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Boaz is not satisfied with his life. He decides to take the most drastic step he can think of.

Submitted: November 04, 2010

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Submitted: November 04, 2010



"So what's the point Boaz?" I sat there in front of the couch with a smile on my face as Keegan asked this looking seriously concerned.Besides a sunbeam or two creeping from behind the curtain on the sole window,the basement had rather poor lighting.

"What point do we need other than to have fun with this?" He still looks at me as if I were going mad, and I probably was. "We can finally rise up and be known here!"

"Why does it matter if we're known or not? We always stay to ourselves anyways." Quinn, Keegan's boyfriend, was just above me on the couch, undoubtably naked underneath the sheet over him.

"It's not for the popularity but the recognition that we actually did something Quinn. I want to be remembered for something and we have to make it AMAZING!" I'm grinning ear to ear as I shoot up from my seat. "And you two have to admit this is pretty friggin' amazing!"

"Amazingly stupid maybe! Boaz, we've never been crazy enoughto even join a club, and you propose we put on a show for the whole school? What sort of talents do we even have to perform?" Keegan sat on the couch next to Quinn's feet where a sunbeam illuminated his pale, stubbled face and short black hair. He wasn't dressed much more than Quinn was, pair of boxers and one sock on his right foot. "Oh wait, I know, you can go up and bark complaints and whine them into entertainment. That'll be fun huh?"

"Or he could go and wake them all up at five in the morning on a Sunday!" Quinn snapped. He brought his head out from under the sheet and rested it on the armrest. He still had his perfectly round glasses on his half open eyes. His dirty blonde hair was scattered all around his head, hanging full length to his shoulders at parts, or curled into his nose at another. His stubble was lighter than Keegan's but still there.

"I already have an outline for you two, I'll give it to you tomorrow at school. We can finally do something you guys! I'm sick of all the complaining, it's our senior year and we can manage to DO something this time!" I'm almost jumping from my enthusiasm. They'd be excited too if they knew what I was planning. My long, bronze hair slapped my face as I turned for the stairs to the left. "I'm counting on you two! You're the only friends I have, and the only shot I've got."

"You have Anais. She's your friend." Keegan said.

I suddenly felt a pang of anguish in my heart. "Yeah... a friend." I start up the stairs.

Keegan rushes over and grabs my shoulder. "Hey, Boaz. It's not your fault, you went and asked her, she just met that asshole first."

"I should have asked sooner Keegan. You know I should have." I walked up the stairs and slammed the door on my way out of the house.

Boaz, it means swift. My parents gave it to me hoping I'd be quick and clever, and I did turn out that way. Too bad they never witnessed it. Back when I was six my family was barely scraping by. One day my mother found my dad as a bloody pulp on the street. Day after that I found her fully clothed, face down in a full bathtub. It didn't scare, or even depress me to see them die, I never really knew them, and my grandfather told me that death wasn't a terrible thing. When they both died, he took me in, and became the one person I truly cared about. I met Keegan in the fifth grade and became his best friend. He was always a bit odd, whenever the other boys and I would be making fun of the girls, he'd be striking up conversations with them. It wasn't until three years later that he met Quinn, told me he was gay, and my grandfather died.Keegan's family took me in under his final wish and Keegan's pleading. I stayed out of the way and pulled my weight, even found a job cleaning up litter in the nearby park. Quinn, Keegan and I never did much, no after school clubs, sports or even video games. We just hung out around school and sometimes went to go see a movie.

In our junior year, I met Anais. Her hair was dyed blood red, cut to her shoulders. She wore contacts that made her eyes a very vivid blue and yellow, looking like an electric storm. She and I warmed up quickly. Eventually we became inseperable. Quinn, Keegan, and the two of us did everything together. She was even my first kiss. Exactly two weeks ago I asked her if she would like to spend even more time together, but things don't always work that easily. She had met a new guy. John was his name I believe. We haven't talked since then, and that lead me to waking Keegan and Quinn. If we could pull off something truly amazing, she'd never be able to turn me down!

Monday came and I scouted Quinn and Keegan down outside of the common area. "Here." I gave them both a sheet of paper with a list of instructions on it. "Follow these directly when the assembly starts up."

"Boaz, this is fucking insane! Even for you!" Quinn said without raising his spectacles from the paper.

"Just trust me on this one! I need this you guys."

Keegan had a hopeless expression on his face. "You truly care this much about her, don't you?" A simple nod gets him to agree.

"Fine. For you Bo." Quinn folded the paper and stuffed it into his pocket. "I have a terrible feeling about this though."

An hour before school ended everybody was called into the auditorium for an announcement of upcoming events. Keegan, Quinn and I hid inside of the lighting booth, waiting for our chance. "Furthermore, any students looking to specialize in the development of the new muttation drugs must report to professor Nail." I had heard about this a week ago, the government was working on some new muttation pill that would enhance anybody's natural abilities to their full potential. They were supposedly illegal, something about an imperfection amongst the test subjects. Keegan's father worked on the pill himself, and had a few of the duds at home to study. Boaz, my name means swift, my parents gave me that name hoping I'd grow to be clever and quick. If only they'd seen me swipe that pill, they'd be proud. If only they could have seen the way I was able to build a duplicate from sugar and salt, then swap it out while observing it when Keegan's father explained the difficult process to perfect such a drug. It wouldn't fool him should he have looked closer, but he didn't and I got away with it.

"Now!" I give a sharp whisper and the two of them flip switches and hit buttons while I sneak out the side door. The principal stops his speech and rushes to the box with the other staff members. Of course he would, he always wants to be seen as useful and disciplining. Irush up to the stage and slip out the pill into my hand.Quinn and Keegan start cheering for me and try to turn everybody's attention back to me. "Anais!" She looks up at me from the center of the crowd. "Get a load of me now!"The staff rush back to stop me but it's too late. I swallow the pill and the effects are instantanious. Every cell in my body was on fire, my flesh started to bubble and expand. I was turning into a monster, the highest form of life man had found yet. A divine being that was the greatest discovery on earth.

My skin began to glow, I looked down on my transformed body. My clothing and hair were nowhere to be found, instead my body was covered in a golden material. My teeth, gums, eyeballs, tongue, EVERYTHING was replaced with a sheet of golden skin, I had transformed into a creature known as a monster. "Anais." My voice rang like an angelic harp. "I've done this, for you." The staff just stared at me in awe, amazed by my new perfection.

Anais stood in her seat, with her jaw dropped. "Boaz, why did you do this?"

I shined a glimmering smile. "Because Anais, I love you. Ever since we met I've adored you. We can be perfect together." I held my hand out to her and she floated out of her seat, like a marrionette she floated towards me. "Ican find another drug for you if you'd like."

She landed onto the stage, all attention was on us now. Even John was left speechless. "Bo..." She wrapped her arms around me. "I've loved you too." Quinn and Keegan cheered from the back of the room, but that's the only sound as I wrapped my arms around her. This is it... I was happy. This was the best day of my life, but it was also my last.

Professor Nail pulled a gun out and fired, the students started to flee and I felt a sharp pain run through my heart. I looked down onto Anais, her hair color was running, blood red dripped to the floor. I pulled her back, and saw a hole in her head... and a bullet in my heart. Just when I had everything I ever wanted... I was seperated from it all in a second. "ANAIS!" She was there dead in my arms, eyes open, mouth expressionless. "ANAISNO! YOUBASTARD!"I flung my arm up in Nail's direction, but only felt another bullet hit me in the head. I screamed and grabbed the wound, then another hit me in my heart. Ifell to my knees. This was not accounted for, who would shoot a kid? The fourth and final bullet buries itself into my brain, and that was when I fell dead. There is no end to a monster though. We are forced to exist as a thinking spirit, with no body, no friends, and no life. I'm stuck, alone, Anais under the earth in a cemetary somewhere. Quinn killed himselfwhen he was taken into police hands, bit his tongue off and bled to death in his cell alone. Keegan went mad and was put into a mental institution, and I was left to pay for my crimes against them, an eternity in despair. If only my parents could see me now.

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