” a guard says.

“I know,” he says, pointing the gun at him. “And now it’s three.”

Bullets fly out as the guard drops down to the ground, lifeless and swimming in blood.

Mr. President puts the gun back to his side, looks at everyone and then says: “Any smart talk will get you killed. Now somebody please give me some fucking answers before I kill somebody else.”

An advisor steps up to him sheepishly, saying: “S-S-S-Sir, everything we know is what the reporter just said. W-W-We ignored their calls because t-t-they’re usually calling for something stupid like an import of s-slaves. We didn’t know what to d-d-do. W-We tried to get them to take it down when they first aired it on the news, but they r-refused. W-We were a-a-afraid of what M-M-Moscow might t-t-think if they somehow heard about it.”

He pulls the gun up to eye level as he shoots the advisor point blank in the face.

The man falls down on the carpet. He looks unrecognizable. His face will forever look fucked up.

“Do you think I’m fucking around with you guys?” he yells as he waves the gun around. “I could do this shit all day. You’re all worthless!”

Five more guards and three more advisors are killed before somebody gives Mr. President an adequate answer.

“Don’t kill us, sir,” a guard says, fearfully looking at the twelve bodies that lie around him. “We didn’t listen to Richard and Harvey when they gave us the tabloid clipping. We failed you by not giving you advice on the decision you made. We should have searched for them in the ghetto. It’s all our faults. We will get revenge. But it should be in a much different way. Subtler.”

“What do you mean?” he asks him.

“I think we should do nothing. We shouldn’t even try to stop them. Let’s wait for them to come here. We all know that they’re going to try to save the best for last. Let them try to attack whatever cities they have to battle. We don’t give a fuck about those cities. We only care about protecting our own and all that we possess, whether it be pussy or money. We’ll have the whole USD Army ready to take them out when they get here.”

Mr. President drops the gun on the ground as he claps his hands.

“Thank God!” he says. “I’m surprised somebody actually used their fucking brain today. Excellent plan!”

“Thank you, sir.”

Mr. President picks up the gun, puts it back in the drawer, and then sits down in his chair.

“Clean up these bodies,” he says to the guards and advisors.

“Yes, sir,” they all reply.

He snorts eight lines of cocaine and then watches them pick up the bloody bodies.

You can’t hide forever, Dick, he thought. Sooner or later Fate will bring us together.


“War is organized murder and torture against our brothers.”

-Alfred Adler


Chapter 28


There’s a lot of ways to torture someone whether it be physical or mental.

Nobody expected the Pussy Rioters to torture with such violence, except me.

Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover.

Right now in the city of Deez Nutz, the Pussy Rioters are holding the mayor, Ailes Fox, in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.

Ailes is strapped down to a chair with wires connected to his head, nipples, and penis. Cuts and bruises are all over his chest, stomach and face.

Soldiers surround him, their guns cocked and ready to shoot. They yell obscenities at him. Some are in english. Some in arabic. Some in chinese and some in spanish.

War is a multicultural affair.

Dick walks over to Ailes, thinking: I’m going to have to get used to using violence and

fear again.

“Hello,” Dick says with a creepy smile on his face. “How are you doing?” 

“Fuck you!” Ailes screams as he coughs up blood.

Dick turns on the switch to the wires.

Ailes yelps as tears come out of his eyes.

“We can kill you right now,” Dick tells him. “There’s no way out of this, Ailes. But you shouldn’t fear us. You should fear time. Right now the clocks ticking away to your dance with Death.”

“Please don’t,” Ailes begs.

“Don’t worry. I have an offer for you.” 

“What kind of an offer.”

“An offer you can’t refuse: in exchange for your Life, you tell us where my Father keeps the slaves hidden. I’ve never been able to find the room. I know you know where they are. You’re always importing slaves for my Father and you’ve come over before to fuck slaves with him.”

“You want me to snitch?” Ailes says, outraged. “Why would I do that? Why do you even want to know about that kind of shit, Dick?”

“If you want to live to see another day, I suggest you start talking now. When we make it to the White House, I’m going to execute my Father.”

“What?” Ailes says, alarmed. “Execute the Dictator? You would fail.”

“Maybe,” Dick says, shrugging. “But I guess if you want to die I can kill you right now.

“No!” Ailes says. “Fine...I’ll tell you where they are. Your Father keeps them hidden behind a trap door in the piano room. The door is locked, you see. He keeps them in a cage.”

The soldiers gasp.

“Your Father is a very secretive man, Dick. He trusts nobody. All I can say is this: the USD is a ponzi scheme. It’s not a united nation. It’s a vast void full of money for the rich. The top guys don’t care about your Father or any of us. We’re just doing our jobs.”

“What?” Dick says, highly confused. “What do you mean by ‘top guys’?”

Ailes hesitates, takes a deep breath, and then says: “Your Father isn’t in charge of the USD.”


Jaws begin to drop.

Voices begin to talk all at once. 

“Quiet down!” Dick yells at them. 

Everyone quiets down.

“Who’s in charge then?” Dick says to him.

“Sorry,” Ailes apologizes. “That’s as far as I can go. You can kill me right now. I don’t care. They will find me eventually for snitching. Just like they are going to find you and kill you all.”

“Your wish is my command,” Dick says with an uneasy smirk.

He turns on the switch to the wires, takes a few steps back, and then watches Ailes get electrocuted to Death. 

Silence and burnt skin are heavy in the air.

Quentin Tarintino would have loved to film this.


“Suicide is Man’s way of telling God, ‘You can’t fire me --- I quit’.”

-Bill Maher


Chapter 29


Puke comes out of Dick’s mouth as it makes love to the ground.

“Don’t tell anybody I’ve been puking,” Dick tells Nina. He looks anxiously over his shoulder as he wipes his mouth.

“I won’t,” she promises. “Just tell me what’s wrong and why you’ve been puking so much lately. Ever since we left Deez Nutz, you’ve been acting weird.”

“You wouldn’t understand,” he says, sighing.

“Stop with the bullshit,” she says bluntly “I’m your girlfriend and I love you. You can tell me anything. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who you are anymore, Dick. You’ve been a completely different person lately. You keep complaining about stuff, but you won’t tell me shit. Grow the fuck up.”

He walks away from Nina in a pissed mood

“So is that how you deal with everything? By blowing it off? What the hell happened to the brave guy I started dating? I miss that guy.”

Dick keeps on walking.

He mumbles under his breath, kicking rocks and trees, tearing off leaves, killing bugs for no reason.

“Guess you finally cracked, huh?”

He turns around at the voice behind him.

“Hitlary?” he says, stunned. “Where the fuck have you been? How did you find us? Nobody has seen you in a while. You didn’t even fight with us.”

“I’ve been surviving,” she says, smiling.

“Surviving? You deserted us. If you really cared about us you would have stayed and fought.”

Hitlary laughs and then says: “How did it feel to kill, Dick? Tell me exactly how it felt. I want every bloody gory detail. Every last one.”

His face twitches.

He hesitates and then says: “Terrible. It felt terrible. It’s eating me up.”

“You’re weak,” she tells him. “Every man is like that. You’re no leader. Men do nothing but fail. You won’t succeed. You will all die in the end.”

“Die in the end? What happened to your optimism?”

“I woke up, Dick. I realized that this whole thing is pointless and nothing good will ever come from it. We’re all doomed.”

He shakes his head as he says: “Don’t say that, Hitlary. You’re not thinking straight.” 

“Am I?” she says as she then points a gun at him.

“Hitlary!” he shrieks, backing up.

She has this animalistic look in her eyes as she stands there, staring at him, looking into his soul.

“I told you this wasn’t over, Dick.”

“Calm down,” he advises her. “Just calm down.”

She laughs.

Various soldiers run over to them. When they see Hitlary, they stop and raise their guns.

She looks over at them and laughs, saying: “You all are so fucking stupid.” 

And then she points the gun at herself.

“No!” Dick shouts.

Hitlary falls down to the ground as she shoots herself.

The soldiers gasp.

Well, this certainly went from zero to one-hundred real quick.


“I guess one of the ways that karma works is that it finds out what you are most afraid of and then makes that happen eventually.”

-Cheech Marin


Chapter 30


The look of the dead is a morbid sight.

Mr. President doesn’t see it that way, though. Not at all. At this very second, he is staring at the dead body of a guard as he paces around the Oval Office.

He smiles, perplexed by the dead body.

“That’s what you get,” he says to the deceased guard.

Someone knocks on the door.

“Who is it?” he says loudly.

“It’s me, sir,” the head advisor says.

“Oh. Come in.”

The head advisor opens the door and walks in. He has an uneasy look on his face.

“Tell me it’s good news,” Mr. President says.

“N-No, sir,” the head advisor replies. “No good news. Just more of the same.”

“Like what?”

“The Pussy Rioters attacked the city of Shaft today. A lot of men died today.”

Mr. President shakes his head as he tells him: “Damn, I am very displeased.”

“W-Why? I thought we were letting them kill everybody until they came to us.”

“Yes...but that does not explain why people cannot protect their own cities. This shows men as weak.”

“No it doesn’t, sir.”

“Are you arguing with me?”


Mr. President walks over to his desk, pulls out a gun from his drawer, and then shoots the head advisor in the throat.

Blood squirts out like a juice packet being stepped on.

The head advisor screams, falls to the ground, and then dies a slow Death.

Mr. President throws the gun across the room. He then snorts six lines of cocaine.

“Fuck!” he yells, stomping his feet.

He falls down to the ground as he sobs.

“God?” he says, looking up at the ceiling. “Are you even listening to me? Why are you doing this to me? Oh why me?”

God doesn’t give a fuck about petty problems so he doesn’t reply. 







God, I have a question for You: why did You supposedly make such fucking idiots?


“All Warfare is based on deception.”



Chapter 31


Footsteps march on like a metronome as it creates a dope ass beat.

The Pussy Rioters have only one thing on their mind today: murder and conquer.

The blood of men will be spilled today, they thought. Dicks will be chopped off. Muscles will be sliced limb by limb.

Oh, what a glorious day.

“Steady...” Dick says, motioning his troops to come to a halt. “There’s a lot of men with guns all the way down there. You know they are ready for us.”

The soldiers raise their guns.

“Showtime,” Dick says, a small smile breaking out across his face.

Bursts of gunshots occur.

The men fall down to the ground.

“Keep moving.”

They move on slowly and cautiously as they keep their eyes on the road ahead.

People yell and scream as soon as they see them. It is the sounds of anger and anguish and fear.

“Run for cover,” Dick says as he gets ready to hide.

The soldiers take shelter wherever they can.

Men in armor shoot back at them, shouting: “Come out, cunts! Give up!” 

The soldiers laugh as they let the men waste their bullets.

The following events are described like this: more yelling, more blood, more Death, and more fake patriotic glory.

Why do people still wage War, even though it causes so much Death?

The soldiers let out a swarm of bullets.

The men, low on bullets, scatter as they try to run away.

The soldiers smile as they kill all of the men.

They laugh and laugh and laugh.

Cunts and gentleman; let’s hear a big round of applause for our frenemy, War!

The soldiers walk over the bodies without taking one look at them. They are all stuck in a violent daze.

Killing men makes them feel good.

More men come to shoot at them.

With each squadron, the men seem to be getting weaker and weaker. It’s almost child’s play going against them.

The Pussy Rioters take over the city of Testes with only ten dead and four wounded.

It’s a great victory for them, but it makes Dick feel distraught.

“Stop celebrating!” he yells at them as they drag the Mayor, Steve Incest, across the ground.

“Why?” the soldiers ask him, some of them frowning.

“We have been tricked,” he explains. “We have just seen the Government’s battle plan.”

The soldiers give him confused looks.

“My Father has smart people around him,” he says. “I should have seen this coming sooner. Have any of you noticed that the Government has not done one thing to help? Everything has been way too easy for us.”

The soldiers nod their heads.

“It’s all on purpose. They mean to make it easy on us. I bet my Life that when we go to the Swamp to take the White House, the whole USD Army will be there waiting for us. Mark my words.”

The soldiers look around as they whisper to each other.

“How do you know that for certain, honey?” Nina asks him.

“I know my Father, Nina. He’s a tricky, evil man who always has something up his sleeve.”

“Do you think everything will be ok if this happens to be true?”

“O-Of course...”

“I hope so, Dick. I really do...”

Dick, when you try to fuck with The Man, you usually end up getting fucked in the process.

This is a fucking that won’t feel good.


“He played the King as if afraid someone else would play the ace.”

-John Mason Brown


Chapter 32


“Mr. President, are you sure this is going to work?”

“Of course. We are setting them up for failure, you know. Leading the bastards right to us. I bet some of them are cocky as hell right now. Even if they notice our plan, they will not be able to stop it. Not now. They have gained too much momentum for that.”

The new head advisor looks uncomfortable under Mr. President’s glare. The only thing he has on his mind is if his boss is going to kill him today. Everybody is afraid of Mr. President nowadays. 

Nobody wants to work for the White House anymore. Half of the employees have already quit, except the cunts (since they can’t quit). 

“What’s wrong?” Mr. President asks him. “You look stressed. Loosen up a bit.” 

“Y-yes, sir. Aye aye, Captain.”

A smile comes over the advisor’s face as he tries to put his mind at ease.

“There we go,” Mr. President says, patting him on the back. “You have nothing to worry about. We have that live rape and execution to see on TV soon. It’s going to be a hell of a night!”

“Certainly, sir...ha-ha...ha-ha...”

“Stop calling me, sir,” Mr. President snaps. “It’s annoying that all you mother-fuckers call me that. Call me your Majesty. That sounds more classy.”

The advisor bows his head as he says: “Whatever you want, your Majesty.”

“Good,” Mr. President says, chuckling. “This is what I like to hear. Now get out. I want to watch this rape and execution alone.”

“Of course, your Majesty. What cunt is it tonight?” 

Mr. President smiles a cruel and wicked smile. “Nina’s Mother,” he says as he breaks out in laughter.

“Wow. I had no idea that you had found her. What happened to the Father?”

“I sent him to a prison for gay people. That nigger will get raped everyday. You know how those fags like that big nigger cock.”

“It’s genius, your Majesty. Just plain brilliant.”

“Thanks. Now stop kissing my ass and get the fuck out of here before I kill you.”


The advisor leaves quickly. On his way out, he thanks God for letting him live another day.

Mr. President sits down on the couch and imagines himself as a King: a crown on his head. Jewels all over his body. Cunts riding his dick like a carousel. Ruling over a kingdom with no restrictions. 

I love being King, he thought with great pride.


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

-Robert H. Schuller


Chapter 33


The Pussy Rioters look away from the TV screen.

All over the USD, Nina’s Mother’s rape and execution is being broadcast. It’s shown in homes, on streets, restaurants, and stores.

Anywhere you go, her Mother’s decapitated head is staring back at you.

Nina covers her eyes as she cries onto Dick’s shoulder.

He holds her tight. He shakes his head with shame as he watches the news.

Everyone covers their ears as the TV begins to say: “Ohh...sayyy...ccan...youu...sseeee..”

“Cut it off!” Dick yells at them.

The soldiers turn off the TV.

“Let’s move out,” Dick tells them. “Now.” He has an intensely serious look on his face. He looks like a man on a mission.

The soldiers don’t have to be told twice, for they follow Dick and Nina out of Testes. 

They’re on their way to PHD.

“I’m sorry,” Dick whispers into Nina’s ear. “Do not worry, my love. We will avenge this. Yes, yes...yes we will. We will avenge all of this. Revenge tastes oh so sweet.” 

Nina only cries harder.

Dick lets out a short sigh. He feels so bad for her, so awful. He knows how this all feels. None of this feels good. It hurts, hurts like you like a heart attack --- or maybe something even worse. 

His heart breaks for her but he wants her to persevere through this; he needs her strength more than anything. He depends on her for so much. Deep down, he knows that it is his job to get her back on her feet. 

If she’s hurting, then he’s hurting. If he’s hurting, then she’s hurting.

True love that matches that of Verona.

Dick rolls up his sleeves and then gets to work. He starts this mission off by saying: “Stop with that, Nina. Stop the crying. It sucks. It really does. But we have to be tough. We’re in the fight for our Life.”

She wipes away her tears, sniffles, and then says: “I love you, Dick. 

“I love you, too, sweetheart.

He holds her closer as they walk. He wishes he could never let her go. 

He wishes that this moment, right here, would stand still in time forever. 

Time doesn’t work like that, Dick. 

The wheels keep on turning and turning, going on and on like it’s nobody’s business.

If I had a gun, I would shoot time in the back, and then fuck a clock until my dick gets ripped up by the hands.


“The price of being close to the President is delivering bad news. You fail him if you don’t tell him the truth. Others won’t do it.”

-Donald Rumsfeld


Chapter 34


“Your Majesty,” the head advisor says, “the Pussy Rioters have attacked the city of PHD. They’re on their way to the Swamp, where they will come for us at the White House.”

“That’s great news!” Mr. President says as he claps his hands, gets up from his seat, and then does a little dance in the middle of the Oval Office. “Did they win easy?” 

“Yep. They plowed right through them. Killed everybody in their path.” 

“Did the Mayor get killed again, too?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Good. I never liked that fucker. What was his name again?”

“Lead Snyder.”

“Ah! That was his name! I’m glad he’s dead. He was annoying as hell and completely stupid. I’m surprised Dick actually had the balls to do all this killing. He’s just like his old man, eh?” He smiles as he says this. He looks proud or he also could just be pretending to look proud. He’s a hard guy to read nowadays. 

“Definitely,” the advisor says, coming through with a smile of his own. “But you’re not that m-mean, your Majesty. I believe you’re g-good person.” He looks proud or he also could just be pretending to look proud. He’s in the mood for ass kissing nowadays.

“Really?” Mr. President said with amusement.


“You’re lying.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are. I don’t like liars. You know that.”

Mr. President pulls out a gun. He immediately shoots the advisor in the chest. He calls for a guard to pick up the body.

He sits down on the edge of his desk, snorts eight lines of cocaine, and then thinks about who should be his new head advisor.

They’re all so dumb, he thought. I don’t know who to choose. None of them know how to do shit. Worthless bastards. That’s what all of em are: worthless bastards!”

Then why don’t you do it then, bitch? Huh? Put yourself in their shoes and go shoot yourself until you die, you stupid fuck.

I apologize for that mini rant but sometimes Mr. President just pisses me off. I’m getting tired of him and the way he does things and the way he acts and the things he says.

There has to be a dramatic change in leadership soon. If not, the USD will always be considered fools gold.

Now let the battle begin.


“The first thing the secretary types is the boss.”

-Donald Trump


Chapter 35


With their hearts pounding, the Pussy Rioters slowly approach the Swamp. Their minds are full of images of killing Mr. President.

They feel confident yet they feel doubt.

Their minds are like tootsie pops. Tough on the inside and soft on the outside.

I don’t know who I want to win. I hate cunts and I think the Government is fucking stupid. Matter of fact --- I hope they all die.

We need a new beginning.

Evolution, my dear Watson.

“Be very quiet,” Dick says softly to them. “Don’t be nervous. I know we all are. Just calm down. We got this. I believe in us.”

Ah, the words of a true leader.

They hide behind the city wall.

“I love all of you guys,” Dick says, looking at them all with immense respect. “I never thought I would become who I am today but you guys brought a lot of change to my Life. So I thank you. Now let’s go change the country.”

The soldiers nod their heads.

“Let’s say a prayer before we go in,” Dick says as he looks up at the sky. “Repeat after me: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Amen.”


“Remember everything I’ve told you,” he says, taking a deep breath. “Never forget. Never forget what we stand for, what we fight for, and why we’re here.” His eyes become watery. “Time to shine, girls. It’s time to win our freedom back.”

They hop over the city wall, but they are shocked by what they see: there’s no Army waiting for them. Not even civilians can be seen. The streets are as vacant as Fathers being inside the homes of niggers.

“Steady...” Dick says cautiously. “I’ve got a weird vibe about this.” 

“I’m scared,” Nina whispers to him.

“We all are, babe. Just try to keep quiet.”

The soldiers walk around the streets cautiously. Their hands shake with each step.

A gunshot goes off.

A stray bullet goes through a soldier’s head.

“Sniper!” Dick shouts, running for cover. “Hide!”

A few soldiers get shot as everyone tries to find somewhere to hide. Nina finds the sniper at the rooftop, aims her gun, and then shoots him. He falls down with a thud.

 Gunshots go off randomly but nobody is shooting at them.

The soldiers look around at each other, confused.

“Follow me,” Dick says, trying not to sound worried. “Be careful.”

They slowly follow him to the source of the gunshots.

What they see makes all of them wish (only for a millisecond) that they never started this War: the entire USD Army is surrounded around the White House gates. 

The Pussy Rioters try to run away and hide, but it’s too late.

The Army kills most of the soldiers.

Dick and Nina manage to get away by hiding behind a car.

He holds her close to his side.

“Are we going to die?” she asks him.

“I-I don’t know,” he replies, trying to stay brave.

Hitlary’s words play over in his mind: “...you won’t succeed. You’ll all die in the end.”

As they hear the Army getting closer, they begin to cry. 

They cry even harder as the Army cuffs them up and then drags them through the dead bodies --- all the way to the White House.

Dick and Nina’s hearts break as they see all of the dead bodies and faces of the Pussy Rioters.

I’m really going to miss those girls, they both thought.

When the guards and advisors see the Army dragging Dick and Nina into the White House, they jump up and down with joy. They hug each other tightly, tighter than virgin pussy. 

“No more Death!” the guards and advisors shout, popping bottles of champagne.

“No more pain!”

“No more bullets!”

The Army brings them to the door of the Oval Office.

The commander knocks on the door, saying: “Mr. President, open up.”

Mr. President opens the door quickly.

When he sees Dick and Nina, he hugs the commander. Tears are streaming out of his eyes.

“Thank God for men like you, commander. Men who aren’t afraid to serve justice. Bring them in. Your soldiers can stay outside.”

“I can’t do that, your Majesty,” the commander says. “I stay with my guys. I promised them that I would never leave them. And that is a promise that I intend to keep.”

“That’s very reasonable and honorable, commander. Bring them in and then you can stay outside the door with your men.”

“Thank you, your Majesty.”

The commander shoves Dick and Nina into the Oval Office and then goes outside to stay with his men.

Mr. President grabs his gun from his desk, points it at Dick and Nina, and then tells them to both sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment,” he tells them with great excitement in his voice. “You were very stupid to think that you could take down the USD. That was so ignorant. So very ignorant. And extremely stupid. It was a real stab in the back, too. How could you ever do anything like that to me, son?”

Dick sits down on the couch with Nina.

 “Excuse me?” Dick says, chuckling. “How could you try to ruin my Life and my relationship? How could you just let Mother get killed like that? How could you run a Government that oppresses innocent people. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Don’t you dare talk about your Mother!” Mr. President belts out. His face twitches. “I did what I had to do. I had no choice. I have never run the USD. Nor do I create the rules. My boss does that. There are consequences when you break the law. Your Mother broke the law so she had to go. Simple as that.”

“How can you kill so easily?” Dick says with disgust. “You’re a monster.” 

Mr. President laughs and says: “I should be saying the same to you.” 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“That’s the thing I don’t like about you Feminists nowadays. You guys used to be so simple and just want to vote. Then you wanted equal pay and abortion rights. And then you guys lost your minds and started wanting to be better than men. Hating men.You all act high and mighty, acting like you mean to help the common good. You guys are no different than me or anybody else. Everybody wants everything to benefit what they believe in and if it doesn’t happen everybody acts crazy. This leads to horror and destruction. Do not act like you did not like killing all those men just a little bit. Do not act like you did not get carried away with it. All that power over deciding someone’s fate --- it feels like a drug, Dick. It’s addictive and it has affected me and many other men. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?.”

“I’m not like you...” Dick protests. “I never will be.”

“You’re already just like me, son. It’s too late. You’re a Van Cock. You always will be no matter what. It’s in your blood.”

“He’s not like you,” Nina interrupts. “He never will be.”

Mr. President puts the gun to her head and then says: “Don’t talk to me, cunt. You’re lucky I don’t end your shit right now.”

She spits on him.

Mr. President pistol whips her repeatedly until she blacks out.

He then does the same to Dick.

As Dick passes out, he hears his Father faintly saying: “I’m so sorry, son. I’m a failure. My boss ordered me to do all this. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Pure darkness.

Flashes of images.

Films without meaning.

The USD lives to see another day.


“I once fucked an ugly bitch named Society.”

-Blake Chapman




I carry Dick and Nina across the river, into the forest. We’re surrounded by nature and rain.

I lie them down next to a tree. Their hands are still tied up.

A gun rests peacefully in my hand.

I like looking at Nina getting all wet and shit. It makes me horny.

They open their eyes within minutes of each other. They groan, rubbing their heads, looking confused, and baffled.

“Who the fuck are you?” they say, looking around with scared, frightened looks.

“Where’s my Father?” Dick says. “Where are we?”

Taking off my hood, I look deep into their eyes.

They look away from me in horror.

I don’t blame them.

I look like the kid with the deformed face from Family Guy. I’m the ugliest mother-fucker you could ever see.

“My name is Society,” I tell them. “I’ve been watching over you guys for a while. I’m your Father’s former boss. Former in being as I killed him. But other than that --- I run the USD.”

“What?” Dick says, making sure that he keeps his eyes away from me. “My Father is dead?”


“Why did you kill him?”

“Get real,” I say, laughing. “Your Father was a fucking idiot who didn’t know that he was an idiot. He deserved to die.”

“Please don’t hurt us!” Nina says, crying.

I shake my head as I say: “I’m sorry, guys. I can’t do that. You tried to destroy a world I built and you failed miserably at doing so. You cost me a lot of money and time.”

“That’s all you care about?” Nina says. “Money and pussy?”

“Pretty much. Money and pussy, pussy and money. I love em both. And oh yeah: drugs. I love to get high.”

“Can we stop beating around the bush?” Dick says. “What are you going to do to us? Please don’t kill us, sir. Please don’t.”

“Too late, Dick. Killing is the only option for me right now. But don’t fret. I’m not a cruel executioner. You can have your last words, of course.”

Dick and Nina move closer towards each other, lost in each other’s eyes. Their eyes are saying more than a million words right now. It’s as if they’re having a silent conversation until the end of time. 

“Ladies first,” I tell them.

Tears run down Nina’s face as she takes a deep breath. “I’m pregnant,” she says, never taking her eyes off of Dick. 

I shoot her in the head.

Her blood squirts all over Dick’s face.

He screams as he looks at her dead body.

“You bastard!” he yells at me. “You didn’t even let her say: ‘I love you’.”

“Too bad. Not my problem. It’s your turn to join your nigger cunt and your dead baby.”

He continues to freak out.

“Do you want to say your last words or do you want me to just kill you now? You’re wasting my time once again.”

He breathes in and out. His soul is all but torn and broken. Everything was ripped away from him so cruelly that he doesn’t think he can ever be whole again, not even in the next Life. 

“Can I do a rap?” he says, sniffling.

“Sure, Dick. Go right ahead.”

He breathes in and out and then begins to rap.

It goes like this:

“Love captured me like a terrorist

I changed myself for a beautiful bride

Black with a fat ass

Pregnancy hit me like a shock

Blood about to come

But I know I’ll see them in another Life

You can kill me now, but not my soul

My love for her, its eternal, it burns, it grows

Burns like essence, time is of the essence

The clocks ticking down to the last hour

I fear nobody except myself

I brought it upon myself

When the bullet hits, satisfaction becomes tragedy

Two halves that can’t battle me

But whatever you do, you cannot rattle me

I bleed for my love, for my dead seed

But there’s a turn up side to this bullshit society

Because in Heaven, I’m blessed

You going to Hell, the Devil’s jail

What a world, a coincidence

A new found knowledge, I’m morality’s fence”


I shoot him in the head.

For never was there a story of more woe and tragedy than this of Dick and his Nina. 

Hello, slavery.

Submitted: April 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Blake Chapman. All rights reserved.

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