More than a Predator

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One day in my creative writing class, we were given a prompt in which we were told to rewrite a fairy tale from the antagonist's point of view. I immediately decided on Little Red Riding Hood because I was intrigued by the wolf's character, and was interested in what would happen if he was given a little backstory. Hope you all enjoy it!

Submitted: September 12, 2014

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Submitted: September 12, 2014



I silently moved along the forest floor, stealthily scanning my surroundings. Around me is an abundance of trees, their autumn leaves painting the branches a kaleidoscope of red and orange. A slight breeze wafts through the area, causing the hairs on my fur coat to rise like spikes.

My stomach began growling ferociously and I was beginning to get increasingly frustrated. The last time I had acquainted my body with quality food was long since several weeks ago. Even then, the bunny hadn't been too appetizing.

Allow me to introduce myself. They mainly call me Wolf around these parts, and I have a reputation for being a nasty, malicious predator around the forest area, especially amongst the humans. But I have to say their prejudiced opinion of me is not justified at all. I hunt and eat to survive, otherwise I will starve and die. It's simple as that. I used to always hunt with my parents and we'd happily chase down or stalk a rabbit or pig, but that all changed one night.

"No! Mom! Dad!" My cries and pleas were callously brushed aside as the hefty man pulled the trigger. There was a loud crack as the bullet darted through the darkness and buried itself in my mother's chest, and there was another as my father suffered the same fate. The man raised the gun again to end my life too, but I darted away with my quick feet and I escaped unharmed. But my physical body was the only thing not damaged by that incident...

I gritted my teeth as the memory dug its claws into me yet again. I had never liked humans in the first place, as they were hunters coming to the fight with an unfair advantage over you, whether it be the sharp end of an axe or the cold barrel of a gun. But the murder of my parents was the last straw. I was on my own, and never being as good of a hunter as my parents, most of my prey had escaped safely from my clutches, and my belly grew ever wearier.

All of a sudden, my sensitive nose picked up the scent of a nearby presence. Wait, it was more than just a presence, it was the scent of delicious flesh. That could only mean one thing...FOOD.

I made my way towards where the smell was coming from, my hunger pangs getting ever stronger. Then, I caught the site of a girl walking through the forest. She was young, no more than a school girl with a scarlet red cloak drapped over her, forming a hood around her golden hair and aqua blue eyes. Her right hand carried a basket, whose contents my nose identified as sweet, savory food.

I licked my lips as I approached her, my feelings of animosity never fading. Anything that had to do with humans I absolutely detested, even if it was just an innocent little girl. 

"Excuse me litte girl, where might you be headed?" I inquired.

Her face turned to face me, she had not expected to be approached. "I'm going to deliver food to my sick grandma."

I found myself continuing to stare at the girl's delicious flesh and the basket of food. It was pretty tempting to gobble her up whole right now. But I decided against it; it would be way better to ambush her at her grandma's house, and I could enjoy another human being too.

"Why don't you go pick some of those beautiful flowers there?" I gestured to a row of roses, bright red just like the girl's hood. "I'm sure your grandmother would love them.

The girl's face broke into a wide smile. "That's a great idea Mr. Wolf! I'll go do just that!"

As she eagerly raced off to pick some flowers, I made my way to her grandmother's house. It wasn't hard to find, being the only cottage in the forest area. And I knew this place like the back of my paw...


I arrived at a compact cottage about ten minutes later. Making my way up the wooden steps leading to the door, my stomach growled harshly. 

"It'll be alright," I told my belly. "You're get your meal soon." I then looked in the distance at the afternoon sky, which is where I hoped my parents were, watching their son. "This is for you Mom and Dad."

I knocked on the door twice, and there was the sound of footsteps approaching.

"Who is it? Is it my dear Riding Hood?" An elderly voice spoke.

I licked my lips as I made no response, but only knocking again.

Finally, the door creaked open, and the grandmother opened her mouth to scream. She didn't get even halfway. Consumed by hunger and the rage of seeing a member of the species that had killed my parents, I didn't hesitate to gobble her body whole.


Little Red Riding Hood showed up a solid half hour later. I heard a gentle knocking on the door, and didn't budge from the bed. My cover did not need to be blown right now.

She tried opening the door, and to her surprise, it was unlocked. Her face poked into view as she gingerly approached me.

"G-Grandma?" She said the two syllables cautiously.

"Yes my dear?" I almost felt bad for tricking such a little girl, but the image of the bullet burying itself in my parents was enough to kindle the fire again.

"Grandma, what a deep voice you have!" The girl exclaimed.

"All the better to greet you with," I replied.

"But, grandma, what big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see you with, my dear."

"And what big hands you have!"

"All the better to throttle-I mean, hug you with." I was growing restless, I had to make my move soon.

"Grandma! What big teeth you have!"

This was it, my chance!

"All the better to EAT you with!" I then lunged at her with all the stored up fury I could muster. She tried to run away, but tripped on the wooden floor as I pounced on her.

RIding Hood went down as smoothly as her grandmother did, and finally satisfied in a long time, I plopped down on the bed and let sleep overtake me.


I wasn't sure when I woke up, but once I did, the familiar feeling of fullness remained in my tummy. Thinking that the girl and her grandma were still inside me, I tried to sit up. To my shock, I felt what was not two human bodies but large...stones rolling in my belly. Still completely dumbfounded, I looked up and realized everything.

The girl and her grandmother were standing in front of the bed, covered in drool but unharmed. Between the two was a burly lumberjack, his buffed up arms wielding an axe stained with fresh blood.

The lumberjack began moving towards me, his hand tightening around the axe handle as he approached. Terrified, I rolled out of bed and tried to get away, but the weight of the stones dragged me down like the hand of God and I collapsed in a heap on the floor as the man's figure towered over me. My eyes briefly flickered over to a rifle tucked in his belt. His face seemed so familiar...that was when it hit me.

"You killed my parents." My fear turned to raw anger, stronger than it ever had been before. Tears started forming in my eyes as the rage consumed me like a fire.

"Your parents?" The man scoffed. "You almost killed these two women here. Fortunately I was there to rescue them before the worst happened. You are a very wicked wolf."

I snarled ferociously, as I had been called that enough times in my life. I wasn't going to go down without a fight. "Wicked? Do you know what it's like to starve? You humans would eat other animals when you're on your last legs too. Oh wait, you do that everyday!"

"You wicked, insensitive wolf," the lumberjack continued, completely ignoring my words. My anger continued to fuel me, giving me courage I thought I never had.

"You humans are the real evil ones," I snarled, knowing it might be the last time I growled. "You kill whatever you please with whatever you want, and there's nothing we can do about it, just like you did with my mother and father. But that will all come back to you in the end." I spat out a drop of saliva in one last act of defiance. It hit the man square in the cheek.

He wiped off the spit and shook his head. "You fool. You're right about one thing though..." The axe was raised, the blade glimmering in the light, and I braced myself for my last breath. "There's nothing you can do about it." Then the axe came down.


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