The View Through the Loop

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This story is to provide awareness for suicide and suicide prevention. If you or someone you know are considering suicide call this number 1-800-273-8255 to reach the suicide prevention hotline. There are people waiting to help you and listen.

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016




The view through the loop is oddly quaint. You never feel this way till you are sat face to face with this loop. To me this loop means everything, it’s a game changer. This loop can bring me peace, or hell. As I stand here looking through this loop I’m left to wonder what it is that brought me to this place. Was it the relentless bullying that brought me here? The girlfriend who led me on and left when she found someone else? Or maybe it was the lack of people willing to talk to me. Either way the view through the loop looks very enticing right now. Even so my mind races, what will become of me? Will this actually be the end? What if people just make fun of me even more than they already do? What if this doesn’t work?

The view through this loop is mangled and distorted. The way it just stares at me is unsettling yet oddly inviting. In some way I feel at home yet my mind is so far away. This loop speaks to me, tells me how it will make everything better. Maybe it’s right. Perhaps I’ll just poke my head through and see what it’s like. Just a taste.

The view through this loop is satisfying and free. Nobody is there to make fun of me or to lead me on and drop me without warning. Everyone there comforts me and tells me to come and join them, but I’m scared. I’m scared that I’ll regret wearing this loop. That I’ll miss my family. Maybe just one more day. The people on the other side of the loop don’t like that. They tell me I need to wear the loop now and come be with them so I don’t have to suffer anymore. I pull myself out of the loop and return to the horrid real world that is my hell.

The view through that loop is ever so better than this world. All through the day people made fun of me and told me I was worthless. The world on the other side of the loop looks much better than ever. I wanted nothing more to return to that place every time someone insulted me.

The view through that loop is blissful and sweet. As I put my head through that loop I saw the other side and all of it’s glory. The people were there to greet me as well. I told them of how harsh my world was and they told me to come join them, they told me to jump through the loop and into their world. So I did…

The view through this loop is dark and empty, no sounds, no people, just darkness. The people I saw all left after I jumped, I guess they didn’t like me either. I wish I never stuck my head through that loop, and I wish I never saw those people. I regret seeing the view through the loop, and wish that I was never pushed to that point. The truth is the view through that loop is nothing but a lie. There is no better place and no better people. The truth is everyone will miss me, and I caused more pain by jumping into that loop than what pain was given to me.

The view through that loop is false and unforgiving. Never trust that view, and never trust that loop. If only I would have opened my eyes and realized that what I saw was not real. If only I would have talked to someone maybe I wouldn’t be stuck in this lonely world. The view through that loop was nothing but a lie.




Sometimes as writers we find ourselves writing about touchy subjects, much as I found myself with this story. I feel as writers it is our duty to use our words to make people feel something that they never felt before, especially if it’s something they have never experienced. After writing this story and reflecting upon it I feel I did my part in this. Nowadays people are pressured to be something they are not. There are advertisements on tv saying “You’re not skinny enough” or “You aren’t muscular enough.” I find that the way the media pressures us to be the things we are not and shaming us if we don’t conform to their standards. Many people of all races, genders, religions, and ages find themselves over pressured. Many of them turn to suicide as a way to stop their pain. I implore that if you or someone you know is currently considering suicide that you reach out and help them. Not everyone needs  medication or a doctor, some just need a friend. So I urge you if you really need help call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. People are standing by waiting to help you or someone you know. I urge anyone who reads this to share this number with everyone and let people know they are not alone. Together united we can help prevent suicides by just offering our ear to listen to what the hurt and lonely have to say. So next time you hear that kid that nobody seems to care about say something, listen and take the time to take his feelings into consideration.


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