Case of the Ex.

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Tobias is twisted into going to meet the ex for drinks by his girlfriend. The ex is bringing her new man.

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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Submitted: August 20, 2014



“Baby lets hurry or we will be late”

Tobias thought of the irony behind Nancy asking him to hasten whilst he was ready thirty five minutes ago. She was busy pampering and preening her peacock self for ‘just’ drinks at the dive. He grabbed his jacket and exited the apartment they shared in midtown to an impatient girl hollering in the car. He knew it was not ‘just’ drinks he was going to. He was headed to an ambush by his current and former lovers. Oh well he told himself it was for Nancy’s pleasure to meet her new bestfriend and his current suitor.

St Clere’s was a pub unlike any other. Though it boasted a scrumptious crowd comprised majorly of heavily mascaraed women in figure hugging outfits that made men drool, it had all components a normal drinking establishment furnished. The large bolder of a man at the door stared at each entrant with no slight gesture of welcome guarded the opening for unsavoury characters. Ceremoniously leading the way was an over eager Nancy leading the reigns and simple Tobias following suit like the loyal pup he was. The soft sultry music the new lady sang introduced them to the ambience of chatter and laughs inside. Tobias smiled politely at his lover to assure her he was enjoying this, the lies we tell our lovers. A hand shook violently signalling their placeholders on the table by the patio and guiding them to it. The party of two adults shadowing teenage infatuation almost sent Tobias reeling for the door but he knew he promised to be here so he swallowed his boyish pride and strode to the table.

The two ladies hugged one another like long lost friends and the insidious French kiss on the cheek to signify their bond as the men stared blankly at each other.

“hi” “hi” they shook hands blandly with comfort clearly not part of the greeting. The party sat down after and signalled to their overworked exhausted waitress a round of drinks for the guests. Monica sat there dolled up like a packaged Barbie doll she was with brute masculine Ben next to her, a socially desired pair like seen on commercials. Tobias with his lean figure towered next to excited curvy Nancy. A thought flushed through his well-used sense of thinking to ask the miss in what world is it appropriate for her to befriend his former and drag him to drinks with the new bevy of a man he clearly was not. Mustering all restrain to let out the awkward feeling that built in his spine, he lightly smiled to fit in. drinks arrived and the conversation flowed. The ladies who met a week ago and been texting each since flowed back and forth with conversations of lady issues to political issues as the men kept trickling their views inside. A bystander would have thought the party was just friends on a double date. Kind Tobias kept wondering in thought the same question, why was he here meeting his ex’s man over drinks like there was peace in the Middle East? For Pete’s sake the two had history. They had seen each other naked. They had shared a bed for the better part of two years. Though the breakup was far from amicable, they knew each other well enough for this current occasion to still be strange. Social relationship standards dictated that although it had nearly been a year since the breakup, Monica introducing her new lover to him and his current bed mate was a no go area.

“So how did you two meet?” What the fuck was Nancy thinking asking that question Tobias thought? As the couple rekindled their whirlwind romantic encounter all Tobias thought about was shoving a straw in his ears. He couldn’t bear to listen to the nauseating story but what was he to do. The thought of standing up and leaving his impetuous Nancy was not in his nature. He wouldn’t do that to her. She was the kind nurse who showed him the is love after a break up those many months ago they met. Her sweet self had nurtured his broken soul and alas he had moved on, well so he believed. He looked at her lovingly and knew that as good girls go, Nancy was his. Fuck Monica, the narcistic harlet who had cheated on him repeatedly and destroyed what little confidence he had. Nancy was quite the opposite. A simple devout church girl from the village who not in a million years would dare cheat on him, well so he thought. She was the yang to Monica’s ying and he was grateful for it. Though the recent communication between the two deeply disturbed his calm soul.

Ben was as the 21st generation would describe it as ‘all that’. A well-built chiselled featured finance guy who drove a BMW and resided in the Hamptons of the city that had adopted each one of the four at that table. By no standards was Tobias a spec of what Ben was. He was just a regular lean Joe with a slight gut who wore thick rimmed spectacles and worked as a junior administrator at the records department. His old beat down Volkswagen was the mode of transport he had accustomed himself to and truth told he was quite content with how his life had turned out. His introverted being had not once in three decades caused harm aimlessly to no one nor threw a punch to harm a fly. He was a quite polite gentleman, somewhat of a pushover. Many had asked how he managed to snag a beauty the likes of Monica by his simple self, well the promiscuity of her proved she had snagged him and not the other way around. But now Tobias had met a kindred soul, one who proved to the googling fans out there they are simple and happy with it.

Custom dictates that after a round of drinks, the true untamed nature of humans tends to reveal itself. Tends to spring out and dance like flames of a burning bush. The well-structured Ben proved a numerous round of whiskeys will format your behaviour. He stood up to report to the gentlemen’s powder room. Five minutes passed. Worry and concern circled the table and polite Tobias stood to go review the scene. On the well-lit hallway to the loos he caught a glimpse of Big Ben shielding the overworked waitress with kisses from the bevy of customers awaiting their drinks. A sinister smile shook up Tobias as he waltzed over to the kissing twosome. A gentle tap on the shoulder was enough to remind Ben he was being watched. Alarm stiffed his face and the waitress stood aback with amazement at the power that this little man had over her towering prince charming that had him shaking her off like a pile of dust.

“its not what you think”

“im sure it isn’t”

“look these things happen, no need to say a word to the ladies”

“its none of my business, just get back to the table”


His gait to the table was a humorous one filled with purpose. He could not contain the smile he had. He wanted to pull his Nancy to the side and just spill the details like a little teenage girl. He wanted it out to Monica and assume his revenge but he was not going to. An unwritten set of moral conduct amongst men denied him the privilege to speak. With no ties nor obligations to Ben, the right thing to do was tell the truth but he was not going to oblige the truth. It was not his place.

The mighty Ben returned innocently and with a scanning shot it all unravelled. It is amazing how the mind of a woman works, she is like a wolf, very territorial. She can sniff out the presence of another vixen on her territory instantly. SLAP! A clap shuddered the serine drunken utopia on the table. She knew what her man had been doing and she let him know. SPLASH! Her drink flew to his 100% cotton shirt. The judge became the defendant as Big Ben’s alcohol induced state retaliated with a THUD! All they saw was her pretty face smashing into the floor to kiss it goodnight. She was out cold. The second time that night Ben was caught off guard, what had he done? How could he swing so hard at her? How did it escalate to hitting her?  Immediately a bone cracking and a similar thud wailed through the whole pub now. Blood dripped to the floor in droplets. The mighty Ben joined his lover to kiss the floor. In the rubble of confusion and disaster stood Tobias and Nancy. Tobias gazed around to realise the pub witnessed his small fist dart to lay a large man flat and without doubt break his nose. Nancy stood there amazed. How could her sweet Tobias pull off such a sudden and powerful punch? A confusion of lust and fear tingled her insides surpassing the alcohol that ran rampant there. A hard-on of ego and strength coursed through the unsuspecting hero. A feeling only felt when adrenaline and alcohol fornicate instantly.


By Blessing Phokedi

© Copyright 2019 Blessing Phokedi. All rights reserved.

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