Policy Change at Flix Video Store

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Banning teenagers under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult.

Submitted: August 16, 2009

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Submitted: August 16, 2009




Attention: Manager of Flix Video store,

Recently, I have heard you announced a change in your store policy. I was surprised to learn that no one under 16 may enter the store unless accompanied by an adult. I feel that it’s wrong to enforce such policy, since 75% of your customers are teenagers around that same age group. If you ban teenagers from your store, you will most probably loose profit for your video business. You’ll loose your best sales on the weekend because that’s when the teenagers rent most of the movies, whether it’s for a party or a sleepover. In addition, your competitors will gain more profit, leaving you with less customers. So, if you change the policy, your not only keeping the teenagers away, you’re also keeping profits from coming in your store.

Primarily, If you change your policy so that teenagers 16 and under cannot enter your video store, you are going to loose a lot of profits. It’s the teenagers that come to your video store and rent or buy movies. It’s a fact that more than three fourths of your customers are teenagers. Very little do you see an elderly person come into your store to rent or buy movies. What I’m trying to say is, the teenagers keep your business running.

You’ll loose business and you’ll lose you weekend customers. Many of the teenagers come to your store because it is close to the neighborhood and its walking distance. Weekend is a time to relax and party. Some teenagers like to get together for a movie night or a sleep over.

If you don’t let the teenagers in your store, the teenagers will find a different source to get the movies they want with out being accompanied by an adult. There’s Netflix, Blockbuster and many other video stores. Netflix is even easier since you can just go online to the website and rent it online and it would delivered right to your door.

Not everyone has internet, and not everyone’s parents are available to take their kids to the video store. Parents are sometimes very busy with work and other things to take their kid to the movie store. Plus, most teenagers don’t want their parents to be watching them while they pick their movies.

In conclusion, I advise you not to change the policy so that teenagers at the age of 16 or under can’t come in your store without being accompanied by an adult.  You’ll loose profit, and 75% of your customers. Not all students can be accompanied by adult because parents or guardian maybe busy with important things to do. In addition to that, the teenagers will go to a different video store, which will get more profit than you. All in all, I’m just telling you to rethink this policy change. Thank you.




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