Blinding Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's about these boys who end up in a unknown place and can't remember how they got there. Soon, they are running away from these weird beings and find out how they really came to get here.

Where are we?” asked Leon, confused.
 “I don’t know,” replied Josh, slowly standing up. “All I remember is something screeching and horns blaring, then…” he stopped.
“Then nothing,” finished Sam.
They looked around. There were clouds all around them and a forest in the distant corner.
“What’s that?” asked Sam suddenly. Lying ten metres away from them was a massive heap of rotting objects. They edged closer for a look and immediately wished they hadn’t.
It was a pile of corpses and carcasses. They were strewn carelessly on the ground, their bones jutting out and dried blood plastered over their bodies. A few human beings had their mouths wide open, as though they were gasping for air. The smell was nauseating. Sam looked away. Leon flopped to the ground and produced a mound of vomit. Josh just stared in shock at the bodies of the dead animals and humans. Suddenly, one of the corpses moved. Josh screamed and sprang backwards. Slowly the corpses and carcasses rose from the ground. The boys watched with amazement and fear as they materialized into bright, glowing angels, with their wings spread wide and their shadows causing an ominous shadow over the boys. The angels flapped their wings and started towards them. The boys pulled their eyes away from the dazzling beauty and started to run.
The wind whipped at their faces as they dashed towards the forest. Josh felt immense fear coursing through his veins. It was growing, becoming more powerful by the minute. Soon, it had overwhelmed every inch of his body. Suddenly, in a ghostly, yet heavenly voice, the angels said, “we are messengers of God…come with us… we are trying to help you…”
“Get lost!” yelled Josh desperately.
 They entered the forest with angels close behind them. Suddenly a spidery vine lashed out at Sam’s vulnerable feet, tripping him over. He cried out and clumsily groped at Leon’s shirt. He fell in a collapsed heap on top of Sam. Josh immediately stopped to help them but was brought to his knees by another swipe from a vicious vine. The boys looked around helplessly as the angels surrounded them.
Don’t worry…we are messengers of God…” The voices could be heard but their lips didn’t move.
 Then it hit him like a wave of icy, cold water. He could remember it clearly now. He remembered their screams as the truck collided with them. Josh looked down at his body. It was slowly dissipating into nothingness.
“It’s not the end though,” thought Josh, “It’s a new beginning.”
He smiled and then there was a blinding light.

Submitted: July 10, 2009

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Shadow Maiden

WOW! I really like this! :) Gripping beginning! It's really clever to let the story begin on such a mysterious note, luring the reader in to read more! :D

Fri, December 30th, 2011 12:34pm


You're too nice a person :D Thank you for reading all my stories and have a Happy New Year!!!

Fri, December 30th, 2011 10:27pm

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