Scars what a nice word.....

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don't u have any scars to think about.......

Scars what a nice word…..

Now listen carefully as there is much to say, look at my face, my fur coat and dangling jewelry you might acknowledge them I would too like you but at a thought I am not you, nor I can be, well that is debatable don’t you think. Well don’t be blogged about this and hear me as more to come as told as hear to see the person that I am, the one who has been scared for life even you cant find any medication for this, too cliché to think of being hurt from the heart by love or family but pat yourself hard as this scar is not from heart but something else which is my ego. Yes what an intimidating yet intriguing term to be described. The scar I feel can be healed but not fade as I don’t want it to fade, why you ask the answer is very simple if thought about if you were me you would want the same thing but you are not me well it to be answered that I want it to be a reminder you can take that by many ways as a reminder of failure or defeat and even a reminder for motivation, which will you pick?, you know just leave it I wont find your answer that interesting either way. Even though I did not do it for either but gives me guidance of who I am today. Scars really what a nice word it reminds of my aunts pasta it looked as it had been stabbed fifteen time before in the oven and that reminds me of her face well when I saw her when she died it was quite amusing if I think about it. The thing that I loved and cared for the most were just two things in one and both were taken away from me does it not look like it. My ego and I were precious to me the things that I did were a part of me and kept me happy for the person I was and am but now cant be. The thing that stopped from my lovely passion destroyed my ego and left me someplace lonely, I really look lonely don’t you think? Or should I try harder as I feel a sense of company with you. Asking me of what was my love on passion, well I made people smile that which made me even happier, what a disgraceful person who took that away from me and took away my happiness and others too. My love to make people smile was infinite as I could not feel the touch of happiness my self when I was little because my parents passed away while we were playing a game of hide and seek when they the got stabbed….well I forgot to tell you my way of making people smile, well my tool was a beautiful family memory chainsaw, I used make a smile on everyone’s face by it, oh the beautiful red jewels coming out of there face that made me smile even wider. I wish I could make you happy too but how can I, I’m all tied up wont you help me. Well if not help me then I have to go I have a 2 o’clock with my doctors, they say It’s my last day here and I can go freely, I just need to go to the lonely room where there is a chair and some short circuits, my friends went there but did not return maybe they left already.

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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hope you like my scars....

Tue, March 15th, 2016 5:57am


You thoughts on the Ego make introspective. You write in a narrative structure called Streams of Consciousness, something similar to Virginia Wolf. Anand Bose from India

Wed, March 16th, 2016 3:51pm


You thoughts on the Ego make me introspective. You write in a narrative structure called Streams of Consciousness, something similar to Virginia Wolf. Anand Bose from India

Wed, March 16th, 2016 3:52pm


i hope this story is not that bad as this is my first time writing publicly and please comment for your thoughts...thankxxxzzz

Thu, March 17th, 2016 5:11am

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