A Rose so Fair

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The truth about love.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Submitted: April 10, 2012



A rose so fair

alluring and sweet

bewitching and tantalizing in every way

it leaves you craving more

it holds you tight and won't let go

a silent, slow death

more painful than any knife

but like a fly it pulls you in

so lucious and full you can't help but reach

you're aware of the thorns

and still you think

"it won't hurt me"

"i know what i'm getting into"

so without a pause you grasp the rose

and aslas you pull away

to find ruby's dripping down your hand

some might be foolish and reach again

some might even pick the rose

but once a rose is picked

it will wilt and die

there is no keeping it alive

you might put it in a book

and lay it on a shelf

to open whenever you need reminding

of a beautiful love that was once alive

but now is long since dead

but for those like me

who have been cut before

so many times they look like victimc of a gruesome murder

have learned to fall for tulips

because they are much safer

you dont have to get close to a tulip

to explore their beauty

you simply have to look from afar

for see my dear friends

who chose the rose

nothing lasts forever.















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