Life hurts

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Life has its ups and downs.

Although people call it luck.

This world loves to hurt us.

Bring us down.


Submitted: July 20, 2014

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Submitted: July 20, 2014



Once upon a time there was a ugly girl that had no friends and hated herself. It was because she had no friends and was born ugly. The question is why did she believe that, what all the people in the world said to her. She felt alone and sad. That is her reality no chance in life, no hope. Not even the slightest chance of defeating the world. Why does it hurt so bad. Her parents and siblings don’t care, so she has absolutely no one. Her personality sucks like shit. Why does she want hate herself if life hates her more. Why can’t she be loved. Why can’t she be beautiful. Why can’t anyone like her. Why does she act so fake. The real question is why can’t she be herself. Because society just does not like her and kicks her out. Why can’t everyone be loved by someone. Be happy. She will never be happy. Because life hurts.

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