Jessie's Lifestyle: Chapter 2 The One True Friend

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In this chapter, the character, Jessie, is talking about the relationship he had with his friend, Ethan.

Submitted: July 19, 2013

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Submitted: July 19, 2013



Chapter 2: The One True Friend
Around the time I was 14, I met this one boy who moved on to my street just before school ended. When we first met, it was like we we're lost long brothers or something because we started sharing everything we did in our lives, what we liked and how our families were. There were some differences in his life that I used to wish I had with mines. Like the connection between his brothers and his sisters and what not. But I knew my family would never have that kind of good connection with me.
Even though he was like a year younger than me, we we're like the bestes of friends. We did anything and everything together (not including going to the bathroom togetherlike most girls do).
He learned so many things from me that it's amazing how he still does everything I do no matter what. I can say that this guy, Ethan, was an irrestible guy for me. He was like my kryptonite like superman and his.
A few years later it turned out that I actually was falling in love with him. This around the same time I had experimented with some guys and found out that I am actually was gay, but I never really told anyone but my closest friends (in school that is). 
So one day, when I had some money coming for me for my birthday, I thought I should split it with him since his was a few days away from mines. So I decided to tell him one of the biggest secrets, that I thought would be accepting of and make our friendship go further than what was. When I told him that I was bisexual (to keep our friendship going if he'd accept me), it was a little fib, but he did accept me for it. And I was extremely happy that day and couldn't really fall asleep that night.
Few months later, he started telling me wanted something sexual. Everytime he told me, I would ask him if he was serious about it (of course he told me he was playing but I never believed him).
One late night he asked for the same sexual thing so me of course I went and did it to him. I felt like a whore that day because I also did with another guy earlier that day. Anyways, eventhough he claims he's straight, he enjoyed it. Keep this in mind I did cause I wanted to, not cause I was told to because it was my crush of course (I wasn't going to pass up a chance like that). So next day, did it again and once again, he enjoyed.
But as days passed, he slowly stopped talking to me and didn't want to be around me anymore. Of course that's what I assumed cause when I try to talk to him or something, he never answers or don't even seem like he wants to hang with me. So I started to get depressed and all, hiding out in my room until I can find something to do. 
Although when I went to hang out with his other friend and he happened to be there. I felt like I was welcomed to be there. He started following up other idiots now ever since he cut his hair. He's been calling me names like, "Pussy", "Faggot", "Gay" and a bunch of others I won't say. 
So now I face the question of where are we in our relationship, what am I going to do with my life, who am I going to hang out with and what not?
I do sometimes wish I would just die just to be out everyone's way, like his. I don't know why everyone treats me so horrible when all I do is try to be nice and caring, and I the feeling I get back is being a piece of shit.
All I have to say now is that I have no life, no job, no friends, and no supporters. I wonder if people will miss if I'm gone.

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