The Wasp

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's one of those stories with scattered humour. A bully-like kid is the leader of all the kids in his school, the rest just follow him. But an incident with a new kid will drop his status down to nil.

Submitted: July 10, 2009

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Submitted: July 10, 2009



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“It’s every man for themselves!” a boy shouted as the checkered soccer ball soared into the air and was controlled perfectly by my preferred foot.

I skillfully dribbled the ball past the other boys, leaving them behind. I faced my final challenge, the goalkeeper. He stood menacingly in front of me, swaying slowly from side to side, taunting me. Then, tired of waiting, he suddenly dashed towards me in an attempt to seize the ball. I watched patiently and smiled. In a quick motion I swung my foot back and drilled the ball. The ball swerved past the goalie’s outstretched hands and vigorously slammed into the back of the net. I jumped up triumphantly as everyone came over to praise me on my outstanding goal.

Everyone knew me, and why not? I was the best soccer player in the whole of Cackles Primary School. Everybody adores my skill and fame. I use them as my servants, mouth snide remarks at them, play practical jokes on them and even show off a lot. They usually listen to whatever I say. They’re the most stupid people I’ve ever met. But whatever was about to happen next took my fame and my dignity away, turning everything around. Something that made me pay for everything bad I had done. This is what happened.

After I scored the magnificent goal I heard an amused yell.

“Hey guys, look! There’s a new kid at school!”

Everyone rushed towards the lonely boy. He was clearly embarrassed.

“Everyone make way for the stupendous Carrie!” I shouted as I ploughed my way through the crowd.

I finally made it to the front and studied the boy carefully.

“Hmm… Tucked in shirt, big, round glasses, neat and nicely trimmed hair and shorts that reached high up to his chest…” I thought aloud.

After a while I shouted, “Hey guys, looks like we’ve got ourselves a NERD!”

“NERD!” everyone chorused.

I stared at them coldly. “Did I say you could talk?”

Everyone fell silent. After giving the orders for people to clean my dirty shoes and complete my homework, I turned back to the boy, who was now shaking with fear.

“What’s your name, nerd?” I sneered.

“My name is Kevin and I’m not a nerd!” he protested.

“Sure you aren’t,” I scoffed and pushed him.

Kevin flailed his arms desperately as he tumbled down to the ground. His bag’s flap opened and a jar silently rolled out. Then I heard a faint buzzing sound, aggravating me by the minute.

“Where’s that irritating noise coming from?” somebody called out.

I looked down at Kevin. “Where’s that sound coming from, twerp?” I repeated.

Kevin slowly pointed at the jar with a shaky hand. I picked up the jar and examined it. The translucent material made it hard to see. Suddenly a little creature appeared and knocked at the glass with great force. I immediately dropped the jar in shock. The glass shattered into a million fragments as it touched the floor. A wasp flew out of the jar.

Everyone screamed in panic. I was frightened too, but I tried not to show it.

“ It’s only a wasp,” I laughed and everybody laughed nervously with me. I noticed thatKevin’s face was beaded with sweat. I decided to take advantage of it.

I grabbed him by his collar and hauled him up. Then I shoved his face near the wasp. Kevin grimaced as his face came within an inch of the wasp. The insect was unsure of what to do. I was starting to get impatient.

“ Sting him you stupid bee!” I yelled.
“ It’s actually a wasp,” a boy pointed out.

I gave the boy a nightmarish glare and he withdrew into the crowd in fear.

I turned back to the wasp. It was still thinking of what to do.

The wasp looked at Kevin, the boy who had nurtured it. Then it looked at me, the boy who was pestering its master. The wasp knew who would be its target. It immediately flew towards me and before I could react it landed on my nose. I let go of Kevin and stood erect and still. Salty trepidation trickled down my cheeks. My eyes pleaded with the wasp for mercy, but it seemed to be enjoying itself. After seeing that it had tormented its enemy enough it lifted it’s stinger up. Everybody watched me with an air of anticipation. Then the stinger came flying down slowly. But I didn’t see it touch my skin. I had already fainted.

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