The Wolf's Howl

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A short story I wrote in Creative Writing a year ago.

Submitted: December 15, 2010

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Submitted: December 15, 2010



The sheep grazed in the pasture, as the shepherd watched over them.  Quietly keeping an eye on the flock, the shepherd hated this job that was handed down from his family.  The sun was beginning to go down so the shepherd started to gather up his flock when a chilling sound echoed throughout the valley.  All the sheep started moving around in a panic, but the noise caught the Shepherd’s attention.

The shepherd recognized it as the howl of a wolf, but beyond that it seemed even more familiar.  The feeling of déjà vu set in and despite all reasoning, he headed off into the woods, abandoning his flock, in search of the source of the sound. 

The howl continued in its melancholy, only wavering enough to take a breath, but remaining constant.  The shepherd grew closer and closer to where it was at and thoughts began to fill his mind.  The thoughts of his life growing up in the lower class, constantly being looked down upon by the other kids and families, and how this led him to resent humanity and his job.  Everywhere he turned, even as an adult, all he would see is the greed and corruption of others, the constant reminder of the flaws of humanity, and a reminder of his hatred.

As the sound grew closer, so to did his resentment for people It seemed as if it was echoing his own sorrow, his own hopelessness.  He began to wonder why things existed the way they did, just what made humans so much more special that they could justify superiority to anything on this planet.  He couldn’t get the thoughts out of his head.

Finally he reached the area near the source of the sound, a small clearing near the center of the forest.  A place he had been to several times, but as he set foot into the area, the sound stopped.  Curious about this, he looked around hoping to at least catch a glimpse of what the sound had come from, but he saw nothing.

Looking down in disappointment he noticed his hand.  It had somehow changed and he was no longer looking at the hand of a human, but rather the paw of a wolf standing on the ground.  Suddenly realizing something, he began to let out the same sorrowful howl that had brought him to where he stood, now no longer human, but as a wolf.

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