If I Were Here

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This is a true story which I wrote as a devotional.I hope you find tis intresting and will bless your heart!!

Submitted: August 15, 2007

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Submitted: August 15, 2007



IF I WERE HERE…. A True devotional Article ByProf. Blesson Abraham Chackalayil

It was another Tuesday evening. The Maruthi Wagon R we were traveling was piercing through the warm pitch darkness of the countryside of ‘God’s Own Country’ as I was trying to saturate the presence of the Lord. Sitting in the front seat next to the driver, the air conditioner was making its impact on me. We were pacing steadily to a church which was our destination that evening where not many were expected. However that did not deter me as I was on a high with the presence of Jesus all over me. It was a presence that made me to go into spontaneous worship and thanksgiving. I would at times begin to speak in tongues out loud. Perhaps the Pastor sitting in the back of the car would have thought me to be crazy. Who knows? One thing is certain that Jesus was so real in that car and I could feel it on my body.


It was all initiated that afternoon as I was on the floor lying on the prayer carpet prostrate. I was pleading with the Lord to be so close with me. I knew then that I am unworthy, but I was coming under the blood of the Lamb. I just called on the Lord and He was so close. Lying prostrate on the carpet, hands folded, (a position that the Hindus in India position themselves before the deity) I felt the presence of Jesus so close to me.  I was just amazed that afternoon as the glory of the Lord descended upon me in the room I was staying.


No one knew what Jesus was doing to me that afternoon. My grandma who was in the other room was fast asleep. Our helper at home was taking her afternoon siesta. But the glory of God was upon me that afternoon and it was for real. I felt that I just wanted to be lost with Jesus forever. As Jesus was all over me, my focus was mainly for the service in church that evening. I wanted the Lord to be with me that evening as usual.


The Lord began to speak me about the church I was going to minister that evening. His presence began to minister to me. It was important that I need to minister to the Lord before I minister to the people of God. I needed a deep work of the Lord to minister before the people. The Lord gave me a verse from the gospel of John 11:32 & 35.

32. When Mary arrived and saw Jesus, she fell down at his feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

35. Then Jesus wept.


I began to ponder as why the Lord wanted me to speak from this passage. The church was in shatters. Divisions and splits had already taken place. It became evident as I was basking in the Lords presence that JESUS WAS NOT THERE IN THE CHURCH!!! Now you must be putting your hand over your mouth and telling me what in the world are you trying to tell us? You just read it right. JESUS WAS NOT THERE IN THE CHURCH!!! But why in the world… well Blesson we thought that Church is the place that God dwells and it is a place of worship.


Sadly to say Church was intended for worship, however when people turn it to mean their own business, God leaves! Yup you just heard me right, God leaves. The temple in Jerusalem was intended to worship God, but when people meant it for their own business, the house of prayer became a den of thieves.


That evening as I stood to speak the Word, I began to explain the fact in simple words, if Jesus was in this house, all these divisions and splits wouldn’t have happened. When Jesus left, Satan took charge; and mind you don’t you have the slightest notion that Jesus is having a good time condemning you. Looking at all these massacre and carnage of dividing God’s people who have to be united Jesus weeps. He still feels the pain and brokenness that you have gone through. He is not condemning you, but he is calling you with love and compassion. With tears streaming down His cheeks, He is whispering to you.


Can you hear his cry? Can you hear his sobs? Look deep inside of you. Look where you have fallen from grace. Look where you allowed the devil to have a bloodless coup? Yes I think you can hear His voice which whispers to you…….If I were here this wouldn’t have happened!!!


© Copyright 2017 Blesson Abraham. All rights reserved.

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