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it talks about someone dear ..a friend who controls a place in the heart

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



we all have that one person that we always  struggle and struggle to keep him..and to prove not for others but for ourselves that we chose right.but what is upnormal that we but our trust ..our love and our lives between the lines of someone's life ..without even being sure that the person have the ability to read between the lines..we all have heros ,but my heroo chosed to destory my image ..but may be he failed to destroy the frame ..am nt mad at him but am just cant find him between the lines....for a moment everything just became like bold...it was like life chose to face u with the reality u were trying to push away..i really apperciate the idea of having someone dear ..someone who understands ...someone who u can just throw all that misery to him and he would never complain ..someone keeps ur back ..someone pushes u up and doesnt pull u down ....someone u wanna scream out loud and inform everyone "i got him" someone like u ..but when u re surprised with ur top example .falling into pieces..u wanna cry out loud saying " dnt even touch the ground ..i kept u high up to fly not to fall"..u wanna catch him and keep him safe in the place he deserves between the frames..near and close enough to hear and to feel.....may be that person will never understand what he really mean ..or may be its nt clear enough to him ..and may be he found the truth and touched the end ..but am nt ...letting go ..even if someday i would be the most wronged person on earth..am still pushing u in ..but hope am pushing the person i knew and not someone else .every one passes with a period of time that he wanna pushe everyone away and just stay alone and bury himself with his misery and scars..but the scars never heal and misery never ends ...the person only bury happiness and love with him..and u were alone enough hope u still carry alittle of happiness..  ..but what i fear the most is "Being close but feeling far, talking but not being heard",  that is the painful reality of a dying relationship

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