On the Eve of Valentine

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This Poem is dedicated to someone special. Its narrating what happened on 13th February 2011. Written on 20th May 2011 just 3 days after I broke up with my girlfriend.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



She was all mine,

Yes on the eve of valentine

Standing in Kaimira like a stranger

She was shining

I touched her with anger,

To erase all her gloom

Not aware of the surrounding

in such a dirty, smelly room;

Like an antelope sensing danger,

only protected with the huge chains cuffing her waist

the antelope knew her doom

Trying to escape she looked east and west

knowing it was the end of her freedom,

Rotating around her potruding pairs of pears was my finger,

moving towards her chest

Letting her go without haste

My tongue touched something without taste

letting her to  go, to come once more

Attacking the enemy once more

Locked my neck against the mat

At this moment nothing matter

The rest is history

left to be celebrated as lost glorly

How I wish I had wine

on the eve of Valentine

Romance and celebration to combine

for the eve of valentine

She was all mine

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